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4:00 PM
It's Bootstrap
amazing stuff
FSV is cool!
4:21 PM
@jrg have a logo?
@AmithKK i need to finish it
but yes, i do.
I got Hydrogen Peroxide
Know any cool reactions that it can do?
@AmithKK Just be careful if you heat it. It's not stuff you want bubbling into your eyes and its vapour is fairly explosive.
@Oli Thats at like >70% concentration.
user image
4:28 PM
@AmithKK How am I supposed to know what you've got there?
I wonder if it oxidises iron
@AmithKK that is the logo
@Oli The only one obtainable in a commercial store is the 3%-10% one
i then have the company name on the top and bottom, the first two words on top, then the last two on the bottom.
@AmithKK It can make your hair blond?
4:31 PM
@DanHulme when mixed with ammonium hydroxide
@AmithKK although if you have a better logo idea, i'm interested.
@jrg I think I can do that now
just a sketch would work
@jrg that's cute
@jokerdino thanks.
designed by @akireteragram, imported into inkscape by me.
she's cheap, i'm just paying her in girl scout cookies.
4:39 PM
Oh, your dolphins?
That Looks cute :P
4:40 PM
Mr Jeffrey is your dad and Erika your sister?
@AmithKK lol
are you on summer vacation yet?
It's not really "vacations"
need some lp-trello bridge for bug management. :P
Trello has an API?
Someone should add Stack Status to the feeds.
4:44 PM
@jokerdino possible
I'll look into it tommorrow @jokerdino
Good Night
@AmithKK if you are interested, i need your nice work to get all confirmed bugs to be added as a card on todo list :)
@AmithKK nighters. have a happy sunday
@jokerdino yes
@AmithKK can i use that ?
do you have an SVG or something?
@jrg I thought you banned her from the Internetz?
and how much do i need to send you?
@jokerdino just from this corner.
ah, right.
4:52 PM
How did this question get closed by one user that's not a moderator?
It doesn't look like he's an employee either.
was a pro-tem mod
Ah, yeah.
That makes sense.
Looks weird now without the diamond.
Q: Moderator Pro Tem Announcement

Robert CartainoAs we enter the second week of the public beta, we desperately need members from the site whose focus is to engage the community, both in community-building issues and site management. That's why we select a few members from each community to act as temporary, provisional Moderators. You can read...

