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12:00 AM
@Bubbler Which part is nontrivial? The compiling to wasm/js?
Compiling is one, rewriting interpreters as I said is another
Also, if your interpreter hangs, your entire page also hangs
@Bubbler Which part is nontrivial? The compiling to wasm/js?
@NewPosts Thank the heavens above! An interpreter in JS!!!!
@lyxal I'll do it, give me some time to ready the chickens
Definitely adding oK to my project, hehe
@RedwolfPrograms CHICKEN
@RedwolfPrograms CHICKEN
12:04 AM
If Add++ is looking to be the next LotM, I have a month to finish the rewrite and publish v6
@RedwolfPrograms CHICKEN
Hmm, I think we need to emphasize the two doored car aspect a bit more
I think that's enough chicken for now
@AviFS I fought for a month already in order to add the ability to run an interpreter in a non-blocking manner and stop it on user's demand
12:05 AM
(@user you've missed the actual point of our plan)
sigh if you want something done right, you gotta do it youself
@RedwolfPrograms there is no chicken buisness. This is a leadership spill
we're overthrowing you
user, makonede, myself and a few others have been planning this coup for a while
the hivemind is now under public control
But...the Hivemind ToS specifically disallows that!
too bad redwolf
This is an outrage!
@lyxal Sorry, got sidetracked
12:06 AM
it's over for toy
The shareholders are voting you out muahahaha
You'll need at least 50% of the hivemind to have enough stake to make an important change like this to the Hivemind Blockchain™
It;s a 51% attack :P
Either that or you need to be proficient in jQuery
12:07 AM
I am now installing myself as Grand, Majestic, High Leader of the Hivemind. Lyxal will now be the Slightly Less Grand, Majestic, and High Vice-Leader of the Hivemind
Q: Maximal hexagonal dot pattern

BubblerChallenge Imagine a hexagonal grid as shown below. Let's call such a grid has size \$n\$ if it has \$n\$ dots on one side. The following is one of size 3: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Then, pick as many dots as possible on the grid so that no two dots are adjacent. For size 3, the...

