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7:00 PM
Try again
I did #container instead of .container
It's also that, as a site with a radically different purpose than other SE sites, we aren't ever going to fill the SE team's expectations of a big Q&A site that draws a lot of out-of-network traffic.
But we are often on the HNQ
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ worked
Now we just need to figure out what the hell is wrong with the header
Also by the way you can limit what sites the script runs on in TamperMonkey
Instead of checking the URL yourself
Huh this is weird
#header {
    background: #EDEDED;
#header * {
    color: #4C4C4C;
First one is the style of the entire header.
Second one is the hlogo
did I write that? :P
I'm a bit braindead
I'm looking with the inspect element
7:03 PM
it's SE's?
So something is screwed up with how the inheritance of the CSS is working
The overall header is using that EDEDED color (SE default)
And only the hlogo and all that are using the 4C4C4C color like we want
Attitudes to what graduation means are in flux:
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

Just found this randomly on Youtube:
I have no idea what the guy is saying, and Youtube isn't helpful:
> the child currently had a sofa
> sausages in that they contest
is that about our site?
or just general subject
7:12 PM
I hear the words Stack Exchange, popularity contest...
Maybe it's Martin...
It's Josha.
7:12 PM
It says right there in the slides, his name is Josha.
Oh, der.
7:18 PM
i have a python problem...
We might have a python solution.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴAtbash Self Palindromes Consider the following transformation: A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M Z|Y|X|W|V|U|T|S|R|Q|P|O|N Where A ⇔ Z and L ⇔ O, e.g. There is an interesting property that some words share. When some strings are translated to their atbash-equivalent, said translation is the original ...

@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ so, how can I convert a binary float to a base 10 float and vice versa?
@TanMath For 10 to 2, Multiply the value by 10^14 (or whatever the precision is), convert it to binary, and divide by 2^14
wait, what?
so there isn't a builtin to do this?
7:24 PM
Someone want to help me translate this C program into Javascript: a[52514],b,c=52514,d,e,f=1e4,g,h;main(){for(;b=c-=14;h=printf("%04d",e+d/f))for‌​(e=d%=f;g=--b*2;d/=g)d=d*b+f*(h?a[b]:f/5),a[b]=d%--g;}? I'm C illiterate.
@TanMath I don't know
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ What does it do?
It's a Pi spigot algorithm.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ i still didn't get your method
7:25 PM
@TanMath Make the float an integer and divide it back to a float
@NewSandboxedPosts q_rz0Xrz0G
Pyth 10 bytes
(assuming I understand the challenge correctly)
(do I get any fastest golfer in the west points?)
@quartata is there a .split() function in pyth
I am working on a pyth translation of my following answer:
A: Pronoun operation

TanMathPython 159 bytes This is a direct translation of the Javascript ES6 answer: a=",I,You,He,We,They".split(',') m="012345014444042242042345044444042545" r=0 s=raw_input() for p in s.split('+'): r=int(m[int(m[a.index(p)])+r*6]) print a[r] Try it here

@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Anyone willing to help?
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ are you literate in Python?
7:41 PM
@TanMath c
One arg splits on whitespace, two arg splits on whatever you specify
@TanMath Example: pyth.herokuapp.com/…
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ What's the first thing you need to know?
@TanMath Yeah.
@trichoplax that a[52514] syntax.
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ ok.. can you have the code indented and displayed more "beautifully"?
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ defines an array of length 52514
@quartata gracias!
7:44 PM
@quartata Oh, that makes sense.
@TanMath np
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ Yeah. Remember arrays are fixed size in C.
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ Is there anything else that needs clarifying?