Yep. That's him.
@Seth HAX
4:55 PM
Hello @xRobot
gets popular question badge...on question with 2 upvotes
5:11 PM
@CallmeV I got one with 1 vote.
I actually got notable question on it too.
1 vote.
maybe you got one too many votes.
Hey @jrg is it correct that mods know whenever serial downvotes are reversed by the script who the downvoter is?
Hey @seth I am now the black square, lol.
@JasperLoy :)
I came to the maths room yesterday, but you had gone to bed.
5:16 PM
@JasperLoy can't reveal that bit of info.
That would be a yes I suppose.
You guys always say "no" when it's not :P
@jokerdino I am not asking them to reveal the downvoter, I am just asking if mods know.
@Seth No~
Signed NDA. Can't talk about it. Let it go.
You just pulled that trick on me. Boo
5:18 PM
You can see it happened anyway.
@CallmeV I think there are some things that can be asked and answered...
Probably so. I just leave it alone.
Wow, some vicious person downvoted me 4 times yesterday, lol.
@jokerdino :P
@JasperLoy I saw that......
There are manyu backstabbers in Math SE.
5:19 PM
@Seth Haha, you were stalking me. =)))
It's hard to tell you from V now...
@Seth It's hard to tell you from JB, lol.
@JasperLoy No, I was just checking to see if you had been serial downvoted.
Since you were asking about it...
@JasperLoy :/
@Seth Haha, and I would say yes, considering there were 4 in 2 min.
5:20 PM
April 1 is around the corner. :/
@jokerdino \o/
Everybody get dino gravatars :P
@jokerdino What a stupid day.
@Seth And I get a homo sapiens one \o/
Hey who starred that?
@jokerdino o_O
5:22 PM
@Seth I=JB=Seth. QED.
That had to be said :P
Someone needs to go make review lively... Its so dead now that all our editors have graduated...
@Seth Haha, if I were on Ubuntu SE, I could aim for copy editor...
@Seth You can make Lubuntu/openbox pretty-ish with widgets, but it's not a pseudo-package of awesome. You have to tweak and tweak and tweak
@CallmeV Answer away... :)
@JasperLoy And Marshal
5:26 PM
@jokerdino I don't like to flag stuff.
@JasperLoy Lots of garbage for you to flag here.... without getting them rejected.
@JasperLoy That's the irony XD
It's really amazing how some people love to edit my correct posts into wrong ones lol
Interesting. I just received my first genuine SPAM mail in over a year.
Lucky you.
It went to my business address, which didn't even exist two months ago.
5:27 PM
Re got handbag and watch ads yesterday... by an unregistered user.
@jokerdino Can you tell me if required registration is enabled? Or can you tell anyway..
it isn't enabled yet.
there is no reason not to enable account registration on AU at this point. — Jeff Atwood Mar 25 at 18:58
> That said, I think it's warranted at this point on AU.
From Shog's post.
And I raised it a couple times to Shog before all of these issues. Maybe that had an influence on his opinion :P stealing credit
I think we should not allow unregistered users...
@JasperLoy that.
@jokerdino lol. No credit until you succeed :P
5:32 PM
@Seth Hmm, I think the person who downvoted me 4 times is probably a high rep user, so the mods decided not to suspend him, lol.
He wanted some data and I got lazy.
@JasperLoy Fun fun fun.
4 times is too little for any action.
maybe 10+ and you got some real stuff.
@jokerdino Yeah they got reversed by the script though.
@mateo_salta askubuntu.com/questions/276169/… Maybe you can answer that..
5:41 PM
@Seth Aren't both examples CSS-based?
I don't know..
That doesn't affect the question though.
well, you can put it on the graphic as well...
@Seth Obviously. I just find the examples weird in that context.
I thought is was easy, something like effects -> drop-shadow , or something like that..
I'll double check
might be better for the graphic design site, kind of quasi on-topic just it because of using a program in ubuntu.
5:47 PM
It got an off-topic vote...
@mateo_salta It is on topic.
From the FAQ:
> We welcome questions about:
> Running third-party applications on Ubuntu.
yeah, but if he wants more on the specifics of making a good drop-shadow... might be diffrent
Sure. I know. Question is rather vague at the moment.
@Seth And I still disagree with this meaning "If you run it on ubuntu, go ask! Whatever it is, just ask!"
@FEichinger meta.
@Seth I got Eliah'd.
5:52 PM
@FEichinger LOL
ah man, stop making me laugh, I'm making a drop-shadow tutorial
Bye @seth!
A: Let's reopen this on-topic question about using Ubuntu software in Ubuntu

FEichingerFor the most part, I have yet to understand what exactly this question is about. Is it an issue that arises on Ubuntu in particular, because some information is not found, or not relayed? Is it an issue that arises with Firefox itself, because it is simply not intended? Is it a bug? I haven't...

@JasperLoy Bye!
thttp:// is not a valid protocol, Firefox. Learn to correct that on your own.
5:54 PM
arg, the "firefox" one, and then after all that google got rid of reader.
With all due respect, you have not applied this line of thought elsewhere. You've answered non-Ubuntu-specific questions here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, just for starters. — Eliah Kagan Jan 4 at 2:57
@FEichinger Oh man. ROTFL
@JasperLoy can't answer that.
@Seth That was the point at which I started telling myself "Eliah posted. Just stop. You can't win this one."
@FEichinger Nope.
@jrg We got the answer anyway... :P
The Glitch Mob is really cool.
5:58 PM
@jrg glitch mob is awesome
Q: Copy modified files from one server to other

Michael GrenzerScenario: 2 Servers (*.12 and *.13) CakePHP "application" on both of them. *.12 is "Production" Server *.13 is "Development" Server Now i want to copy all files modified the last 2 days from test server to production server WITHOUT the directory ./tmp i can find them on production server wi...

