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12:06 AM
@quartata It's rough and coarse and gets everywhere
12:29 AM
@Mego well i walked into that one
@quartata Yep, I don't know what you expected
12:48 AM
i made the dumbest trap for the white queen in bullet chess... but it worked 2/2 times i've tried it
2 hours later…
3:04 AM
ok apparently i have a spare key for a hat in time. not sure if it will work for other people but idk what to do with it
I literally just bought it myself, actually
@ASCII-only you already have it?
yeah, apaprently
make an alternate so you can get it twice
I guess ask in PPCG gaming if anyone doesn't have it
also no man's sky is 55% off. should probably get that
also not sure if anything here is worth getting. cuphead maybe? super hot? symmetry?
3:16 AM
I just stuck my hand into my printer and can feel dozens of chocolate chips and several bottle caps
Do you guys think this can harm the functionality?
@feersum possibly.
@feersum how tho
@feersum i have a question. how have the chocolate chips not melted when printing
Well, I haven't printed anything in a while...
how did they get in there though
3:24 AM
fallout + noclip
I don't understand what this opening is for tbh
Like, it's not where the paper comes out.
hmm. would you mind taking a photo
OK apparently you can put the documents in there for scanning
This whole time I was just placing them on the glass.
@feersum wait, what :O
@feersum wait there's chocolate chips in your document feeder
sounds like you ate a cookie at your desk really messily
3:28 AM
Yep. Do you think I can copy them?
Ooh I also found a sticker.
@feersum how did that get there
I'm not sure how you could have done this without noticing
Is the ADF on the top or the side
The top.
I'd hate to see what the rest of the room looks like
@EsolangingFruit Shitty Brain-Flak
@quartata yes
I forgot ais made Underload
I don't think I've seen Ais in forever
Actually no, I saw him in #hardfought on freenode yesterday, but it feels like forever since he was here
4:37 AM
@EsolangingFruit parenthetical/parenthesis hell
he just deletes his profile everytime he gets too much rep
@Pavel hardfought?
@ASCII-only NetHack server
I play a lot of xNetHack and NH4, so HDF > NAO
idk why but git log --pretty=format:"%h %s" --graph just gets me giddy and makes branches fun c:
4:40 AM
:O Has it always had color output?
@quartata first thing I thought of when I had that description
I've said this before but for me everything about Git just made sense once I thought of branches as pointers lol
@Pavel I have no idea
@quartata yeah. the syntax for git is a bit (terse/esoteric, take your pick), it might be fun to make an esolang out of
I have alias untracked=git ls-files . --exclude-standard --others and uncommit=git reset --soft HEAD~${1:-1} for sanity reasons tho
@ConorO'Brien pip install legit && legit --install will enable a couple of handy git commands, in particular git undo undoes commits.
no thanks, never touch the stuff :P
(python, that is)
4:44 AM
@ConorO'Brien You don't have to know python or anything
it's more of a moral problem
It's just the installer is written in Python
@ConorO'Brien it'd probably end up kinda like Three Star Programmer
5:12 AM
@quartata you're going to classify each embedding?
5:47 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

OMᗺGomoku Tags: king-of-the-hill,board-game Related: Connect-n time! Gomoku or Five in a row is a board game played by two players on a \$15 \times 15\$ grid with black and white stones. Whoever is able to place \$5\$ stones in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins the game. Rules In ...

