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8:00 PM
I'm actually surprised these two functions work
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Is that just a glorified Worldbuilders? :I
Q: How is this different from WorldBuilding?

QuillProposal: What if(hypotheticals) WorldBuilding deals with these type of questions, how will this site differentiate from WorldBuilding?

@HelkaHomba not really
10/10 the link got 2 stars but no new followers. >_>
@El'endiaStarman I have some questions about pytek: how are you handling I/O in pytek? (like will you use predefined variables like $@, input()?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I commited
8:07 PM
@Leaky Better?
@Upgoat Input will be \input() and will use Pythons input() internally. Any more detail you'd like?
@HelkaHomba Better.
Hi, I forwarded this to the responsible person(s) in the What-If team. That's probably a bit faster, since the "official" mail address usually takes a few months to respond. If this is really urgent ping me in "The Nineteenth Byte" and I can message <some admin> of the What-If team directly on the server. — mınxomaτ 4 mins ago
@El'endiaStarman yes. How will you handle printing? Will the \print() function (or whatever it happens to be), go to a buffer which is managed separately? Or will that just execute python's print()
Q: Computer Generated Cracked Soil

Helka HombaWrite a program that takes in an integer from 0 to 65535 (216-1) and generates a unique 500×500 pixel image that looks as similar as possible to these 6 real life images of cracked soil: These are thumbnails, click them to see the full-size 500×500 images. The goal here is to make your co...

8:09 PM
@HelkaHomba Wait, the original Worldbuilding isn't glorified...??
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ ^
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I instantly starred it because I want more eyes on it, but I will have to read up extensively before considering committing
@Upgoat Pytek's \print will almost certainly be a wrapper for Python's print, in the sense that it will be more powerful and have more options. Specifically, the definition of \print will be in Pytek code.
@HelkaHomba You asked about cracked soil 1-1.5 months ago, that was slow...
8:11 PM
@El'endiaStarman what more options will Pytek have?
@Upgoat oh, didn't load.
@trichoplax okay
@Bálint Did I?
@Upgoat Stuff like easier handling of weird printing layouts. For instance, The Ever Amplifying Zigzag should be much easier in Pytek than in Python.
@HelkaHomba You said something about it
Q: What would happen to the internet if google disappeared?

tkauslThere are a lot of great questions about What would happen if the internet failed semi-permanently and What would happen if electricity stopped working. As we all know, google has a great impact on the internet. I'm not only talking about the search-engine, Google offers a lot of other services ...

8:13 PM
@mınxomaτ You know people from the What-If team?
@Bálint I thought that was me.
@El'endiaStarman ah, ok. I'm planing on having some sort of string-builder class to aid in ASCII art. Probably would just be a glorified printf though
@trichoplax I'm on the team.
Q: Would charging unicorns survive the impact with a line of infantry?

VincentThe unicorns would be used to charge a line of infantry with their horn. They are as big as a horse and the horn is similar to this image: The infantry is a standard medieval army made mostly of soldiers wearing longsword, wooden shield and chainmail. If I use my unicorns to charge the enemy...

