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All right, None
Good to know
@JonathanAllan Nice! ”  is just ⁶. × doing string multiplication is a bug, so it's better to use ⁶ẋ, which has the same effect. Also, if you rewrite ż@ as ⁸ż, you can use Y instead of j⁷.
I've posted something on the sandbox
Can you guys please have a look?
ah, I missed the default for ⁶ :)
12:05 AM
@DerpfacePython it'll be here in a moment ;)
I posted it 12 hours ago
So it was here ages ago
But now it's died out
@Dennis - thanks for the tips :D
np :)
@DerpfacePython link, then?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DerpfacePythonThe Hanoi KoTH The KoTH is like this: Two stacks of height-4 towers are on either side of a total of 6 pegs, and are coloured red and blue. (Like this: [["R4", "R3", "R2", "R1"], [], [], [], [], ["B4", "B3", "B2", "B1"]] - each array is a peg.) The objective is to move your entire tower to th...

Here you go
12:08 AM
@Dennis - I think you told me about replacing an @ with ⁸ for some other save... :)
Maybe. The temptation to use @ for a hook is great, but using a constant is usually golfier.
I should add that to the tips question. It's one of the few tips I have.
oh no asterisk printing here? so L@ with ⁸L whatever :)
yeah the more tips the merrier :D
@DerpfacePython An alternative input method would just be to specify starting and destination pegs, since that unambiguously defines a move (if one exists)
@Dennis - so no golfier ḊḊṖṖ?
@trichoplax Oooohhh, yeah.
Hang on, I'm changing it.
12:17 AM
@JonathanAllan Nothing I can think of. Using dyadic head/tail is also four bytes.
fair enough, thought there may be a [N:-N] hidden away somewhere :)
I saw your bounce update :p
Oh, a bilateral chop. That's a neat idea.
Bounce was implemented by Lynn. She has added a bunch of useful stuff lately.
I'm currently rather busy with TIO and haven't worked on Jelly in a while.
and Y are also Lynn's.
@DerpfacePython It's also worth specifying whether the bottom of the stack is the left or right end of the array
when an ascii diagram is split between two pages: ಠ_ಠ
What do you mean
12:24 AM
@Dennis Ohhhh TIO is your baby. Nice :)
What's TIO?
@JonathanAllan Yes. I'm currently rewriting the whole thing. Hopefully, v2 will be ready soon.
It's pretty swish :)
@Dennis help I have no idea how to start a new link ;_;
12:28 AM
> [swish] Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive
I must have found the wrong definition.
@ASCII-only Separate links go on separate lines.
@Dennis Probably not. Everything is offensive nowadays.
@Dennis it insults me everytime a jelly solution beats my pyth one?
As a CJammer, I know the feeling.
For once, UB was helpful. #2 though...
12:33 AM
Rule n of UB: Never look at definition n+1.
@Dennis if I ever add a new release which adds a non-trivial amount of additional features to SILOS should I contact you to update the TIO?
Ok, Thanks, I only ask because I am going to add a macro system for it. It will be just an iliterate version of C's #define. I also aim to add some limited support for strings and escape characters.
@Dennis For what it's worth, this is the first time I've seen swish as an adjective. I've always known it as a verb.
@JonathanAllan .ị,Ṛ©$ instead of ⁾/\©,Ṛ$ saves a byte.
12:38 AM
hey i was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback here on this sandbox post. Sorry if it seems like self promotion, but I am soon to put this onto the main sight.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rohan JhunjhunwalaEnterprise Quality Code! At Pretty Good consultants there is a focus on writing "quality" verbose code that is sufficiently engineered. Your boss has decided to test you on your skills. Consider the set of all programming languages in existence before the posting of this challenge. For this cha...

