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12:11 AM
Lots of NAA flags today.
12:59 AM
1:12 AM
@Seth We should be very careful with 20k quick delete votes on questions (normally we wait a couple of days before deleting a question, as is required for ordinary 10k delete votes). Stack Overflow currently has a problem with overeager 20k delete voters deleting posts that are salvageable. However, in this case, I agree it's appropriate, and I've voted to delete.
hmm. I forgot about 20k quick delete votes...
I was thinking 10k ones..
I know about the problem however. No one will miss that question anyway. ;)
@Seth 10k users cannot vote to delete that as it was posted just a couple hours ago. Normal delete votes can only be cast 2 days after a post is closed.
@EliahKagan Oh that's right... Well do you want to delete it then or not?
@Seth Yes, I have cast a delete vote on the post.
1:15 AM
Thank you :)
That's the first time I've asked a 10k/20k user to do that... Don't plan on doing it often.
This one has survived a surprisingly long time..
@Seth What has? (Not that, it's only 2 hours old...)
2 hours is a long time for something like that..
Well, it needs to more delete votes to be deleted. So either a moderator, or 2 more 20k users.
1:39 AM
spam flag the answer.
More from that same user.
It's better to delete a spam post with spam flags than with delete votes: there are heuristics to block posters who've only posted spam from creating new accounts
It doesn't matter if a link to the deleted spam post remains in chat
i didn't delete it
so who did?
Congrats to all the people that contribute in the edit of +500 first post!
Hip hip, Hurra! Hip hip, Hurra! Hip hip, Hurra!
@Lucio possibly accidentally trips Lucio
1:54 AM
2:07 AM
@Gilles It matters when a oneboxed spam post that contains (shown and live in the onebox) a link to an external spam site is immortalized in chat.
knocks @TheLordofTime over the head with banrifle
I guess I read too much Robert Jordan... I read banrifle as balefire the first time through.
2:17 AM
Err, I should have said "knocks lightly over the head"..
A: Formatting Sandbox

GillesThis is a test of the non-emergency evacuation system.

hmm, so I can inbox a deleted post?
That page is so wobbly..
Well I don't see anything...
nope, still there
2:24 AM
This one through me off when I first saw it: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/80623/203389
@EliahKagan indeed, good point
@Gilles (Unrelated to spam.) Thx for the edit there. IMO that is a substantial improvement. It also has the effect of emphasizing how handy single-quotes are, for the scenarios where they can be used simply (because all those caveats that I'd failed to include don't apply to the single-quote situation).
Q: Automatically cull oneboxed deleted posts (especially spam) from chat

GillesScenario: There's a spam post that's lingering on a site. Someone links to the post in a chatroom, to attract more spam flags. The post gets hammered off. But the onebox of the post remains in the chatroom. Possibly including a link included in the spam. A moderator can delete the chat messag...

hope I'm making sense, it's past 3am
One problem I see with that (and maybe I should post this one the question..) is that once a onebox is oneboxed there isn't anything to keep track of it to see when it's deleted... That might be kinda hard to implement..
@Gilles You made sense. No worries.
Is my edit ok?
I don't know if it's fine to confirm an idea of an answer.
2:36 AM
I think that was good.
@Lucio looks good
you're adding information that the author would have included if he'd known. That's good
Because I've not only improved it, I've added information also. And it is not a CW post
@Lucio CW is only for when several people are working on an answer together.
You are supposed to add more information, CW or not.
Although, if you add a lot more information consider added an answer yourself.
@Seth Right.
That is the limit, I think.
@Seth Thanks man
good bye
See ya!
3:00 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing How the...
No idea. It was a windows/linux cross-platform installer. The title-bar stayed, but the window background was transparent.
3:17 AM
that user is flagable
What? Can you flag users now?
If you could...you can't
Ah, yes.
I meant a user of name "replica handbags"
Almost as bad as a user "Folex watches sold on street corners"
Hah! I didn't even notice that!
3:22 AM
How did those spam posts get past the review queue?
They shouldn't. That's where I found them.
Speaking of which, how is an unregistered user not posting as user321321321 ? looks like a test to me.
What? Are they unregistered? Errg.
I thought required registration had been turned on...
Check the profile page. Says unregistered, but has two questions. Another component to my "test" suspicions.
I know.. sigh
3:26 AM
What does "unregistered" mean in this context?
I mean, it clearly is a user account, right? Doesn't that mean that it's "registered"?
It means they don't have a proven email.
Q: It's way too easy to spam the site. How can we make it harder without sacrificing usability to new (legit) users?