@El'endiaStarman Oh, yeah it was, I'm mixing thing up :S
8:13 PM
@mınxomaτ O_O
I don't have push access to the server though. But What If's are managed by many persons.
@mınxomaτ Wow. Also, there are responsible persons on the What-If team? :P
@mınxomaτ :O cool. pls shaer contents of ~/.ssh/id_rsa, its okay im not hackr, only fer educashinal porpoises
I wrote this e.g.: what-if.xkcd.com/1/de
8:15 PM
@Upgoat 5.0.0 and 3.3.6
@mınxomaτ so you are author?
Relatively recent
@Upgoat Just a German translator I presume
@Upgoat I haven't done anything for over two years, though. The publishers hired someone to write new translations. What Ifs are written in Markup. The new guys send in their translations as a freaking Word document.
@mınxomaτ in english also or not?
8:16 PM
@quartata That's not dutch
That's German.
Sorry, German. Saw .de and had a brain fart
deutsch though iirc
@HelkaHomba idk if this is too subjective, I'd vtc as too broad but you are #1 challenge writer so I guess you know what you're doing :P +1
whats stopping me from outputting a white 500x500px image
@Upgoat Vote on the post, not the user.
@Doorknob I know :/ I still vtc'd as too broad
@mınxomaτ There was me thinking it was just Randall going through a huge list of emails alone
@Upgoat a lopophole
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ which one?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Nah, just German. Then the publishers took over. Though it probably could use more english authors, since it's frequently on hold because lack of questions and/or Randall being busy.
8:19 PM
@Upgoat idk, go google
@mınxomaτ oh okay
@mınxomaτ Is Randall not the sole/primary author of all of the What-Ifs?
@HelkaHomba seems similar to this imo in the fact the "goodness of an answer is subjective of what the user thinks.
@Upgoat It's fairly similar to codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/43274/26997 which was received well. But no worries :) vote how you feel
@Upgoat much less specified though
@El'endiaStarman Yeah, but not the technical side. What-If's are overlooked by 4+ people.
8:21 PM
@Upgoat Well, there is the rule that images must be "visually distinct", though I'd bet you'd mainly get downvotes anyway.
@HelkaHomba Should get mainly downvotes.
@HelkaHomba Wasn't there a make a picture look like a wall patch or something? How is this different?
in Pytek, Apr 16 at 0:50, by quartata
I've been thinking about how Pytek will handle encoding some more.
regarding encoding, click to see whole conversation
8:22 PM
@HelkaHomba Yeah ... >.> that one ...
@mınxomaτ *gasp* It's you.
So \input[FIXED_8]() reads in a code point 8 bits at a time
@TimmyD Yeah, I just linked that. It could be considered a dupe but I think that's a stretch, and people will still have fun with this one
@HelkaHomba so the input is essentially a seed to generate the random image off of?
@Upgoat yes
8:24 PM
@HelkaHomba update the accepted answer?
Q: Photomosaics or: How Many Programmers Does it Take to Replace a Light Bulb?

Helka HombaI've compiled a mosaic of 2025 headshots from the avatars of the top Stack Overflow users. (Click the image to view it full-size.) Your task is to write an algorithm that will create an accurate photomosaic of another image using the 48×48 pixel avatars from this 45×45 grid of them. Test Imag...

@HelkaHomba What prevents me from storing 65k real images of cracked soil and return those
the popcon part
A: Convert UTF-8 string with only 8 bits per character

BálintYou can get the ASCII value of a character with .charCodeAt(position). You can split a character into multiple characters using this. First, get the char code for every character, by looping trough the string. Create a temporary empty string, and while the char code is higher than 255 of the cur...