@NewMetaPosts Wow, some of these categories are pretty contentious, and we haven't even reached the nominations stage yet ...
@trichoplax I don't think so... Thanks guys!
7:47 PM
@TimmyD I'm hoping I'll win one of the best newcomer prizes.
It's unlikely though
What determines the background image of the site?
@PhiNotPi ?
@PhiNotPi Votes on meta?
I can't really seem to select the site's background with Chrome's inspect element.
Or do you mean where in the CSS?
7:48 PM
In a literal CSS sense.
@quartata Wait ... I've been here longer than you? O.o
@TimmyD Yes
I've spammed chat so much people have forgotten I've really only been here 3 months
@PhiNotPi Here in chat just right click > view background image works. Are you looking on main?
7:51 PM
@MartinBüttner You had me panicked for a second, but I just checked and it's still there.
@trichoplax I assume they have a large supply of them.
@PhiNotPi For me the option is still there on main but greyed out (presumably there's no background image?
Right now I'm manually editing some CSS myself to try and change the background.
I found a chrome extension called stylebot that seems to help with this.
@MartinBüttner I'd always ruled out Processing for KotHs because I assumed it required people to install on their machine, but if it can run on a webpage I'm curious if it could be used in a Stack Snippet...
@quartata Mind. Blown.
7:58 PM
anyone here who knows Seriously? Is there .charCodeAt(), i.e. the opposite of c?
oh, Seriously is implemented in Python
somehow I thought it's JS
so is there ord()?
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ i could probably convert this to python, but you seem fine...
@MartinBüttner look at the doc? is it not there?
@MartinBüttner O
I think
@quartata oooh, I was looking at lowercase, thanks
@quartata not really
Be wary that it maps backwards over arrays
8:01 PM
@quartata it says [ord(c) for each c in "a" or [a], starting from the end]
@TanMath Right... if he's just looking for the ord of one char
That'll work just fine.
I guess
@quartata hm, yeah, I wish it returned the ord of the first character :/
@MartinBüttner Seriously is seriously hard! :p
@quartata in pyth, how do you do A.index(B)?
Seriously has some very strange commands.
8:03 PM
it does
@TanMath Hmm
and it is awfully stupid that it doesn't have a for loop!
I need to push 72 using only two characters
@quartata ok... thanks!
8:04 PM
that happens to be the character code of H, so HO would have worked if O didn't map.
Yep it's x
@MartinBüttner rats
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Noto ftw. We won't have trouble viewing @ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ's username then
@MartinBüttner you can't afaik
it's also neither a square, nor a fibonacci number, nor a prime
@MartinBüttner you can do it in 3 bytes like this - 89*
8:05 PM
@MartinBüttner What challenge is this for?
although you probably already know that
trying to crack quintopia's 7-byte cop
hi all
@quartata can you redefine J in pyth?
8:06 PM
one last go to get a cjam answer for codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/68176/… :)
if I have 72, I can do PPDPD
or some other lovely code-golf language
or haskell :)
@MartinBüttner for what?
@TanMath Only after first use I think
A: Printing ascending ASCII, Cops

quintopiaSeriously, 7 characters I was inspired by trying to find an answer to Adnan's latest cop, by how close this number was to their number: ___P___ Output: 22366

8:07 PM
Lemme see
Yeah, only after first use.
J is the equivalent of A in first use
It turns into a regular var after
then how do you redefine a variable??
Well you can redefine other variables...
J is just special.
@TanMath =N3
Sets N to 3.
@quartata cool... but N is used for the for loop, so I cannot use N... any other variables I can use?
8:10 PM
ok... I will use H...
@quartata but T is 10!
Just search "variable" in the character reference (with any)
@TanMath Right.
N is quote mark.
There aren't any true "empty" variables.
(at least that I know of, I'm pretty stupid though)
@quartata then what is FNU10? doesn't it mean for N in urange(10)?
Did you figure out the exact cause of the top corners being the wrong color?
@TanMath Right. It's redefining N.
N's default value is a quote mark.
It's still a regular variable though. It's not a constant of any kind.
8:18 PM
@quartata Tc",I,You,He,We,They"","J"012345014444042242042345044444042545"H0FNcz"+"Hs@Js@J‌​xTN*H6 why doesn't it work?
What are you trying to do?
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ In relation to gist.github.com/vihanb/5f481684a3a41320a21f
the pronoun operation challenge
It is a direct translation of my python answer
8:19 PM
If you don't mind the Code review design you could add this:
.container {
    background-image: url("http://cdn.sstatic.net/codereview/img/pattern.png?v=8286dee84d00");
    /*background-position: 0px 34px;*/
    background-repeat: repeat-x;
    background-color: #F5F8FA;
    box-shadow: none !important;

#header {
    background: transparent !important;
I mean link to the challenge.
Q: Pronoun operation

Simone CheloThe challenge Write a function or a program that takes a string composed of one or more subjective personal pronouns, separated by + signs, as an argument. The output must be a single pronoun, that is the result of the relation defined in the next paragraph. Of course, feel free to edit as you ...

