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6:00 PM
and some other particles have special modes that interact with it
TPT confirmed most complex fungeoid ever :P
Correct lel
It practically IS a fungeoid
if it had a unbound grid, it'd be provably turing complete
self replicating machinery is possible, for one
it's provably a FSM even without a unbound grid
(RE: literally every TPT computer ever)
i'm also pretty sure it has a esolangs.org page, but i can't check right now
@DJMcMayhem so I re-ran the query with current data and it shows Pyke now beats Jelly for the #1 spot :-S
also, it was probably a FSM even before electricity, FILT, and all of that was added in the first place
because it's possible to make simple circuits using WALLS of all things
@moonheart08 apparently not
@moonheart08 using... what O_o
6:03 PM
except walls can't replicate, so that's limited to being a FSM
@ASCII-only walls. Walls have one of the earliest forms of ingame electricity with them
i'm not even kidding
@moonheart08 wait. huh?
@Harry Wow, that's awesome! (cc. @Blue )
it's possible to make a full adder using walls and a bit of dust, albet one use only
i thought they were like super inert (they are, right?)
here are my results if anyone wants to look ix.io/19b4
6:05 PM
I feel I missed most of the conversation but yay?
@ASCII-only TPT's walls have things like detector wall, conductive wall, and best of all, EWALL, which can be made nonsolid when powered by conductive wall/detector wall
also TPT has gravity
only thing is, I don't think it includes 05ab1e, maybe because it starts with a number? i'll try to fix the script to include that
as in, it has newtonian gravity, not just 'fall downward' gravity
so black holes actually suck using more than pressure. :>
@Harry :| where did charcoal go
@moonheart08 radial gravity is the best :P
How the heck does V score lower than vim?
6:07 PM
@ASCII-only well TPT has that too :P
@DJMcMayhem because the metric used is terrible
albet hardcoded
@moonheart08 which is why i mentioned it
oh, you play. Right. lol
a long time ago
6:07 PM
@ASCII-only what metric would be better?
You really should try it again
we have computers that process one uOp per frame now
@DJMcMayhem where is the query?
and then like a year after i stopped the version had jumped from like 29 to 53
@ASCII-only it's 93 now.
@EriktheOutgolfer I don't know, but the output is ix.io/19b4
6:08 PM
i used to drop sand, then turn radial gravity on and watch the pseudo-planetary system. then save it and watch it no longer work the next time i loaded it
@DJMcMayhem maybe because there are more vim answers than v?
@ASCII-only settings are saved now
@EriktheOutgolfer I just re-ran this codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/8891/48718 two years later
oh btw: +1 for the auto-update system
@moonheart08 *velocities?
6:09 PM
your save, if resaved in a newer version with radial gravity on, would have radial still enabled
velocities too yes lol
@Cowsquack There's no way. I personally have probably written more V answers than all vim answers in total (including mine)
also we have fake nuclear physics now. Fusion
But yea, TPT is definitely a FSM
I'm pretty sure Pyke's won a far fewer percentage of challenges than Jelly
and if it was unbounded, it'd be turing complete
(ix.io's favicon is rick-rolling all of us)
6:10 PM
Actually, that's not true. There are about 2x as many vim answers as my V answers. Huh
@Blue maybe pyke has won fewer than jelly, but it just beats jelly more often than not
@Blue but then again, there are far fewer pyke answers than jelly ones
I'm actually kinda suprised there are so few attempts to answer a solution using TPT, when it's so powerful as a 'fungeoid' of sorts
@Cowsquack True I guess. I'm the only one really using it and I've been rather ded for a while
Unless it's seen a massive spike in use without me noticing
lack of a text format
> rather ded
that doesn't sound good at all >_>
6:14 PM
How about not being active here on PPCG? Slightly more healthy?
@ASCII-only i'm saying this as a for fun thing. TPT is possibly one of the worst languages ever for golf lol
(Not as bad as unary)
@moonheart08 hmm. actually that's a good point
i just guess there aren't many people here that use TPT then
I should try and make some solutions myself
also my query was limited to 50,000 rows, not sure if there is a way to bypass that
@Poke phew! figured it out
6:25 PM
@Harry oh, that's limited the output to 2017/05/14. Explains the strange results.
@dzaima ah. is there any way to filter to the most recent 50,000 rows then? or maybe just get them all with multiple variations of the query
@Harry I have no idea, I just ran the query and scrolled to the bottom
this seems to work for getting the latest 50000 answers
TPT is a bit of a grayzone, really. So you know what?
Q: Input/Output format, scoring, and the status of The Powder Toy

moonheart08The Powder Toy is a Falling Sand Game that has gone a bit far, and can be classified as a interesting take on fungeoids. Input/Output However, there is an issue. I/O. "Programs" (simulations from here on out) "written in" ('Built' is more appropriate, so that is what i'll be using) The Powder T...