@RedwolfPrograms my vyxal interpreter uses jquery
@RedwolfPrograms Oh, we didn't just replace you
@user Wait I thought you were trying to democratize the hivemind
I refactored the Hivemind code to use Scala cue evil laugh
12:08 AM
1 min ago, by lyxal
the hivemind is now under public control
@RedwolfPrograms That's what the revolutionaries thought too, but absolute power corrupts absolutely ;)
@RedwolfPrograms I promised user that they would be surpreme leader.
This feels very Soviet-style "public control" :P
It's public control because all of you are mere extensions of me
I'll make a deal with you. I'll give up 50% of my share of the hivemind to user, who can distribute that share among the revolutionaries.
12:10 AM
@user So it's a new hive mind?
Here's how it works: I coerce you to vote for big bananas, you vote for big bananas, democracy achieved
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nah, we're reusing the old one with some modifications
@RedwolfPrograms You have nothing to bargain with.
@RedwolfPrograms if you think we're backing down, you're wrong
What will your policies do for the average working member of the hive mind? I'm engaged in the political process, why should I share my mind with y'all?
12:11 AM
We have taken over all aspects of the hivemind. Your army is non-existent. Surrender or die
@RedwolfPrograms I did not spend 4 months planning this just to give up that easily
@cairdcoinheringaahing All will share their brains for solving important societal problems
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well when I was in charge, I made sure to target that demographic specifically.
That way, dumb people will gain access to the brains of smart people, so this is great news for people like you, caird :P
@RedwolfPrograms Target? More like exploit
I had low cost plans for brain-sharing that could let you take a larger-than-100% share of brainpower when you needed it, and donate your own at night.
user'll just take it all for themself
12:12 AM
Under my rule, there will be a 0% crime rate, a 0% death rate, and a 0% birth rate
Honestly, I should just vote third party and support the Everyone Loves APL party for absolute control
@RedwolfPrograms Bah, brain-sharing will be free now!
Everyone says I'll be throwing away my vote, but I think those APLer's have a shot :P
What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine!
@user But then, there'll be nothing stopping millions of mice being forcibly made to join the hivemind and steal our brainpower!
12:13 AM
No, brainpower usage will be regulated, and those with impure motives will not gain access to others' brainpower, but will rather be used for their brains
Essentially what we do to prisoners in America rn
Since their brainpower will be used for good things, they'll never have a chance to plot and commit crimes
@user What's mine is mine and what's yours is also mine
I will have no part in this. Don't make me use my 51% share of the hivemind to destroy you all.
@RedwolfPrograms you don't have any leverage
@Bubbler Bubbler will be the first to be used for their brainpower, since they are a dirty capitalist
Bubbler, what do you have to say for yourself?
@RedwolfPrograms the whole point is that you're no longer in charge
you sussy baka
12:15 AM
I gotta go eat dinner now, see y'all later o/
@lyxal You never actually did anything to take control :p
@RedwolfPrograms Leave the hivemind if you want, but remember, we have free cookies (both kinds) and all kinds of insurance
I predict a bookmarked conversation in a few minutes entitled "The hivemind coup" :P
12:15 AM
how do you know?
@RedwolfPrograms We voted you out
@RedwolfPrograms ^
@user Do you have Volcano insurance?
Indeed we do
@RedwolfPrograms things happen behind the scenes redwolf. Coups never work if the people being forcibly expelled know what's happening
12:16 AM
We also have velociraptor insurance, death by chocolate insurance, and more
@user What about sharknado insurance? Where you'll compensate me if I watch a Sharknado film?
@user congratulations on your new role
how do you feel?
@cairdcoinheringaahing If you watch one, you're too far gone already :P
@lyxal It feels as if the world rests on my shoulders. Y'all should be happy you're not the Supreme Leader, since it's such a huge responsibility. However, I am happy to toil for my people for the good of humanity
@Bubbler It feels a bit unkind, but while I'm testing I could just hook it up to TIO's API
And run every lang under the sun there
@user hehe why else do you think I let you take the reins?
12:18 AM
TIO is a bit outdated, though
@lyxal Sneaky, but I'll let it slide
(on a serious note, this seems a fitting conclusion to what's probably the longest-running joke-plot in TNB)
Yeah, we can put this joke to rest now :P

user and lyxal successfully overthrow the leadership of the hivemind

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Bookmarked just now by lyxal