Anyone know what's wrong with this command provided by oli? askubuntu.com/a/276105/36459
I get "This response was compressed using GZip, but the data was corrupt." error. (see comments)
@TheoneManis The question is ... just what does the server send back?
@FEichinger I don't understand
6:05 PM
@TheoneManis Content-Encoding: gzip, without actually gzip-encoded data throws that error.
So, if the data it gets is not compressed, for whatever reasons, that might be the cause.
@FEichinger No way! I can see that the file sizes have decreased tremendously!
My website: aahank.com if you want to take a look
@TheoneManis Sure, but are you sure that's actually what's being sent? As in, are you sure it isn't decompressed upon sending? For instance: Has Content-Length changed from before applying compression?
@FEichinger No. The thing is, it's all served by S3. And S3 doesn't decompress and stuff.
I compress (gzip), send to S3 via s3cmd and that's it. No decompression on the serverside
Hmmm ... weird.
@CallmeV indeed
synergy is awesome.
6:13 PM
@FEichinger yeah :-/
@jrg synergy might have more of a wow factor for me if i had more than one box still
@CallmeV yeah, i'm investigating it for work.
since we have all these commodity hardware things, i figured i'd have some fun with them.
just don't tell me you're trying to get it to work with VMX
Vintela Management Extensions?
i might be slipping and it's vms. old hardware platform with loads of daughter boards designed with DEP before DEP was a thing
6:25 PM
i'm just going to install chrunchbang on all of them, and manage them via puppet
have fun with it. my plate is quite full at the moment
and then setup a elasticsearch cluster, a hadoop cluster, and have fun.
o/ @GeorgeEdison - do you know if linux supports fat binaries (dual architecture C/C++ libraries)
i know macos has it as a thing, but google has been relatively fruitless
@CallmeV I don't believe so. ELF binaries only support a single architecture as far as I know.
But one could write their own program loader that uses a custom executable format. That would be very complicated and difficult though.
6:30 PM
well, basic drop shadow how to done, lets see if he wanted something more complex in mind.
@GeorgeEdison Fair enough. Probably not worth it.
Here's an idea. Have an i686 binary that statically links against libc6 that contains both a i686 and amd64 binary. Then at runtime, it extracts and runs the appropriate binary.
I'm going for zero footprint (I can't write to disk). So x86 and some finagling I suppose.
Well it's still a possibility without writing to disk.
You could create some pages in memory, mark them as executable, and write the actual executable machine code there.
Static x86 python and pure python modules looks the most do-able for this thing. Thanks for taking some thought time at it anyway.
6:47 PM
One last question - is asking each user to make sure the i686 libs are installed an option?
As long as the user has the i686 libs installed, they can run an i686 executable on an amd64 OS.
It has to be fully stand-alone
The other real option is to do "is kernel arch x86? if yes continue, else popen(x64binary)"
The other tricky part is I can't link against specific versions, so I have to dynamically load and check...
Does anyone know why there's suddenly a huge surge in Bitcoin usage? I'm actually very surprised.
stupid blu-rays
I just rented two new ones and they don't like my KEYDB.cfg :-(
7:25 PM
I think we need off-topic for answers too.
A: How do I stop the screensaver from coming on during VLC movie watching?

SolvedSOLVED!!! For easy understanding, the below instructions are shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmyPbhwjBn0 Since this problem is related to the operating system of any computer, this solution works for any other video player which has the same problem on screensavers. How to...