@RohanJhunjhunwala why not just use the cpp?
C preprocessor
You mean actually run SILOS code through the C preprocessor?
12:40 AM
@Dennis - what's that doing?
You could probably find implementations to glue to it
They syntax of SILOS is markedly different would it still work?
Depends on what you mean by "work" :)
I mean its trivial to run a .replaceAll("string","sub") over the code before execution
its a simple interpreted language
@JonathanAllan .ị retrieves the element at index 0.5. For non-integer indices, floors and ceils, then returns both.
12:41 AM
I haven't looked at SILOS syntax too much... just saw your comment
I like hacking programs in CPP... would never ever think to golf in it though
<self promotion>
@HWalters essentially I plan to just allow aliasing of keywords through the define statements. That way a programmer can alias print and alias lbl and func to be reasonably more readable
define String Replacement String2 Replacement
code goes here
more codez
and then I just run through the code before execution and perform the replacement
no function like macros
@Dennis that had me scratching my head, but yes - 0 is the end of the input - too much Python hehe
Yeah, 1-based indexing at its best... It's useful to have 1-byte indices for the last two though (0 and -).
@RohanJhunjhunwala it's a fairly common bug, I think the SE devs already know about it
@quartata ?
@Dennis - well done you just pipped Pyth :)
12:46 AM
@EasterlyIrk what bug?
Glancing, it looks like you have implicit arguments... per line function, arg arg, like a shell... yeah, I can see function-like macros not fitting in well with that
@RohanJhunjhunwala did you see the screenshot?
I thought that was what your chat ping meant.
@JonathanAllan \o/
@RohanJhunjhunwala Sounds then that bash-like "alias" is kind of what you're planning?
@EasterlyIrk oh that one, lol, it showed a different username
@HWalters yeah thats the plan, my language already has somewhat of a (shady) stack using GOSUB style of BASIC so yeah essentially the Bash styled aliasing to allow programmers to tweak the keywords for greater readability
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Oh, just a joke. Do !rng in #nethack
map(f).join` `);
node js, 366 bytes
requires npm install --save open before running
@ConorO'Brien what does that do?
12:52 AM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ it calculates a smallish, possibly decimal number. I forgot what it's called, but it varies over time
no, it's more specific
perlin noise?
@ConorO'Brien -1 not easy to run
? sure it is
ill do something so crazy
12:53 AM
@ConorO'Brien i need to save to file and install open
python i literally just paste and hit run
same with browser js
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ you don't need to save it to a file iirc
@JonathanAllan For one more byte, Q©,Ṛ$yḊḊṖṖ®jµÐĿµJ’⁶ẋ⁸żYṚ. Or QṚ,QyḊḊṖṖj@QµÐĿµJ’⁶ẋ⁸żYṚ without those pesky $©®.
either that or I run npm install --save open on /.
that's not a good idea
Node needs a module to open a file?
That doesn't seem right
12:55 AM
Python used to need an import to write to STDERR...
But at least that came by default
@quartata no, to open a webpage
12:56 AM
@ConorO'Brien Oh, gotcha.
Oh wait a second...
This is an elaborate rickroll isn't it
Rick noise
@quartata ...it might not be.
@quartata YES IT IS
s/eval/console.log/;s/global/window/ Doesn't need Node.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Ha
My Astley senses were tingling
12:58 AM
Wait, did you run it? You madman
@quartata no i got a friend to
Oh, OK. Then it's all right
@mınxomaτ Confusion by induction
@quartata should I polypile an amulet of ESP?
i have intrinsic telepathy already
1:01 AM
"They control the very foundation of our world. They are the most important things around. Welcome to the mysterious world of... algorithms." -From a BBC program on algorithms
algorithms=magic yes
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Extrinsic is more powerful. Up to you though
I wouldn't
@quartata could it become anything good?
APL doesn't magically output images, right? codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/90449/…
No, it doesn't. Turning it into a PPM would be trivial though.
1:07 AM
It could be trivially modified to either output it graphically using Dyalog's libraries or a PPM
also lol that's ngn
@HelkaHomba Wait, that is a PPM.
Minecraft Code-Golf?
This is the output for N = 1.
P3 8 8 255 116 196 96 116 196 96 116 196 96 110 170 90 116 196 96 116 196 96
      116 196 96 116 196 96 116 196 96 110 170 90 110 170 90 110 170 90 110 170
      90 110 170 90 110 170 90 116 196 96 116 196 96 0 0 0 0 0 0 110 170 90 110
      170 90 0 0 0 0 0 0 116 196 96 116 196 96 0 0 0 0 0 0 110 170 90 110 170
      90 0 0 0 0 0 0 116 196 96 110 170 90 110 170 90 110 170 90 110 170 90 110
      170 90 110 170 90 110 170 90 116 196 96 116 196 96 110 170 90 110 170 90
      110 170 90 0 0 0 110 170 90 110 170 90 110 170 90 116 196 96 110 170 90
P3 8 8 is PPM header and dimensions.
halp. How to make inputted text invisible in python
1:09 AM
@Dennis Shows what I know :I Thanks!
(so that when someone types "foo" and presses enter, "foo" will not be shown, like it usually does)
Lol, trying to paste the output for N = 6 into my terminal seems to have crashed it.
Output for N = 6, converted to PNG.
Whoa what is that
1:14 AM
Q: Exponentially Slimy Programming: Stacking Minecraft Slimes