@hyper-neutrino or @JoKing or @WheatWizard someone needs to make the LoTM post an event kekw
@lyxal If only you could notify mods about a specific post in some way :P
12:35 AM
@NewPosts @Bubbler Will there be a bounty this month for K?
12:46 AM
@lyxal done
@lyxal You missed Doorknob
@hyper-neutrino very cool
@user Doorknob isn't pingable
Wait nvm
Yeah forgot about that
also the nice thing about flags is that after if i deal with a flag jo king and ww won't have a notification they don't need to / can't act on :p
although a meta flag would've probably taken longer for someone to notice
I am back. There's one thing I have that you don't, and that's a secret backdoor in the hivemind.
Execute order 69.
12:48 AM
Interesting order. I always find the participation orders on main/meta are interesting
The only interesting order is the 69th.
@RedwolfPrograms It's over Redwolf! They have the high ground!
am i at the top still just because of all the edit spam from a while back
> last 60 days
wait where does it say that
12:50 AM
Edit spams were Jun 9th, so that's just within 60 days
@hyper-neutrino Hover over the participation tab
I propose that we give control of the hivemind to the people. We can charge a small membership fee, which is distributed equally among members. We can use a decentralized model to distribute brainpower to members, according to their membership tier (as higher ones would mean giving more money to the hivemind for purchasing insurance and cookies).
Vyxal will never control the hivemind.
yes it will
you can't stop us
12:52 AM
The people will agree with me. They will use their collective share in the hivemind to approve my proposal.
they just voted you out, idiot.
@RedwolfPrograms it already is doing so
@lyxal No, that was the jQuery
@RedwolfPrograms what makes you think Vyxal Corp wont take over
@RedwolfPrograms we replaced js with scala
12:53 AM
You're irrelevant now redwolf
accept it and move on
the hivemind is no longer yours
@user You can't, without control of the hivemind. If the thing that gave you control of the hivemind required you to previously have control of the hivemind, it won't work without time paradoxes (which are against the ToS)
What you don't know is that I silently upped my share of the hivemind to 69% over the last few months
Little investments here and there under the guise of shell corperations
I planned ahead. I knew some of my followers would be turned corrupt by the massive power they've been given, their mortal forms blinded by the unimaginable might of the hivemind.
You're not listening
I've the shares to do it
and I did
You don't understand. There was never a 'mind. The real hivemind was the friends we made along the way.
12:56 AM
37 mins ago, by lyxal
(on a serious note, this seems a fitting conclusion to what's probably the longest-running joke-plot in TNB)
And I bought hivemind insurance, so I can use the insurance money to buy back the hivemind. Checkmate, atheists.
How you gonna buy it back when I've 69% of the hivemind shares?
But fine, if the people want you in charge, I'll trade it in for cookies and be on my way.
they want user to be in charge
but we'll accept your offer
Yeah that's what I meant.
12:58 AM
anyhow I've got a math workshop now
I'll just be casually here
I'm going to go play Minecraft, I just got all the blaze rods and pearls I need to go to the end :p
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Do you come here often?, Trading cards game
@OldSandboxPosts Do you come here often?
Aw, I'd hoped "Trading cards game" was a KotH
1:26 AM
@hyper-neutrino What's the betting on having another fiasco with and locked posts?
ah frick
I suppose it can't hurt to remove the tag now. I suspect JNat will lock it at some point in the morning Europe time (6-10 hours from now)
And it's been featured for longer than a month, I doubt anyone will be unaware of it and will want to post an ad
About to fight the dragon, wish me luck!
1:38 AM
Make sure to look all the endermen in the eyes, they'll become your friend and try to high five you
Okay, not off to a good start lol...the platform's ridiculously far from the main island, glad I had a pearl
Okay I died, had to spend like 5m trying to farm pearls and the dragon yeeted me. Restarting from a backup.
ever heard of bridging old man?
@RedwolfPrograms Are you playing hardcore?
No, but my spawn was a few thousand blocks away and I don't like dying :p
ever heard of beds old man? :P
1:46 AM
I'll go through the trouble of getting my items in almost all situations, but for the end I just do backups
@cairdcoinheringaahing Want me to try a one cycle?
I've got four beds :p
@RedwolfPrograms I open to lan, switch to creative, grab my items and go back to where I was when I died :P
@RedwolfPrograms Then why is your spawn thousands of blocks away? :P
'cause I was too lazy to sleep in the stronghold
This is on you :P
Yeah I'll do this another time, my end spawn is complete garbage
The island is tiny, so it's a tough pearl throw to get to it, and once you're there the towers are crazy tall so you can't even destroy the crystals. I've only got four beds so one cycling isn't an option.
