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12:00 AM
awhh yeah
It's over... now.
Yep all gone
I'll go out with no more than fourteen words...and I'm all out of
12:00 AM
It feels so strange to see people without hats
@Calvin'sHobbies Any challenge written by you would of course need a disclaimer that serves to sidestep claims of plagairism as well as an advertisement to others of your services.
Hey wait
If you go to winterbash2015.stackexchange.com you can still see your hat
I still see hats on this page! I'm going to keep it open forever.
@AlexA. But it might be seen as selling rep
12:01 AM
@ETHproductions me too :D
@ETHproductions Brb refreshing your profile
Don't be mean guys.
@Calvin'sHobbies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I think I'll write a javascript thing to bring them back
12:02 AM
@FlagAsSpam @AlexA. Is this allowed/can I convince someone else to post it if I flick it to community wiki?
It still shows hats on the Winter Bash SE page
Sorry guys, its over.
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ Your hats still show up for me :D
refreshify pls @AlexA.
12:03 AM
Woot, I finished at #285 over the network!
I was at #5 on PPCG for a few days
@FlagAsSpam Woah, nice
I tied at #1 for PPCG :D
12:03 AM
@ETHproductions For the most hats?
@RikerW Not me - that's David over at the Hat Store.
Oh, okay.
That makes more sense.
If the community doesn't like these new golfing languages, then they won't upvote answers in them. As the SE tour says, "good answers rise to the top." You shouldn't ever have to dig out enjoyable answers. — quartata 15 secs ago
Yes!! I can star again!!!!!!
12:04 AM
@RikerW Done
promptly loses starring ability
Still not working.
Executive summary on golfing languages drowning us. Now let's all stop talking about that and start crying over our hats being gone
@quartata Who would not like 80 different languages ending in goat??
12:04 AM
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Not me, I love goats. I used to have one.
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ They may get upvoted at first but they'll sink to the bottom in newer challenges.
@RikerW that's awesome.
Jeff Atwood knew what he was doing guys
@RikerW ...before I ate it."
@quartata You could photoshop the hat into your actual avatar
12:05 AM
@FlagAsSpam It doesn't make sense to do that here because it isn't a question.
@FlagAsSpam Neighbor's dog ate it.
@Calvin'sHobbies minxomat actually did that
@AlexA. So did I, it just hasn't shown up yet.
@AlexA. So there's no way to distribute it around the community without chat?
@RikerW Nom. c: Delish.
Not any way that really makes sense within the framework of the site.
12:06 AM
Ah, I got #9 on PPCG for most hats
@ETHproductions What did I get?
I didn't know there was a leaderboard.
@quartata #6
Oh whoa
Impressive considering I literally did nothing
12:07 AM
@quartata shows up as #9 for me
I was #9 (with four others) on PPCG.
@ETHproductions I'm #18 and I didn't even try. :D Or be active!
@AlexA. Damn.
Welp Quill won the hat contest
I'd like to congratulate @Doorknob冰 and @Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ for tying for first on the PPCG hat leaderboard, with 27 hats each!
@quartata Certainly gave truth to his name, eh?
12:08 AM
@quartata Of course he did, his name was HAT MANIAC.
@ETHproductions :D
I hate people who downvote and don't tell you.
12:08 AM
I think Martin is, funnily enough, the only person to not tie with someone else in number of hats.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ You mean don't tell you why?
ARGHH. Mods, can I refreshify my own profile?
12:09 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies yeah
@RikerW Done.
@RikerW No that's a 1337 special agent thing
Yes!!!!! Hats!!!!!
Yay I'm a 1337 special agent!
I am still sad though.
12:11 AM
I'd like to congratulate sympathize with the 524 users who tied for last on the PPCG hat leaderboard, with 2 hats each!
No more snowflake.
I'm not on the leaderboard :(
@ETHproductions Those hats would be a "vote" hat and Every! One! Gets! A Hat!.
One user:
Except for your own icon that appears above, but doesn't nessecarily have 1 hat.
How the hell did @Upgoat get 2 hats.
12:12 AM
I'm number 640 on SE?
@RikerW Wait, what? Why don't they have the Every! One! Gets! A Hat! hat?
Apparently their site didn't earn that one
Too many requests. Wait 40 seconds before requesting this resource again.
@ETHproductions Oh. Yes, you'd be right. I thought I was looking at the PPCG leaderboard.
Only here:
So maybe Comp Sci is a very small community?
12:14 AM
$(".network-items").append('<a href="#" class="topbar-icon yes-hover icon-winterbash"><span class="wb-unread-count" style="display: none;"></span></a>')
@FlagAsSpam Yay I'm #377! :P
I always forget I have an account on scicomp.se
@RikerW I think so, yes.
That should get the Winterbash icon back
12:15 AM
@AlexA. There are way too many CS SE's
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Nope.
@Calvin'sHobbies Definitely.
So, question: what will be our community art when if we graduate?
@FlagAsSpam It's been discussed but ultimately it's up to the SE design team.
Fun fact: 1516 users managed to secure exactly one hat.
@AlexA. What?
what is community art?
12:16 AM
@FlagAsSpam We probably wouldn't get a design for months after graduation.
@FlagAsSpam I only hope that they don't go overboard with an actual golf theme
12:16 AM
That is a lot of consecutive carrots.
All of you are such children!
12:17 AM
@Zizouz212 ಠ_ಠ
12:17 AM
12:17 AM
@Zizouz212 I'm pretty silly here but even I get annoyed by the carrot spam.
Even if it isn't a good fit for main or meta, it can't hurt to draw up some plans for a design here, surely?
12:18 AM
I don't know why it's considered funny.
They are children
Why else?
^^^^ shrugs
@trichoplax Are you going to make us a design? :3
(Disclaimer: I'm a child myself)
12:18 AM
@trichoplax There already is a meta question about it
@Zizouz212 Same.
@quartata I'll make a design!
@Zizouz212 Some of the people here actually are children... :P
@Zizouz212 I technically am. :c
12:18 AM
@El'endiaStarman Like me and @Doorknob冰.
@Zizouz212 I thought you said you were getting a pilot's license
@RikerW and me
Ooh! ooh! I'm going to make a design!
I don't know what your screwy laws are in Canada but
@Maltysen How old? I'm 13.
12:19 AM
@quartata You have to be 16...
@Zizouz212 Really? Huh.
@RikerW Actually, now that I think about it, the proportion might be > 50%.
(At least for a gliders)
@RikerW same as @Doorknob冰, 15
@El'endiaStarman I doubt it
12:19 AM
@AlexA. I can only see meta questions about the favicon...
@quartata Me too.
In chat, maybe.
Not on main site.
@quartata Right.
@quartata I was hoping it would be collaborative... :)
12:20 AM
I think ≥50% College students
@trichoplax I can design stuff but I can't draw
I'm hoping you can draw.
I can draw :)
You are a mod on CG and all
(I really, really can't draw)
lol blackmail
@quartata Me neither
@trichoplax There was one about the favicon and one about our community ad that appears on other sites. Aside from that I'm not sure what art everyone is talking about. The theme is entirely up the design team, if I'm not mistaken.
12:21 AM
@quartata That's why collaborative is good!
Whatever it is, the drawing shall be released under a CC license :P
@AlexA. You guys will have lots of input in the design though
@Zizouz212 You open source mod, you. :P
@quartata Yes, I won my CG modship in a drawing competition :P
12:21 AM
@trichoplax Really?
Generally, they'll come up with a 'draft' (looks finished), and ask for your opinions and incorporate things in
@Zizouz212 Oh really? That's nice to hear. I'd love to beg them not to make us look like a site about sports.
@RikerW That was sarcasm
At least I think
I can never tell with these people
12:22 AM
@AlexA. The site is completely blank - we golfed it down to no CSS and a very limited HTML page.
Any ideas for a design?
like SO is the orange tilty thing
I was thinking something real clean, like Code Review's
@quartata It was. I saw how he came and Martin came to power. It was not unlike how Dennis and I were "elected" but even less formal.
We could have a favicon contest on meta
12:23 AM
@AlexA. Martin can't draw
Martin is also a computer graphics moderator though
@quartata Can he photoshop?
That counts. :P
@RikerW Yeah sure
Also how do you know? He could be a super legit artist.
@quartata You heard it here first, kids.
12:23 AM
0101010010101010100101010100110100101000100101      /
@AlexA. Because he wears a trench coat. I know from experience drawing while wearing a trench coat is hard
Fixed font is seriously not fixed font
They should fix the fixed font
@Zizouz212 Watch your mouth
Such language
How about this as a logo?
It's a quine. c:
They should fix the fix for the fixed font in place so that the fixed font doesn't need fixing to not look like the non-fixed font
I tried
12:25 AM
@FlagAsSpam whoa
in Vitsy?
@quartata @RikerW yes that was sarcasm - it had nothing to do with artistic ability...
Duh, stupid question
@RikerW No, it's in Flasp. ಠ_ಠ (obvious sarcasm is obvious)