SethAfter the last (not so big thanks to Shog(\o/)) blast of spam a couple users and I (with a mod) decided to run some tests. We found that it's extremely easy to post a spam question. Ridiculously easy. One thing we noticed about these spam users is that most of them are unregistered. ...

It's even easier to spam with anonymous edits; just do some valid-looking edits to a question (preferably a long question that requires scrolling), and post your spam at the end. Odds are, the reviewers won't scroll to the end to catch it. — Blah Blah Grabblesnackers Mar 22 at 20:23
^^ that's creative and I'm glad it hasn't started happening much
It has happened... Once in a while someone will suggest 5 or 6..
that's creative and I'm glad it hasn't (yet) started happening much (once in a while)
@Seth Ah, silly me. Well, now I know. Live and learn!
3:32 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing fair enough..
side note, i started looking at building a qemu image for the ubuntu-phone. this would be so much easier with a static image and a couple of files instead of all this mangling...still, when it's done i'll have an answer to my question
Hmm.. IP blocking will not work
Almost everyone in india has a dynamic IP
ip blocking doesn't ever stop forum/qa spammers. cheap/free vps providers and proxy services
it only irritates/alienates users that also use vps/proxy providers
Can someone translate this for me?
@Seth Y u h8n m8? — Asad 10 mins ago
Why are you hating ???
with a mate thrown in for good measure
3:48 AM
Ah, mate. Got it.
any time someone feels the need to throw in buddy, bro, friend, or mate they, almost universally, aren't acting that way...
I have a reply...
@Seth Why are you hating mate?
@Seth Reply: Expounding with exemplary ennunciation through complete communication contrary to common colloquialisms engenders an individual imperative to eschew obfuscation
I wanna watch Battle Of the Gods
3:55 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing lol.
I just want to link to this:
But I'm afraid people might get offended...
Just wait until my name and gravatar updates with that response in the comments on MSO...
And what is "WUU2"?
what are you up to
@Seth sub this for good-grief from now on: hark.com/clips/gvnwrsbdkg-great-googly-moogly
4:06 AM
Do you think that will offend someone?
I don't think so... I just don't want to take any chances..
@CallmeV Go figure... At least you can always delete comments...
Would you be offended?
I mean it wouldn't irritate me... but people are silly
Eh.. You got a reply.
I saw. I think it was a compliment ;)
4:11 AM
@CallmeV haha.
@CallmeV Really? He sounded offended to me...
Who would have thought such
vivacious = Attractively lively and animated

tones would come from a
visceral = Relating to deep inward feelings,

velvet-tongued = able to speak well

Ubuntu user who probably favours
Vim(just another V word).