Can't remember where I saw it, but I've seen a video of someone one cycling the dragon with just an enchanted diamond sword
I guess with Sharpness 5, criting every hit and the dragon spending ages on the fountain, it's doable
1:53 AM
The number of hits you deal is what determines how long it's on its nest IIRC
@RedwolfPrograms paradoxes invalidâtes the tos so it’s fine
Anyway, as luxal said, time to end the joke
hey let me have my y please
I worked hard for that extra little stick at the bottom of the u
> If a dragon goes through an End gateway, another immediately spawns at (0, 128, 0 ) while the other dragon stays on the outer End islands until the chunks get loaded
Wait what
Ugh I hate how windows uses backslashes for file paths
You can use / occasionally
Which is even more cursed because why would you allow both?
2:00 AM
I use ÷ for file paths :P
Announcement: I will award a one-time 100 rep bounty for first-time K users this month.
@lyxal y
thank you
because it isn't luxal, it's lyxal
get it right
And yet, they're both pronounced the same way
Also, Advertisement: If you find Jelly chains hard to understand, use K trains instead! Super simple rules! Only one caveat: you can use each argument only once :P
2:01 AM
U and y are very close together
@Bubbler Ah, like scala ducks
@user Actually kinda similar, except that you can use monads anywhere
I'm tempted to make a tacit lang where there are only dyads, but you construct monads by prefixing or postfixing a character (or prefixing one of two characters) which say whether the monad takes the left or right argument
Do you happen to have a link for a tutorial or something explaining them
e.g. if + is addition, .+ is "double left" and +. is "double right"
+. Looks very j-y
2:04 AM
make a language that only contains monads except they face right and left
@hyper-neutrino No, bad hyper swats with rolled-up newspaper :P
and monads can chain based on direction to do various things, so a left-right monad combo might take a left and right argument and then perform some dyadic task on it instead
@cairdcoinheringaahing How would you parse +.+?
you know i'm just gonna unfeature the ads so hopefully when it's locked there won't be extreme pain for 3 months
@Bubbler That's why I'm thinking about " prefixing one of two characters" as well, so <+ is double left and +> is double right
2:06 AM
That looks better
@hyper-neutrino Mod abuse (to improve user experience)!!!111!!eleven eleven
or maybe you meant <+ and >+
or use +. and +: to get a J look and feel :P
Maybe, it's still just a concept, and I need to hide my other 4 in-dev programming languages first :P
@user oK manual has a paragraph about trains. (use Ctrl+F to find the word "train") It's so simple it doesn't need more than that :P
I like the aesthetics of .+ and +. more. You can make +.+ do something special, or just parse right-to-left by default.
2:09 AM
Oh nice 😊
If you ask me about the quality of that manual, I'd tell you it's just oK
:p (also jk, it looks good)
+.+ has exactly 2 possible interpretations, depending on LTR or RTL parsing (+. + or + .+), so it's not difficult to establish a meaning for it
Yeah. I just mentioned it to say "there is a parsing ambiguity as-is", nothing more
On the other hand, parsing ambiguities is a staple of my programming languages :P
Lol :P
2:15 AM
CMC: I'm about to be frozen for 1000 years. When I wake up in 3021, the first thing I'm going to do is check my bank balance. Assuming I have $x in the bank now, and I have a fixed interest of 1% per annum, how rich will I be?
1 byte: 0 :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing assuming some doesn't hack in and steal your fortune?
Yes, they'll steal my fortune after I wake up
So a serious answer is x*1.01^1000 I guess?
Correction: I just realised how low 0.1% is, changed it to 1% :P
2:17 AM
wow well done image oneboxing
@cairdcoinheringaahing 1% is high for a savings account, right?
1.01^1000 is slightly over 20000, btw
@RedwolfPrograms I see between 0.6% and 1.7% with some quick googling
If it's really 1000 years, you should invest in something like an index fund and get 10% returns, assuming nothing changes too masively in the next ten centuries
That's assuming I plan to be frozen
I am currently falling backwards into the cryogentic tube, can't be planning :P
2:20 AM
@lyxal 😈
Well, I bet the Earth isn't there by then :P
Basically every question on the money and finance site is either "is this a scam" or "is this a good trading strategy", and the answers are almost always "yes" and "no, invest in an index fund" :p
@Bubbler Even so, I'm sure banks will exist somehow :P
@Bubbler that’s awfully pessimistic
@RedwolfPrograms Browse the tag on Personal Finance.SE, the answer is always "Yes, duh"
Except for the one question which isn't a scam :P
2:21 AM
It’s possible humans won’t be hear in five years but why not 🌎?
Q: I'm supposedly eligible for an inheritance from a distant relative. Offer appears to be legitimate