Helka HombaSlimes are cube shaped enemies in Minecraft that break into multiple smaller versions of themselves when killed. For the purposes of this challenge we'll depict them as an 8×8 pixel image with 3 colors: ← True 8×8 version. The precise RGB colors are: 0, 0, 0 for the eyes and mouth 110, 170...

Should I make a Minecraft-specific code-golf?
Yea or nay?
@DestructibleWatermelon getpass
Huh, does Python not have something where I can insert an item into a list but if the list index is out of bounds it fills the list with Nones appropriately?
I must say, I'm a bit surprised about the amount of login attempts TIO's new server is getting.
Trying to brute-force yourself into SSH seems like a complete waste of time.
I get the random attempts for common PHP/SQL/whatever vulnerabilities, but SSH won't even tell you if the server accepts passwords. Mine doesn't.
Reminds me of the crappy host I had before. I use a VPS as personal mail server, and somebody tried to get into one of the email accounts by brute force. The host took the VPS offline (without notifying me) because I had "too many SMTP connection and they do not tolerate spam".
1:26 AM
Wow @Dennis is there any actually way of stopping such blatantly malicious attacks? Or I guess not. Perhaps there is somewhere to report it to.
I recall some irate emails at a workplace because our fax machine was supposedly spamming them - they had not heard of spoofing.
Is there any extension that converts text to a jpg?
my rep is 1234 1
Or any other picture thing?
@RohanJhunjhunwala The computers that launch these attacks are usually infected by some worm, and it's rather useless to try to keep track of them. Anyway, the worst damage they'll be able to do on my server is polluting my logs with authorization attempts.
1:32 AM
@Dennis oh wow. It is a sad testament to the human condition that we create this awesome way to distribute information, and large quantities of traffic across it is malicious nonsense.
@DerpfacePython Open Office can export as pdf
...and you can convert them online for sure
@RohanJhunjhunwala Large is an understatement. The amount of email spam has decreased lately (no doubt due to better prevention by email providers), but it was estimated that 9 out of 10 emails were spam a few years ago.
@Dennis wow xD
New new thing is ransomware.
@DerpfacePython I exported from Open Office Calc to html and then converted to png online to upload a pic to SE....
...it was quite a lot to bother with screenshots:
A: Letter Crush Friends

Gareth McCaughanSo it turns out (see comments) that actually there are only 39 names, not 40. Here they are in order: and they are of course all and the final grid is Courtesy of BmyGuest himself, here is the initial grid colour coded: And step by step, courtesy of Jonathan Allen:

...and was jpg actually
1:43 AM
@Dennis Oh, there's a new server? Exciting! Does that mean donations have been good?
he's deving v2 :)
@DJMcMayhem It's running, but not ready for action. I've already implemented a few new features though.
Re: Donations.
Aug 15 at 1:47, by Dennis
@Sp3000 Yeah, quite a few actually. 0.05441845 BTC, 40 EUR and 18.66 USD (after fees).
Awesome, I'm glad to hear it! I've been meaning to donate some, but I haven't gotten around to it since I've been really busy
What are the specs of the new server?
Same as the old one, since having a fancy server while I'm doing nothing more than building it would be a waste of money. Once I'm done, it will get upgraded though.
Thankfully, the VPS' by my provider are easily scalable.
What will that one have?
1:51 AM
For now, I'd have enough to run the $20 VPS for a few month. That means 2 GiB RAM (instead of 512 MiB) and 2 processor cores (instead of 1).
Are stack snippets client side code. I assume it is, but I am not sure
Because if it ran on the server side people could use ppcg's servers to farm bitcoins lol
Not for long.
@Dennis I could also claim up to 40 GB of SSD storage, but once I do that, it cannot get scaled down again without recreating the droplet.
Yeah It would probably clearly violate the terms of service (not to mention it's morally wrong).
1:53 AM
And they have the right to refuse any part of the service to anyone they deem unfit.
2:13 AM
@Downgoat I need to store an array of integers as a key in a map in node js. Is there a better way than map.set(arr.join(","), value)?
@Dennis what is Y exactly, it's undocumented but does not seem to be simply "joins with line-feeds") is it making a list into a vector??
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

JoeFind the Watermark At the moment, I don't have time to outline this properly. The idea is simple: Find the watermark in an image. The implementation, however, is obviously not simple. Since watermarks can have a variety of characteristics, I'd like to admit a variety of answer styles and make it...

@ConorO'Brien map.set(arr, value)?
@JonathanAllan It just joins, separating by LFs.
nope. remember inequality of arrays?
a = new Map
Map {  }
Map { Array[3]: 4 }
Map { Array[3]: 4 }
2:17 AM
@Dennis Oh, OK :) - ta
2:43 AM
Hello again!
When my question limit expires, I'll hopefully post the "Nth Recaman's Prime Fibonacci Triangular number" challenge
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Daniel M.whispering and SHOUTING code-golf restricted-source Typing in all caps on the internet is often called "shouting". For the sake of this challenge, I'll call typing in all-lowercase "whispering". The challenge Write a complete program that can be run in two different ways: whispering and shout...

@ConorO'Brien lol, I used to renew the CMC every ten minutes or so
ah. ಠ_ಠ
@LeakyNun CMC: input is a number, output is (that number^2) - (nth prime number) where n is the input number
@ColdGolf testcase
2:48 AM
Actually, 5 bytes: ;P@²- (0-indexed)
J, 5 bytes: *:-p:
Pyth, 10 bytes: -*QQe.fP_Z
test case 852 ---> 719053
@LeakyNun Your code fails the above test case.
@ColdGolf Are you sure you don't mean 719305?
Yes I'm sure.
Show me your reference implementation.
@ColdGolf it's 1-indexed
@LeakyNun ?
2:51 AM
@LeakyNun his answer is wrong for any offset >_>
@ColdGolf means the 1st prime is 2 instead of the 0th prime
@ConorO'Brien right, because 852^2 - 719053 = 6851 = 13 x 17 x 31
again, input = a number, called "n" for example.

output = (n^2) - (nth prime)

Test case

852 -----> (852^2) - (6581) = 719323
J, revised: *:-p:@<:
@LeakyNun Your Pyth code is right, Actually code isn't.
@ColdGolf I said my actually code is 0-indexed
2:55 AM
@ConorO'Brien tryitonline has no j
@LeakyNun Okay.
@ColdGolf tryj.tk
@ColdGolf No, it doesn't.
@ConorO'Brien I don't see any place for input on tryj.tk
@ColdGolf It's a function. Not everything is formatted like TIO.
I see.
Another CMC: Input is "n"