Doesn't reek of offended to me, but I guess you could take visceral that way...
Ah, OK.
Yeah, it was that word that kinda through me off..
Out of curiosity, do either of you really use Vim?
I do a little bit..
Not beyond simple text editing on systems that don't have gui's. I'm a mousepad or eclipse man unless I have to use vim...although I've seen some neat vimrc files.
4:22 AM
I use nano just as much... That probably shows my Vim skill right there.
Did you try to learn it and give up after you encountered the learning curve?
No, I just haven't had a need.
I mean, I don't see what I can do in Vim I can't do in Geany or Gedit...
I learned what I did because sometimes that's all I will have to work with...
I actually think that you might be able to do more with Geany or Gedit...
You might... I don't know.
Vim is much faster at what it does, though.
4:29 AM
I imagine it would become relevant if I were working on remote headless systems and doing live hot-patching of ruby or something, but if I don't have time to play with it in a local editor I probably shouldn't be pushing the change to production anyway. Some people swear by ruby/rails plug-ins to vim. It just doesn't fit my workflow.
Although, if you don't actually need that speed, then learning it is pretty much just a waste of time.
I don't use Ruby (yet), so my favorite plugin is currently YouCompleteMe.
It really helps when you're working with those twenty-character-long OpenGL constants.
I would imagine it would.
Those same constants, incidentally, happen to be the only good use that I have ever found for the Caps Lock key.
Wow nice.
One thing I love about VS is IntelliSense...
why not just use your own shortened constant and have a sed script to fix them?
4:32 AM
Geany has something sorta similar.
@Seth Autocomplete! Autocomplete! It's called autocomplete! <head explodes>
@CallmeV Because the constant names are actually reasonably descriptive, at least to me.
That might change once I get past drawing triangles on the screen...
<sudo pm-suspend>
yeah...about nap-time for me too
@InkBlend Doesn't work as well as IntelliSense.
I wonder what a good Introductory line thing for my landing page would be
@jrg I'm embedding icons from your website straight into my landing page :)
5:15 AM
landing V0.000001
6:06 AM
Looks neat. I like the logo.
Since you're using Bootstrap, you can easily switch in one of these themes to replace the default: bootswatch.com
6:24 AM
@GeorgeEdison Thanks to Mateo_salta
@GeorgeEdison OMG thanks!
That is so so awesome
7:25 AM
@GeorgeEdison Thats awesome! I'm going to have to play around with Bootstrap now.
@GarrettFogerlie :PHAHAHAAH
@AbrahamVanHelpsing There?
8:39 AM
@Seth Nope
How can I find out that a DNS query is filtered? I am trying to access twitter from a proxy server (toonel). But nothing happens. I can visit other websites.
@Oli Hey!
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 vs ATI Radeon HD 3800
the ATI
the 8800 could die a wierd death at any time
So, is it under 3k in india?
I donno, but all things considered avoid the 8xxx series
8:50 AM
I want something that can run games like this
And with VGA out :P
Really hard to find?
or DVI-I
Is it convertable to VGA?
I want the least amount of conversions possible :P
yup, simple electrical converter, should come with your card
so, got anything?
8:53 AM
sorry :P
Just freaking exited because I just played that
The graphics are WOW
most of the nvidia cards I see are 610s, which seem sucky
I'm not familiar with ATIs
I have a 7100 onboard
so out of touch :/
granted, thats way below my price range
@AmithKK I have an GTX8800 sitting in an unused computer somewhere. Not a great card and not great driver support.
But yeah, I'd skip it completely in favour of something lower-end but newer. Something like a 260
@Oli Would that possibly run S4EII?
9:02 AM
Hmm. They seem to be about 10k over your budget. Perhaps a second-hand one?
@AmithKK What's that?
12 mins ago, by Amith KK
I want something that can run games like this
It's certainly considerably faster than a 8800 GTS
Hey, when I notice that my answer was wrong, is it OK to ask to delete it? askubuntu.com/questions/274153/…
Rs. 19,896.00
O.o nooo
@JenniferWilson: yeah
you should be able to delete it yourself tho, right?
9:09 AM
@AmithKK The 650 is available for under 10k: compareindia.in.com/specification/graphic-cards/… so I would expect to be able to find one second hand for ~5k
Stuff is waaay overpriced here
Ok, I need to wait for some time
@JourneymanGeek thanks, done
9:25 AM
The usual at facebook
Girls making duck faces
People talking about Battle of the Gods
A page making sure that everyone knows who tiesto is
9:52 AM
Oh, I got the next gen timeline
@Oli Do you have the chart having GeForce 8400GS?
@JourneymanGeek The 210 is not at all bad
That video appears sped up though
10:10 AM
@AmithKK: The reviews are saying its worse than the 8800 ;p
Can someone put that video to actual speed?
@AmithKK The 8800GS gets 571 on Passmark. (650 was ~1900 IIRC)
any one in these
A 210 is worse than a toaster.
Neither renders graphics and the 210 won't even warm bread.
Same (but even worse) for the 5200. They were never good, even when they were brand new.
10:19 AM
What do you have at the moment?
Onboard 7100
It can play S4EI decently and S4E2 with Unbearable stutter
What's with Ebay.in and sellers putting different things in the description than in the title?
But check the driver support first!
In terms of hardware, it's about four times better than the 7100 and it's pretty cheap.
I can't suggest any of the other cards in your price range - they're all awful and I think (just for the purposes of playing Sonic) you'd be wasting your money.
The nvidia *00, *10 and *20 cards are particularly awful. They might look tempting but they will disappoint.
I've no idea how the AMD/ATIs compare. I haven't owned one since my X800XT... It was a good card a decade ago. I'd send you it if it didn't cost about 3000 rupees to do so.
4,875 on ebay! wth?! it's over a decade old!
(And, again, driver support was patchy at the time and that's what pushed me to a 8800GTS)
What about 6450?
10:34 AM
Scores better on passmark (293 - about ten times better than your 7100) but I've no idea what the Linux support is like these days.
Q: Does HD 6450 graphics card work fine on Ubuntu?