alephzeroAbout 12 months ago, I received a letter ostensibly from a company carrying out genealogical research for law firms. It said that they were dealing with the estate of someone who had left money to my late mother, who died about 20 years ago. They wanted me to authorise them to take action to tran...

The restoration of health will use up far more exhaustion than you save from eating the poisonous potatoes
Lol i thought that was on yhe personal futness site at first
Note that the whole point of poisonous potatoes is that they are completely pointless; they're an item that intentionally does nothing useful, and they're fine with that. Stop pressuring them to perform! — Redwolf Programs 7 secs ago
False - they are required for the A Balanced Diet achievement/advancement :P
2:35 AM
Y'all putting your momey in the bank while real gamers put their money in the dank.
Who classified 05AB1E as a legacy language lol
Q: Chat Event: Learn-a-lang

AviFSAdvertisement Been pushing off learning that one lang for too long? Maybe it doesn't qualify for LotM status? Then [name pending] is for you! This is perfect for languages which are too popular for LotM, or which have already been done a while back. But we're not discriminating, bring your fave l...

2:37 AM
05AB1E has a legacy version
But I don't know why Avi considers it in the same branch as Goflscript :P
@RedwolfPrograms tbf it is from 2016, and there are new stack lang alternatives on the market
It's still one of the golfier languages, unlike GS :p
Jelly is from 2015 btw
If 05AB1E is legacy, then so is Jelly
Idk then
I didn't do the classification
@lyxal Are you saying that you aren't Avi?
Lies, i refuse to believe it
2:40 AM
Dang it caird stop exposing me like this
Fun fact: if you kill 6 baby villagers, you can kill as many more baby villagers as you want without any more negative consequences
Are y'all having a competition to see who can get the most stars on an out of context comment?
Because that's what it seems like :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing But don't worry, all you have to do is boost the economy and everyone loves you again
Good luck, you need 8 Expert Villagers, and all of them will have awful trades for you :P
Or you level 3 villagers up from basic to a full Expert, also with awful trades
And with iron golems trying to kill you
I love how you can punch villagers, murder their children, and force them to watch zombies kill their friends, and all they'll do is charge you extra
2:44 AM
Murder is expensive
And gossip about you
I love that in Bedrock, they care more than twice as much about you murdering the golem than babies :P
> If a village (at least one villager and one claimed bed) is repopulated after destroyed, the player's popularity resets at zero.
Hmm, so nuking then forced breeding will reward me :P
Petition to move this to cgcc-gaming?
It's fine here
No need to unfreeze CGCCG
This little bit of convo is small enough to stay. If it results in more, we'll move it
@lyxal Isn't this basically what you do whenever you chat here? :P
2:48 AM
I personally disagree with moving off-topic conversations unless they're interfering with an on-topic one.
I'm still not entirely sure you didn't get access to GPT-3 for the sole purpose of TNB shitposting :P
TNB is not exactly famous for sticking to on-topic conversation
If a conversation is making someone uncomfortable or disrupting something actually about code golf I'll move it, but for stuff like this there's just no real benefit
If y'all could delete one youtube video, what would it be?
Probably one with an opinion on some controversial topic that I strongly disagree with, like supporting Minecraft 1.17/1.18 :p
18 mins ago, by Redwolf Programs
Who classified 05AB1E as a legacy language lol
@AviFS Questions have been asked :P
2:58 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing delete rickroll; // chosen by fair dice roll among all YouTube videos
@Bubbler Nah, the trick is to say "Guys, the rickroll got deleted: youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ"; and watch the chaos :P
The problem with deleting the rickroll is that there is more than one rickroll on YouTube
Meaning that you can never fully get rid of it
Meaning it'll never give you up nor let you down
Nor run around and desert you
Nor make you cry, or say goodbye and hurt you
3:42 AM
