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12:00 AM
@NewMetaPosts One potential concern: what time is the best time?
that's fair. It'd be smarter to discuss this with ROs when we actually have ROs. i have my upvote locked since we can add ideas and later sort out details or decide against it but i do agree with caird that it's a bit early to start thinking about this even
12:13 AM
coconut mall slowed down by .25% is beautiful
Sorry, I didn't mean to do that
Should I delete it (temporarily/permanently)?
@user Now that it has answers, you can't. I don't think it's worth deleting it, I just think it would've been better to not rush ahead with posting in the future :)
I can still delete it, but now that it's up, I don't suppose there is too much of a point; just like caird said, keep it in mind, and this discussion might accumulate a few good ideas so we have a starting point later on or might just be forgotten, so it's not all negative.
RedwolfPrograms Wezl Sorry for pinging, but could y'all delete your answers on the chat event thing, at least temporarily, so I can delete my question? (edited to not ping)
12:15 AM
why delete it?
if you really want it deleted I can just do that, but i don't think it's necessary
ah yes, <1mb away from completion my download decided to stop
I was expressing my frustration as how quickly you posted it, I have nothing against having it posted once you did that
12:16 AM
@Lyxal were you trying to download 0.75% speed coconut mall
> 0.75%
@hyper-neutrino no
I was downloading clone hero v.23.2.2
I figured I'd give TQOSC a go
@hyper-neutrino didn't take long to write Branch then?
@cairdcoinheringaahing nope :P it's quite simple
also it's easier to prove that it's turing complete than i thought. you can just translate any BF program into it lmao
12:22 AM
Have you asked Redwolf if it qualifies for his interesting new languages bounty?
i have not
looks like a sed one-liner
(that's a compliment)
@hyper-neutrino give me a moment to get the correct string compression. Changing the code page screwed up dictionary strings
oh, lol :P you did mention something about breaking string compression a bunch a while ago IIRC
12:42 AM
Ah yes, LFAPOU at it's finest. Rickrolling me when I go to the recently active page
wonderful, no regrets
All these people still need something to do
kevin (the rubik cubes) should cube a number (n ** 3)
I think we said Arnauld (the first icon there) was string compression
bubbler is bubble sort /s
Bubbler can't bubble sort because no arrays or lists
how about just sort in general
@Ausername sort the stack then
12:46 AM
I don't think there is a stack either
wait yeah what have we decided on the actual syntax being like
You just have a bunch of users
instead of having 256 characters in an SBCS, are you just going to have 256 users lol
Probably yes
Although it'll compile to SBCS text.
This means 210-5! > output
Can I be of help?
12:51 AM
If you can think of anything for some of the people in my first message to do
Since my name is user, I could perhaps summon other users, like functions
Any suggestions for good lisps?
Digitial Trauma (the triangle user) should be loop
because the pfp looks like it loops around
do we already have outputting
shouldn't digital trauma open some traumatising digital content
@hyper-neutrino that's me
12:55 AM
if not, adam -> dyalog -> dialog -> ? (a bit of a stretch, yeah :P)
Arnauld -> Arnold -> ArnoldC -> execute a piece of arbitrary ArnoldC code
@user mind you we're creating an actually usable language
Arnauld should do some bitwise stuff maybe
Since Luis Mendo seems to be a clone trooper, they could clone/duplicate variables
12:57 AM
rak what are you doing?
kevin could do some sort of rotation being a rubix cube
@Lyxal currently I am typing
i mean
what should rak do in userscript?
no idea
12:58 AM
Push the constant 1507
what are my defining traits
that would work
Being green
Martin Ender should be less than because we are all less than martin
Martin should be greater than
@user no that's dennis
12:58 AM
or something to do with hexagons?
dennis is greater than everyone
push the nth element of the hexagonal sequence
martin ender should end(er) the program :P
@hyper-neutrino that's deadcode
Or end a species/delete all variables of a certain datatype
12:59 AM
oh that makes more sense
because the code is dead at that stage
maybe razetime could do some sort of interleaving or some array operation like his profile picture
razetime requested string splitting
I'd like invoke functions, please
@OldSandboxPosts nothing to report today?
1:12 AM
@Lyxal Either that, or something's up with Redwolf's server
I can't do the verification search rn cause I'm on mobile
ryxer should be random()
@Ryxer that's user called Chance
their pfp is two dice
Martin Ender could be delete user

