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12:01 AM
I think HN is a cool guy :P
I think caird was a cool guy, this "Dude" character isn't.
Of course I'm not a cool guy, I'm a cool dude :P
what happened to caird
I'm doing my best not to use my old friend caps-lock here
I murdered her last night and took her place :P
12:05 AM
What happened to BinisSaltchuck_D?
Its interesting that decompressing ascii often just leads to random words, rather than anything that actually means anything
Oh I see
It always contains aachen
Aachen is the first word in the dictionary, and it decompresses by repeated divmod. If it ever gets below a specific value, the output will include aachen
12:14 AM
Oh lol
That could actually make a quite fun code golf challenge - given a number, determine if the resulting string includes aachen
That's basically this


For discussion about Vyxal. Repo: github.com/Vyxal/Vyxal | Org: ...
12:18 AM
because funny
What happens if you decompress vyxal in Vyxal? :P
12:20 AM
*flashbacks intensify*
They're back
Everyone keep your eyes open for a gun toting penguin :P
Oh no
12:31 AM
Q: Is my third code golf question too hard, or just not sufficiently low-hanging fruit? What might I do to make the number of answers nonzero?

uhohMy... first question Flatten a parabola keeping the distances between points along the curve constant +20 and 14 answers second question is still sandboxed: Is a coincident point in a pair of rotated hexagonal lattices closest to the origin and is probably too complicated to even read in its cur...