@HelkaHomba I'm struggling with how objective the "it must fit in with these six" is. That seems very subjective, and was the reason e.g, Mona Lisa got bombed.
I honestly think the only language that handles encoding to my satisfaction is Perl (sorry)
I really, really hate the way Python does it. (one of the few things I dislike about Python)
8:25 PM
The OP said, that my function is slower than the currently accepted one
Reading binary data from STDIN is literally impossible
I hate the way Python does everything.
Is it?
@Bálint Strings aren't based on code points but rather based on the characters. So basically everything has to have an encoding
Normally you could bypass that bullshit when reading from a file by opening it with rb but you don't have that option with STDIN
And of course the ASCII "codec" doesn't support anything >127 so you have to use CP437 or something to read it
(Latin-1 doesn't work for all values)
@Fatalize Good faith too. People here are less conniving than one might fear.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Nah. I can't constantly be updating the winners of old pop-cons. The accepted answer was the highest voted when it was accepted.
8:30 PM
The best approach I can think of uses machine learning but I don't want to waste my time building a dataset of cracked soil images
@Fatalize Just model particle suspensions and evaporation :P
@trichoplax Building a model that yields realistic images is probably even more time consuming :p
@Fatalize I know - the one thing that would probably take longer than building your real world dataset :)
Are à and ¶ ASCII characters?
8:33 PM
extended ascii, yes
Or CP-1252
@Fatalize Base something off of this math.marywood.edu/~tfkent/research/fractal_soil
Extended ASCII is a misleading term
8:33 PM
It can refer to any number of 8-bit encodings
@Bálint ¶ is sometimes used to represent an unprintable ASCII character, but isn't itself one
@HelkaHomba The hard part in making it realistic isn't the "cracks" part
it's the texture + lighting + shadows + small details part
@quartata Was about to make a joke about the technical upper limit then realised there really isn't one...
Couldn't I just make a code-golf challenge a pop-con? It's just changing the winning criterion.
8:35 PM
@Fatalize Well sure, I'm not really expecting perfect photorealism.
@trichoplax graham's number-bit encodings
I see it as the contestants competing against each other rather than against the photos, with the photos used to judge between them
fuck Unicode we're gonna have all the characters
@quartata We found a problem where Graham's number is too small
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Technically yes. But I wouldn't do it. It opens up a bag of worms on this site
8:37 PM
@HelkaHomba Yes, true, just hypothetical.
@trichoplax haha
@trichoplax we did? o_O
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ There are more than Graham's number of possible encodings for extended ASCII
(only because it's infinite - not any interesting large number...)
8:38 PM
@Dennis oh you can see it? I read chat later and realized maybe Zgarb was supposed to answer so I didn't want to steal the glory, but then the question was edited and lots of other stuff
@HelkaHomba okay
can anyone tell if my solution works: jsfiddle.net/evnfh4cw, my computer turns into a star when I tri to run it
@miles Yes, users with 2k+ rep or diamonds can see deleted posts. Commenting on deleted posts is mod-onñy though. Answers are first come, first serve, so I don't think there's a reason for deletion.
@Upgoat Holy fuck, your computer turns into a star? You've made a fusion reactor with nothing but a little JavaScript?
Better patent that
@quartata yes, javascript is best language, i get free fushion reator
8:43 PM
@Upgoat nothing is happening
@Upgoat This crashes my graphics accelerator
This is so satisfying: codepen.io/soulwire/pen/bKens
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ it supposed to go over every pixel in the 500px by 500px canvas and so some caluclations and place the corerct color dot. so 250,000 * javascripts slowness = boom
so just wait
@Upgoat it stopped running stuff.
8:45 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ do you know if it's possible to declare a property of a class that doens't get inherited
ಠ_ಠ I looked up "make non-inherited property" and I got this: trulia.com/voices/Home_Selling/…
@Upgoat Google and it's wonders
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ like I want a static property on class A. so I can do A.foo but if I do class B extends A I don't want it to get foo
@mınxomaτ Way too fun to play with.
8:47 PM