Wooo gonna be learning about XML and Document Type Definitions today
Very fun
Well, you'll be prepared if you ever have to travel back in time to the 20th century :p
Other than HTML, have any of y'all actually used XML for anything?
I've used it once for a sitemap and once for an RSS feed, but those are both outdated technologies anyway
@RedwolfPrograms the irony is that this is a first year course focusing on Web technologies
@RedwolfPrograms btw, the room is unfrozen
3:59 AM
i've used xml for the pom.xml file in spring boot applications
i just copy-paste stuff and it sometimes works
@hyper-neutrino Okay chat really needs to use a font that makes that "m" looks less like an "rn"
sounds like a you problem
still a you problem
you need to get your mind out the gutter
I agree to lyxal
4:10 AM
Huh, the "m" looks quite ambiguous to me /shrug
I've never used spring boot so "pom.xml" doesn't "autocomplete" like most words with an "m" would, to be fair
Oh, the problem is that I'm at 90% zoom so it blurs the text a bit
Also that looks different from my default font
When I go to 100% it looks much less ambiguous
idk the m and rn look pretty distinct to me even when i type pom and the other word out
i am on 110% zoom lol
Yeah, looks like it's a combination of the weird zoom and the font being different for me
Time to add yet another CSS override
4:13 AM
> m and rn
just use monospace font everywhere 4head
yeah both are very similar for me
also rn i have rny rnath exarn
"rn" isn't as close to "m" as "m" is to "rn", if that makes sense
4:14 AM
tom to pieces
that looks exactly like "memes" to me if i take off my glasses and then zoom in to 240% because otherwise i can't read it at all
Poor Tom
@lyxal Yeah that looks exactly like "torn" to me unless I look really hard
Definitely a font/zoom thing
I read both "rnernes" and "tom" correctly immediately
arrgh i arn gettting a headache
4:15 AM
that looks almost like "torn" when i zoom out to 67% but even then i can still tell it's "tom", and at 50% i can no longer really read anything
wow 50% zoom is like seeing ants on your screen
I'm on 1366x768 with 90% zoom, so definitely not great for keeping text sharp :p
1920x1080 with 110% so probably a bit nicer :p though given that i may be closer or farther from my screen that probably doesn't really mean much on its own
I have heard complaints of this being an issue in some other places on SE, so it's not just me it seems
@hyper-neutrino my res: 1440×900
4:18 AM
That's a new one to me
and100% for windows zoom and 110% default on firefox
why tf can't my uni use straight quotes when including code examples in lecture slides?!
ok now i rnust open tweams
they really do be using "smart" quotes
The chat uses Verdana at 12px for me. My screen is 1920x1080 and I just use everything at 100% zoom
@lyxal Are the lecture slides in Powerpoint?
4:20 AM
@Bubbler yep
same but 110%, and it looks fine at 100% i just +10%'d it to make it a bit more comfortable
Well, code is not first class in powerpoint, what do you expect
At least it's better than a screenshot (...or probably worse)
the screenshots have straight quotes at least
that makes it worse
Every lecture slide should be closed as low effort according to SO guidelines
4:22 AM
the copy-pastable content is broken
and the stuff you can't isn't
but they could at least turn off smart quotes
Meanwhile I'm taking Linux Basics online course just because I have to accumulate enough education points at work
huh, must just be copy-paste issues - the lecture is an epic gamer because he uses vim
ok wwhy is windows singing
4:28 AM
something is getting disconnected again and again
so it sounds like windows is singing
bruh it was my keybord
4:41 AM
mmmm me when learning JS in early september
Good, you can suffer with us
hehe only 1 lecture tho
4:55 AM
You can always opt-in for JS in any class with a project, by claiming "I want to do this on a web browser" :P
I actually did it once in graphics by using WebGL
5:25 AM
Q: A quantum quine

A usernameYour challenge is to write a program that is a quine, meaning it prints out its own source code. For at least one individual character, when it is removed from the program's source, a single different character is removed from the output. By different, I mean that the character removed from the c...


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