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12:00 AM
I'm almost positive they did.
Well I've just excited myself. I've discovered (and I'm probably not the first person to discover this) that you can create, fill and chmod a brand new script, as root, in one command. UNLIMITED POWWWWAAAAAAAHHH!
@Oli this changes everything
12:17 AM
Is this an answer? I'm not really sure...
@EliahKagan No.
It should be a comment in slimmed down form (IMO).
How about this?
Needs to be a new question.
@EliahKagan You can delete answers with a score of -1 right?
(Since you have 20k)
12:20 AM
(And it seems Oli has now deleted both. :)
@Seth Yes. Well... I can vote to delete them. Generally it takes 3 votes.
I thought 20k users could delete them on their own.
Didn't we already close this?
1:05 AM
We'll be moving the #stackexchange network back over to the primary database nodes in a few minutes, the outage should be < 60 seconds.
I just so happened to hit it at exactly the right time
Already back up for me.
@MarcoCeppi lol.. IKR
@GeorgeEdison I will change it when 13.04 launches
And we're done!
1:29 AM
Q: USB-monitors in Ubuntu - Does Ubuntu support Lenovo THINKVISION LT1421?

aresoI'm often changing location, so, I want to buy USB-monitor. Is Ubuntu (I'm use 12.04 LTS with updates) supported any USB-monitors? Is Ubuntu supported Lenovo THINKVISION LT1421? http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/monitor/lt1421/ There are no information about supported OS. Thanks.

What should we do with this?
Is it on-topic? Maybe we should make it more general "Does Ubuntu support USB monitors?"
There have been several what USB monitors are supported questions
Have there been? I suspected as much.
I was involved in one of them. Basically we need lists of actually working edge case hardware - I asked a wireless that supports hostapd one. We need to know what USB video card/monitors work beyond general vendor specs
Hmm. I see.
1:37 AM
@GeorgeEdison Ehh.. What name?
Isn't that a bit like claiming prior art on carSeat?
car describes a type of seat...so... just saying
2:02 AM
It's a joke.
@MarcoCeppi: The Python page in the Ondina CP is broken.
@MarcoCeppi: It's also broken for Ruby on Rails.
@RolandTaylor: Uhm... the site is down until this ------^ gets resolved
Oh wait - hey I figured out how to restart it - never mind.
2 hours later…
4:19 AM
Time to install valgrind. Fun.
4:33 AM
A: Gist oneboxing does not work when username is included

SklivvzIndeed it is! It's now done and it should be fixed once a new version of the chat is deployed.

I saw that.
Thanks for getting them to fix it.
@AmithKK: We got a new logo over on 2buntu.
4:34 AM
Looks...a Bit... you know... childish?
No offence meant
Roland made it.
Also, I (re)added support for StackTack. Example: 2buntu.com/1186/…
I prefer that
You'll have to get Roland to accept it.
I'm just the administrator.
Ping @RolandTaylor
Hey @maggotbrain
@AmithKK You rang?
What's up?
4:42 AM
no, just saying hi :)
Hey there. How are you doing?
@AmithKK What's new in your world?
I would like to propose something: these two questions (askubuntu.com/questions/48299/… and askubuntu.com/questions/10998/…) are similar, but deal with rather different subject matter. The first deals with IDEs specifically, whereas the second just asks what would be a good text editor for developing code on.
This has lead to duplicate answers, as well as mis-categorization of some programs (saying that vim is an IDE, etc).
I would like to request that a mod head over, eliminate duplicate answers, and migrate mis-categorized entries over from one question to the other.
We could then link the two questions together so that anyone who thought that they wanted a text editor but really wanted an IDE could see the other question, and vice versa.
5:01 AM
You have some points there..
But I don't think any answers should be deleted.
And I don't think they should be merged.
We don't like these "list type" questions and I think they should be closed.
Not closed, but protected once they evolve.
However you can use Gedit and Vim as IDE's... So those answers are fine.
@maggotbrain Why not closed? We close any new ones that come along.
I think we have great fragmentation when it comes to dealing with these "list type" questions...
Anyway.. I'm going to bed.
I think my program has a glitch - in less than 5 seconds, it managed to completely lock up and dump 1.2 GB of data into a file.
Time to debug...
5:18 AM
@Seth Seriously?
We've got such a spongy line here for list / "canonical" questions here.
3 hours later…
8:08 AM
Q: To what extent does LXC manage configuring the network interface in a container?