BTW, how do you spell it properly? it's or its
*click click click click...*
its in that scenario
@Bálint it's = it is; its = it possessive. e.g. It's cat would not make sense because you wouldn't say it is cat
@El'endiaStarman Imagine a touchscreen :D
*poke poke poke poke...*
8:49 PM
@mınxomaτ It doesn't really work on a touchscreen, as it goes darker for a sec
So many pop-con haters :/ Don't you close-vote guys want to see the answers? This site is about entertainment after all, not meticulous enforcement of rules that are impossible to make 100% absolute.
Imagine a screen that can alter how its surface feels depending on the content. That would be so cool.
@mınxomaτ You either need neural connection or a very expensive screen for it
Probably possible with nanotech magic.
Depends on your needs
@mınxomaτ Yeah, that goes in the very expensive category
8:50 PM
@HelkaHomba I don't hate pop-cons, after all most of my rep came from pop cons. But that pop-con seems to have little spec for a valid answer, really any 500x500 image with a unique output is valid if i understand correctly
@HelkaHomba It is rules that are impossible to make absolute that I spend the most time stressing over every day of my life
@HelkaHomba I don't think you have to change much, just declare an objective validity criterion, and perhaps plug it into the sandbox.
@flawr For a "objective validity criterion" would something like: (1) the image must have the fractal-like cracks, (2) the image must be gray-tinged like the samples, (3) the image must have specs and dots similar to the samples - be good enough? IMO this kind of stuff is a clear goal from saying that images should be as realistic as poissible.
@HelkaHomba "fractal-like-cracks" and "similar" is not very objective.
8:52 PM
@HelkaHomba can you specify those? Blank image is white fractal cracks on white background
> gray-tinged
so where RGB channels are equal? then your explanes would be invalid
> the image must have specs and dots similar to the samples
@flawr Are you looking for a pop-con, or a code-golf? He described objective criteria, not a formula.
idk what that really means
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Please do not let us start all over again, we've had tons of discussiosn.
To be honest I prefer a pop-con with relative freedom and a decently interesting goal like the one here, instead of a meme pop-con like the upgoat or downgoat one
8:54 PM
@flawr and I guess discussion is bad, okay
@HelkaHomba You could e.g. say that everything in the new images must be sampled from those given tiles (even if it is just pixel wise). This would allready suffice as objective validity criterion. You do not have to pack everything in your challenge into it, and as I said you do not have to change much. Consider it as some paperwork you have to do such that your bosses are pleased=)
> “We harnessed a physical phenomenon that we discovered in 2011, that applying voltage can dynamically change surface textures of elastomers,” Zhao says.
@mınxomaτ .
@HelkaHomba closed before I got here...
4 mins ago, by Bálint
@mınxomaτ Yeah, that goes in the very expensive category
8:56 PM
@Bálint I know this is a thing to do on Imgur, but does it work here?
Military-founded. Money is negligible :P. It's the "because we can" category.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Not at all, but we've just had that discussion and we've come to a consensus, so I'd like to see that as settled for a while now.
I wasn't here for it :/ do you have a link?
I was just about to ask for that. I looked and didn't find a good match.
@El'endiaStarman I added the dot, to make it an actual reply, not just a number
8:57 PM
I've voted to close this challenge as Too Broad because it lacks objective validity criteria. — TimmyD 21 mins ago
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Sure, just a moment.
Three of 'em in there.
@Fatalize As a lurker on this site for a few years I thought the downgoat challenge was fantastic before I knew it was a meme. It is one of my favorites along with codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/33172/…
@TimmyD I thought that was only one link, you trickster :P
I found a post by Martin "How should we close questions without an objective validity criterion?" but no post like "Should we close [...]"
8:57 PM
@Poke This challenge is trivial with any non-godawful state-of-the-art classifier
@Fatalize You're trivial is evidently different from mine. I don't think I could program that for the life of me.
@Fatalize But as @HelkaHomba pointed out, the wording of the challenge is pretty much the same as the other one linked in the comments
