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1:28 AM
posted on May 03, 2015 by James Hague

Key bits and pieces from the functional programming world have, perhaps surprisingly, been assimilated into the everyday whole of development: single-assignment "variables," closures, maps and folds, immutable strings, the cavalier creation and immediate disregarding of complex structures. The next step, and you really need this one if you want to stick to the gospel of referential transparency

Q: Should we ignore object-oriented and study functional?

scholar guyI am programming in Haskell. I was wondering since that Functional programming is so perfect, like codes are more concise lesser complexity makes us think more about how program should work should we ignore object-oriented programming and focus in the application of functional in the future?

1:50 AM
@MichaelT did you vtd that
@durron597 I'm trying a different approach at the moment...
@BasileStarynkevitch do you think you could do a bit of a transformation on the question so that its a good one that could be reopened (and your content remain on the site - might take a little bit of tweaking to match the transformed question)? As it is, as it is, the question is rather sub-par, is awkward to find, and really isn't an example of a good question on the site. — MichaelT 16 secs ago
@MichaelT I am trying to kill off the tag without editing the question :-/
If Basile can edit it to a good question, I doubt it would be a good tag question.
The question needs to be transformed, and Basile is the one to do it (as he has the answer).
1:55 AM
it's the only tag question
Its also a
As the question is written, it should be deleted. I'm hoping that Basile can edit it into a reasonable question instead that matches his material.
Well, if you insist on editing it, I can do it.
basically I would change it into "what are the important things to know when writing a garbage collector?" which honestly is a list question and therefore too broad
i don't know how else to save it
@durron597 The way to save it is for the person who answered it (with a rather informative answer) to tweak the question so that it can be given such an answer and have it answer the question.
@MichaelT His answer is long and informative because it's such a broad topic.
2:03 AM
(this is part of the thing of "if you have a good answer to a bad question, make it a good question and answer that" - tossing an informative answer on a bad question or one that doesn't fit with the site's format doesn't help the quality on the site... though I'm quite willing to let those who provide such answers to have a chance at saving it)
@MichaelT I don't really see why Basile can save the question any better than you or I can.
Because he can also edit his answer to match the new question.
The edits that you or I would make wouldn't be able to touch the answer... and so would have it remain... awkward.
@MichaelT Sure we can, we have 2000 rep.
@durron597 If I rework the question into something that is good (as I see it), I would have to gut Basile's answer. That would be worse than deleting the entire thing wholesale.
2:08 AM
would it be too lazy/simplistic to say the question is not worth saving and we should just delete it and move on to the next tag?
I'd also like to try to take the step (culturally) that the people who answer the question are partially responsible for the quality of the question.
@Ixrec If Basile can do it, I want to give him the chance to do it. If there are no edits or response by tomorrow evening (when I get back home), I'll cast a delete vote on it.
sounds fair
It is possible I am too interested in killing the tag.
I could edit it in a way that would make it less awful but still have Basile's answer be non awkward, and also remove the and
Basile could still edit it afterwards
It also wouldn't be a candidate for reopening after this edit.
I really would like some cultural shift. I too often see people casting reopen votes on questions that are not good... with no edits to try to make them better. I want people to try to be responsible for the questions they answer too. Just tossing an answer and going away doesn't help anything.
2:11 AM
@MichaelT The incentive structure of SE isn't conducive to that
Jon Skeet still answers obvious duplicates every day
@durron597 I'd still be casting a delete vote (regardless of the tags) because its not a good question... it pains me to have such good material on such a poor question.
I just spent the whole time we've been chatting looking for a merge candidate
it doesn't exist
@durron597 That's SO. We can take the time to work on questions that we have answers on to try to make them questions that can be reopened.
Do you have a compelling reason for me not to do a first-round edit?
is it just "that will make Basile less likely to do a better one?"
@durron597 I suspect that would be the case.
2:14 AM
Yes, but is that a good reason not to improve the question at least partially?
I'm going to edit it and leave a comment on Basile's answer.
Can you make it into a question that would be reopened?
But I can make into a question I would not have downvoted
The close reason would be different now, it would be Too Broad, not Off Site Resource
The thing is, if it can't be reopened, and doesn't have historical significance, thats two strikes out of three for deletion... and we'd not be any closer to trying to suggest that people who answer questions are partially responsible for the question too.
@MichaelT Okay, I edited and commented.
I didn't want to wait because, I think, the tag roomba script runs at 0300 UTC which is in 40 minutes
and i want the tag dead
2:35 AM
Okay @MichaelT here we go:
@MichaelT has been trying to get people to take more responsibility for the quality of the questions they answer. Do you think you could edit this question into something that ought not to be closed? — durron597 11 secs ago
A bit from a year ago to give you some context:
Q: To people who vote to reopen everything - *why*?