CMP: Is 150 tabs too many?
@emanresuA I would say 15 is too many
Maybe 25 if you spread them across a few windows
Nah, you're all wrong
I have ~100 tabs across three devices and six windows
12:46 AM
Well, per-device I mean
I have 20 tabs open rn, but 9 of them are pinned so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I count pinned tabs as like half a tab. I have six right now, but I wouldn't say I have 12 tabs open ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This is the challenge on the site that's gone the longest without an answer (8 years at the end of the month)
it also seems kinda unclear
or at least there isn't a formal enough definition of what a "serious contender" must satisfy
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Knapsack Paragraph, Format For A Phone
woah hey when did they change the layout of the profiles on all network sites?
It's been like this on SO for a while
I know it's been like that on SO
I just didn't know it was on all sites now
1:04 AM
oh i hadn't noticed
Idea: Userscript that replaces o with
Or just in o_o
Sounds like the script someone had made to replace th with þ globally :p
Why would þey do þat?
oh no
oh heck oh frick
me when my area is in lockdown in 6 hours from now for a week
I used to know what that was like - sorry :(
I'm more alarmed at the fact that we are even having a lockdown
Like I'm good with staying home, but having a lockdown means that the virus is getting close
too close for comfort
Have you got vaccinated?
1:26 AM
not yet. life's been too bus
but I'm definitely considering/planning to do so
Good idea
There are several thousand Australians trapped here for six more weeks, and the ones I've talked to consider themselves lucky.
I can understand why they would say that
Y'all can control who comes and goes easier than we can
@RedwolfPrograms "someone" how dare you impugn my good name by not saying my name :P
I made one too, so maybe the someone was referring to me :p
Or a superposition of the two of us :p
1:35 AM
Redwolf coinheringaahing :P
Any relation to pugs?
It's pronounced "im-pune"
2:05 AM
Javastack can calculate 2 + 2!
Having an easy way to calculate 5 is always a good thing
Not at all inspired by a friend of mine doing a CompSci uni degree :P
@RedwolfPrograms b...but I thought 2+2 was equal to 2: Try it Online!
Don't tell pygamer about this
He'll brag
2:17 AM
Vyxal has infix too to some extent
To some extent
Clearly Vyxal needs a flag that turns on infix commands
semicircumbiprecyclosuffix commands are the best.
aka omnifix
you write whatever way you want to use and the parser magically gets what you meant
What's +=1+=++!=1=!=12=e3=3=#++?
2:24 AM
ParseError: your program is sus
16 hours ago, by Jo King
turns out humans are the worst compilers
Computers should get a robot arm and punch the programmer's face whenever they make syntax mistakes
@RedwolfPrograms Would an answer in Javastack qualify for this?
Most likely, yeah.
As long as it's an interesting answer and shows off a lot of the language
So not "Hello, world!" print?
2:36 AM
No :p
I'll make some more builtins then see what I can do
Are you still working on Ash?
No, I stopped working on it a while ago
@emanresuA did you only just notice this
I had no idea what I was doing when I first started on Ash, so quite a few of my early design decisions made things harder later on, and the interpreter started to become an unreadable mess, so I figured it was better to just make a new language later on.
@hyper-neutrino Yes
2:44 AM
it's been there since i implemented that command :p
and it's been pointed out multiple times
@RedwolfPrograms Risky?
@hyper-neutrino And somehow I missed all of that
No, Risky was more of a small project
I still haven't started on my second big golfing language
Any ideas on what to do next?
I've been putting off work on a new language for a while, since it'll take up almost all of my time for at least a month and I've got a large backlog of projects right now
It'd be good to have a general idea once you have enough time to work on it though
2:47 AM
I want to try something with a focus on first class functions, probably
I definitely want symbolic numbers
My main goal will probably just be "make a language that works and is short" :p
I kinda want to show off some of the more cursed features of the language, such as maybe, and four loops.
@RedwolfPrograms pro-tip: learn a few golfing languages before starting
That's what a friend of mine once told me
@exedraj Did you see Javastack?
@emanresuA about time you made a repo for it
Currently scouring Vyxal's codepage for builtins.
I should probably document all this
3:06 AM
@KamilaSzewczyk my attempt at a malbolge interpreter, using fancy linux things like mmap of the whole malbolge address space and a custom sigsegv handler to actually initialize. Also has a configurable trit width (even ones don't work for whatever reason though). Something like 1.5x faster for me for trit width 19 (which fit in 32-bit ints)
malbolge is actually surprisingly simple, given how hard it is to use (supposedly, i haven't used it myself). Had fun :D
3:39 AM
edited in a ~10% speed improvement. Have some more ideas for things, but i have to also sleep at some point
4:12 AM
@emanresuA lol
did you forget
that i can scroll
4:30 AM
especially the domino ones
5:23 AM
@exedraj what
you changed your name again?
@exedraj bruh why
brownie points if you can figure it out
@PyGamer0 because the joke of confusing language name and username got old
smh not even jonocode
5:27 AM
executable draj
what does ..^ mean
@Razetime shhhh we dont talk about that
Clue: It's related to a language that's not Vyxal.
@emanresuA keg?
An exedra (plural: exedras or exedrae) is a semicircular architectural recess or platform, sometimes crowned by a semi-dome, and either set into a building's façade or free-standing. The original Greek sense (ἐξέδρα, a seat out of doors) was applied to a room that opened onto a stoa, ringed with curved high-backed stone benches, a suitable place for conversation. An exedra may also be expressed by a curved break in a colonnade, perhaps with a semicircular seat. The exedra would typically have an apsidal podium that supported the stone bench. The free-standing (open air) exedra, often supporting...
uuhhh google gave me that ^
@PyGamer0 Not a Lyxal language
@emanresuA ok give me the answer
5:32 AM
Look in the Vyxal transcript and scroll up about 30 messages
hint: lyxal just changed his username recently, and due to the 30 day time limit, it's impossible for him to have changed it again
therefore, it is very likely someone else changed it for him, in which case he would have had to ask someone, so chat is a good place to look (though you're not guaranteed to find anything, since he could just DM me)
ah so it's a caird coinheringaahing
> it's a caird coinheringaahing
why the a
did you figure out where the name exedraj came from
5:37 AM
@hyper-neutrino some jelly answer?
not a jelly answer, just "lyxal" decompressed using sss
caird coinheringaahing's name also came from string decompression, specifically from an answer (which exedraj didn't), hence "it's a 'caird coinheringaahing'" using "caird coinheringaahing" as a term to describe a name obtained from jelly string decompression
Which is why
5 hours ago, by Dude coinheringaahing
Everyone keep your eyes open for a gun toting penguin :P
@PyGamer0 jelly community ad?
5:40 AM
Q: Print Binary Trie

bl OneGiven a tree as below The challenge is to print it in structure below add |lter |-mond |---st

