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9:01 PM
Can't we use something other than $ for MathJax equations?
I mean, are they site-customizable?
A suggestion was <mathjax>
$ is customizable but $$ is not
Bleh what the hell SE?
If $$ triggers Mathjax, I'd rather not have it, given Jelly
unless that has changed in the last 2 years
request for @mods: has mathjax customizability changed?
It is just perfect to use \$ instead. I say YES to MathJax (only because we cannot have KaTeX)
And honestly, with over 1k questions tagged , I'd say it is required
9:09 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Nobody did. Discord 101: people only show up in the list of users for a role when they’re online
@Mego -1 shouldn't be the case
are you... downvoting discord?
Down with Discord! Bring back ICQ!
@AdmBorkBork ew
9:26 PM
TIL we had 105 spam posts last year
That's quite a lot
43rd of all sites, and that's less than one every 3 days, which I'd say is alright
@cairdcoinheringaahing I was gonna say that it's not that much until I remembered that a year has 365 days. Still, it feels like it's way more than 1 every ~3 days
> | Stack Overflow | 10220 | 21.3624% |
Now that's a lot
Look at the first revision...
9:37 PM
I have :P
@thirtydot, @Alohci: Worst of all, I posted this answer in class during a coding test. And yes, I was allowed to browse SO - no idea why. — BoltClock ♦ Mar 28 '11 at 11:58
Anyone here browse PPCG during coding tests?
if I could
On kinda related news, Jon Skeet is now <1000 rep away from one million
9:39 PM
I do it all the time when I've finished all work and I'm pretty sure my teacher's fine with it
@cairdcoinheringaahing unfortunately he's not quite breaking anything :(
The last time Jon Skeet got less than 0 rep in one day was because: -543 User was removed. His total for that day: -156 May 14 '13 ಠ_ಠ
10:01 PM
Ok, hopefully we’ll get MathJax back! (And hopefully people like my Meta answer :-P)
why mathjax?
@NewMetaPosts Come on!
there was a good reason why it was turned off.... >_>
(it was horribly broken and messed with regexes and code blocks)
@Riker For details, see my answer on Meta. I’d much rather have Katex or something else, but I am fine with MathJax if there is no other choice
Katex is much faster than MathJax, so I don't see why that wouldn't be preferred
10:03 PM
probably because mathjax is already supported by other SE sites
@Mego Because we would have to ask SE to change that for us...?
@Geobits We are talking about fixes that do not require any code changes. Enabling MathJax is just a per-site setting change; the code that enables/disables it is already there. And similarly (I believe) with the delimiters. But adding support for metatags, that's a whole different thing. — Chris Jester-Young Apr 10 '15 at 13:14
IIRC it's a mod-settable setting actually
It's an overlord-settable setting
Only SE people can change it
hm ok then
10:06 PM
@Mego I removed my comment, and now yours seems quite out of context
The thing is, not parsing MathJax in code blocks isn't even that hard to do
meta.se post maybe
it's meta posts and it's the mathjax one
10:12 PM
hm, it may have been patched
I can't repro on electronics.se
A: Test the new LaTeX markdown in this Sandbox question!

DoorknobThis is a test for a bug over on PPCG. $ foo bar baz $ \$ foo bar baz \$ abc\$ $def \$\$ab de$\$ \(ab de\) \[ab de\]

Q: Can we have Mathjax back?

totallyhumanIt's been a couple years since PPCG voted against Mathjax. Since then, the vote ratio has changed significantly, and most seem to be in favor of Mathjax. However, it is status-completed and no change will be enacted on the current votes. The issue then was weird-looking search results, odd inde...

@Adám not collected together I don't think
I think most details are scattered throughout meta.se
@NewMetaPosts Finally!
10:28 PM
@MDXF hi, I already gave some comments on that
Any chance I could get some eyes on my Sandbox entry? codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/14573/11261
@ATaco random question about AU if you do'nt mind: you guys take summer break from school, which is now, right?
now to wait for the "no" answer
11:22 PM
@Riker As a Uni student in Australia, yes.
Aren't the authors swapped in these two answers? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing kek
of course Dennis does brainflak, why am I surprised
Is there anything Dennis doesn't do?
Huh, links to Brainflak summon DJ as well as just talking about it :D

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