David ParksIn the LXC config file we can specify an IP address for a container: lxc.network.type=veth lxc.network.link=br0 lxc.network.ipv4 = lxc.network.flags=up lxc.network.hwaddr= 00:16:3e:24:26:33 But if the container has the default configuration of DHCP, what's going to happen: # The ...

1 hour later…
9:33 AM
2 hours later…
11:24 AM
@InkBlend Individual answers cannot be moved from question to question (except by their authors deleting them in one place and posting them in the other of course ...which resets any score and reputation associated with them). Moderators have the power to merge all the answers from one question into another, or to delete some and then merge all the others, but once a question is merged, that's permanent; that question can never have answers of its own again.
3 hours later…
2:00 PM
Happy birthday @MarcoCeppi!
1 hour later…
3:01 PM
Q: Should tags also used for adding extra information

OrangeTuxI saw an this post. The author describes a problem but uses the tags to define the version of Ubuntu, to give extra information. He doesn't mention the version in his text. I know that tags should be used to categorize posts. But can tags also be used this way?

Q: Change my username

packpatfanI would like to change my username, but when I first attempted it it gave me an error. I fixed the thing it was squabbling about, but then it said I could only change my username every 30 days (it said I could change it again in 22 hours???) and then it wouldn't let me change my username (I have...

3:17 PM
@EliahKagan The questions are CW, right? There would be no rep loss associated with deleting answers in either question, and in fact most answers are present on either question, so it would mostly be a process of deleting either duplicate answers or answers that were miscategorized.
3:37 PM
@maggotbrain ??
I wonder if we should start a super thread on meta detailing common canonical questions
i thought we had a bunch
Q: What are common canonical questions for our site?

Jacob Johan EdwardsSo according to the Gospel of Spolsky 13:4, a core mission of Stack Exchange communities is to stop re-answering the same questions, and instead build a library of canonical answers. When general duplicates (instances of a problem) arise, we close and refer them to one such answer. For example: ...

Happy Birthday @MarcoCeppi
resists the urge to start a B-day pinging contest
close this one
Q: How to Increase Swap Memory?

FrEE-D2 Months ago, I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in my PC. I never knew what was swap memory and I gave 1.5 GB for Swap Partition but I read in an Article for a PC with 2GB ram and 100GB+ Hard disk, We should allocate 2GB for swap. Now I realize why PC crashes often. How can i increase my swap memory now?

3:47 PM
9131 days done @MarcoCeppi :P
@Alvar Of/for what?
Okay. One more vote needed. (hint @AmithKK :P)
Hmph! :P
3:51 PM
I'm 11 years younger than him :P
Than..? Marco?
how old is marco now?
too lazy to click the profile
I'm 21, 22 in October..
3:57 PM
Wow this chatroom has changed.
@AmithKK no, you are still the youngest! ;)
AskUbuntu history flashes before me
from an Area51 proposal to the source for ubuntu support
Now we can say, "in the good old days" quotes!
Hipster Me, Posting funny pictures before it was cool
4:02 PM
I should write a book ;)
@AmithKK With the entire chat transcript :P
@Seth too many lolcats for one book!
To find the transcript
I shall use my toothpaste on heatsink qu
I.. can't find it
found a good one :P
Nov 2 '11 at 11:46, by Amith KK
> Dating a girl is just like writing software. Everything's going to work just fine in the testing lab (dating), but as soon as you have contract with a customer (marriage), then your program (life) is going to be facing new situations you never expected. You'll be forced to patch the code (admit you're wrong) and then the code (wife) will just end up all bloated and unmaintainable in the end.
do any of you guys know The Fast Show?
4:15 PM
And I was so a prick to Marco :)
Sorry @MarcoCeppi :P
it was a sketch show on the BBC about 15 years ago
Never heard of it..
@DanHulme Never heard of it. Sorry :)
One of the recurring characters was a car salesman who always used to say "Selling a car is like making love to a beautiful woman," and give a completely different explanation each time.
I dunno, something just reminded me of him...
@InkBlend I'm not sure when they became CW--reputation associated with a post remains, even when the post becomes community wiki. Deleting such an answer will still remove that reputation. More importantly, the number of votes a post has serves more than just to give reputation to its author. A post's score gauges the community's reaction to the post, and this should be maintained whenever possible.
4:27 PM
Met a Canonical developer today.
Cool :)
Good NIght
@AmithKK did yo see this one
Dec 1 '12 at 3:12, by mateo_salta
user image
4:52 PM
Is there a keyboard shortcut for docking an app to the right/left of the screen?
Or in other words, make the app take up half the screen on a respective side..
Ah, I found it.
Ctrl + Super + Left/Right
5:08 PM
Q: General Package Management (Apt) Questions

AlfaZuluI decided to finally learn vi and as I was doing that I realized that vi wasn't behaving as I expected. I learned from another post that this was because, on Ubuntu, vim-tiny is installed by default. After I learned that I chose to install the full version of vim using the following command: s...