@mateo_salta NAA
also this guy has all the same answers so far askubuntu.com/users/145578/szabi
If I edit this question to be specific to text editors, NOt IDEs, Is there a chance it will be reopened ?askubuntu.com/questions/96379/…
Q: what text editors are available for ubuntu

Taylor Bioniks Possible Duplicate: What IDEs are available for Ubuntu? Alternatives to LibreOffice What Text Editors are available for Ubuntu? I would like text editors for all usages. Programming Writing Hex editing

probably not...
but It is a good question, I was looking for simple and fast text editors just to edit a couple of things, and listing these editors in one question is really beneficial.
7:39 PM
Q: Are list type questions allowed on this site?

AshRjThere are quite a few list type questions that are present in the site. Are these type of questions alright and/or encouraged ? From Oli: I'm marking this as featured. I would like to have a proper discussion about the future of list questions. If you have a view on the subject, please share it...

you could try based on this:
A: On-topic? What games can be played by two people on the same computer

OliThe reason we're so cautious on software-recommendations tags is that some have the propensity to quickly turn into infinite-lists-of-X threads. That is a dozen or so people each posting nine or ten answers. The thread sprawls out over fifteen pages and nobody gets to see half the answers (a frac...

thanks for the links, I understand olis point of view. But these list questions have helped me alot. one example is the question, What IDEs are available for Ubuntu. Without it I would have never learned that emacs, vim etc can be used as IDEs
@Suhaib That question covers the same ground that the duplicates do, even if they are about text editors for programming.
Oh, wait.
Not the right one.
Q: Recommendation for editors

TimI like Notepad++ under Windows. I was wondering if there are some similar ones for Ubuntu? Or just the powerful and convenient one in your opinion. ADDED: Features that I like are "syntax highlighting for language X, theme support, line numbering, code folding, regex style", .... Powerful yet n...

Q: What is a good text editor for developing code on?

GuiTrying to learn python, and I was wondering if there are any favorite text editors that are good for noobs?

That one is pretty much the same thing.
@mateo_salta Ah, that one is even better.
Ya, the link @mateo_salta posted is almost what I was looking for
7:47 PM
Q: What is a good substitution to Notepad++?

Christopher Possible Duplicate: What is a good text editor for developing code on? I'm getting into programming, and am wanting to find a good substitution to Notepad++, are there any good ones?

each one has like a bazillion answers
Can we clean up the answers ? I see alot of duplicates :-s @Seth @mateo_salta
Should I flag and downvote ?
Q: Microsoft OneNote alternative?

YSNIs there any program for Linux that has about the same functionality and usability as Microsoft OneNote? At the moment I am checking out Basket (for KDE), that seems to point to the right direction, but still lacks much of the functionality of OneNote and is very buggy unfortunately. For those o...

well, I guess thats a bit different
ya, But most of the answers are similar
although OneNote is not realted but i really liked it.
nice find
7:54 PM
I made a very substantial edit to this question:
Q: How to obtain the geometry of an X window using Bash?

AndrewI am looking for a way to retrieve information (specifically geometry) about an X window in a bash script and perform some action depending on the value. For example, if the window is positioned somewhere between 0x0 and 40x40, I want to take a specific action. Otherwise, I need the script to ta...

Can anyone confirm that I haven't altered the underlying intent of the original?
oh, this one asks which is the "best"
@Seth you got a minute ?
Q: Best text editor for Linux

rockr101What is the best text editor for ubuntu, mostly used for web development. Or a good all-round software like a IDE.

@mateo_salta, What about "command line text editors ?
Hi all , how can I send current value of RAM into a variable from free command ?
7:57 PM
Do you know if someone has asked this question before ?
@Suhaib nano works well for me.
cat ;p
could somebody help me please
OK, so we got. nano, vi, vim... what else ?
@Suhaib kate,gedit,emacs
8:00 PM
Q: Best terminal unix editor to suggest to someone?