Or we could just have a deleted user for that.
@user Done
@user Yup that works
@rak1507 Sounds good
@Lyxal Ok. Will add that.
1:55 AM
Ok, making Martin less than and a deleted user delete user.
2:08 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

hyper-neutrinoMeta-golf Branch integers without alphanumeric characters code-challenge restricted-source Recently I created a new programming language, Branch (name thanks to caird coinheringaahing). Representing numbers is pretty easy (actually, trivial; you can just enter the number and it will set the value...

The url has been updated to https://userscript.surge.sh because I just realized that hadn't been taken.
The esolang name userscript is taken anyway
Check the esolangs site
But not UserScript!
So quick question: what have we decided about having a blog?
2:17 AM
Did anyone click the link?
Damn it
You don't understand what non't means
@Lyxal a blog?
Q: Should we start a blog?

caird coinheringaahing7 years ago, we asked about having a site blog. The idea sort of just stopped and was never followed through. Unfortunately, since then, BlogOverflow (the site supposed to host site blogs) has been shutdown. I brought up the blog in chat, and it was suggested by a couple of users that we give it ...

@Ausername non't is the opposite of yesn't
2:20 AM
hosted elsewhere?
@Ausername i accidentally clicked your link :-( a bad way to start morning
@Lyxal What's yesn't though?
@Ausername yes not
@Ausername naturally, it's the opposite of non't
oh frick ninja'd
I give up.
Also which of you is actually Lyxal?
2:22 AM
@Ausername urb dic entry
@Ausername me
Ryxer maybe user
And Lyxal is lyxal??
Ryxer is all of us combined
riker is back???
@Wasif that's an x not a k.
Get it right
@Ausername yesn't = no, non't = yes
2:23 AM
Oh sorry
where did rikerw go :(
Oh, so you're all yourselves, except ryxer is the average of you three and is actually ASCII-only.
Pretty much
How do you run shared account
2:25 AM
1 min ago, by A username
Oh, so you're all yourselves, except ryxer is the average of you three and is actually ASCII-only.
@Wasif shared password probably
even more secure than an OTP
shared via hivemind, naturally
i blame my internet for the messages sending in the wrong order
I still have
To deal with
And I still need:
adam for arrays naturally.
Property access - Rep, people reached, Question amount, answer amount
tsh for system() maybe
2:34 AM
I saw a messaage that i was the if statements, but for what?? (I think i really missed a lot of things)
didn't razetime want to be split
@Ryxer I said that up a bit further
@Wasif conditional control flow
@Ryxer I'm not sure how to implement arrays. And this is a web esolang, so no root access.
@Ryxer yes I am split thank you
No i asked what language how will it work
2:36 AM
@Ausername Adam can be increment (because he increments users rep with apl bounties)
@Wasif user (Lyxal) decided you should be if statements in the language we're working on, Userscript.
@Lyxal Sure.
@Ausername doorknob should be divide because a doorknob has the handle part and the part attached to the door
Hehe nice recreational project
@Lyxal Yup
@Ausername we could change him to something else though, since he still wasif
2:38 AM
emphasis on was?
that is the joke
@Wasif Do you want to be something else, or are you fine with if statement?
I am fine with if statement
offtopic, anyone remember caird's username before he was caird?
cuz i sure don't
@Ryxer ChartZ Belatedly
2:40 AM
No like before they were caird the first time
I joined 4 months ago.
@Ryxer there probably are people that remember, so yes.
Use wayback machine the page was surely indexed someday
@Wasif Wayback machine wont work because username is part of url
2:43 AM
Not exactly
@Ausername no
The username is part of the url
username is an optional part of the url
Userid is the main
2:44 AM
I think it is no more indexed before
But the pfp was different
You included caird-coinheringaahing in the URL
@RedwolfPrograms it automatically got added
2:49 AM
it was redirected at crawl time, yes
3:25 AM
Bonne nuit
username history is probably private for a reason but if you tried hard enough you could maybe find replies to their account from long ago. i wouldn't recommend it though; if caird wants to tell you they will and if not i wouldn't advise digging for it
What’s cairds command? Is it dog related? (because I can’t think of anything you can get from their username)
3:44 AM
new user
because caird welcomes new users
Makes sense
What about you?
Who is for stack exchange api
We need a user with >25k rep for this
Well i made a language called stack exchange but I think I’m a command already
@user what command you have been
3:58 AM
I asked to invoke other users/functions
4:14 AM
is there any way to limit the amount of memory a subprocess in Python can consume using the subprocess module? subprocess.run has a timeout parameter but nothing I can find to limit memory usage
I want to know this answer too
5:03 AM
Maybe Bubbler can be bounty, since they give out a lot?
Progress on Cubically R.E.P.A.I.R.I.N.G. the keyboard. Should have gone to bed two hours ago.
5:25 AM
@Ausername quite the opposite
last year they took a considerable amount from Adam
True - Adam has offered nearly 4 times as many bounties.
But Adám is already increment/upvote...
Also, an empty program outputs fizzbuzz.
Q: Shrinking Triangles