MichaelTI've noticed in the reopen queue history and 10k close page that there are at least some people who will cast a reopen vote on nearly anything they see. I've gotta ask... why do you do this? A bit ago, Rachel commented @RobertHarvey I am showing the number of close votes/voters compared to ...

@MichaelT has been trying to get people to take more responsibility for the quality of the questions they answer. Do you think you could edit this question into something that ought not to be closed? — durron597 1 min ago
(that's a different question)
And then there's also:
Q: What is needed to really fix a question (an Atwood transform)

MichaelTYou've found a poor question that you really think has some merit to it. What things are needed to successfully do this transformation of making a poor question into a good one? The Atwood transform is first mentioned in Should I give more information to this question? How to improve and refers...

2:42 AM
And then the aggressive edit bit over on Workplace is a good read too:
Q: How should we adjust our approach to editing to minimize conflicts?

jmort253We've had some questions asked recently that were edited by the community that changed the meaning of the post significantly, at least in the eyes of the asker or other members of the community. This resulted in some debate and discontent in the comments. For instance: How can I express sympathy...

Ha! I don't have any favorite tags on programmers, it's suggesting to be my favorite tag now.
Q: Aggressive Edits

jmac Update 3 weeks following this discussion, the question has been closed, is sitting at -2 score, and has two answers with a combined +1 score. This is not to say "I told you so", but rather to say that if the community disagrees with an aggressive edit, I would strongly invite thos...

The question he's talking about there is deleted.
@durron597 Not all can be saved. Workplace there is mostly talking about doing edits at 4 close votes that change the scope...
2:45 AM
but it doesn't always fix the question... and so if it remains closed, the roomba likely got it.
I have definitely come across massively edited questions when 10k sniping on SO
I just know it's going to be closed because it has 4 votes and that's what happens when questions have 4 votes.
(side bit - an incorrect answer that I left a comment on half a year ago - no response, no edit... came around to it again yesterday, down voted it... OP deleted it today. Down votes really are more important in some respects than comments.
@MichaelT Because the person loses 2 imaginary internet points
They are likely to ignore comments.
@durron597 Yep.
Thinking through a late summer vacation.
2:53 AM
(been a long time since I've had three weeks of vacation available)
Hmm... nope... not going to doYellowstone on that trip. Tempting, but I'd spend too long there.
(looking at Bighorn Canyon, National Grassland (Theodore Roosevelt National Park)
alaska cruise
Implies plane ride, means less glass I can bring... it is a dedicated route that I can't say "I want to spend another day here"
I'm of the "go that way" type vacationer with a car of photography and camping equipment. I've got high level goals "this park, that park" but I don't have reservations.
3:03 AM
You could come to texas
Late summer isn't a good time, though.
Drive to pacifiic northwest?
9 hours later…
12:20 PM
This might be better suited for Programmers.SE — dotancohen 19 secs ago
Please do not cross post this on Programmers. It looks like it would be a good fit - I've already flagged it for an SO moderator to migrate it. — Thomas Owens 27 secs ago
12:35 PM
posted on May 03, 2015

The monk Djishin was building an application which managed sensitive information of minor importance. He approached master Banzen and said: “I have spent many days reading about cryptography. I am confident that I can implement a secret-sharing framework.” Banzen said: “In the teachings of master Mizuh, it is said that a monk will not truly understand cryptography until he has juggled e

1:11 PM
Bart von Ingen Schenau is leaving a lot of questionable stuff open
Is there any easy way to compare processor performance?
@enderland nope
too many variables
@durron597 my Texas adventure will some day be to that rather unphotogenic state park. Otherwise my trips are lead by camera.
@ratchetfreak can you review those three links please
@ratchetfreak I didn't think so. It's annoying since I want to be able to immediately look at a processor and determine "good" or "not as good"
1:17 PM
cache performance, pipeline depth, raw clock speed, memory bandwidth etc. all matter too much
Oops... Arkansas.
@MichaelT what about my pac nw idea
I used the word state today...and it ripped a lot of confusion...however, what I meant is the application state as in whether the user is logged-in or not...not to any "data" that the application maintains...the OP kind of got confused...
Been there. Would require the full three weeks. I'm thinking two for road trip, and then one in October for fall colors.
1:19 PM
@deostroll I was really confused on the first edit there.... "why is someone suing the 'word state'" :)
was not suing - was using :)
@durron597 That question isn't close to borderline, which is why I initiated the close vote (I think there might have been a late answer to it). But in general I will sometimes vote to leave open borderline questions if there is potential for useful answers.
@Snowman Which one? There are three links there
what is a term that encompasses both Logged-in and/or logged-out?
I recommended that this guy ask a meta question because of his rightly-closed question on the main site, poor guy's meta question is at -2. Someone less abrupt than I am should 'splain it to him:
1:21 PM
Q: Why was my question related to specific topic closed?