RoryWhat's the best terminal editor to suggest to a unix newbie? i.e. not vim or emacs. There are a few editors, joe, nano, etc. Some have easy to remember commands / keyboard shortcuts, others don't. I'm looking for an editor that one could talk someone through over the phone with, for remote sysa...

@Jai Kate and Gedit are not run from the terminal.
@Jai, I wish I can help you. But I'm really noob
@GeorgeEdison ok i thought he is asking about GUI because I came in middle actually . sorry
@Suhaib well I want to send current RAM value into a variable
@mateo_salta, thanks. I will flag this question so that they migrate it to askubuntu. lol
@Jai, all I can think of is piping
@Jai not exactly...
8:04 PM
@Suhaib I am not that much good with BASH . free command can help me but how can I take that field I m not getting .
But I'll be bouncing around.
@Seth sure no problem :)
This got reopened: askubuntu.com/questions/260528/… errg.
What's wrong with that?
@Jai If you tell me what you need I'll get to it ASAP
@Suhaib No not in this case.
Those questions are quite old.
@GeorgeEdison List type questions belong closed IMO.
8:05 PM
@Seth how can I store current RAM value at a variable ?
@NicolasRaoul I think that's about as perfect as it can get. — Oli Mar 5 at 13:10
^--- That's the last thing Oli said about the question.
@Jai, Do you know how to output the current RAM value to the terminal ?
well free -m can give us that value with other details but I dont want them . I just want only free RAM value .
Oh, no that wouldn't do it.
I'll look around.
yup tried fastly :P
yeah @Seth. I will also try . I thought awk can help me but I havent used it in a proper way .
8:10 PM
Can you use /proc/something
cat /proc/ramFooo
I think no
@Suhaib Worth a look.
grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo
For a start
Or he can take the unnecessary results and somehow filter the one he wants
Yup. sed outa be able to do that.
I just don't know how to use it :P
lol, Ya. I am not really an expert too
8:18 PM
I came to another unknown thing while looking for the present issue.
@Seth oh man , you are too fast. just now only I have posted.
I used to know why that was so too... But I forgot :P
so you have any Idea about that command ? spending part of RAM doesnt sounds good to me but there should be a reason
ok all. Its very late here . I am sleepy .
good night . lets try tomorrow .
@Seth @Suhaib Good night . bye. :)
@Jai Night!
I'll keep looking...
@Seth Thank you very much . :D
No problem.
8:22 PM
@Seth :) :)
8:39 PM
@jai if you just want the numbers from what @Seth put

grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo | sed 's/[A-Za-z:]*//g' | sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//'
removes all letters and the : , then deletes the spaces
What does the g do?
I didn't understand that from the manpages..
s is to "match pattern" so find this "A-z..." the replace it with g which is "Copy/append hold space to pattern space." since we didn't hold anything I think that is a way to make it just replace it with nothing. (I think)
Ah, got it.
I did find it weird that there didn't seem to be a simple way to delete anything...
My bash is very bad.
Which is very bad.
1 hour later…
9:54 PM
Yeah, sure, will do that.
> Removing the packages can take several hours.
Should I be worried?
Ah - no worries - it took minutes rather than hours. :)
Cool - do-release-upgrade via SSH in an hour or so. \o/
10:42 PM
Q: Unable to upgrade Cinnamon with Linux Mint 13

GrandAdmiralI would like to upgrade to the latest version of Cinnamon. I'm running Linux Mint 13 in a virtual machine. Everywhere I look, I see the same instructions: > sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable > sudo apt-get update > sudo apt-get install cinnamon When I d...

Can somebody else +1 this post so the OP can post images, please?
Q: Why does my application behave differently with Unity?

Andy StewartI'm the newly appointed application maintainer for a program called "xlog". The program works fine in all but the Unity environment. It is written using Gtk2. I've never previously used Unity. I noticed in Unity that the menu bar seems to be "redirected" to another place outside of my appli...

@Oli done
Double done.
@Oli BTW can you synomize to please?
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