^ Trie my favourite data structure
I also realised I probably shouldnt have a username that is the same name as the language whos community ad accepted by the CM team
@PyGamer0 i made that using MS-Paint (the best alternative to photoshop)
@exedraj Wait they accepted it?
How do you find that out?
if it didn't get a note saying it was rejected and it has enough votes, it will (theoretically) be posted
5:45 AM
^ making fire in ms paint is ... kinda hard
@emanresuA I meant to add a "that I want accepted by the cm team"
I was on my smartwatch when I wrote that
So I missed the obvious mistake
not smart enough, i guess (:p)
The watch is smart, the person using the watch isn't
@PyGamer0 using the old logo smh
@exedraj i didnt make the background i found it on google
@PyGamer0 I know but it's the old background
5:50 AM
I'd like to set up a workflow for Javastack to alphabetically sort the builtin list - how do I do that?
by far, brachylog has the coolest gofllang logo
Regex probably
@emanresuA ^
Like how do I set the workflow up?
On Gituhb?
I'm not an expert on setting up workflows
I'll ask user
5:55 AM
nvm stax actually has the best logo
This is so sad we just lost to the Americans at basketball
USA 97-78 AUS
america's team is unfair anyway
what is basket ball
lol jkjk
The one time I watch our team at the Olympics and they lose
AUS = USA shuffled
6:03 AM
lol maam is thinking i am someone else
6:54 AM
@Dudecoinheringaahing do any of your languages have the ability to read files
@Razetime I really want to make a golfing language with a massive standard library including interfaces to things that are rarely used, like files, network, concurrency, etc
because this seems like a common problem
ah well I'm tryna get them bounties
Javastack is going to make up for its verbosity with loads and loads of builtins.
and caird esolangs tend to be minimal and silly
so i thoght there may be one with such features
@pxeger concurrency sounds cool
let me check my list again
@pxeger so pylongolf2 did have file input, network.
but it's a dead project
I think MATL is the very best in terms of general purpose features
@pxeger the?
7:06 AM
oh yeah i need to try matl one of these days
@PyGamer0 the was a satire of some of the pretentious claims made by other programming languages. It was and never will be a real language
the documentation being a pdf is somewhat
@Razetime who is caird?
@UnrelatedString matl online used to be functional with searchable docs
(...doesn't help that i have never used matlab/octave in my life)
7:08 AM
but it's not as good as stax search
@Razetime ooh
matl online's searchable docs still work
stax search definitely isn't perfect because of the whole you-won't-always-think-of-the-same-word-as-the-langauge-designer-for-everything issue but it is quite nice
@UnrelatedString I will submit a pr with more keywords and improve the search
@UnrelatedString same problem with the searchable cjama nd matl
7:11 AM
wait does it actually have a dedicated keyword field for the entries
that might be part of why it feels better than ctrl-f on the jelly wiki
this isn't a problem for brachylog because you can just read all of the builtins
@UnrelatedString no i need to add a keyword field
it works better than Jelly ctrl-F because the descriptions are bigger
and tom theisen forgets all the builtins once in a while
so that's why the online editor is really good
7:14 AM
reminds me whenever i get around to perhaps i really want to have fucking keyword salad in the docs but i don't think that would work too well in a markdown table and i don't feel like learning how to make a webpage first
7:44 AM
@AncientSwordRage i've noticed it - and ikr, that brought me a lot of views
currently i have probably around 14k visits on the github repo according to github itself
@dzaima really nice! i'm thinking of the larger crazyop LUT actually helps with something, since from my testing, crazy operations are like, ~2% of actually executed instructions; the most is NOPs and JMPs and i'm not sure if we can do anything about that without fusing optimisations.
@KamilaSzewczyk Congrats on 10k! ;)
i'm going to maybe check the performance later today; i wonder if you've done something about memory consumption (check the first lines of fast20.c code for context).
@emanresuA haha, thanks. I got it only now it seems :P
Think of it as an upvote for the malbolge lisp interpreter, because I can't upvote that.
8:18 AM
@Adám how do i enter the beta char in your kblayout
@KamilaSzewczyk maybe we'll just have to admit that Malbolge isn't the best language for practical performance ;)
hehe, maybe... you know, I always had a pipe dream of making a decent malbolge VM and then selling an intellectual property protection software that would obfuscate programs via virtualising them into malbolge...
@PyGamer0 Beta or German double S?
@Adám greek letter Beta
I have not added the Greek alphabet (other than the letter-like symbols).
It really needs another layer/layout for that. I could switch all Latin letters to Greek when CapsLock is active…
8:48 AM
uh how do i parse this case (lisp) (print 10) (print 10)
['print', 10]
^ current parser outputs that
i want it to out put
[['print', 10], ['print', 10]]
ok nvm i got it
Q: Give the minimum Levenhstein distance to a string that matches the regex