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ You don't even have too, there are billions of machine learning libraries
@Upgoat It it of course unclear, but one can't definitively describe in words what makes one image "similar" to another. But I'm confident anyone viewing the challenge could easily determine what answers do look the most similar to the 6 samples. A random 500x500 image is valid perhaps, but so what? That kind of post will just be downvoted, and few will attempt such a silly answer.
9:00 PM
What happened to @squeemishossifrage ?
@Fatalize then it's trivial trivially. I'm sure libraries can make most tasks on this site trivial.
@HelkaHomba Well, PSNR is a good measurement. But there are better algorithms, like butteraugli.
"Must have an objective validity criterion" is not objectively defined. "Must be 500x500 pixels" is an objective validity criterion, but whether it's enough specification is subjective. I think this is a problematic way of deciding if something is on topic
@HelkaHomba popularity contests are to give some creative freedom to answers, not to serve as a substitute for a solid spec. I think perhaps the challenge would of benefited from some sandboxing
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Just a collection of posts: one two three
9:01 PM
@HelkaHomba i actually didn't realize you created the codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/33172/… challenge until i looked at it just now.
@flawr Sampled from the given tiles? Not sure what you mean.
@Upgoat Do you honestly think you won't be able to tell the good answers apart from the bad ones?
@HelkaHomba E.g. only the colour pallete of the given images can be used, but none of the tiles may be duplicated as output.
we should compile the pop con tips
@Upgoat I updated that NTFJ answer with an explanation
9:03 PM
@mınxomaτ funny, but this isn't standards
@flawr But that's an unnecessary (and bothersome) restriction. A color not represented but very close could very well be in a similar image.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ If it's a reference for challenge creation that people should follow, it's a standard.
@HelkaHomba What if you just reduce it to grayscale images instead?
*competing standards
@HelkaHomba sure I can but again, there should still be a solid spec. We are all about finding loopholes, don't expect none will be found without a solid spec
9:05 PM
@flawr I'd be open to that if there is lots of support for it, though by now it's perhaps a bit too late.
@Upgoat What loophole could someone exploit that would allow them to win the challenge?
Like I said, I highly doubt a "joke" random image answer could possibly win.
@HelkaHomba we'll see :/
@HelkaHomba I just think it needs a spec on what's "cracked soil". And how one answer is better than another
@Upgoat You can't possibly spec that
btw, what's stopping me from hardcoding a couple images of soil from google and just modifying a couple pixels
Nothing, nor should there be
@Upgoat you would just get downvoted to shit
9:08 PM
@Maltysen My profile picture has already been downgoated, but my name hasn't
@Upgoat I can put in a "how to vote" section if that helps. Basically - vote for the answers that make similar images - it's already implicit.
@Upgoat From spec: "...your 65536 (2^16) possible output images should be visually distinct from each other and the sample images, especially with regard to the arrangement of the cracks. You must truly generate your images, don't just rotate and translate a selection from a preexisting photo."
@HelkaHomba how are you distinguishing between "photorealistic" and a "preexisting photo"
@HelkaHomba that seems like a validity criterion to me, even if it isn't completely objective, IMHO its should be more than enough.
I could compress a real photo of soil and write a program to generate a program to generate that image
9:11 PM
@HelkaHomba Well then just add some of the really objective criterions you already have there and give them the title objective validity criterion, you really do not need to change much.
There is no object-winning criteria. pop-con is not replacement for object-winning critera as we've say to new users
@Upgoat yes it is
the winning-criterion is most votes
@Maltysen "Make a program that does something", winning critera: most votes
that's not a good challenge (yes it is exaggerated example)
@Maltysen thank you :)
@Upgoat well, yes, that's why we have validity-criterion
(and too-broad close-votes)
9:14 PM
@Maltysen if pop-con is excuse for subjective winning critera then why was this question closed, for example:
Q: Make the pattern from composition notebooks