I have a 500 rep bounty I need to put on somethoing. Is there anything particulartl deredced.
* derseved
@WW Why do you need to bounty something suddenly?
No time for questions
You could probably look through Dennis' most voted answers
The fastest code for prime counting could always use more bounty it's fckn amazing
@WW No time for questions
5:57 AM
That is the case
@WW Just stick more bounty onto codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/74269/…
@Pavel good idea
6:40 AM
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH what is this theme
"You all are the lucky first site to get the new theme" LUL
7:00 AM
@ConorO'Brien wat
@ConorO'Brien oh also could you please have a colorless AST option
@ASCII-only please post an issue about that, I might forget
@ASCII-only ditto^
side note: ruby is amazing. i should learn it sometime
same as attache
also, i wonder how to keep a handwritten parser simple >_>
halp. the shunting yard alone is 170 lines
Is there a codegolf style that gives points for readability? — TJR Jul 30 at 3:02
7:27 AM
just like 42 minutes until i get to play a hat in time
this is gonna be epic
8:10 AM
How hard would it be to make a quine in Pepe?
@Fatalize Sometimes Dyalog APL actually allows something like that. If you specify a transformation as a tacit function, you may be able to run it in reverse using the "power" higher-order function.
E.g. if f←4-⊢×2×⊢ which means f(x)=4–x∙2∙x and then require that to be –14 with (f⍣¯1)¯14, i.e. 4–x∙2∙x=–14 then APL will respond with 3 because 4–3∙2∙3=–14.
@Adám How does that work under the hood? Does it have a constraint solver?
So too, if you require that when dropping the last element from "ab" concatenated to the reverse of x, i.e. requirement←¯1↓'ab',⌽ you get "abzy", then (requirement⍣¯1)'abzy' will yield " yz" because reversing that gives "zy " and prepending gives "abzy " and dropping gives "abzy".
@Fatalize Both that, and it also has a table of inverses and how inverses combine.
8:28 AM
So, it's more that there are specific implementations of functions when you inverse them
@Fatalize Yes, but it does fall back to a numeric solver if necessary.
@Fatalize But it is still useful, e.g. to apply several transformations under the condition that they ALL succeed. E.g. I can strip outer brackets with ('['∘,,∘']')⍣¯1 and APL will throw a DOMAIN ERROR if any of the brackets are missing.
@MuhammadSalman Hello!
@Adám ['∘,,∘'] new emote
May 1 at 20:11, by Adám
My life is complete; my production code contains '──┤ '∘,,∘' ├──'
8:37 AM
how is everyone doing ?
Unrelated anecdote: I often travel with the London Tube (metro system) and it always bothers be when they announce in the speakers: Please use all available doors! or Please use the full length of the platform!
@Fatalize Because humans don't have a hive mind. No individual can follow such instructions. They need to say There's more room at the north end of the platform! or The back three doors are best if you want a chance to board!.
@MuhammadSalman Anyway, I'm very well. How are you? I have not seen you here for a while.
@Adám I mean, technically yes, a single person cannot use all available doors. In practice that's perfectly understandable though…
@MuhammadSalman Dying because of the heat
@Fatalize Understandable, yes, but utterly useless. I can't see more than a small section of platform or more than two doors at a time (obviously they only make these announcements when the Tube is crowded), but they do not provide me any information which I can use to make choices which help relieve congestion.
@MuhammadSalman Ready to take up APL studies again?
8:54 AM
@Fatalize you never know, if the double-slit experiment works on particles... :)
@ngn Works on humans too if enough force is applied. Quite gory though.
Also works on humans if there are 0 or 1 available door
@Adám this is how it should be done :) youtube.com/watch?v=b0A9-oUoMug
Thankfully I do not live in a city like London or Paris where you have to take the metro everyday to work
9:26 AM
@Adám I kinda stopped using, good 2 know u r well, @Fatalize poor u. @Adám i'd be happy 2
@MuhammadSalman Maybe join me in The Orchard?
10:04 AM
I didn't know why my C drive was so packed up
It was actually just one folder in the AppData directory
With the android sdk (which I don't use anymore)
Why'd u have it ?
I didn't know there was such folder
10:07 AM
I always store sdks and things on D drive so there's no way I could think of such folder
now I feel much better seeing a blue bar on the C drive instead of red
10:48 AM
Q: Most Common Multiple

Jo KingNot to be confused with Least Common Multiple. Given a list of positive integers with more than one element, return the most common product of two elements in the array. For example, the MCM of the list [2,3,4,5,6] is 12, as a table of products is: 2 3 4 5 6 --------------- 2 | # 6...

11:05 AM
Wth happened to the theme
It looks like we've been thrown back to the early 2000s
The starboard pretty much sums it up.
@BetaDecay You know you can edit your messages if you do it quickly?
Oh yeah, but it was a small typo, so I didn't bother
11:20 AM
Q: Belarus rushnyk

ngnWe've got quite a few national flag challenges already: AU CH FI FR GB GB IS KR NP US... Here's another, somewhat more advanced one: Return or print the decorative pattern from Belarus's national flag as a matrix of two distinct values for red and white. If your language doesn't support matri...

