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12:03 AM
One thing I do really like about the new profile: Patch is no longer "squashed" :P
Previously, going to my profile would produce a really weird squared pfp
> If you want to refer to me by name, any of "caird", "Jay" or "Chloe" the Dude, or His/Her/Their Dudeness or Duder or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing is fine.
I like The Big Lebowski. I also happened to rewatch it a couple of days before I changed my username. It also also happens to be very quotable. :P
12:21 AM
Q: Counting maximal domino placements

BubblerBackground A maximal domino placement (MDP) on a rectangular grid is a non-overlapping placement of zero or more dominoes, so that no more dominoes can be added without overlapping some existing domino. Alternatively, it can be thought of as a tiling using dominoes and monominoes (single square p...

Another domino question?
Okay, now I know Bubbler is secretly a Dominos' employee trying to subliminally influence us into buyin gtheir pizza :P
12:40 AM
CMC: Given a string/array of characters, return an array of booleans of the same length representing whether the corresponding character is alphanumeric and palindromic
What do you mean by palindromic?
All characters are palindromic
I'm giving an example
example: a race car!!1! => remove non-alphanumeric => aracecar1 => is palindromic? (if opposite letter/number is the same) => ftttttttf => add back non-alphanumeric as falses => ffttttfttffff
uppercase does not need to be handled
might make a related main challenge when I have time (gtg now)
can we do uppercase only and no lowercase?
I don't think "palindromic" is the right word here
12:46 AM
The "add back non-alphanumeric as falses" is the hardest part for me :P
@rak1507 thanks so much, I forgot about dyadic \, this will be helpful for my array language
@Dudecoinheringaahing heh same
@Wezl yeah it's handy for things like this
12:47 AM
@Dudecoinheringaahing APL ftw
@Wezl dzaima/BQN, {0≥⌽⊸≠⌾((𝕩∊•l∾•d)⊸/)𝕩}
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Rules
@OldSandboxPosts hehe no title heading goes brrr
1:05 AM
Sandbox post rulez
Ugh google is so obnoxious sometimes...googling "start docker from nodejs" brings up a whole page of articles on how to start nodejs in docker
I'm altogether not too impressed with our AI overlords
I guess you can just construct a docker command and spawn it though
Yeah, I was just wondering if there was some sort of module or something that could do it a bit more elegantly
1:21 AM
Quick search gave this
Yeah. More just annoyed at google not being able to understand word order :p
That was for +100, right?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerIs this an interval graph? code-golf math graph-theory decision-problem Background An interval graph (Wikipedia, MathWorld, GraphClasses) is an undirected graph derived from a set of intervals on a line. Each vertex represents an interval, and an edge is present between two vertices if the corres...

@RedwolfPrograms correct
although you can award more if you like ;P
Sounds good, started a +10k bounty :p
smh should have been a 420 rep bounty
2:01 AM
Typical challenge-making path: have a seemingly interesting idea -> search for literature -> go to Wikipedia -> click a random interesting-looking link -> write down a totally unrelated challenge based on that
No idea why bounties are so restrictive, I wish you could just type in any number >= 50
I'd 100% give you +69 :p
+420 is too much
@Bubbler for a moment then I thought you were giving a CMC to optimise a route between two wikipedia pages
@RedwolfPrograms Possible abuse: make your rep always a multiple of 100, or make your rep a palindrome
Hardly abuse, it costs rep for something entirely cosmetic :p
or spam +69 with the optional text "funny" :P
2:05 AM
That's a plus of the system :p
Also that makes a blue marker saying +69 on an answer forever
2:21 AM
Q: Draw a mountain given altitude

Redwolf ProgramsTake an array of nonnegative integers, such as [1, 0, 0, 1, 2, 4, 2, 0]. Then, draw that as a mountain where the integers represent altitude: x x x x x xx x You may use any printable non-whitespace character in place of x, and adding padding or whitespace after line...

2:48 AM
3:02 AM
@Bubbler You joke, but this is literally the recommended workaround for Scala 3 (which had do while liops removed)
@RedwolfPrograms Oh no, it’s no problem, I’m happy to receive 420 rep or even 500 🤪
@Bubbler has the advantage of the condition being in the scope of the block even
3:18 AM
@user Rust should learn from Scala then :P
4:01 AM
@Bubbler uuh how does that work?
also i have my last exam today (and this exam is hard)
@PyGamer0 An ordinary while loop is while expr { body }, but expr can be a block with the last line being the expression to evaluate
Since the condition evaluates first, putting everything in the condition makes the effective "body" run at least once
4:52 AM
I go away for a day and come back to this mess:
everyone did
Q: Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive

Aaron ShekeyOn our way to a fully responsive Stack Overflow, we just shipped some changes to the user profile. We won’t be enabling responsiveness just yet, but the top portion will be ready to be squishy. I hope these changes are low impact on our way to a fully responsive profile. Think of this as more a r...