jQuery.PHP.Magento.comI asked a good question here . The reason was I didnt get any suitable answer from this question. You can see the question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3525118/is-magento-development-too-difficult-for-a-junior-developer , got 5200 + views with good answer, but mine was closed Without any **...

or what is one term that refers to either...
Visitor. No modifier.
@durron597 Oh, I didn't even notice. I was talking about the first one, but yeah, all of those seem pretty clear to me.
Which makes sense because I cast the first vote on all three.
1:27 PM
@Snowman I agree, I vtced them all as well, but I was commenting here that Bart was reviewing them all as "leave open" that's all
@durron597 I am agreeing with your agreement. Either we are both sane and rational or both crazy.
I honestly have no preference
@Snowman Between us being sane/rational and crazy?
@durron597 of course.
@Snowman I aggressively edited his meta post.
1:30 PM
@durron597 I am writing an answer, that edit helps.
@durron597 the pac nw has the issue of a four day drive each way... If I don't stop at Glacier.
Time wise, it makes more sense to do a loop where I don't drive the same road twice.
1:46 PM
As an aside, given I've moved east, I'd head to New England first.
@MichaelT I've been there. Don't really recommend.
I've been to every state west of the Mississippi except North Dakota. I haven't been to New England.
Vermont fall colors? You've seen my photos before?
Have you been to Mackinaw Island yet? That would be a lot less driving.
1:52 PM
@durron597 that's three day weekendible.
And I get those every other week.
@durron597 I am useful for something: pointing out the flaws in sorting algorithms!
2:07 PM
In that specific case, I have a feeling that the AJAX-ness puts new answers at the top. @MichaelT answered first, then mine went above his. When you reloaded the page it refreshed everything, including the sorting, the extra sort options, etc.
@Snowman The sort button could still appear
Also, I didn't get them one at a time, I clicked once and got both
@durron597 I still chalk it up to the AJAX enterprisey behavior. I have seen dynamic HTML quirks that go away with a full page reload more times than I can remember.
@Snowman That doesn't mean it isn't fixable, though, right?
@Snowman I've seen quirks that don't go away with ctrl+F5 though that may just be a browser bug
@durron597 Oh I am sure it is fixable, anything is possible. But it is an edge case that does not prevent you from reading content and has a trivial workaround. I would prioritize that as very low compared to other bugs.
2:16 PM
@Snowman Me too, but hey! 20 rep.
Whee! Dev db not happy today. Back to the stubs and working on ui.
@MichaelT what did you break now?
@durron597 Where's your MythSE nomination?
Not me. The db isn't happy.
Is the db ever happy?
2:27 PM
@YannisRizos For moderator? I doubt I'll have the time
Actually, yes. Sometimes.
Fortunately, I started work on this project with a pure stubbed fake db- just need to switch the config back and I'm good.
@YannisRizos I'm also not an expert in Mythology. Every answer I have over there I researched/googled before I could answer it
@durron597 I don't expect more than a couple of flags per day.
@durron597 Same here.
You'd get a blue name. ;-)
2:30 PM
@YannisRizos I think the site would be adequately moderated by you and @Semaphore anyways
@durron597 Most candidates would do a fine job, really. From the current set, I only have doubts for one.
@durron597 not sure that this question needs any editting; it is a name-this-thing question so perhaps it should be closed; I don't see what kind of editing could be done to change it in any real way?
Q: Vocabulary: Should I call this apply or map?

Carlos VergaraSo, I'm tasked with organizing the code and building a library with all the common code among our products. One thing that seems to happen all the time and I wanted to abstract is posted below in pseudocode, and I don't know how to call it (different products have different domain specific impl...