HD6450USERDoes HD 6450 work ok with Ubuntu 11.10? I have desktop computer and my screen is connected with DVI. I want to know should it work ok with Ubuntu and proprietary drivers. And my computer has an AMD APU Processor, which has GPU + CPU in one. But can i be sure it uses the HD 6450 card, not the int...

I think we have a winner
40FPS on generations
Ok, first time i'm averting to Radeon
So.. BBL
11:18 AM
hello. anybody can help me debugging why my squid proxy isn't working? :)
11:28 AM
Q: exchange two words using sed

Cucerzan RaresI am trying to exchange two words in a line but it doesn't work. For example: "Today is my first day of university" should be "my is Today first day of university" This is what I tried: sed 's/\([a-zA-z0-9]\)\([a-zA-z0-9]\)\([a-zA-z0-9]\)/\3\2\1/' filename.txt What am I doing wrong?

11:50 AM
@amithkk you just played into the hands of a joker. Don't hot link.
I do need to somehow get a new display that can do HDMI. RaspPi isn't something I look forward to using without one. Thoughts @amithkk? Or should I just get a cable that does HDMI > VGA?
@jrg ?
@jrg Converting is not bad
12:05 PM
@CallmeV Yeah that's cool
@CallmeV Not cheap though! That's half the price of a 32GB N7
12:23 PM
@AmithKK are you a python developer, aren't you? If so, I'd like to ask some questions to you, if you don't mind.
@jrg HDMI to VGA is pretty pricey, but an HDMI to DVI cable is a lot easier to get hold of if your monitor takes DVI
most TVs now have HDMI inputs (which is why they included it)
@Zignd lol noo :P I just know python :)
@AmithKK do you know something about UIs(GTK)?
@AmithKK I'd like to know where should I look for information about it. I'd like to build applications for Ubuntu, but I have no idea from where to start, I also got confused with these name: PyObject, GTK+, GTK, etc, which one should I use in a Ubuntu application, and where I get information about how to use it (like Python Tutorial)?
12:31 PM
@Zignd Ok, start with Glade Tutorials
That should have you covered
@AmithKK what about Quickly, do Ubuntu Developer usualy use it?
@AmithKK Ok thanks for helping me, Those question have might look simple to you, but it really helped me.
@Zignd Oh np. The more devs the better. Good Luck!
@AmithKK Thanks, cya
12:40 PM
I think I'm buying a nexus 7 instead of a gfx card.
1:00 PM
@DanHulme but i already have the cable.
and i don't have a desktop, only laptops.
so the Pi can have this monitor.
@DanHulme and the monitor doesn't take DVI.
i saved $25 and didn't go for the one with more inputs.
If you already have the cable and the monitor to match, it sounds like you don't have a problem.
1:14 PM
Q: Partitionihg. Arch vs Ubuntu manuals

