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12:22 AM
@Οurous hm, cool
@Οurous not be dennis
12:44 AM
@aditsu Oh sorry, I don't check TNB very often, thanks! So you don't mind if I repost it then?
1:07 AM
Does anyone know what on earth Jython is?
wishes vim had a way of searching unfolded text only
@MDXF Java implementation of python
@Pavel Yeah just found SO thread
Like what else would it be
who knows?
1:22 AM
ಠ_ಠ is Cython nothing but a C implementation of Python?
@MDXF No no, that's CPython. Cython is a bit different.
Cython is a superset of the Python programming language, designed to give C-like performance with code which is mostly written in Python. Cython is a compiled language that generates CPython extension modules. These extension modules can then be loaded and used by regular Python code using the import statement. Cython is written in Python and works on Windows, macOS, and Linux, producing source files compatible with CPython 2.6, 2.7, and 3.3 through 3.7. == Design == Cython works by producing a standard Python module. However, the behavior differs from standard Python in that the module c...
Next thing you know, there's going to be Cthon
and then Chon?
@Pavel That's my point, if JPython and CPython and Jython and Cython followed the same naming conventions, then Jython would be some special Java-ish Python, and JPython would just be a Java implementation of Python
Or something. I got confused halfway through writing that
1:24 AM
Nah, because soon they'd be CON-ing us (I'll stop now)
If they kept going it'd just be C (oh wait........)
@MDXF Well, it's python, but you can do import java.util.scanner. What else could it be.
@Pavel Forgive me for my simple question that was completely relevant to PPCG and asked when there was no other conversation going on in the room
1:28 AM
to be fair Cython also has from libc.stdio cimport scanf
Oh, quartata's back! (Or I'm just oblivious)
I think you're oblivious
I've gotten that before, nothing new
@totallyhuman ... Well, since this is PPCG, shouldn't corny be HACKneyed? (It's one of my vocab words, I WILL stop now)
1:56 AM
Anyone around for Contact?


For playing the game Contact, where one person tries to "defend"...
How are the turnouts for Contact?
With you we'll have 5 players
It's better at the weekly games since we have it scheduled as an event
Make that 6
@Zacharý do you want to play? It's very easy to pick up
2:15 AM
I only asked because it seems to be spammed (not really, just frequently posted) here/
2 hours later…
3:55 AM
.oO(That's a lot of funges.)
i think i had an idea for a koth thingy
well two actually
first one: that maze koth thing i made then abandoned, but without some of the complicating parts like limited vision
second one: bots are a list of commands, and the commands get laid out a bit like a path for the bots or something
they get rotations on the path by commands, but other than that the bots move along every step and execute the next command in the next step
The Lemon's back, or I'm just oblivious!
I've noticed that people think some sort of corewar like thing for a 2d language thing would be good, and i think this might be a good start of an idea for that
yeah i haven't been here for a while
also i have kittens now :)
ok so, should i make up a sketch of my second idea?
silence is yes?
4:11 AM
Silence is no one cares
thats the joke
also meany
4:46 AM
@Mego GS2 was made by a PPCG user.
@Dennis According to esolangs, nooodl made it. I have no idea who that is on PPCG.
Nov 21 '16 at 2:41, by ETHproductions
So nooodl is also https://github.com/maurisvh ?
That's confusing
...but who are they on PPCG?
So we were right originally - Lynn made gs2, and it's the first SBCS language made by a PPCG user
4:48 AM
(since gs2 was made in 2013)
Well, the first one with 256 single-byte tokens.
As opposed to ASCII or Unicode
GolfScript can interpret ISO-8859-1 encoded files just fine. It's just that there's nothing useful in the upper 128 bytes.
@Mego yeah it's kinda confusing. She still uses nooodl for Nethack stuff
5:47 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MD XFSolve a Rubik's Cube code-golf restricted-time Your challenge is to solve a Rubik's Cube. This challenge is based on this one from 2013, reposted with the original author's permission (SANDBOX: get permission) and help on meta. Input The input should represent an unsolved Rubik's Cube. You may...

5:58 AM
my computer charger not working uh oh
oh frick
6:37 AM
my computer is on 1% goodbye
7:02 AM
28 sandwiches
2 hours later…
9:14 AM
Someone here know Dapper? I think I'm about to earn another tumbleweed badge for my question about it: stackoverflow.com/questions/48172218/…
2 hours later…
11:43 AM
Q: Checking if a number is divisible by any perfect square.

NoobHow to check whether a number N is divisible by a perfect square? I know they are called squareful number. First 10 numbers are : 4,8,9,12,16,18,20,24,25,27. I want to print Nth squareful number, I have written a code but don't think so it is efficient. long long Check_squareful(long long n) {...