@JimmyHoffa That comment was more for @MichaelT's benefit than for yours. I'll let him explain
I mean, as written it's clear and detailed, it's not lacking for information, the scope doesn't need to be narrowed or clarified
It may just not be an appropriate question which I could see, but I don't think it could be improved from how it's written
Btw, I'd rather be subtle about culture shift. When people call it out it can meet with opposition just because it's a shift, even if it's the right thing to do.
2:49 PM
@JimmyHoffa So... how about we all pretend we never saw it?
@JimmyHoffa What actually happened is that I was trolling the tag and I noticed you had answered a bad question, and per @MichaelT and my conversation last night I decided to write the comment
that's all
3:09 PM
I disagree with the close vote as a duplicate, the questions are not related. What does everyone else think?
Q: Detect or Prevent Screen Capture Applications

OdyI am building an app that displays very sensitive information and as such, I want to be able to either Disable the ability to capture the screen Redact the portion of my app that is on the screen during capture Detect that a screen capture was made via an event, hook, log etc Are any of the ...

@Snowman I also voted leave open
So did Bart
@Snowman It's not a duplicate.
It may be an XY problem, though.
I'd like to know what the underlying requirement is, because I don't think blocking screenshots is the right answer.
I think it is borderline on/off-topic, but not a duplicate.
Hey @ThomasOwens
It's May now, is there something to do to kick off STCI?
3:12 PM
I think this is one of those questions that could have useful answers, which is why I didn't VTC when it was first asked, either.
I'll be accepting the first answer today and starting to work on it. The tags to be blacklisted needs to go to SE by this weekend.
Two things need to happen (the first may have already happened)
1) We should figure out what tags are going to get synonymed, and then edit the posts to remove synonyms to make it more clear how many tags there actually are
2) We need to actually decide what we're going to do with some of these. In a lot of cases it's really complicated
like . I know it needs to be cleaned up, but there are a lot of questions and I don't know what to do
@durron597 I agree, and this is even more complicated by the fact that some questions have tags identified by multiple answers in that meta post.
@Snowman I thought I got all of those.
@ThomasOwens that is an NP-hard problem, you sure? ;-)
3:17 PM
I'll take a look tonight.
@Snowman I don't think that program halts, but I'm not sure.
@durron597 Nonsense. Any program halts if you unplug the computer.
Halting problem solved!
And here I was thinking that there was a solution to it you could create a contradiction and tear the universe asunder.
@ratchetfreak That only happens if Pinocchio says "this statement will make my nose grow"
4:05 PM
@Snowman on gpl exceptions: gnu.org/software/classpath/license.html
4:24 PM
@MichaelT That is an example, but nothing definitive. I think license files in general all go back to the idea that if I have a zip file with a project, it is self-contained. It includes the full license details in a form that I could show a judge and jury if it came to that. Web sites are transient in my mind. If I don't pay my web hosting bill, bye bye web site. But you still have a copy of my GPL software.
Ugh, I can't vtc stuff on my own, out of CVs before hitting 20.
...because begging works, amiright?
@Snowman out of close votes there.
hear ye hear ye
4:30 PM
I spent a bunch of time on gamedev forums, so that sort of "I have the bestest idea ever!" posts don't even really register here
@MichaelT Same here. It is at -6 and 3 CVs regardless.
It is now at -8
@Telastyn I used to be active in the Wii homebrew scene... until I realised most of the forum/wiki users were 12 year olds begging other people to code for them.
Although they were all convinced they had the best ideas.... they clearly didn't. And asking a child to stop bothering you doesn't work.
"I have the best idea" every gamedev forum ever
"I'm just looking for a developer to implement my idea. Any takers?"
4:39 PM
"I thought of XPTO game, I want to partner with someone who can code and create the game art"
@MichaelT Well, it will be eligible for 20k deletion, that's what really matters amirite?
Five of most recent six have down and close votes.
@MetaFight I go through this with my older son (he is 11). I let him play old-school Mario and he was impressed by how fun and difficult it was at times despite not having flashy modern graphics. It made him think about what makes a game fun. Same with movies: there are some really good movies without CGI.
@Snowman Show him Star Control 2
I've begun working on a game at work here
and it tempts me to try to make something on the side
4:41 PM
@durron597 I'll check that out later, thanks
I last tried working on games 10 years ago, and nowadays there are much better libraries than back then, where I was trying to make my own opengl engine
I coded a 3D tetris on university, writing raw opengl, few years ago
I want to make an old-school RPG like the old NES Dragon Warrior games, but I know there is an open source engine already out there that does that. I can't find it on google though.
How about wizardry?
Wizardry is a series of role-playing video games, developed by Sir-Tech, which were highly influential in the evolution of modern console and computer role-playing games. The original Wizardry was a significant influence on early console RPGs such as Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. Originally made for the Apple II, the games were later ported to other platforms. The last official game in the series by Sir-Tech, Wizardry 8, was originally released for Microsoft Windows and is currently available for play on Mac and Linux via bundled emulation. There have since been various spin-off titles released...