12:14 PM
how to "sort by new" on the new theme ? I cna't find the button here @.@
@Rod there is no "sort by new"
and there never was
at least afaik
@ASCII-only of couse it was, when you clicked on the site main title
compare ppcg with se
@Rod Click on "Questions" on the left
@Fatalize hidden on the hamburger menu! thanks c:
(yes, it makes no sense)
They could easily merge "home" and "questions" and add all sorting tabs on the same page
but it makes too much sense for them apparently
12:21 PM
@Rod the bad news is, I think it no longer updates with new questions without refreshing
@EriktheOutgolfer ……………really?
I remember waiting for a question to be posted, and it was actually posted, but I only realized when it got posted in here by NMP, and there was already one answer
@EriktheOutgolfer Nope, it still does that
12:40 PM
hm, with what delay?
None it seems
(also, does that mean 3 new challenges were posted?)
that was the "active" tab
yeah, it looks like that
1:20 PM
With how awful the new theme is, I'm kinda glad now that we haven't gotten a custom theme yet. I'm terrified of how SE would screw it up.
maybe it's time for me to try the userscript again (speaking of which, is the userscript completely broken?)
@PhiNotPi it's not completely broken
it's just not completely working
1:36 PM
Yay NMP use old onebox format again ...?
Q: Shortest quine that is a palindrome. No comments

kluttI challenge you to write the shortest code possible to produce a quine that is a palindrome. The quirk here is that you are not allowed to use any comment functionality. Rules: Shortest code wins Use rules for quines from this page: Write a Polyquine No comments are allowed. For instance, th...

2:03 PM
...how does the Charcoal interpreter work?
@BetaDecay Compression.
string compression
and the other thing done is just converting the verbose program into Charcoal commands
Huh. That feels kind of cheaty
Also I'm sure that somebody that utilizes the 4-fold symmetry wll give a better result.
@BetaDecay Metagolf.
@Mego I just wish someone responded to the feedback we're giving them
2:12 PM
@user202729 It'll probably shorter if outputted horizontal too
Q: Evaluate Words Based on "Rules" (Skeptics.SE Crossover)

wnnmawEvaluate Words Based on "Rules" (Skeptics.SE Crossover) I came across this picture, which I initially questioned and thought about posting to Skeptics. Then I thought they'll only tell me if this one case is true, but wouldn't it be great to know how true any "rule" really is? Today you're going...

2:30 PM
Am I the only one that likes the new theme??
@quartata yes
The simple fact that upvotes are near undistinguishable with non-upvotes makes it unlikeable
I like it as much as I used to like the old theme (not too much, but I think it is decent)
^^ but yeah I hate that fact.
2:57 PM
hmmmm how am I going to include a 24 MB file in this answer
@quartata Attach a google drive link?
let's see how well zopfli does to it first
LZMA got 4 MB, not good enough to include as a string
@quartata Also sticking binary data in an SE answer would probably lead to it being mangled
No I was going to base64 it
or just escape
If the file can be generated by an algorithm, you could maybe use a stack snippet
3:00 PM
Q: Naismith's rule

OkxNaismith's rule helps to work out the length of time needed for a walk or hike, given the distance and ascent. Given a non-empty list of the altitude at points evenly spaced along a path and the total distance of that path in metres, you should calculate the time needed according to naismith's r...

Q: Split the bits!

ArnauldWe define \$V(x)\$ as the list of distinct powers of \$2\$ that sum to \$x\$. For instance, \$V(35)=[32,2,1]\$. By convention, powers are sorted here from highest to lowest. But it does not affect the logic of the challenge, nor the expected solutions. Task Given a semiprime \$N\$, replace eac...

3:18 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Luis felipe De jesus MunozBalancing list of strings Lets define a balanced list of string as a list of strings where the length of each other are equal. Example: - Hello - House Above strings are balanced since both lengths = 5 - Codegolf - Puzzles Above strings are not balanced since the first one length = 8 and ...

3:35 PM
@BetaDecay BTW my first try was 81 bytes, so you've definitely got some more scope for improvement
@Neil Oh yeah, probably. I'll check out the tips for Charcoal
zopfli is so slow on this machine
3:58 PM
On the bright side, under the new theme system the design userscript shouldn't break when we actually get a theme
4:25 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

Taylor ScottPikachu, 1563 bytes pi pi pika pi pi pika pi pi pika pi pikachu pi pika pi pika pikachu pi pika pika pikachu pi pika pi pi pika pi pi pika pi pikachu pi pikachu pi pikachu pikachu pikachu pi pikachu pika pi pika pi pi pikachu pi pikachu pi pi pikachu pi pika pi pikachu pikachu pikachu pi pikachu...