CMC: ^
12:19 PM
@LeakyNun Pyth, 13 bytes: tlfsI@T2*M{yP
Can be shortened I think
Why does that work?
because it's divisible by a perfect square iff its prime factorization has duplicates
y tho?
if it is divisible by a square, then it would have a prime square factor, so it would have a duplicate prime
if it has a duplicate prime, then it would be divisible by the square of the prime
12:24 PM
Why doesn't that fail for multiples of squares of composite numbers?
because a composite square is divisible by a prime square
(ab)^2 = a^2 b^2
... Oh lol yeah that wasn't immediately obvious to me
@LeakyNun Do we need to handle 1?
Jelly, 5 bytes Æfµ⁻Q
05AB1E, 4 bytes ÒDÙÊ; 05AB1E, 5 bytes ѦŲO;
1:10 PM
Why am I always the one who finds weird bugs in otherwise stable software (stackoverflow.com/questions/48172218/…)...
1:25 PM
@Mr.Xcoder New definition of outgolfed :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well I didn't know that trick :P
CMC (Python-interested): Check if a positive integer is a power of 2.
l2%1¬ should work in Jelly (untested)
%1¬ in Jelly ಠ_ಠ
I'd much rather use l2=Ḟ
Doesn't work
= fl$
1:29 PM
l2=Ḟ$ works though
Ah Yeah...
@Mr.Xcoder SOGL, 3 bytes: τ1% - 0 for true, anything else for false
Does the mobile site work for uou?
It does for me.
That feel when Pyth beats Jelly – 3 bytes
finds a shorter program
1:32 PM
Jelly, 4 bytes æḟ2=
Jelly CMP: Have you ever used the ` quick?
Jelly CMP: Have you ever used the ' and / or " quicks?
As a matter of fact, I still don't know how to use '}{
"/ yes, ' no
Yes for "
1:34 PM
@Mr.Xcoder I'll explain in JHT if you want
(is that vectorize?)
I know " I think, but I am confused with the rest
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yes please
(I forgot what is ')
@Mr.Xcoder there's a golfing tip for that in Python
I know
1:55 PM
@Mr.Xcoder @Mr.Xcoder ←Ħ¢
1 for true, anything else for false
edit: 0 for true, anything else for false
2:09 PM
I know it's a late suggestion, but would Novel scoring mechanism make a good category for Best of PPCG 2017?
2:59 PM
I think PPCG is about to get Mathjax back :)
:-) Yay!
3:20 PM
@totallyhuman Why? Strong support on meta doesn't exactly translate to SE doing anything about it.
SE doesn't have to do anything about it..?
The mods have to flick a switch
@totallyhuman I don't think it's up to the mods. I think a SE employee has to flip the switch
@Mr.Xcoder lambda n:n&~-n<1
3:29 PM
A: Revisiting LaTeX

Chris Jester-YoungI've now enabled the MathJax setting here. Enjoy!

Q: Do we really want LaTeX/MathJax (right now)?

Martin EnderUpdate: The decision has been made to deactivate MathJax on the site. This does not reflect the current votes, as these changed significantly after the decision was made. We've had MathJax support for 3 days now. While it makes our maths challenges look neat, it has also created two problems: ...

Chris is an employee IIRC
CJY (who worked for SE at the time) asked the mods to ask the site whether or not we wanted MathJax. The mods made the poll, and told Chris our decision.
So if we get a consensus, can't one of the mods just email the CMs in regard to it?
Sure, but SE has a notoriously slow turnaround time for any community request, especially ours :P
:P MathJax is coming back on... November 1st... 2019 :P
3:34 PM
2019? That's way too fast for SE :P Expect it after PPCG v2 has a new supreme overlord :P
...request for @mods: pls halp am confused
3:54 PM
@Mego there's a fast way to do it tha'ts mod-only
directly contacting a CM, that is
so that actually shoudn't be too bad
Apr 6 '15 at 13:04, by Chris Jester-Young
@Sp3000 MathJax is not something a mod can toggle. That's something for devs.
@quartata huh, like what?
4:16 PM
Q: A simple and visual calculator

MortenMoulderWrite a program that shows a calculator on the screen, with the least characters possible. It can be as advanced as you want, but it has to include the following: Has to be visual. It needs a GUI Has to have point-and-click 0-9 + - * / are the required inputs Evaluation of what was entered has ...