4:45 PM
@Snowman Oh man, I'm usually so far behind on game platforms, but I finally upgraded my GameCube to a Wii two weeks ago
I'm going to spend sooo much money on virtual console games
> The first five games in the series were written in Apple Pascal, an implementation of UCSD Pascal. They were ported to many different platforms by writing UCSD Pascal implementations for the target machines (Mac II cross-development).
I already beat Zelda 1 (both quests), 2 and 3
making something like ultima 7 or 8 but without the platform jumping would be cool
The final dungeon of Zelda 2 isn't as hard as I remember it, but I'm helped by having the whole thing memorized, lol
@whatsisname wizardry went cross platform by writing a compiler for the target.
4:47 PM
Or are we talking platformer as in game style rather than hardware?
I enjoyed the metaphor of sword sizes for difficulty, such nice touch
@durron597 at the game trailer
@André that's impressive - I took my only OpenGL when I was a very young programmer, I'd be curious to see what I could do now (might be fun?)
@André My older brother used to play it when I was a kid... I was like 6
I always wanted to play it, I'm glad it got absorbed into Steam
When I get some free time I'll buy it
@enderland, it was a nightmare, Objective C was the hardest part. OpenGL no so much
@enderland, I got this amazing idea if you want to code
I'm joking
4:50 PM
@durron597 not yet.
@durron597 This is what I do all the time on my 3DS. It's bad. I don't even want to count how many times I've bought a version of SMB3 now....
4:52 PM
Don't tell me what to do in a flag, 'cause I'll do whatever I wanna do.
@AshleyNunn SMB3 is worth it.
@AshleyNunn I could probably get 96 exits in SMWorld in one evening
When I played SMB3 I always whistled to world 8 so I know very little about worlds 3-7 haha
Anyone remember the game balloon fight?
@enderland: it's kind of miserable
while 'drawing triangles to the screen' is somewhat fun, the amount of housekeeping you need to do is enormous
@whatsisname yeah. you have to care about everything, views/refreshing/painting/etc
4:55 PM
that and you need to create datastructures to hold everything
@durron597 I remember playing through all of SMB3 sometimes, not skipping anything. Those were the days of an entire Saturday gone. And if the power fluctuated at all... oh damn.
and of course when I was working on stuff there weren't spiffy libraries that could load every image format under the sun
so it was all TGA because that was simple enough to implement
5:19 PM
I got enough code done to make some basic UI elements and the map and stuff for a game back in the day.
@Telastyn want to vote to reopen this as not a duplicate? workplace.stackexchange.com/q/45037/2322
@enderland why don't you just reopen it? You don't need to vote.
@Snowman there's a slight conflict of interest since I have the top answer atm >.>
@enderland - kinda, but the answer is "ask for new equipment, and [link] is how you do that"
The question is not how to ask for new equipment though:
5:25 PM
> This is NOT about how to ask for new equipment. They won't; that is out of the question.
While the "duplicate" is:
> How do I request new equipment for the office?
> Don't give your personal time to account for company stupidity
I want this on a t-shirt.
I like your answer though, so I'll vote
@YannisRizos - seriously.
I can't believe how many people basically give companies the ability to walk all over them
5:27 PM
I never had to ask that question. If company-supplied tools suck, I am not donating my personal time to compensate. If they want me to be more productive and earn them more money, they will spend money on quality equipment and network admins to keep everything running smoothly.
Everyone has a job to do: managers' jobs are to provide the tools the workers need to do their jobs.
@enderland - I can. People are all sorts of stupid - especially when it comes to other people.
we have an desk-ergo eval program, here, which basically results in the misc stuff needed to have a better workstation (monitor stands, laptop stands, desk height adjusted) and I was talking with her and surprised how many people basically tolerate crappy work environments
I think some people, especially young workers first entering the professional work force, are more inclined to let people walk all over them. "Wait, you're going to pay me four times what McDonald's pays plus benefits? I really don't want to screw this up."
Never mind that as long as you don't piss off anyone who has the authority to fire you, it is normally pretty hard to screw up.
5:30 PM
And you have to seriously be dumb to make it a 1-time offense --> firing
I had to purchase trackball, extra gpu, scavenge a second screen, add books under my screen etc
there are very few things that result in one and done. Pretty much anything you would go to jail over (e.g. shoot a coworker with a firearm), sexual harassment, telling the CEO he's a big dummy (even if his name is Lamont), etc.
I'm not sure why, "boss" said it would provide everything, never did, so I took the initiative
@André I'm using my own personal mouse/keyboard
But that's more because I have very specific models I like and they don't fit the corporate "list"
@enderland, I think that is best. My point was, average companies don't really care much how comfortable you are, as long you produce what is expected.
5:35 PM
@André I wish companies just gave employees a tech budget and said "Buy what you want and if you run out of money tough luck"
Needs help, I am out of votes:
Q: Configuring GCC compiler flags in Qt Creator for non-Qt projects