Add my downvote to that
Done :p
Oh wow, that's a lot of downvotes
4:55 AM
A diamond or a badge, and preferably a diamond, especially on main.
Seriously, what is up with that diamond though
Looks like they self-vandalized an incorrect answer
I only just noticed this but it's annoying me
noticed what
The topbar scrolls up when you scroll down
5:08 AM
Questions only
No, not even questions
That's weird. Browser?
Chrome on Windows
It only appears to happen on some questions - try this one
i m not seeing
5:11 AM
for me too now
This is weird
No idea
Maybe some SO dev accidentally deployed a UI change and then immediately rolled back
Maybe something to do with deleted answers - the one I linked had several
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AviFSOuput Input... Forever Problem Given input chars, output them repeatedly forever. Examples abc -> abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc... [1, 2, 3] -> [1, 2, 3][1, 2, 3][1, 2, 3]... lo -> lololololololololololololol... Questions Should a delimiter be allowed? I was imagining that the input ...

^ Hello world! ^
5:26 AM
- Yes, you should enforce the repeated forever
- Yes, you should allow a delimiter of space or newline.
@AviFS ^
This is for all the tarpits out there!
@emanresuA Hmm, not sure about the delimiter
Also, wouldn't it be interesting if we did the looser version?
I don't think it'd actually change anything for most langs, would it?
It would just allow extra creative answers in the corner cases & allow some neat langs, right?
Ok true
Eg. probabilistic and random langs could totally partake!
I have a 13-byte Javastack solution which directly corresponds to 2 bytes in Vyxal and osabie.
Or some weird thing where the output was somehow sorted or enumerated in some clever order...
That seems like it could only add. But I want to make sure it wouldn't fundamentally change the problem for most languages/approaches
So I'll give people a while to make sure it doesn't break the challenge
@emanresuA I have one too in a lang so obvious you'll hit yourself over the head!
5:33 AM
Is it BF?
Says who?
That may or may not be the inspiration for this challenge. These lips are staying shut
If it's BF, I have 19 bytes
Which might actually beat a lot of conventional languages
husk ahs a 1 byter
@SandboxPosts husk, 1 byte: Try it online!
How does that work...
Ooh, idea
5:36 AM
Repeat the argument infinitely
@emanresuA is {₴ what you had?
That's what I had before
I was thinking infinite replace
but that doesn't work
The MD5 hash of my BF solution is 440597d4417ca2c26db6bdcff89a49ee
Stax is just Wq
Javastack is forever print, and the most descriptive of everything so far.
print doesn't eat its argument?
It has implicit input
5:42 AM
oh the stack just keeps cycling th einput
are you manually implementing javastack or metaprogramming java to work that way
Manually implementing
It's sorta based of Jyxal
5:43 AM
At least, that's what it looks like given the source is in js
As in I recycled a lot of the code
Heck yeah vyxal influence let's go
a better idea would be just to use Java and check each space separated value
is this even java
when i looked at it it just looked like pure js and only js
Not really
It's written in JS
5:45 AM
it would be funny to make a javaforth
6:02 AM
@emanresuA getting out golfed by Aaron in your own language is something you eventually get used to
I know
It's incredibly satisfying to watch my builtin list sorter go.
yoo my exams are finished
anyone who plays mioncraft bedrock
6:10 AM
Although mostly on servers these days
@emanresuA do you play servers?
The nether is just so hard, and redstone is worse
yoo whats ur exbox account
i play nethergames server
@emanresuA have you ever beaten minecraft?
With a friend
6:11 AM
@exedraj never
And full diamond
i always die in the nether
i've played win10 which i think is bedrock but i don't beleive i have it installed right now
6:12 AM
Fun fact: I beat minecraft with redwolf once
@hyper-neutrino win10 == bedrock # Outputs true
@exedraj the thing about bedrock is that you cant one cycle the dragon
also you can bridge with one cps
i think i managed to onecycle the dragon with beds but i had pretty solid equipment and just did it for fun
i beat it on my phone once
it was pain
since i had a lot of leftover beds
@exedraj lol
6:13 AM
I had a spider farm
So I had infinite beds
Only used a couple though
you know what
on redwolf smp my friend built a general mob farm and i also built an enderman xp farm
i will play and talk on TNB
since this conversation will probably go on for a bit