The interpreter for that language needs to have an option to read that code out
yes it does
@BetaDecay you could use google translate
@flawr Not high-pitched enough for my liking
not sure how I feel about this
twitter has become the "go to" place if you want to send a tweet
@BetaDecay try espeak maybe
4:35 PM
what was the "go to" place for sending tweets before that?
I've just realised what the redesign reminds me of: MathOverflow
@flawr An aviary
@flawr the zoo
how could you send a tweet there?
by picking the lock on the cages
i did it once
4:36 PM
Also if we're bein pedantic you don't really "send" tweets on Twitter, either
You broadcast them publically
anyways i think we can all agree twitter is pretty bad
so im not thrilled about this news
What don't you like about it?
It can't be that bad if you can use it to govern a country.
@flawr this is true
@Pavel do you know your history
@quartata Not particularly
4:42 PM
the history of turkmenistan
ok. well ill explain it later
I know like, two thinga about turkmenistan
That might be more than most other people
@BetaDecay, you can use onlinetonegenerator.com/voice-generator.html - the last option is pretty high pitch
Turkmenistan is like, a downsized North Korea as far as I can tell
If we're being serious for a second Twitter really is terrible.
Moderation is a joke and they just axed the streaming API for a new API with webhooks that costs $3000/month for any meaningful usage
can we all just agree that if the output of passing --help to the program you're writing is more than 25 lines it needs to either just open your program's man page or at least pipe it into a pager program
running foo --help and having to scroll in your terminal is the most annoying thing
4:59 PM
@Pavel - meh, get a bigger monitor
Alternatively, print really short help and add a line saying See man foo for detailed info.
5:30 PM
What does cat: foo: No such device or address mean? I've seen No such file or directory but this is new to me
@Pavel Probably caused by something like >5 where 5 isn't a valid file pointer
user image
@Blue Proof that Google are just outsourcing their work
@Pavel sounds like you're trying to cat a domain socket
@Blue Looks like JS. Just click everything and you should be fine.
5:39 PM
I think
file foo says that's right
I didn't know sockets were files
no, just unix domain sockets
similar to a FIFO
or "named pipe" if you prefer
makes sense to me
I wonder how portable that is
@Pavel Not at all. No docs specify that behavior
@Mego It doesn't have to be specified, it just had to work everywhere
It is UB but
6:08 PM
So is reading past the end of an array and everyone does that
It breaks if you have anything else on the stack though
try it
@Pavel you forgot to #include <unistd.h>, the compiler assumes it's an int execv(char *) and the calling convention for that on x86_64 happens to be compatible with int execv(const char *path, char *const argv[])
@ngn I didn't forget, it doesn't compile otherwise
But yeah, makes sense
6:33 PM
is there a way to collect all answers in a certain language? I feel like someone made an SEDE query for it, but I've been unable to find it
7:00 PM
nvm, I got it
lol, my answer on the Meta post about the voting colors being indistinguishable is now my second-highest-voted answer anywhere
I just wish someone replied to the meta answers
I expect they will when they actually make decisions on the posts
7:32 PM
meta doesnt count though since you dont get any Cold Points from it
Cold Points?
ice cold rep points
@quartata is your twitter count actually written by you?
the real stuf. what we're actually here for
@BetaDecay yes
It could easily be generated by a bot
Maybe you are a bot
7:39 PM
if you think they're written by a bot, you're not reading them enough times I'm sorry it's true though
theyre only surreal because Time and Reality are. im just a parrot.
Are parrots surreal?
they can give you horrible diseases so that makes them real enough
and also worthy of being called Sir, to be polite to something with such power
so yeah
that's exactly what a bot would say
bots dont know what Sir sounds like but neither do i
7:54 PM
I think wikipedia might have an ipa guide for it
8:04 PM
india pale ale
why not
but right now I'm more into cider
ooh I just noticed I got a new gold badge
@flawr yes please
8:27 PM
@flawr Not sure. I’ve been in Dublin since Friday. But the forecast was really high temperatures, and it wouldn’t surprise me that some regions of the South had reached that. I just landed back, and I haven’t stepped on the outside yet :-)
9:24 PM
Is modifying /usr/share/misc/magic by hand a bad idea
I like how the comments for the microsoft executables section are super sarcastic
You can just feel the "why would anyone design a binary format like this"
Hmm, binfmt_misc doesn't seem to have a way to distinguish regular PE files from .NET executables
10:12 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rushabh MehtaNote: this is my first time posting, so I need help fleshing out the details. I'm aware there are plenty of Roman Numeral problems, but this is somewhat different. When in Rome, count as Romans do! This problem is inspired by this website, which published the following diagram: This diagram ...

10:49 PM
Hi, all. I recall seeing somewhere a tetris game written in obfuscated Perl 5, where the code was shaped into tetris blocks. I can't seem to find it with a Web search or a perlmonks site search. Can anyone point me to it, please?
Sure it was in Perl?
I remember something like that, but it was actually in Python 2
0/10 unnecesary whitespace

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