KSFTThis challenge was xnor's idea, taken from Digital Trauma's challenge donation thread. Your challenge is to write a program that, as xnor put it, "procedurally generate[s] the splotchy black-and-white marbled pattern on the covers of composition notebooks": Your program can either display i...

@Upgoat Please note that an "objective validity criterion" is something else than an "objective winning criterion".
@Upgoat That's not what he's saying.
@Upgoat "You must truly generate your images, don't just rotate and translate a selection from a preexisting photo."
@HelkaHomba: Other resolutions are available now on your latest Minecraft video.
4 mins ago, by Upgoat
I could compress a real photo of soil and write a program to generate a program to generate that image
9:16 PM
@El'endiaStarman :D Thanks for telling me
Someone should edit the pop con tag: "Challenges must have somewhat objective validity criteria."
ppcg history is being made
@mınxomaτ ?
@Rainbolt somewhat is somewhat contradictory to objective
9:17 PM
@flawr Yes that's the joke...
also, we had a lot of discussions and just recently changed the rules=)
@HelkaHomba ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's using pop-con instead of an objectiveness. I think it's off topic, but you're free to disagree with me
@Upgoat You'd hopefully be downvoted for that. The number of required outputs (2^16) should make that kind of solution completely unwieldy anyway
@HelkaHomba Can you just please add some of your objective rules to a new paragraph titled objective validity criterion? I think that would make a lot of people happier.
@HelkaHomba again, I can always just slightly modify the image, either by slightly modifying some pixels, or by moving some blocks of pixels
9:20 PM
@Upgoat You're free to do so, I just don't think you're going to get many votes
This discussion is so interesting. "I could do this." "You'd be downvoted for this." "I could do that." "You'd be downvoted for that."
@flawr Why do we have any rules at all? You cheat or abuse loopholes, it's okay, but you might get downvoted
One of you has to care enough to make a meta post about it
@flawr I'm kentuckian and I (don't actually) find this offensive
@Upgoat These aren't "loopholes" in the sense that they're not standard loopholes
Also downvotes actually matter here
9:23 PM
If you get downvoted in a popcon, you get downvoted in real life.
@quartata If we start to allow any challenge to be on-topic under pop-con our site quality would greatly decrease, there's a reason code trolling was killed off
@Upgoat that's why we have rules
@BaldBantha =P
10 mins ago, by Maltysen
(and too-broad close-votes)
2 mins ago, by Upgoat
@flawr Why do we have any rules at all? You cheat or abuse loopholes, it's okay, but you might get downvoted
we don't need rules when we have downvotes
@Upgoat The rules we are talking about are about the challenges, not the submissions
9:25 PM
How about we make it a where the score is the difference of all possible images to the test set calculated by this (lowest score wins) and the absolute difference of the actual RGB values is above a certain threshold
@BaldBantha So how many you's are there per gun?
Since apparently no one can agree whether or not pop-cons are OK
I don't get the fuzz. A "post sh*t - get hit" policy is completely fine for me. You can't replace thinking with rules.
@flawr 0 im 14
@BaldBantha Is there an age restriction?
9:26 PM
@quartata no one said anything about pop-cons being evil. There is just no critera for valid answer from bad (invalid answer, but not invalid because there's no spec). What's to say my answers better from someone elses besides votes?
@flawr i dont think so. would infridge on right to bear arms
@Upgoat Your argument is literally "because it's a pop-con it's wrong"
Of course this is what you are saying
@quartata how?
9 mins ago, by Upgoat
@HelkaHomba ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's using pop-con instead of an objectiveness. I think it's off topic, but you're free to disagree with me
@Upgoat because the definition of a pop-con is most votes win
@flawr IDK my parents probably wouldn't let me have one so I don't really want one RN... I will when I'm an adult
9:27 PM
13 mins ago, by Upgoat
@Maltysen if pop-con is excuse for subjective winning critera then why was this question closed, for example:
You get the idea
@quartata I'm saying pop-con shouldn't be an excuse for lacking an objective-winning critera
@BaldBantha one, or multiple? :P
that's our one rule for challenges
@Upgoat Yes there are no rules for answers, why don't you open a meta post about it?
Anyways, I think making it a code challenge will make it less fun but less controversial
@Upgoat he has both an objective winning criteria and an objective validity criteria
9:28 PM
FUN FACT: Since when did KY have a mass shooting with all these guns around? guns don't kill people
The objective validity criteria is just better measured by a human
these are the two rules that all challenges should have:
@Maltysen One then I'll like it so much i'll buy out the store :P
@BaldBantha guns don't kill people people kill guns
9:28 PM
@quartata Nigahiga?
I've added a few points to the rules list. But I'm done debating for now
it completely lacks #1 imo
@BaldBantha Bloom County
@Upgoat Most votes is an objective winning criterion, is it not?
Whoever this "Nigahiga" is stole it from the 1980s
9:29 PM
@Rainbolt Yeah, that's #2
@Upgoat It has both
@Upgoat Right, the rest of the room is talking about #1 while you keep bringing up #2 (intentionally or not I don't know)
9:30 PM
@Quill hello
1 min ago, by quartata
The objective validity criteria is just better measured by a human
It could be measured by a computer:
Hey @Upgoat, I'm thinking of doing a unit tests blog post... Thoughts?
5 mins ago, by quartata
How about we make it a where the score is the difference of all possible images to the test set calculated by this (lowest score wins) and the absolute difference of the actual RGB values is above a certain threshold
@HelkaHomba Can't you just please add the title OVC before some of your rules?
user image
9:31 PM
@Quill oh cool. Are you going to go over like design of unit tests or implementation/code?
@flawr congrats!
@flawr Ding!
hi chat
what's going on
OVER 9000
@Rainbolt Only thing it does to attempt to fulfill #1 is specify "make your computer generated soil as photorealistic as possible" along with a large set of rules attempting to ban all the loopholes discussed hear due to lacking a spec. 10/10 very specific and objective
9:32 PM
> You may base your algorithm on information gathered from the 6 sample images, but your 65536 (216) possible output images should be visually distinct from each other and the sample images, especially with regard to the arrangement of the cracks. You must truly generate your images, don't just rotate and translate a selection from a preexisting photo.
You should not otherwise hardcode your outputs. A generic algorithm should be used and numbers larger than 65535 should theoretically produce valid outputs. (I've restricted it merely to accommodate small-maximum integer types.)
@orlp debate about whether pop-con is substitute for any objectivity
@Upgoat it is objective: gather the most upvotes on a particular stack exchange
@Upgoat I didn't say anything about whether or not the challenge meets our rules or not. All I said is that you keep talking about a totally different topic.
@BaldBantha -1, they are not blond
it's not 100% under your control though
9:34 PM
@Rainbolt My topic is whether or not pop-con is substitute for objectivity.
"the winner of this challenge is the first person that posts the string that hashes to a number with remainder 0 mod 10^bignumber"
@flawr 4 NON blondes... ??
that's a 100% objective challenge with a purely random winner
Q: Make images on last row the same size as others in flexbox gallery