For CG&CC users to discuss and play video games and board game...
Someone continue the hi chain
6:15 AM
@emanresuA no lol
@hyper-neutrino I think it's fine here
if redwolf and caird can get away with having minecraft conversations here, so can we
not if we're going to continue talking about gaming, especially if pygamer plans to talk about their ongoing game as they're playing it
there's a difference between discussion about it and ephemeral stream-of-consciousness-type messages, and i don't intend to move the current messages away, just that we have a room that doesn't care about game-related clutter

Discussion on 1.17/1.18

Jul 14 at 2:07, 45 minutes total – 301 messages, 9 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jul 14 at 3:02 by Redwolf Programs

1 hour later…
7:19 AM
CMC: Go to the sandbox and upvote all good questions there
7:56 AM
is github down?
ok nvm it came
CMQ: Do you use Termux?
Yes and no
@Bubbler yesn't?
I have it installed on my phone but haven't really used it seriously since I gave up coding on the phone which is painful by itself
i am reinstalling termux
8:12 AM
Okay so here's me. I'm doing the shopping like an epic gamer. Lots of things have been panic bought because our area went into lock down yesterday (you're allowed to get food during lock down it's a "reasonable excuse" don't judge me for being away from home).
There are bits of empty shelf scattered all over the store. I have my croissants, eggs and soup in my basket (to be eaten at different times obviously - I'm not a weirdo). I then decide to go down the juic isle for the fun of it.
I get there and I frick you not someone (not me) has placed an advacado among the juic:
The poor soul must have tried for thirtee minut with no results. Very sad.
So they must have left the avocad in the juic in despair
Unless of course, it was one of you guys
(true story btw)
8:29 AM
8:51 AM
I am quite stumped on what this could be
C and C++ are red herrings
Q: Generating Minesweeper grids

beary605Minesweeper is a logic game found on most OS's. The goal of the game is to determine where the mines are on a grid, given numbers indicating the number of mines around that spot. Given a grid size, and a set of mines, generate the Minesweeper grid for that set of mines. Input: Two integers indi...