l4m2Write an infinite list of triangle codes, defined as code where the i-th line has i bytes for all lines, such that the i-th code generate (i-1)th code and is 1 line more than (i-1)th code. Fewest line of the first code win. For example, if . .. ... .... can be outputted by . .. ... .... print c...

5:48 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Generating Brainf*** NOPs but probables of every output shouldn't differ more than poly(n) Not a posted question

1 hour later…
7:15 AM
CMC given a string of printable ASCII characters, find the longest substring of alphabetic characters (that is chars from A-Z or a-z)
how should ties be broken?
@hyper-neutrino any way you like
as in all options are valid
@donald Jelly, 11 bytes: e€ØẠ¬œpµLÞṪ (could probably be golfed significantly)
7:21 AM
@hyper-neutrino very nice!
can you explain the method?
e€ØẠ¬œpµLÞṪ  main link
 €           for each element in the input
e            is it an element of
  ØẠ         "ABC...XYZabc...xyz"
    ¬        logical NOT
     œp      partition the original string, removing the non-letters
       µ     chain separator to stop ^ from chaining
         Þ   sort by
        L    length
          Ṫ  and take the last element
it's very clever
I wonder what it will be in other languages
7:35 AM
Q: The Great Battle Conundrum- Who are Alive?

PluviophileMaximillian is the chief commander of the Great Greek Army and he is leading his forces into a crucial war with Spain. If all the enemy soldiers stand in a straight line incrementally marked starting from position 1, and a particular soldier at position \$i\$ dies, the soldiers at position \$2i\$...