@Oli Spam.
And it's by (another account named) "vendorcode"! :(
So we should expect several more spam posts soon.
And here's the next spam, right on schedule. ;)
And the French spam that always comes next. It's like deja vu!
(Anyone here, please flag these spam posts if you haven't already. Thanks.)
Oh good, the spam and account are now deleted. (That should buy some time before the next small wave of "vendorcode" spam.)
@Oli And "vendorcode" is back! More spam.
5:41 PM
Aww. I had started to think the spam was over with..
5:52 PM
@Oli Are you around?
6:05 PM
@mateo_salta Cool!
Also, Bollywood used NFC before it was cool. How? When Someone dances, everybody in a 10~m radius also gets the dance moves instantly.
@AmithKK Bollywood dancing AoE enchantment
Haha lol
Interior Locks. Nuff Said
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Know what this red marriage thing is?
6:32 PM
Yeah. The US legal system is trying to decide on gay marriage rights, and loads of people are trying to show solidarity for themselves or their friends choices.
Make all legal "marriages" civil unions and make marriage a religious device instead of a legal device. Problem solved. Neither side wants to solve it though, they want to bicker about it and prove the other side wrong.
Good Night
yells stars ;)
7:36 PM
@EliahKagan You there
8:06 PM
@LuisAlvarado You there?
I think we should symlink to ..
8:24 PM
Isn't this a dupe of the fixing dependency question?
Q: Dependency error while installing own cloud on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS

Mir KhashkhashWhile truing to install owncloud client on ubuntu I am hiting the wall because of dependencies!! I googled it and checked everywhere but no remedy, can anyone help? Info: Tried everything on here: http://owncloud.org/sync-clients/ I am having following response from terminal: root@c-THIN:/ho...

I didn't know we had a canonical dupe all dependency questions to this question. I know we have a mergelist one. I sort of despise when people make a product (commercial) and pimp out community support.
Q: How do I resolve unmet dependencies?

jrgHow do I resolve unmet package dependencies? Occasionally, when I'm installing stuff, I get an error like the following: Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages ...

sure, why not
This is TL as well: askubuntu.com/q/107649/44179
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Okay good. Can you cast the vote? I'm out...
@Seth That's a bug report
It's on launchpad
8:27 PM
oh, you're right.
Didn't really read the code there.
I'm saying that bug is already reported on launchpad. It has been around and may or may not be fixed.
Okie.. Close it then.
Added a link. If it fixes the problem it's user/network issues. Otherwise it's the bug and i'll have to dig for it
Thanks :)
It baffles me that people can't operate google, but they can operate an ask button.
8:33 PM
They probably don't know what search terms to use though...
I know sometimes I don't.
The most distinctive part of the error message shrugs
Yeah.. Guess that would do it.
Also add launchpad or site:launchpad.net to it... just saying
@Seth done
Thanks @LuisAlvarado :D
Edit tag wiki then ask for tags to be merged :P
@LuisAlvarado Err, wait. I only see a suggested synonym...
8:41 PM
on it
sorry if i work slow, got the flu
in bed atm
@LuisAlvarado Thank you!
@LuisAlvarado Oh, sorry to here that..
@LuisAlvarado I was reaching for a soviet russia flu joke, but decided against it. Feel better.
hehe thanks, closed q
I need more than 40 votes!! ARGHH.
Such a low limit..
@seth ok SO had an error when doing merge
8:45 PM
it says they will work on it soon
guess we wait
Oh, OK then.
Thanks for all your help!
Not really.
See my comment too.
8:50 PM
Yerp. My initial response was simply: "REALLY?"
yeah... I can't believe how people don't read the FAQ and [about] pages...
Oh yeah.. And that reminds me:
Def... I think some list style questions are discouraged but justified
Q: "[about]" magic link doesn't work in chat, just comments

SethRecently the new "about" page was rolled out and was soon added to the list of magic links. However this doesn't seem to work in chat, just comments: Could we please expand this to chat? I use these a lot.

@AbrahamVanHelpsing Like which ones?
Q: What purchasable wireless cards support master-mode/hostapd?

AbrahamVanHelpsingWhat I am looking for: links to specific purchasable cards (amazon, google shopping results, anything that will last) There is a preference for N support What I'm not looking for: Your personal ebay link Chipsets as revealed by linux-wireless "this one doesn't work" USB, PCMCIA, Expre...