6:41 PM
@moonheart08 a better way is creating a compressed binary format (as in non-readable, not compressed as in deflated)
Doing that would be rather.. difficult. TPT doesn't like it if you strip certain things, so it'd be TPT + toolnamehere, not just TPT
@moonheart08 I'd suggest splitting the answers up into different posts so each suggestion can be voted separately
Oh, nice.
(so, just be sure to mention it)
6:46 PM
@moonheart08 strip certain things?
Like stripping out the header, which contains extranious data like the string 'OPS1' (Save format name), a checksum, etc
of course
personally i'd just go with the TPT + toolnamehere method
mostly so it doesn't fill the entry with just the header :P
@moonheart08 hmm, why is it called OPS1
I can check how large the header is
opens atom
@moonheart08 see you next year when atom finishes starting up
that's accurate
i can't wait for XRay
6:51 PM
oni editor is best editor
because it's vim + graphical
who doesn't like that
i dislike using hjkl to move my cursor. it hurts my hand lel
Also, nice little funfact: You can recompile TPT to have a larger sim size if you feel like it. It's literally just 2 defines. Just ensure it's divisible by 4
Ok, header is variable size, but at least 150ish bytes
So yea, hence why i wanted to avoid using a generic savefile
lots of unavoidable overhead
you can make your score a bit lower by having a shorter ingame username
oh huh. pavg is saved
@ASCII-only I don't think anyone remembers. I call it 'Open Potato Save 1' because i can. shrug
Same goes for the old PVS format
7:10 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pajonkNot today code-golf date The challenge Given a timestamp (date and time) output another timestamp that differs from the input at all positions, i.e. has different value for year, month, day, hour and minute. Input and output A timestamp in any reasonable format including, but not limited t...

Also, i wonder what the May language of the month will be
Also, why isn't there a new meta post bot
we have a sandbox post bot, and a new challange bot
but it never says anything?
7:18 PM
it does
Guess i've never noticed it
Q: Input/Output format, scoring, and the status of The Powder Toy

moonheart08The Powder Toy is a Falling Sand Game that has gone a bit far, and can be classified as a interesting take on fungeoids. However, there is an issue, multiple really. Input/Output I/O. "Programs" (simulations from here on out) "written in" ('Built' is more appropriate, so that is what i'll be u...

Q: Is `document.body` reading your source code?

mbomb007Related to this quine answer. There was this comment: That meta question is not applicable to this answer. document.body is not a function which you've created and are now printing the source of. document.body is a function that returns an object with string attributes that contain the source...

Oh ok
7:54 PM
and who the heck locked it? it's proper gore
8:08 PM
@Soaku /r/nocontext
My life is complete; my production code contains '──┤ '∘,,∘' ├──'
2 hours later…
9:43 PM
:| i only slept for 3 hours
rip me
@ASCII-only Why? (And what time zone are you in?)
@Adám Assignment >_>, and AEST (UTC+10)
@ASCII-only So you have to hand it in Wednesday?
@Adám yes
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MnemonicNim Multiplication code-golfmath Background If you do much code golfing, you're likely aware of the bitwise XOR operation. Given two integers, it gives another integer with 1s in the bits where the two inputs differ. So, for example, 1010 XOR 0011 = 1001. It turns out to be very useful in ga...

9:45 PM
@ASCII-only Ouch. What's the subject?
@Adám Discrete Math
@ASCII-only Did you golf your paper?
even worse, C# keeps thinking I'm not using 7.2 >_> help how to fix this (I'm using .NET Core btw)
@Adám :| no. what I do do though is exactly copy the formatting of the assignment
@ASCII-only TFW you urgently need help with some code, but TNB is quiet :-(
@Adám :| yes where is everyone the US people should be super awake rn
9:49 PM
@ASCII-only o/
I know there's a thing you can set in the csproj
@Pavel yeah, it's set
Well if you've set it to use 7.2 and it's not using 7.2, IDK
well actually that was in a conditional. hopefully it's fixed now
9:57 PM
also: apparently one of my class fields has some kind of infinite loop meaning i can't debug anything because debugger always crashes >_>
+1 VS
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DevelopingDeveloperWill I Bust? Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is a comparing card game between yourself and a dealer, where each player in turn competes against the dealer, but players do not play against each other. Play goes as follows, the dealer deals you a card. The dealer then deals them-self a car...

Silly question: How do i parse a file that is composed of 10 bit integers?
not 8 bit, 10 bit
@moonheart08 Just read the whole thing in and represent as single bits, then chop and convert, no?
Yea, should work
goes to implement a bit stream
@moonheart08 If the file is large, read a multiple of 5 bytes at a time, and process that. Then continue.
@moonheart08 Read chunks of 5 bytes, store each as a uint64, convert to base 1024
10:59 PM
How about when i'm dealing with arbitrary size sets. a parity bit starts first, if it's 0, the next 7 bits are a value, otherwise the next 9 bits are a value
@moonheart08 arbitrary = 5 or 7?
either a 7 bit value or a 9 bit value determined by a leading parity bit.
@moonheart08 Read in a chunk (more than 10 bits), then start processing, chop from the already read data, and read more when the remaining data has less than 10 bits left.
@moonheart08 Potentially a good code golf challenge…
i'm not making any more challanges for now. You can if you want.
@moonheart08 OK, I may do that. Good luck with whatever you're doing.
11:18 PM
hmm, why did I have to request old reddit view to see that captcha screengrab?
11:43 PM
Well that's a shame. No-one else has given feedback on
Q: Input/Output format, scoring, and the status of The Powder Toy

moonheart08The Powder Toy is a Falling Sand Game that has gone a bit far, and can be classified as a interesting take on fungeoids. However, there is an issue, multiple really. Input/Output I/O. "Programs" (simulations from here on out) "written in" ('Built' is more appropriate, so that is what i'll be u...

11:57 PM
@Neil btw the Charcoal thing should be implemented now. (i might have missed some things though)

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