12:26 AM
@trichoplax Awww.
24 secs ago, by RikerW
Duh, stupid question
@RikerW It would be a quine in pl if not for those single quotes at the top
So any ideas for the equivelant of this:
Do you know how hard it was to make that? xD
GTG now, bye.
I just made your site header
12:28 AM
Ping me with ideas so I can see though.
@Zizouz212 show us
We'll give you all the rep
12:28 AM
@AlexA. :D
10/10 it's ok
@Zizouz212 much skills, very perfection
such ms paint
@Zizouz212 Is this a reference to the draw your program thing that happened recently?
12:29 AM
draw your program?
You realize that I'm not technically a person here, right?
what is that "d" looking thing at the end?
@flawr ^
Look at your work. xD
Ooh, what about a Brainfuck program that writes out PCG when run?
@Maltysen golf club
@Zizouz212 You should be.
Just wait, even better
What about green text on a black background, like old monitors?
12:31 AM
Include the Programming Puzzles part
@AlexA. Don't you just love the design :D
@FlagAsSpam -[--->+<]>-----.-[----->+<]>.++++.
@AlexA. is hiding.
@Zizouz212 since when was tic-tac-toe a puzzle?
12:32 AM
Since always :)
Has a site ever gotten a partial redesign if the users didn't like it?
@Calvin'sHobbies Any such people have probably gotten their accounts destroyed :P
Maybe we should make a list of all the design elements that are important to us (on meta?)
^ yes
@trichoplax Oh god, don't try and vote this out
12:35 AM
@AlexA. brainfuck.tryitonline.net/… Logo Design, credit to @quartata.
@Zizouz212 I actually do, it's a fun idea. :) I wasn't hiding though, I was switching laundry from the washer to the dryer.
Voting buttons, headers, background colour, text contrast, fonts...
@trichoplax Sure
Or a chatroom
@trichoplax I demand an animation that whenever you vote down an answer a golf club pops up and hits the answer out.
^^ chatroom is a better idea
12:36 AM
@FlagAsSpam You seem to have golfed out a P.
@Zizouz212 I don't necessarily mean to choose them by voting, but just so that views get aired in case there's something unanimous the designers need to know about (like maybe everyone hates animated voting buttons or something...)
@AlexA. See: quartata. xD
Don't worry, animated voting buttons aren't a thing :)
@Zizouz212 They are! (Just subtly)
Like on Biology.SE
They enlarge when you hover over them
12:37 AM
[Biology.SE] -> Biology (automatically)
I think Chemistry animates too
@AlexA. I discovered a new short cut yesterday :)
(insert gifs of this here)
@FlagAsSpam I should try to golf that some more
It's bad
12:39 AM
Great, isn't it?
Also, the hat for voting to reopen was a terrible idea on smaller sites. — Doorknob 8 secs ago
12:39 AM
@Doorknob There was a hat like that?
Hmmm... I wonder how many hats I got
I mentioned it in here but not everyone was around and I didn't want to assume everyone else would be as excited/not already know so I didn't pin it...
@Zizouz212 Yes. Vote to reopen or undelete.
12:40 AM
@Maltysen We're codegolf.se
@Maltysen Needs to be the same wording as the address
How have you not known about magic links yet? [help] (Help Center), [meta] (Meta PPCG), [edit] (a link to edit the current post), etc. all work on main site comments.
We've been golfed.
I also disliked the Auld Lang Syne hat since it resulted in people begging for stars in chat. — quartata 27 secs ago
12:41 AM
@Maltysen Which is part of why I agree with Dennis that if were to change our name, Code Golf would be a good choice.
@Doorknob You changed you avatar!
I didn't notice.
> cahnged
Oh, I was thinking about this a few days ago and how about "Recreational Programming" for a new site name proposal?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Winter Bash is over. :P
@Doorknob teardrop
I got 11 hats o_O
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ No that's just what the avatar looks like on a slow connection :P
@Calvin'sHobbies Oops. Yeah, Biology doesn't but Chemistry does.
12:42 AM
@Doorknob Doesn't really forward the point of competition.
Android animates voting arrows IIRC
@Doorknob Then we might get more posts without objective winning criteria
@Doorknob It was proposed and downvoted into oblivion IIRC
"Competitive Programming"
@Calvin'sHobbies Hm, that's true
12:42 AM
@Doorknob I knew about the [chat] one (I use it on main) but I didn't realise there was a whole list of them. Is there a post about it somewhere??
@AlexA. oh
@trichoplax yes, somewhere on Meta Stack Exchange
(guess how I made that link :P)
Your stylized avatar is freaking me out
Q: Should we change our name?