Python 3, 52 bytes Try it online!
Python 3, 58 bytes (Fixed fool proof) Try it online!
The older code had a bug
7:52 AM
@hyper-neutrino -3
feel like something can be done with Œs but it didn't seem to work out here
8:05 AM
is returning the length rather than the actual substring acceptable?
my code is outputting the whole substr itself
oh wait yeah missed that part
well i got 10 bytes if you can return multiple results in the case of a tie
probably also does something very wrong if there aren't any alphabetical characters
oh wait you don't need the $ either lol
8:23 AM
how do I get python's subprocess.run to include newlines when using capture_output = True?
so it's actually a pretty nice 9 bytes, ẆfƑƇØẠLÞṪ
that is a good question
8:34 AM
@Wasif I had no idea you could do that!
it is 3 bytes shorter if you just import re but otherwise quite nice
8:55 AM
Javascript 58 bytes - Wasif's seems to be unportable. Try it online!
Python 3, 55 bytes, -3 bytes Thanks to @UnrelatedString :) Try it online!
@Anush Its an easy trick though... max() has the key operator... you don't need sorted()
@Ausername Did you find whom will you make exponent?
Not yet have you thought of anyone
I have an idea of making badges an array or list...
I have an idea, make Bubbler increment, and Adam exponent, because Bubbler too gave a lot of bounties
Oh i see user is also unimplemented now, you can make him increment too
Maybe. Also, golfed it down to 53 bytes: Try it online!. No user is implemented, they're function calling.
Are you on the current version - userscript.surge.sh
Oh sorry i mistook user's icon with Neil's
They look similar
9:06 AM
Neil could be something
tsh could be bitwise or
to complement Arnauld
Your TIO link is a rickroll FYI
Idea! Implement Neil to end program and Deadcode to something related to regex
Yes I know, I'm trying to out-rickroll Lyxal.
Deadcode ends program and pxeger is a regex delimiter.
I think bubbler can be bubble sort now that I actually have an array datatype...
Have you tried my userscript to turn all links to rickroll: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/82806/2021/4/13
Don't share it here
To test safely, remove the eval()
Neil could be exponent, unused...
What are the Remaining functions?
How are you implementing string literals?
9:12 AM
I guess anything commonplace and useful.
Unrelated string is a string delimiter, and I'm going to steal Jelly's string compression but modified to work with my SBCS.
No how you'll push strings inside the quotes (unrelated string) like abcd into ""
Code will be like
Where each user represents an ASCII character
I'll get someone for compressed string delimiters.
Giving a pseudo code of it will be better
I mean what it will do, String delimiter+Regex delimiter+call function+Addition..... ???
Can't understand what it'll do
No, it's all a string
All of it
Compiles to
9:23 AM
What will the string look like
"/f+057" is what it compiles to but there'll be a better way to represent users as characters.
Now i understand
what about remaining letters like a,b,c,d...
I suggest find 26 users for starting with a-z and add them to the list
No - each user serves a double purpose.
Once as a program control part, once as a character.
I see then A username -> A, Wasif - W, Lyxal -> L and so on?
I can have up to 256 characters in my SBCS and I currently have 45, so lots of functions or other can be added...
9:29 AM
Sine and Cosine is done, who will be tangent?
tangentstorm, tan close matches
Added tangentstorm. For some functions I'm going to have to choose someone unrelated or not obvious
lcm -> least common multiple
Having trouble finding greatest common divisor
Also your Download as PNG is not working
9:46 AM
You have to right click the image - It won't allow automatic download because it has cross-source images so can't be turned to dataurl. Click the image to delete it afterwards.
10:04 AM
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Razetime500 rep for a Vim answer to Sticky Polyhexes What it says on the tin. An explanation would be appreciated. Language must be Vim, not the V derivative. Good luck!

10:23 AM
@donald Retina 0.8.2, 23 bytes
10:42 AM
Added PhilNotPi for logical not

And fixed some bugs.
Bye, back in a week!
11:34 AM
@Ausername see you
@Ryxer Yeah, I do
guys I need help
what is the help
who do I vote for as an owner of the nineteenth byte
I say caird or bubbler
11:39 AM
Whoever you think would be the best ROs
caird you should be lobbying
Nah, my win is all but secured :P
you should attempt to wow the new impressionable user with your charisma
Seriously tho, I dislike lobbying for votes
People should vote for me because they think I should be RO, not because I asked them to
asking them would make them think you should be ro
and hence it is fine
11:57 AM
yay, passed 4K rep

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