Output is n^2

However, built-in + - * / isn't allowed.
3:00 AM
Mini-challenge: Say a 5-letter English word that isn't in most people's vocabularies. e.g. annal, bokeh, cairn, derny.
Better yet, continue the alphabet with words starting in e, f...
@HelkaHomba azuki
@Dennis Please give me a pull when you can
@LuisMendo Pulled.
@ColdGolf @ConorO'Brien reticular, 11 bytes: indd*q@P-p;
dd* is also d2J iirc
3:02 AM
@ColdGolf nice
@HelkaHomba Google works sometimes.
@Dennis FPITW. Thanks!
@ConorO'Brien so you don't have square lol
@LeakyNun Recticular... And yes, 0-indexed again it seems..
@ColdGolf Pyth, ^Q2 too lazy to link
3:02 AM
@LeakyNun no, I don't.
@LeakyNun Second CMC?
@HelkaHomba eriny
@ColdGolf Python: lambda n:n**2
@ColdGolf are you on mobile?
old word for fury, similar to erinys
@ConorO'Brien yes, you recall correctly
3:03 AM
but either plural/non plural, don't remember
@ColdGolf ² (1 byte) in Jelly.
@Dennis 1 byte???????
@Dennis 1 byte in actually, too lazy to find
@ColdGolf yes, built-in square function
and Jelly has its own code page
@LeakyNun It's ²...
@ColdGolf Q, jolf. 1 byte
3:04 AM
@Dennis oh, really
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Can't find on major dicts
@HelkaHomba fingo
@HelkaHomba hm
@Dennis Wow.
Another CMC: Output exactly "Hello, World!", using code shorter than the byte length of the hello world string itself.
3:06 AM
@ColdGolf U in MATL
@ConorO'Brien Hmm. Demonyms are kinda borderline.
aw :/
@ColdGolf you realize these are literally just putting strings through compression and printing?
@ColdGolf Help, WarDoq!, 1 byte: H
@ColdGolf Actually, 1 byte: H
3:07 AM
Another CMC: Print this exact string in fewer bytes than the string itself "Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who was usually very late in the mornings, save upon those not infrequent occasions when he was up all night, was seated at the breakfast table. I stood upon the hearth-rug and picked up the stick which our visitor had left behind him the night before."
1 min ago, by Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ Iʀᴋ
@ColdGolf you realize these are literally just putting strings through compression and printing?
please stop with the CMCs spam, @Cold.
@ColdGolf Probably not azuki
No compression allowed, folks!
wtf is no compression allowed
3:09 AM
@Sp3000 Google says azuki is a word.
@ColdGolf If builtins for square are not allowed: :t!\n
@LeakyNun Yeah, exactly that. Find some other method.
I mean azuki is common enough that I wouldn't count it as little known
@ColdGolf other method of what
@LeakyNun Of, okay, you win.
3:10 AM
@ColdGolf: Why is practically every challenge you come up with, in chat or otherwise, a Do X Without Y challenge?
Uhm, sorry to say, but anything less than that string that prints that string is ipso facto a compression
@Mods we could use some intervention.
@El'endiaStarman It's worse because "Y" is dynamic (in chat)
3:12 AM
@El'endiaStarman do x without y can be done correctly!
anyhow, I should probably sleep. night all
@ConorO'Brien Good night!
!thgin dooG neirB O'ronoC@
Same here, good night all!
CMC: Write a Thue program that, given input of the form pxxxxx... (p followed by n x's) outputs (nth prime) number of x's
CMC: Write a program that, when given an input number, say, "n", calculates if the code was reversed n times, would it be still reversed or not?

Test cases:

2 ----> not reversed

3 ---> reversed

4 ---> not reversed

However, the program must display output as the code, not a number.
@Doorknob See my edit.
Shoot, misunderstood
3:26 AM
@Sherlock9 Welcome!
Hey there :D
Are you new?
checks profile You are! Welcome to Programming Puzzles and Code Golf! How may we break your brain today?
Greetings @DestructibleWatermelon
3:36 AM
@Sp3000 10 bytes: nqYq:~88+c
D: language specific CMCs never work, do they
Oh hey, I missed that
@HWalters thanks for the golf help :)
@DestructibleWatermelon np
just realised I have >900 rep w00t
3:54 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon we will only celebrate once u break 1K :D

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