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4:02 PM
4:13 PM
I think we should do "Worst answer by a moderator"
Maybe stupidest/coolest new language created?
Ooh, thank you @NewMetaPosts.
We don't have enough content for pinned message, please suggest content!
@Optimizer haha
@MartinBüttner So how will this work? Will be like a mod election where people nominate other people for each category?
Read the page.
@Optimizer Content suggested:
Thank you, @NewMainPosts.
4:20 PM
^^^ is the content to pin
@Optimizer pls pls pls?
Last time you were complaining about one pinned message... seriously, you people make no sense. :P
what content though?
Ah OK.
@Doorknob understanding level: sarcasm
@Doorknob If it made sense it wouldn't be funny though.
4:21 PM
@Optimizer this: "Thank you, @NewMainPosts."
Thank you, @NewMainPosts.
for the lulz
pls pls pls pin the thank you
can we ban RikerW??
@RikerW No
4:23 PM
Pinned messages are for serious stuff.
@quartata Okay, it was worth a try though. :P
Or semi-serious stuff at least.
@Doorknob We just need around a dozen pinned messages so there's no room on the star board. Then no one everyone can complain about stars.
Q: A simple DNA simulator

LukeYour code is going to generate a very simple ASCII-art representation of DNA, forever. It will take two numbers as input in any format you want: as a list, as arguments to a function, on stdin, etc. A floating-point interval I in seconds between 0.0 and 1.0 (inclusive) A zoom level Z as an inte...

@TimmyD that way, no one could ever star spam either.
4:24 PM
Thank you, @NewMainPosts.
@quartata Are you saying that the seriousness of a thank you for a heavily abused worker is nonexistent?
4:25 PM
@RikerW Yes. He's not a robot.
Yes, he is a human being just like me. (don't know about you though)
Can @NewMainPosts speak up for themself?
@quartata There will be a separate post for each category where each answer is a nomination (which may be self-nomination).
> heavily abused
4:27 PM
I think he's overpaid to be honest.
SE pays these feed workers like $150,000 a year
@quartata I think I am the only one who really talks to him. :P
I think that is for a good reason
Dec 30 '15 at 17:07, by Alex A.
I can't. You see, we have a special bond, @NewMainPosts and I...
Dec 30 '15 at 17:04, by Alex A.
@NewMainPosts Dare to dream, buddy. Dare to dream.
Dec 30 '15 at 17:07, by quartata
A bond of cabbage and butter? I guess...
I think Alex loves New Main Posts more.
4:29 PM
Okay then.
I think alex just likes the idea of a sentient AI taking over humanity though.
That's possible.
@Doorknob can you tell me what the vote breakdown on this is:
A: What should we do for Winterbash 2016?

quartataAllow some hats to be combined I kinda disliked the fact that you could only wear one hat, regardless of what that hat was. It would be nice if hats were given some sort of "equip region" like the way Team Fortress 2 does: that way, you could wear glasses and a jacket together but not two jacket...

It feels so strange not being able to see it
it has my upvote. :P
I wonder who would disagree with faster stronger better hats
4:33 PM
TF2 haters?
I like TF2
I mean, I would propose SE Shower Thoughts if Reddit users wouldn't break into my house and torture me. — scriptHero 14 hours ago
Comment of the day
4:50 PM
Q: Make a simple converter

Alex82Task: Make a file converter, where you can select from more of 4 options. The options may be whatever you want (Example: .txt, .doc) Rules: The code must print all the info before converting it. The code must be more than 1 line long, but it must be from less than 1000B. You must post th...

5:12 PM
Was our new year's resolution to pin happy things to the star wall?
@Rainbolt No
@quartata vs @apsillers. I'll get popcorn.
@mınxomaτ He's better at JS I suppose
I'm not sure what the contest is here
@quartata I've worked it out. I believe @apsillers is the reason I thought you were a long term user.
@trichoplax Ah.
Well, our avatars are pretty different...
The live cells on his are dots. Mine are squares.
5:15 PM
@quartata Less different than say, yours and mine.
Major difference.
I just discovered why the google CAPTCHA is mad at me!
@JAtkin Because you're a bot?
can you tell me why gmail is mad at me?
I can make my glider head northeast instead, if will make things easier for everyone :P
5:16 PM
@quintopia Because you're a bot?
It's not shouting at you - it's just an acronym
Nope, I use app.classeur.io to edit my posts. When I copy the full post from classeur to the sandbox post box edit thingy it looks like I'm a bot....
@mınxomaτ oh. right.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J AtkinDraw my bar graphs code-golf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_chart You have been chosen to make a program that creates some pretty ASCII bar charts. Here is the input format: [List of words (they can have spaces)] [an integer] Bar 3 This is so cool 4 IDK-Why 6 The input will have multiple...