GeremiaFor Qt Creator projects with a *.pro file, I can configure GCC compiler flags by editing the *.pro file, according to this. But what about non-Qt projects in Qt Creator? How do I edit the GCC compile options then? I would like to add a -std=c++0x flag.

especially for peripherals
@enderland, I think that is too much "trust" for employers to hand around
see the irony in that?
There is some level of compatibility
not everyone will disable all audio on their computer except their USB headset, just to make it work right ;)
5:37 PM
At one job I could just find a peripheral or other computer item on a web site and send it to my manager, they would find a way to get it. Either through their preferred supplier or the corporate card on Amazon. Either way, it was management-approved.
I mean, employers trust you not to "screw up" to their clients, but they don't trust some monies to buy a proper keyboard
@Snowman - this, and then there's the 70% of people who can't do their job. They know how hard it will be to convince another bunch of idiots to hire them, so they toe the line.
I can't complain about my chair, first thing I got here I asked for a better one, got it on the very next day.
@Snowman a lot of people have wireless mice that way here.. hah. technically you are supposed to request hardware through corporate IT, but lots of people have them
Yeah. I can't believe how many people have the crappy old chairs here (I did the same thing when I moved here lol)
Since it was legitimately causing me problems
5:40 PM
yeah, I relate
> Undergraduate degree in business administration, computer science, software engineering, or related field, or equivalent work experience.
one of these things is not like the other...
> We don't know what we are looking for
more likely, they know what they're looking for and it's data-plumbers.
> Senior Interior Designer
for some reason this strikes me way more weird than "senior engineer" does
maybe they want to beautify old-folks homes.
5:44 PM
6:04 PM
Off-site resource request:
Q: Is the regex syntax in .net 3.5 the same as the regex syntax in the latest version of .net framework in c#?

Dilan VIs the regex syntax in .net 3.5 the same as the regex syntax in the latest version of .net framework in c#? If not please recommend a regex c# book that "works with" the latest .net framework.

Q: Problem with thread about startup

JamesI searched for this topic and found this post here : How to start a Software Company but several times people refer to a web site called answers.onstartups.com which doesn't exist. Can someone point to a new source of information about starting a software company or perhaps fix the broken links?...

6:32 PM
Can I get another reject on this suggested edit, please? programmers.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/102002
@GlenH7 done
@YannisRizos, @ThomasOwens, @WorldEngineer - One of you may wish to contact this user about their persistent attempts at editing the wiki. See 1, 2, and 3
They don't have any posts that I can see, so I can't flag anything of theirs.
@Snowman ty
That's the 3rd attempt I know of, and I have left custom reject messages before too.
6:35 PM
I don't understand the point of adding more text to it. This is one of those "less is more" cases.
"do not use this tag." Enough said.
They had a useful enough edit from copying in the SO wiki entry for that tag. But the excerpt is fine as is
> Dan Pichelman reviewed this 2 hours ago: Approve
@durron597 I could see how someone might approve the edit because the info is useful. It is also redundant and verbose, especially for a tag we are not supposed to use.
6:41 PM
And my primary concern is it being the 3rd time they've tried. Seriously, take a hint already.... :-)
Fun bit with tags - can't ping in a comment.
@GlenH7 Maybe he wants to farm rep the long and slow way, by having suggested edits approved?
if( fun == frustrating) then true
On the other hand, a mod like @ThomasOwens and company could...
Wht d dbs hv gnst vwls?
6:50 PM
> if( fun = frustrating) then true
@enderland assignment in a conditional is never a fun bug to find.
@MichaelT but in this case, it is! ;)
though. i guess it's slightly backwards...
> if( frustrating = fun ) then true
if(fun.equalsIgnoreSituation(frustrating)) { ... }
Gun g = new Gun();

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