Ymte Jan BroekhuizenYour task, at the moment that you choose to accept it, is to write a program that, when given a string and a (non-recursive, non-backtracking) regex, calculates the minimum levenhstein distance to a string that matches the regex. The levenhstein distance (or edit distance) between two strings is ...

^ needs wining criterion
Also severe lack of regex spec
9:05 AM
@RedwolfPrograms does codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/69/… qualify for your bounty?
uh i cant program
my lisp implementation can print and add numbers
(print (+ 12 43))
9:49 AM
Good job
10:06 AM
@KamilaSzewczyk based on a stupid way to calculate it (marking crazy as a noinline function), crazy takes ~10% of the runtime in my impl (my test is to run (+ 2 2))
@dzaima edited in another 5% performance increase by not being completely overkill with a modulo increment
oh wait hmm my increment might not be conforming as it goes through the various areas instead of wrapping around in a single area
making increment be just x+1 with no wrapping makes it another 30% faster
10:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AObfuscate my <>< code-golf fish <><, or Fish, is a two-dimensional esoteric programming language where the instruction pointer (IP) moves around the codebox, wrapping when it hits an edge. <>< has four basic movement instructions - <, >, ^, and v, which respectively mean to change the IP's direct...

this should be a correct increment, but given "It is unspecified whether the auto-increment of the D register can register a width change" in the wiki idk what's okay
Q: BMG is slowly dying

emanresu ALet me put it simply: BMG, which was a good idea at first, is dying, to the point that we're not scheduling new ones, we're not hearing about it, we forgot that there was meant to be one on Tuesday, we tried to schedule one same time today and forgot again. So, what should we do about this?

10:52 AM
@PyGamer0 But what is the use case? I can't get a permalink, and I can't download the file…
@Adám uhh just for writing random things
on a kindle
@Dudecoinheringaahing any way to read bytes?
i suppose i can treat is as bytes if orst reads as exttended ascii
it uses utf-8, looks doable
11:12 AM
@Razetime Not builtin, no
i guess I'll have to ord and base convert
11:27 AM
@dzaima and another 12% by using a 3-item lookup table for correcting the %94 (seems to only benefit clang, gcc has identical speeds with either version. clang is now 30% faster than gcc)
posted on August 05, 2021 by Shaggy

Challenge A catalogue type challenge that simply asks: Given an integer n (where n>=0) as input return a truthy value if n is a perfect square...

2 hours later…
1:24 PM
So here's me. I'm playing monopoly on my phone with random internet strangers. It's my first turn and I roll the dice. 7. "Hey I might get a good chance card" I think to myself. I get sent to jail. Frick.
jail is where you want to be in late game monopoly so you don't land on other people's properties
Not on the first turn
lol, true
Like I went last out of the 4 people and managed to get jail
Meaning everyone else had property buying opportunities before I did
@rak1507 what about in IRL?
1:32 PM
yeah not such a good idea irl I think lol
can't say for sure, never been
You don't want to get into jail young irl either
depends on your life goals, jail is basically linkedin for criminals
@Dudecoinheringaahing Stole that off reddit didn't ya? :P
1:53 PM
@user ... maybe 👀
2:18 PM
i had a strange dream about i think it was a programming language where each line/expression cycles between perspectives, so the first line is first-person, the second is second-person, etc, and then i forget how many variants there were before it cycles again
i can't remember any details but this sounds like a rather interesting (i.e. cursed) idea
@exedraj Sounds like they were playing boomer Monopoly while you were playing the millennial version :P
2:46 PM
@emanresuA Sure, I'll go ahead and start it
New bounty for an interesting new language just went up. If you're interested, check out Javastack!
wait i thought javastack was java but as a stack
wait that's what the readme says but this is clearly js?
Isn't it postfix stack-based Java, but written in JS?
oh is it just cuz it's rather verbose
cuz i don't see anything java-related in this repo

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