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12:00 AM
The hats are interesting
12:01 AM
That'll be easy
... I already have a hat on meta
@Doorknob Ha
I already got a hat too...
It's this like cake thing
@quartata same
winter bash indeed
12:02 AM
Dennis will totally get Hat Trick.
@El'endiaStarman Basically
@NotDoorknob This should be pinned.
The stick people are having a snowball fight!
I'm well on my way to a gold badge, but I'm not sure I can finish it before the end of winter bash.
When does winter bash end?
I'm going to try to get the Do it Yourself hat, the Timey Wimey hat and the Wireless hat
12:04 AM
@SuperJedi224 Jan 4
85/100 for Fanatic gold badge. Whew.
@El'endiaStarman I'm only at 65/100 :(
12:05 AM
Which is sad considering I've been here 87 days
Oh, I guess I should blame caching because I see yours
@quartata No, no, is good thing.
@El'endiaStarman Really?
@Doorknob I refreshed the page and now there's a cake on my head.
12:07 AM
Oh, beautiful hats.
I too have a cake on my head. :D
@BrainSteel Now you get it. :D
I just earned the cake hat on worldbuilding
All you have to do is vote or post, sooo...
It looks a bit silly
The Ghastly Gibus of SE
12:10 AM
@SuperJedi224 Untrue
Hey, now I have it on PPCG as well
I gotta find a new site to get Explorer on...
@AlexA. I moved up a bit and made it smaller, so it now looks less silly
Ohhhhh SHIT. Eight more votes to gold code golf, then I get a gold badge and a hat! \o/
11 more answers for me...
I've been sitting at "enough votes but not enough answers" for a really long time now
12:12 AM
I'm the opposite. I have way more answers than necessary for the badge but insufficient votes.
I hold an = # of hats as @Martin, so th'2 of us r = in skill as program right-rs
I'm still ten votes from bronze popcon. I have got bronze code golf though.
@Ampora The lazier you are, the harder it is to read what you say. :P
I'm in my last 12 months of high school, what do you think th'quality of my posts will b?
12:14 AM
@BrainSteel I think it's better for now to just do it frame-by-frame. It's relatively difficult to get moving so fast that the program would miss collisions.
@Doorknob How did you already get Wireless?
@Ampora 12 months? You graduate next December?
@quartata wizardry
brb getting se app
I refuse to let Doorknob have more hats than me.
12:15 AM
@quartata I like your hat placement! :P
nom nom
I am the hat master in all games
@El'endiaStarman If you're interested, I found some (fairly bad) collision detection code of mine. Pastebin here. (Written in C)
I will not let Doorknob beat me
Good luck getting Weed Eater here, haha
> answer a question qualifying for the Tumbleweed badge that gets accepted
@quartata "DJ quartata"?
12:18 AM
@Doorknob I don't even see how you could get that on any community other than SO
@AlexA. Yes so
That's not the point
Are you a disc jockey?
The point is witness my beautiful hat. I am the hat master.
I will have all the hats on SE.
@AlexA. If by disk jockey you mean micspammer on lazypurple's silly server then yes
@quartata I have no idea what that means
@El'endiaStarman It's possible to take care of the "line has velocity" case in preprocessing (i.e. add the additive inverse of that velocity to the circle), but I'm not convinced that works with acceleration. Maybe.
Answers upvoted
Where's my headset thingy
Also, the SE mobile app is terrible.
12:22 AM
@quartata Blame caching
@quartata That is false, at least on iOS.
hahaha wonder where all these sudden delete votes came from
Deleting answers doesn't award the hat, just FYI.
I got both on Stack Overflow very, very easily :P
(close and reopen)
At any given point on SO, something deserves to be closed, reopened, or deleted.
12:25 AM
What the heck. The votes show up in the votes tab on my profile
And yet I still haven't gotten the wireless hat.
@quartata only for you
Oh, I thought you meant that you thought they were public
These hats are very broken
I dislike
Blame caching
By the way, the cake hat is apparently "garbage-hat"
When you inspect element it...
Huh. I must have been imagining that.
12:28 AM
But it has padding on top.
The best of cake toppers.
Wait, you can only wear one hat at a time?
I was a goose with Spock ears all last winter.
It should be 3.
12:29 AM
Oh shoot! I need a new username/profile picture!
Anyways, I now have 2 hats.
I like my cake hat. It's been good to me.
Are you sure?
12:31 AM
Well, that settles that then.
\o/ I got the wireless hat
Do hats show up in chat?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Yes.
there should be a ninja'd hat
@quartata \o/ :D
Shower this answer in upvotes
A: Is it possible to define $\lceil x\rceil$ in terms of $\lfloor\ldots\rfloor$?

0.5772156649...If $a$ is infinitesimal positive number, and you assume that $\lceil{a}\rceil=1$, then... $$\lfloor{x+1-a}\rfloor=\lceil{x}\rceil$$

12:39 AM
Pops on December 14, 2015
Another calendar year is ending, which can mean only one thing. It's time once again for the event that brings joy to all (with a slight helping of dismay for our friends in the southern hemisphere1): Winter Bash!
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ This seems oddly familiar.
I've now earned the cake hat on 7 sites.
@El'endiaStarman What does?
Q: How to prove $\left \lceil \frac{n}{m} \right \rceil = \left \lfloor \frac{n+m-1}{m} \right \rfloor$?

mobin S.S.Bidgolieverybody, how can I prove that, for natural $m$ and $n$, $$ \left \lceil \frac{n}{m} \right \rceil = \left \lfloor \frac{n+m-1}{m} \right \rfloor \; ? $$ Thanks a lot.

Just reminded me of a question I answered years ago. :P
12:41 AM
Poorly drawn lines!
Hey, I got Cerro de Potosi.
I like that hat better than the headset.
But I have not yet truly lived
For I need hats
12:46 AM
I wrote out Alex-style adding, but I don't think it is that interesting.
@quartata 1+1 = n for n != 2?
Did you include the recursion requirement?
@Mego No.
@BrainSteel Yes.
@quartata Oh, I thought Alex-style adding would be an operation that resulted in any value except the correct sum
Just 90% of the time.
12:48 AM
float alexAdd(float a, float b) {
  float f = Math.random();
  if(f < 0.1) {
  } else {
    return a + b;
print alexAdd(2,2);
@quartata ++b is defined for floats? What ungodly language is this?
@Mego Groovy..?
@quartata Oh that explains everything
Not really.
Increment doesn't make a whole lot of sense for reals since there's no minimum difference
12:50 AM
@Mego Does that work in Java?
@SuperJedi224 Probably, I dunno
@SuperJedi224 Survey says yes
Alright, back to studying history... hat festivities will continue later for me. :P
That's silly
@Mego That's what I thought.
12:52 AM
How do you set the profile picture for the chat account?
user image
I enhattened our Community ♦
@Doorknob ha
@Doorknob What about the sandbox?
I'm not sure I want to post this Alex adding challenge
I just don't think it's complicated enough
Can you link to the post?
12:55 AM
I haven't posted it in the Sandbox yet.
@quartata I don't think there's a problem with simpler challenges
12:58 AM
Fine I'll post it
gets ready to downvote
readies ><> to smack Mego with
@El'endiaStarman :P
prepares to swallow whole ><> because penguin
Penguin powers have activated
12:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

quartataAlex-style Addition Inspired by Alex's glorious Learn you an R for greater good, we are going to humbly recreate Alex's "one true R program" -- but with a twist. Alex-style Addition works like this -- it has a 90% chance of simply returning the sum of the two numbers given and a 10% chance of r...


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