5:17 PM
Perfect timing.
@quartata, @apsillers copying you! Tank him!
@zyabin101 @apsillers came first. So no, I will not "tank him"
@trichoplax I learned something today.
I don't even own a tank.
The paperwork would be a nightmare, I'm sure.
good thing gmail has basic html mode. PROBLEM SOLVED.
5:18 PM
@TimmyD I had to look it up to make sure it really was before making that joke...
Make a delay for the post to get in chat (2 minutes are fine) - and it will be perfect timing. Kappa
5:36 PM
which language makes interactive graphic manipulation the easiest?
and which does it most portably?
Javascript is pretty portable
is it easy to live-draw graphics in javascript? drag-and-drop lines and so forth? are there any pre-built tools to make it even easier?
There are mouse events available but you'd still need to build something. There may well be a third party library for what you want though
You can use WebGL too
this seems like the thing: processingjs.org
i wish the page would quit loading
5:52 PM
I love the example at the bottom of the page
i can't use the page. it freezes.
why is everything everywhere breaking all of a sudden.
@trichoplax I think I just killed the fish.
That fish demo is really cool
Any ideas on this?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J Atkin(TBD; Bounce the ball?) In this challenge you calculate where the ball will/would go. | Bounces the ball like this |<, - is the same but turned 90deg. You target the + symbols on the board. The ball is represented by a O (capital letter o). Example board: ------- + | ...

...so basically it's a mini-golf code-golf...
has it been done?
6:03 PM
@quintopia AFAIK processingjs is being dropped in favor of p5js
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J Atkin(TBD; Bounce the ball?) In this challenge you calculate where the ball will/would go. | Bounces the ball like this |<, - is the same but turned 90deg. You target the + symbols on the board. The ball is represented by a O (capital letter o). Example board: ------- + | ...