Bounty Expiring Soon!
9:10 AM
nvm it's c++
2 hours later…
11:03 AM
@hyper-neutrino Endermen xp farms are so OP. I afk-click farmed one once for an hour and was at like level 200, they're stupid fast :P
@Dudecoinheringaahing Dude (literally), you have not seen how insane piglin farms can get.
Ender dragon farms are even more insane but you can't afk them.
i hate hannahxxrose's tricks
@emanresuA Something I want mojang to add that would make farms so op would be a way to automate crafting, like how furnaces can be hopper-operated
11:19 AM
This video looks at implementing the most basic form of autocrafting, and decides it's really not worth its while.
11:36 AM
Possibly 'night.
Do not question my sleep schedule, I don't have one.
@emanresuA That almost seems to be a requirement to be a CGCC user at this point :P
@emanresuA Hmm, I have many thoughts about that, but I'll let you sleep :P
11:54 AM
Can I even think of asking tips for restricted source in Perl? Is it variousful?
Does anyone know of documentation for gol><>?
12:22 PM
@Dudecoinheringaahing this?
@Razetime Working on it :P
CMQ: What's the best error message you've seen from a compiler or interpreter?
Rust's error messages are the best for sure
12:37 PM
Where's that meme of Rust laughing at semicolon homoglyphs when you need it?
Thanks ;)
@user if I'm allowed to s/best/cursed then Keg's original error messages take the cake
Best can mean whatever you want it to mean :P
12:42 PM
@exedraj bruh
I full on expected my first esolang to have worse error messages, but it looks like they are quite sane
This gives me an idea for the world's worst langugage: literally Rust, except all error messages are hashed by SHA1 before display
why not?
12:47 PM
Fun fact: I tried making a tacit language once. It was cringe. github.com/Lyxal/Keta
You must've been on Ketamine while making it
Jokes on you because it was originally called ekg
@exedraj Doesn't look too bad, actually
@exedraj Add++'s error handling used to be something like try: execute_program(); except: print('?'); exit() :P
How useful, now programmers won't have to deal with the details of the error and get stress out - they can just say "Whoops, that doesn't work, lemme start over again"
1:05 PM
RN it sometimes has custom error messages, and sometimes defaults back to Python errors: Try it online! and Try it online!
tmw you get 170 rep on MSE because you said "big blank plz remuv"
Oh wow, the top answer is now at 94
1:23 PM
@user And Redwolf's answer is on 60
oh hey avi
Why Vyxal is bad: it does not contain tree nuts :P
alright fine you got me
you finally presented a valid argument to vyxal's horribleness
@exedraj What do you mean, "finally"? "Vyxal bad because bad" is valid and irrefutable :P
@exedraj I've added a few more :P
@Dudecoinheringaahing El Duderino hates people with tree nut allergies confirmed
2:21 PM
@Dudecoinheringaahing related xkcd
I've got an idea for a challenge where the difficulty will ramp up insanely quickly (the second answer should be very hard).I have an easier version in mind that could work tho. Can challenges be too hard?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What is it?
That's a kinda vague question yeah :P I'll post into the sandbox and include details for the easier version
> On 28 July 2021, Never Gonna Give You Up hit 1 billion views on YouTube.
you're late to the party :p
2:28 PM
Can we say for challenges that "The last answer posted wins", so that the winner never actually is finalised, but there is always a winner at one point?
Isn't that what some do?
@hyper-neutrino ah i got rredd
Oh, does your challenge not end after a month/two months/whatever?
No, new answers can always be posted, but as the difficulty ramps up it's unlikely that they will be
You could keep accepting a new answer every time it's posted if it ever happens, I guess
2:30 PM
i think it should be fine; pretty much all code golf challenges never really have a finalized winner anyway
@hyper-neutrino Although that's more because it's intra-language competition and not inter languasege
But even then, there's almost always the possibility of a shorter answer in a given language being posted
Who upvoted me lol
@Dudecoinheringaahing Right, but you can't accept one answer for every language there
Just because my Jelly answer is 6 bytes doesn't mean that a 5 byte or less answer doesn't exist
Unless, of course, you restrict all answers to a single language
2:32 PM
@ruse Yeah, but I'm thinking about a "winner" rather than specifically accepting one
@Dudecoinheringaahing But even if a 1 byter is posted in Jelly, you can't accept it because there are multiple winners in Python, C, etc. and you'd need to accept them all, which isn't possible
@Dudecoinheringaahing Ah, ok
there technically doesn't actually even need to be a criterion that selects exactly one winner among all solutions
That could be fun - when someone "challenges" the reigning winner, they have to think up another answer
just an objectively defined scoring criterion to rank submissions
so just "the most recent answer is the current winner" is quite objective and even manages to select exactly one winner, and it doesn't matter that it's never finalized because most criteria aren't :p
in Vyxal, 2 mins ago, by PyGamer0
hi i am a person who is the only one of our class will be the winner of butter and jelly hyper and you will have the opportunity to meet you. (text in bold is the input)
2:34 PM
"First valid answer" is a criteria used in often, why not "Last valid answer"? :P
Hey, thanks Hyper!
@AaronMiller Home sweet home
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dude coinheringaahingStronger and stronger radiation This is a answer-chaining challenge where answers create successively more radiation-hardened programs. The first answer will be a program that is at least 2 bytes long that outputs 1, with an optional trailing newline, and nothing else. However, when any single ch...

Oh wow, that is hard
I think a better version might be "For every x in [0..n-2] there should exist x characters, which, when removed, make the program output n-x+2 (idk about the exact numnbers there but u iknow what i mean)
2:44 PM
So the same thing but rather than all removals working, any removal working (for a given number of characters)?
There just needs to be one possible removal
@user That does make it easier, but I'm not sure if I like it
-101 :P
@Dudecoinheringaahing Yeah, it's significantly different/easier from/than yours
@Dudecoinheringaahing My comment on that now has more upvotes than any answer I've posted to the network bar one
1 hour later…
4:13 PM
@Dudecoinheringaahing Thank you for drawing my attention to it. I've updated my post.
Q: I want the details of my Google meetings through fetch(

Aryan GagareI want to use the fetch() in JavaScript and then convert it to .JSON method So I am not able to find any API on Google Meet So I want any suggestions to make this happen in nodejs or JavaScript

Wow, that hit the review queues faster than it hit Active
@NewPosts There are less than 200 (displayed) characters in that, just it uses code formatting, bold *and italics :P
how do these people even manage to accidentally post these questions here?
In <3 minutes: 5 close votes, 3 downvotes and 2 delete votes :P
i still do not understand people who post help questions here when they have literally had activity on SO before
4:19 PM
> Now I am able to create my bot
Source. Hmmm
Well, our banner does say "& coding challenges", even though posts about code that was challenging to the author is off-topic.
For the record, I protested against that subtitle when were were debating it.
Q: Eric Angelini's "1995" puzzle

BastoThe following puzzle was invented by Eric Angelini in September 2007. As mentioned in A131744 : the sequence is defined by the property that if one writes the English names for the entries, replaces each letter with its rank in the alphabet and calculates the absolute values of the differences, ...