so I'm implementing arbitrary-precision floating point math in Ohm. what should the default precision for things like sqrt and exp and log be? (Ruby is making me choose)
as many digits as a double would make sense (or maybe a few more for intermediate values)
should I make it configurable as a command line flag?
4:40 PM
sounds excessive to me /shrug
got it
5:04 PM
huh that's really weird
yah ppcg generally is
if I'm doing BigMath.sin(a, 16), I actually get more like 42 sigfigs
although digits of precision might be differently defined here
5:16 PM
@NickClifford It may give you extra sigfigs, but they might not be accurate past the specified precision
well now I just need to figure out a good value
cause Doorknob suggested 16-20 digits of precision
Couldn't you just do 16 and then stringify + truncate to 16?
does anybody know an intuitive unicode character for "nth element"?
@totallyhuman n
...or CMP: what does your favorite golfing language use for "nth element"
@Mego can't use n
5:29 PM
@totallyhuman @
Element @ index N
is index in APL: row col ⌷ matrix
:( can't use @ either
How about (€lement at index N)
When in doubt, steal glyphs from APL :P
5:31 PM
@Mego is that supposed to be a box
@totallyhuman Yes
Tall thin rectangle
what's the logic behind that one
5:32 PM
Ask Adam :P
I don't know all of the reasons for the various APL symbols - I just know what some of them are
for reference, this is for github.com/totallyhuman/unihaskell
@totallyhuman If you cannot use @€, how about ®? As in, ®etrieve the element at index N
Wait does it have to be ASCII?
in fact I think there is no ascii character I can use
well, there are but none of them are intuitive
!, #, &, and ?
@totallyhuman I'd recommend also importing Control.Plumbers, Data.Lists, Data.Applicative, Control.Monad, Control.Arrow, Data.Bits, Data.Ratio, and System.Random, and also using {-# LANGUAGE ParallelListComp #-} - those are all super useful for golfing, but cost a lot of bytes to import. Some of those are external packages that need installing (like plumbers).
5:38 PM
So basically lambdabot :P
and export all the functions in then?
Not all of the functions, but the especially useful ones :P
I technically haven't exported anything from Data.List, I should do that...
Being able to use ap instead of (<*>) would be nice
<*> is better for infix, but infix isn't always an option
5:41 PM
maybe we should move this conversation over to of moooooooonads and men
...my keyboard has memorized moooooooonads
@totallyhuman You could use
@H.PWiz Brilliant
@totallyhuman I think it comes from indexing like a[n]
5:44 PM
@H.PWiz I do right now
Oh, well I think that's fine
1 hour later…
7:14 PM
(can't see plain imgur)
Curiously, the Best of PPCG category "King of the King of the Hills" had +13/-1 in 2016, but +4/-9 in 2017.
I quite like the idea of recognising challenge types other than golf (although understandably most categories will be golf focused). I'm trying to think what would have caused such a swing in opinion since last year
@totallyhuman The python documentation is riddled with Monty Python references, so this isn't all that surprising... :)
8:09 PM
@trichoplax I'm not a fan of that category this year because I don't remember any notable KotHs this year
Last year we had several great KotHs. This year, not so much
(I know it was language specific though...)
More seriously, there have been 15 KotHs in 2017. I must admit I haven't been around that much and couldn't tell you how many were notable
@trichoplax 1) I didn't realize that was from 2017 :P 2) That makes 1
Ok after looking through that list, I now realize there were several good ones, but I forgot about them
@Mego My self esteem is restored :)
Actually I feel pretty good about that one. I learned a lot in making it so I'll be able to avoid making the same mistakes next time, but the competition has been much more varied than I expected, and there's still activity on it 6 months later which is more than I dreamed of
So maybe the problem is that none of the many KotHs in 2017 were sufficiently memorable after the event
8:42 PM
@totallyhuman The combination of the two index brackets [] into a single character.
@totallyhuman K: none (juxtaposition is indexing)
9:02 PM
9:37 PM
@totallyhuman )
10:20 PM
Q: RoboZZle interpreter

ngnYour task is to write a RoboZZle interpreter. If you're not familiar with the game, please watch the video at robozzle.com or read my description below. A robot lives on a rectangular grid of squares coloured red, green, blue, or black. Black squares are inaccessible. The others are accessible a...

11:12 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tfbninjaHere's an idea for a challenge: Multiplicative digital root Take a number, say 36121840: First, 3 * 6 = 18 18 * 1 = 18 18 * 2 = 36 36 * 1 = 36 36 * 8 = 288 288 * 4 = 1152 1152 * 0 = 0.. Wait, that'll ruin it. Ignore zeroes. Wadda ya'll think? Good idea? Dupe? Let me know. I've done some cur...

@Adám What do I do if I want a two-element array containing "abcde" and 3?
Seeing as how K also seems to use juxstaposing for array-forming like in APL.
._. my /boot ran out of space and dnf can't update
Rip koth room got frozen
Ok what the hell it's not letting me resize my /boot
@Pavel ("abcde";3) although I'm not entirely sure why ; has to be special syntax (it requires parens) and could not just be J's "Link" primitive.
11:27 PM
Q: Confusing Alphabet Staircase



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