@FlagAsSpam You should probably add to your Swagsmas post that we're so filled with DETERMINATION to graduate that we've started to make a userscript that applies our own graduation CSS
Thank you @NewSandboxedPosts.
@quartata Good idea. :P
Anybody else with an aquarium have ideas for small tropical fish?
@quartata You could skin PPCG with Stylish
Stylish is a browser extension that can apply a user-supplied style sheet to a web page, in addition to the Cascading Style Sheets provided by the website itself, to customize and personalize the appearance of the page. A user style may be more or less selective, targeting one specific web page, or several, or all of the pages on one or more domains, or every page on the web. Mozilla-based web browsers (Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird) and Chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Flock) are supported with two different implementations of the extension. A similar but unrelated extension provides the...
6:07 PM
@JAtkin Too much talking. Too few actual demos.
I use a chrome extension called code cola for that. ^^^
@mınxomaτ you didn't even see userstyles.org
They have Stylish userstyles for almost everything!
@JAtkin Stylish isn't powerful enough. Some JS is required, e.g., for favicons and restructuring
@JAtkin cool
Inspect element, and save the html as a text document.
6:16 PM
@RikerW Why, if you have the interactive document before you?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I use code cola, then copy-paste the html to save for later.
@RikerW Oh, right, Chrome
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ can I see what you have so far?
6:19 PM
@RikerW for what?
Design ideas, I though you were making a copy of the PPCG home page to edit?
Hi @quartata.
^ this is the userscript I've been designing
It's a JS file
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Did you see my ping from yesterday?
@quartata ....lemme check
15 hours ago, by quartata
Also @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ the background colors (at least for me) doesn't seem to go all the way: it turns back into the regular blue and white past the questions list
that it?
6:23 PM
See the white and blue on the sides?
yeah, I figured it out ish
That really bothers me...
The bottom white part is the background of the body/html (I forgot.)
I don't know what's going on with the header
I can look at that now
Have nothing to do :P
6:25 PM
<div id="header"> appears to contain the whole header
Probably apply the color to that
I thought I did that...
Can you test the userscript when it's ready?
I'm on my school tablet
t's n6t #header O_O
It's not #header?
That's what I did o_O
(Also, .container is the question list background colour)
I wonder what would happen if I asked how to mod it on SO
6:29 PM
Also something to do when you get around to the upvote buttons is to make the hover over color green instead of red on tabs
Hovering over the featured tab (for instance) makes it red
Woah, looks cooler with the script. Good job @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ.
@RikerW <3 thanks
@quartata I'm going to try setting the width of the header to 100%, to cover that evil area ;P
6:32 PM
I still think we should change the favicon. I feel like it doesn't sum us up very well...
We aren't all code golf.
I'm gonna think about this
^ please do.
I'm only using the favicon b/c it's the only one we have :P
I agree.
The chem/golf course one looked cooler than this.
I thought of something
A jigsaw piece in between two curly braces
Elaborate ...
That's all I had.
6:34 PM
But cool idea.
Maybe at an angle like the NeXT cube.
NeXT cube?
nvm googled
6:35 PM
It's at a 28 degree angle.
(at least I think it is)
y u be so hard
45 degrees is better easier :P
I think one of the main things that contribute to a "polished" look is a background image.
6:36 PM
I agree with that.
Hm. Any suggestions?
I'm thinking just make it like our current logo but with a jigsaw piece instead of the zipper
Maybe the hello world thing in the meta question?
@quartata I like that idea.
I don't like bg images tbh
Like here is an example. It's just barely visible pattern.
6:37 PM
The jigsaw piece should be gray and an angle of some sort
Not 45 degrees though
Maybe 30?
GTG now.
Keep thinking.
No offense to El'endia, but I don't like a backgroun image in the style of Christianity
And have the bottom left corner of the jigsaw piece overlap the left curly brace
Maybe ping me so I can see the changes you make?
@PhiNotPi Agree.
@PhiNotPi I actually think it looks cool.
It would be nicer if it wasn't just the header
6:38 PM
@PhiNotPi The cloud stuff?
At least not the part at the bottom.
Yeah, bottom stuff is ott
Oh I didn't look at the bottom
Very mid-western 0/10
OK. I think we need to use Blender to make the jigsaw piece look the way I'm envisioning....
3D modeling is hard....
6:40 PM
On the header: I wonder if picking up the header element and putting it inside another full-width element that could be the background
@quartata Look for something on google, and model it after that
Chemistry is pretty cool-looking
One thing to note is that the color of bounties seems to remain the same shade of blue across all the sites I've seen so far.
Q: Can you expand the list?

Alex82Task: Expand the following list envolving the rule. You need to find the rule that follows this list, and write a code for expanding it! List: 0.999910374005 -0.817209661248 -0.142064287146 0.915930885434 0.236655728817 -0.286916256922 0.765261833133 -0.493862470465 -0.437049494879 0.6038...

Jk, I guess I'll change it
Q: Why it is hard to rinse off soap from your body using rain water

reymart laysonHow many times I have experienced this thing and every time I take a bath using rain water I just cant stop wondering why it is really hard to rinse off soap from your body?

HOBO 101?
6:49 PM
IMO Code Review is the best looking SE site
I agree, it looks great
its ok. Our custom UI is 4 years in the making
its going to be epic
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ did you fix the body colors?
6:54 PM
One big difference I see with CR is how the background is on both sides of the page and in-between the boxes on the page.
@quartata I have, but have not added the changes.
about to
@PhiNotPi I noticed that too
I'm not sure what our background image should be.
Are we getting a site redesign?
@JAtkin No, we're doing it ourselves.
We are making the redesign, but yeah
6:55 PM
We won't get CSS until graduation which will never happen
By we, I mean I am listening to others and acting :P
@JAtkin In our dreams/the far distant future
So instead we're making our own
I still don't understand why this site can't graduate...
6:56 PM
I like unobtrusive backgrounds
Because we don't produce enough questions
We need a consistent 10 challenges a day
Which is basically impossible
Really? Wow...
I can't see 10 per day happening
We're not that far off 10 per day now, and we've been steadily increasing for months.
It think it's more than just our question rate, though.
6:59 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ still seems to be happening
@quartata /huh
I know why
Lemme take a look at your code

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