@Adám I've always prefered "coding competitions" (and I disliked "Programming Puzzles" for the same reason), as it's a lot less ambiguous
I've always very much disliked anything that can even give the impression CGCC is a place to ask about competitive programming problems (as it 100% is not)
I really don't see why we needed anything else than Code Golf. It's much better for the site title to under-represent what is allowed than over-represent
4:25 PM
People disliked that other challenge types weren't represented
i doubt just "code golf" as a name would really do much to address the issue of people not being able to use their eyes
For example, if you go to most sites that call themselves some form of "Code Golf", they typically don't allow non-code-golf challenges
i mean, people ask SO questions on MSE all the time... like, how??
4:27 PM
@hyper-neutrino That's how I'm ~70 flags away from Marshal on MSE :P
@hyper-neutrino hmm no, I think the "challenges" confusion is often caused by a mistranslation by non-native English speakers, not by a failure to use the eyes
well we do have like 13 help screens to try to stop people
such as "Questions about help with general programming-related issues are off-topic here and will be closed." in the intrusive popup which is in full bold
the help center is too hard to find
well sure that's why we made a popup that shoves itself in your face when you try to ask a question even if you don't look around the page
"Hey you! Have you seen all the various different signposts that indicate that we aren't for coding help? Do you still want to post your question asking what a variable is? Well, what if we changed the name of the site slightly?"
4:31 PM
we have a tour and help center which it's understandable if people don't want to read those, a box in the top right that might go unnoticed too easily, and sidebar tips when asking a question, but even if you don't look for those, we also shove a dialog box in your face with full bold text telling you not to ask programming help questions
i don't think removing the small subtitle on our site would fix this; i think we just accept the reality that every site gets off-topic questions from people who found the wrong site, and just close them and move on
Darn, I forgot to add the mods' meta user feeds to my spying room :P
want me to re-RO you? :p
Yeah, the room is directionless without me :P
Added, now for the Feeds to spend 30 minutes catching up :P
wait, why six feeds lol
I made a couple of mistakes :P First, I made WW's meta ones as a ticker feed, then realised I had https://codegolf.meta,stackexchange.com/users/56656 (notice the comma)
5:04 PM
A: Magic wand time - what does your community need? (More questions from the Community VP)

MastForce new users to take a quiz Yes, this is fairly radical. But many sites get so many off-topic questions that it's taking the most time of all the moderation tasks. Much of that can be prevented, since many people simply didn't know their question would be ill-received. All users that are new t...

I've had a similar radical idea in the past (yours seems much more sensible though): include a stupid rule like "your post must start or end with a word not containing the letter E, and contain at least one ampersand" which is just to ensure that all posters have read the rules
@pxeger I think "Your post body must begin with <!--- This is a comment -->" would be a better one :P
Q: When you go to codegolf.stackexchange.com/users, what time frame and tab is it on by default?
rep by quarter
I could've sworn it was defaulting to rep by month a couple of weeks ago
5:26 PM
> You’ll understand how fast k9 can be in processing and analyzing data and how terse code is less likely to contain errors.
@user interesting arraycast episode about that
ep 1 I think
I think it totally depends on the programmer though
yeah maybe
If someone tries to get terser code by using a different algorithm that's slower or doesn't cover all edge cases, it's just going to be worse
oh yeah definitely
5:30 PM
Pornography is just as bad as 10 files of Java boilerplate :P
but if you have
max = -1
for i in nums:
if i < max:
max = i
return max

that's a lot harder to find bugs in than
(it's a lot more obvious that you're doing min not max in the second)
@user Disagree. One creates jobs and the other is Java :P
And it's probably a lot easier to work with such languages after a while
@Dudecoinheringaahing lol
@rak1507 That reminds me, I should really watch that podcast
yeah it's pretty good
5:34 PM
@user conversely, deleting 10 lines of Java boilerplate is basically pornography
How so?
Java is bad so it's very satisfying to delete it
and pornography is satisfying [citation needed]
Time to go verify that claim
SEDE is special
Chat also got a custom 404 page
that's one advantage of chat being archaic - still has some personality from before everything becomes bland
Yeah, but that doesn't mean much if its personality involves wearing toe shoes and sipping ketchup
i really wish 404 pages could be community designed cuz even though it's an error page it's not too uncommon to bump into it due to deletion and it can be a nice bit of customization available
@user Do you not sip ketchup?
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