What's the T doing at the beginning?
This is what it translates to, FYI:
for N in num_to_range(chop(z,"+")):
Definitely not what you want
I think this is what you want for the first part:
What would Pyth syntax highlighting even look like?
@ThomasKwa A rainbow.
8:23 PM
Strings and numeric literals would be a different color, of course
oh, I know: by arity!
@TanMath You do know that you assign variables with = right?
Also Z is pre-defined to 0
WEe're like always on hnq;
So, recap of any new design ideas? Jade top leave earlier.
Wtf? Jade top to had to.
translate: Jade top leave earlier.
(from SpellCheck): I had to leave earlier.
echo "Because $(shuf -n1 /usr/share/dict/words) is small, your code will need to be as short as possible"
8:28 PM
@DigitalTrauma lmao
Anyone else getting tired of this one yet?
Very short
@DigitalTrauma Yes.
@DigitalTrauma :(
> Because invalidation is small, your code will need to be as short as possible
I think this is the best one:
Because taverns is small, your code will need to be as short as possible
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ What causes the upper corners to be the normal color?
8:31 PM
> Because gastrointestinal is small, your code will need to be as short as possible
@quartata Thank you for your translation. :P
Wow there's some contentious voting on the "Best of PPCG 2015" answers...
I already have 1 vote somehow
8:35 PM
@BlockCoder1392 Inconsolata
I mean there are several answers with lots of both up and downvotes
It said specify in the 19th byte, so there.
@quartata did not fix it
8:35 PM
Mine is just +1/-0 right?
@TanMath not fully obviously
@BlockCoder1392 Sure is
You have a lot of syntax errors
@quartata what else is messed up?
All the variable assignments
see my messages
8:37 PM
@quartata here is an updated version - pyth.herokuapp.com/…
You need =J"012345014444042242042345044444042545" too
Assignment is =<var><value>
Also Z is always 0
And you don't want to use J
@quartata why?
@quartata huh? I never use Z..do I?
Because J isn't a normal variable
@TanMath I mean that you can replace H with Z
@quartata oh..
@quartata so? it never needs to be redefined
8:42 PM
@TanMath It's a function at first.
Then it turns into a variable.
You can't assign into it at first.
=J"Hello world"
Yeah, you can't do that.
It'll throw an error.
Think of it like a one time use function.
fixes the ugly corners: .container {box-shadow: none !important;}
@quartata this doesn't throw an error yet H isn't what is should be! - pyth.herokuapp.com/…
8:46 PM
@TanMath Did you mean for that last Z to be a H
@quartata yeah, but it still doesn't work...
I print out H and it is zero!
@DigitalTrauma did you have any opinion on the upcoming backwards-compatibility breaking changes to Retina?
Also you're still using J...
@Phenotypic you fixed it?!
Try this: =Tc",I,You,He,We,They"","=G"012345014444042242042345044444042545"FNcz"+"=Zs@+Gs‌​@GxTN*Z6
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Did you see my Pyth answer?
Can you confirm that works?
1 hour ago, by TimmyD
@NewMetaPosts Wow, some of these categories are pretty contentious, and we haven't even reached the nominations stage yet ...
@qua which question?
@quartata wait, what?? that throws an error!
That's because there was an unprintable in there
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Your question in the sandbox
8:49 PM
@TimmyD Seems I was ninja'd again :)
(even with the same word...)
@MartinBüttner not really - if you want to make improvements, go ahead ;-)
@qua sorry am on mobile
For your palindrome thingy.
I think it works.
i think i'm making typos more oftewn.
@quartata so?
8:56 PM
@RikerW really?
@RikerW you sure? looking out my window, i see no destruction
8:57 PM
It's much easier to make looks of disapproval in Source Sans Pro: 0_0
@RikerW NO!!! THE WORLD WILL END...for @RikerW that is!
I didn't say that there would be destruction. :P
change your font to source sans pro.
@TanMath Oh, that makes sense.
brb trying my smoothie.
@quartata where is the unprintable and what am I supposed to do??
9:10 PM
Ideal for golfing-ish score criteria: Manhattan distance for single hunt and peck typist on a PET keyboard.
The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) is a line of home/personal computers produced starting in 1977 by Commodore International. A top-seller in the Canadian and United States educational markets, it was Commodore's first full-featured computer, and formed the basis for their entire 8-bit product line, including the Commodore 64. == History == === Origins and the early models === In the 1970s Commodore was one of many electronics companies selling calculators designed around Dallas-based Texas Instruments (TI) chips. However, in 1975 TI increased the price of these components to the...
Of course, the first challenge written in this challenge format should be "determine the Manhattan distance for a string as typed on this keyboard"
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BrainSteelFinding Exclusive Area in Circle Intersections code-golfgeometry (Perhaps trigonometry fits as well) Here's a deceptively challenging geometry puzzle for you! Given a circle A, and n other circles B[n], find the total area contained within A that is not within any circle of B. Circles current...

9:22 PM
Thank you @NewSandboxedPosts.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I forked your style gist, it now looks a bit like Code Review... (sorry :) gist.github.com/JJ-Atkinson/2fa1fa0d80e1a31e0fca
Any ideas for the favicon?
like the zipper thing.
> Circles currently take up all my hard drive space, so your code should be as small as possible.
Any more of these and I'm going to add another standard loophole... ;)
A: The Many Memes of PPCG

PyrrhaMeme: Absurd rationales for short code length Originator: Unknown Cultural Height: Always Background: Why are we trying to golf our code down to the smallest number of bytes anyway? Many code-golf challenges will include a quip about why the situation requires a small program. These are often ...

9:31 PM
wow, this actually became the top-voted meme? T_T
@TimmyD It seems this one wasn't just a passing meme... :)
It's an oldie.
Wait, @trichoplax is a moderator?! Congrats!
@BrainSteel Thanks! It's for Computer Graphics
(I still haven't got used to how useful the shortcut [computergraphics.se] is for creating links)
Sweet! I didn't know that site existed.
9:36 PM
@BrainSteel We're only a few months in...
@trichoplax I'll look around :D
Please do! :)
9:51 PM
@RikerW My idea (very rough)
But that is just the golf, not the puzzle part of the site...
No... No golf sport themed logo or icon please
What about this? ;)
Ugh. What a terrible shade of blue.
Sorry.... ;(
9:57 PM
But then we could have a green theme, even if it's a little rough around the edges. Our clubhouse is already The Nineteenth Byte, which I think is par for the course, given that we slice code daily. We even have birdies like Alex, and hooks like Fishing.
the flag needs <strike>44</strike>43
My mouse found it
Or <s>44</s> 19
I say we should just follow Graue's lead and use the esolangs.org limes

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