RainboltThis site may have been built primarily on code-golf challenges and puzzles that have no winning criteria, but we have evolved away from that. Our name is outdated, and we should rebrand ourselves. Because the folks in the chat cannot seem to agree on a name, I'm going to post multiple answers a...

A: What should we do for Winterbash 2016?

quartataAllow some hats to be combined I kinda disliked the fact that you could only wear one hat, regardless of what that hat was. It would be nice if hats were given some sort of "equip region" system like the way Team Fortress 2 does: that way, you could wear glasses and a jacket together but not two...

12:43 AM
Actually... how could you encapsulate the whole idea of having an objective winning criterion in a site name?
I found an image for golfing in Ruby.
This is the first time I've posted on all-holy Meta SE
I feel nervous
@quartata It's not scary. Trust me.
@Doorknob Sounds good - add it...
12:44 AM
But... Is there any meta se posts that deserve a bounty?
Dec 17 '15 at 0:51, by Alex A.
6/10 very phallic
@mınxomaτ Truth
Haha, yeah, I fixed-ish that after he mentioned it
Is it still? >_<
@Doorknob I see no change in phallicness
12:45 AM
It is less so, yes
It's like it got cold wherever it was
Has anyone ever noticed that Meta is really serious, and then whenever CG gets mentioned anywhere ridiculousness ensues?
As a TF2 player, I can confirm the validity of this statement. I am Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ and I support this message.Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ 1 min ago
Not even mentioned.
Just a user.
@RikerW I play a lot of games.
Okay, I was just joking.
I play Nethack
I know.
12:48 AM
Everybody else is wondering how this started. :P
@Doorknob Don't like the new icon.
Why not?
A: What should we do for Winterbash 2016?

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴHat Styles What if someone wants to wear a hat, but cannot because it matches too closely their avatar? They either have to change their avatar or not wear the hat, if they wish for the hat to be visible. Therefore, hats (at least common ones) should come in styles/variants, largely a light cont...

Too abstract.
We are PPCG, not CompSci.
Maybe we should all go abstract and reduced colours for a while
This. Is. PPCG!! throws offender into the code review pit
12:49 AM
No thanks.
I was just joking because my avatar is already pixelated and two-tone...
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I edited a post I saw here a while ago that had been migrated from SO, and all I changed was one "SO" to PPCG. My edit message was: "We. Are. PPCG!!!"
@trichoplax lol
We are:
Seriously. We should make our logo a polyglot of golfing languages writing out PPCG.
So "PPCG"?
12:53 AM
Without string literals?
I don't think we have to promote any more than absolutely necessary...
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fair enough.
-[-- >+<] >---
-  - .    -
[--- -    -  >
+    <]>. ++++
Best ASCII art I could do with it
that one dot at the end
12:55 AM
Here's some things we'd need if we want to make our own graduation design:
top banner (optional?)
main logo + favicon
site title
backround pattern
upvote button
downvote button
favorite button
gold badge
silver badge
bronze badge
general color scheme
We don't make designs
The designer(s) at SE do
@Doorknob we can make our own style sheets
Malty! Flag a Door!
@Maltysen nope
12:56 AM
and then throw them in an extension
Very rarely do user-created things actually get incorporated into the final design
@Doorknob I know but this may convince them that we're ready
"Oh, they made pretty pictures. I guess questions per day doesn't matter anymore"
12:57 AM
@Doorknob I wish.
@Doorknob hey your reply code had a bunch of 0s: :26580000
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ was :26580004
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I've noticed this on old versions of Safari
So maybe increase by 4?
@Doorknob It's fun to think about anyway. We could have up and down pointing boats as our up/downvote buttons.
12:58 AM
@quartata I've decreased the window size
@Calvin'sHobbies YES!
@RikerW wat?
but what about carrots?
Your reply code
12:59 AM
@RikerW what about it?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ it was :265800004

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