AndresI'm attempting to build a very simple CSS flex image gallery that shrinks the width of the images depending on the size of the container: HTML: <div class="grid-container"> <div class="grid-item"> <img src="small-thumb-dpi.jpg" /> <div>this is the item description</div> <...

@BaldBantha I just say, they're not blond.
9:35 PM
Check the snippet on this question
@Upgoat ^
@flawr sho u only like dee blond ladies?
@Bálint ?
@Upgoat Nevermind. The chat is moving too fast for me to demonstrate clearly how off topic you were a moment ago.
@BaldBantha No, but I like downvoting for stupid reasons=)
@Upgoat Check the snippet
9:36 PM
@flawr sighs
Wait, those aren't goats, sorry :S
@Bálint :O :D +1
@Bálint close enoguh
still fellow bovids
@BaldBantha But that's how SE works, isn't it???
@Upgoat design a little, mainly about how they work
@Quill ping me when you publish, I need to do unit tests for cheddar too
9:39 PM
Ping me as well
Okay :) sure
@Upgoat did you see the NTFJ answer?
Or just say something funny alongside your announcement during business hours and I'll see it on the transcript
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ oh no, link?
@Upgoat this thing, I added explanation
9:41 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ oh cool, will read in a bit. (already +1d though)
@Rainbolt me? funny? ha, good one
@Quill Step 1 of unit tests: get your developers to start writing them. Our definition of done for a user story has a specific unit test coverage percentage. If we close all of the tasks and our code coverage has dipped below 50%, we add a task to write more unit tests. We can't close the story until it meets our definition of done.
@Rainbolt Code coverage metrics should be taken with a grain of salt, imo
9:45 PM
That's why we hold it at 50%
even then it's going to vary based on your project domain
I check in 100% coverage tests for each controller I add during my feature PRs
@Poke Are you suggesting that the percentage be removed from our definition of done, or that we adjust it, or are you just sayin'?
100% coverage doesn't even mean you test all your usecases :\
@Rainbolt more just sayin' than anything else. It's not a terrible metric and if it works for your team then far be it from me to tell you to change your process
Anyway... it's unit test coverage, not use case coverage.
It's not like anyone is using it as an excuse to not test 50% of the user stories
9:57 PM
@Poke I go for 100% coverage and 100% branch logic
evenin' everyone, may I ask what is a good time period to let your Q stay in the sandbox (w/o any activity on it) before posting it to main? Does 24h w/o any activity look like enough?
@Quill that sounds good as long as you're sure you're writing good/useful tests. I can get 100% coverage and have nothing really tested. In practice I've seen that striving for high coverage can result in poorly written tests and/or poorly written code
@HelkaHomba I'm going to try to make a starting submission for your soil challenge

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