Red PlanetI got a little confused after I had read advices on https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Partitioning and on https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/powerpc/directory-tree.html. Why is there such a big difference between the sizes of the partitions? E.g., about / partition. Ubuntu. ...

2 hours later…
2:56 PM
@jrg: adafruit has something similar to that if you're US based
which i am.
i'll look around
i kind of want to use the pi for a media center/build box
watch movies in the evening, build the ubuntu archive during the day/night
and since the pi has synergy, i can have fun with this.
10 inches, lower cost (tho no idea about what you pay for shipping), HDMI, composite and VGA
3:13 PM
@jrg Good luck if the monitor doesn't take DVI...
@jrg If you plan on watching movies, you might look at the xmbc sd-card and an hdmi television
i'm looking at all the old game-system emulators and roms to have the AIO-retro-game-box
eh, i'm looking at a cheaper solution.
but i do like the options.
I think the idea is that you already have an hdmi output device.
@DanHulme most of those hdmi to dvi cables wont work, are for taking dvi to a hdmi projector
I wonder if the toggle monitor + touch thing used in the asus taichi and the lenovo yoga works with stock ubu?
3:22 PM
@mateo_salta It depends heavily on the source and the monitor. I've never had any problems connecting Android tablets to DVI monitors that way.
so i think i'll get 2 sdcards. a large one for raspbian, and a smaller one for xbmc.
@DanHulme I suppose so, I haven't had any luck with the smaller devices like cubieboard, give me a second and i'll try it on the rasberrypi
@jrg or two small ones and a usb storage device to mount
boots from sd-card chroots onto usb hard drive type of thing
@CallmeV true
could do that
in case you're wondering, the name/gravatar change was for a comment joke on MSO
@Asad - Expounding with exemplary ennunciation through complete communication contrary to common colloquialisms engenders an individual imperative to eschew obfuscation — Call me V 12 hours ago
3:36 PM
@DanHulme awesome! It worked on the rasberry pi. :) must be something with how the cubie outputs...
i was like "who is this guy with aking's writing style but who obviously isn't aking?!"
Call him V.
for vendetta.
Are we talking about the movie or the Guy Fawkes?
remember remember
3:42 PM
Yeah. It was a really verbose comment with lots of alliteration so...
hey @CallmeV
do you want hosting for your website now?
i may have a line on a $5/m VPS
Possibly. I'm doing a different domain name with a different focus for the time being.
@CallmeV lol, verbose, I like the part where he is using all "v" words.
OMGSSD10 | digitalocean.com
@mateo_salta That's what that comment and name change was a tip of the hat too, but I didn't restrict myself to V words
3:46 PM
use that code and you get $10 credit. aka, about 2 months of their smallest server
@jrg bookmarked. i'm getting some things ready to be salable before i start spending though.
@CallmeV "Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me "V” "
@CallmeV right, i'm doing the same thing.
@jrg check your G+ when you get a minute...
3:57 PM
@jrg Ok
@AmithKK let me explain why hotlinking is bad
you hotlink
you run the risk of me changing them
and instead of it being a email or twitter icon
it's a "F U FOR HOTLINKING" image
Ok.. to tired to ssh and change
I'll do it first thing atms
was just explaining
sorry...had to
3:59 PM
@jrg Well.. any suggestions on my page?
@AmithKK i like it
looks good
Thank you
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