8:54 PM
@LuisAlvarado Hi. Not then, but I am now.
9:10 PM
This is mildly disturbing:
Whoa... Where did the double messages come from..?
Network lag probably
@GeorgeEdison Is that a baby honey-badger?
@AbrahamVanHelpsing probably.
Wait- how come the message was displayed twice?
Network lag. It does that.
9:13 PM
Yeah... sometimes it does that.
And then there's this:
user image
What about a ferret?
9:36 PM
@MarcoCeppi Are you around?
@Seth yes
This answer could use some comment cleaning: askubuntu.com/a/199714/44179
@Seth my zoologist friend says it's a ferret
@DanHulme Thanks. That's what I thought.. I don't think it's too easy to get your hands on a badger.. around here anyway.
hmm..., there is an auto comment that looks strange, its "name" and "description" don't match (to my eyes at least). "name": "[A]Answer that is a question", in the description it then talks about "edit your question - like it was targeted at the OP (which is covered in the following comment "[A]OP adding a new question as an answer ". I'm willing to edit it but would want some input first.
9:45 PM
Whoever said "there's no such thing as a bad question" clearly had never seen the Internet.
@guntbert Lemme look.
Those comments could use some optimization to be sure.
@guntbert I think that one and the one below it got swapped somehow...
That's what it looks like.
@Seth, good catch, who does the swap back?
@guntbert You can if you want :)
Or I can if you don't want ;)
@Seth, I'll do it, just for training :-)
@guntbert Okay, good idea :)
there is an excellent tutorial to be found - made by a certain @Seth :-))
9:50 PM
Oh great. Support for 10.04.4 has been lengthened... To May!!!
One more tweet:
I'm glad all these spammer/hacked Twitter accounts posted the link to a spam question on #StackOverflow so I could delete it...
Thanks spammer! lol.
@Seth, do you think those empty lines are there for a purpose?
(at the end)
@guntbert At the bottom of the script? No, I don't think so.
ok, I remove them
Just make sure you don't delete the closing brackets.
@guntbert Also, before you submit the pull request part you can test it to make sure it works.
After clicking "commit"
Click "raw" and put that URL in the userscript.
@Seth, thats the "raw" step, isn't it?
10:00 PM
Yes... Did I mention that?
I don't remember.
yes, you did, as I said the tut is excellent
A: What is the process to get those pro-forma-comments into the "central script"?

SethAre you talking about the remote sources? Those are hosted on GitHub for all to contribute to. The project's page is here: AskUbuntu / ProFormaComments. I must admit, it was my addition that caused that last parse error and made everything stop working ;) Thanks to AmithKK for finding an...

Oh, great. Glad I remembered to add that. Thanks :)
@Oli In this answer, when you say /mnt/boot, do you mean just /mnt? You never create /mnt/boot, the root partition is what you're mounting, and you chroot to /mnt, not to /mnt/boot.
Also, maybe this was different in some old release, but sudo on the live CD succeeds without asking for a password, so you may want to remove the thing about inputting a blank password for it.
o/ @foss
10:12 PM
@Seth, done
Anyone have any thoughts on this one? IMO it's one of three things: a)dupe of dependency, b)dupe of multi-arch, c)file a bug with the commercial vendor. All of which are closeable. askubuntu.com/questions/275902/…
@AbrahamVanHelpsing If finding out which one of those it is is non-trivial, then it's not really a dupe.
@guntbert Nice :)
@DanHulme Well he's denying A. If he's not lying in his question it's not B. Which leaves lying about A or C.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Good grief.
10:18 PM
Or some user-dependent home-brew QT lib that is set to conflict with the qt-core package, which makes it not applicable to other users in the future...
That is at least: weird.
I suspect the weird home-brew, but that's outside of scope imo.
yes it is.
@Seth, about your recommendation "fresh install": 10.04->12.04 is just one step, isn't it? I am obviously doing some 1st post reviews right behind you :-)
@guntbert Hmm. I think so. It would still be easier to just do a fresh install IMO.
10:23 PM
@Seth, maybe - with fresh installs I almost always forget to preserve something, so I tend to upgrade as long as viable
10:46 PM
@EliahKagan about your answer askubuntu.com/a/275929/117103, wouldn't it be better to omit usermod -a -G your-username and only use adduser your-username sudo ? I've seen several occasion where users forgot the -a and so effectively removed themselves from a bunch of useful groups.
/me just fell in love with the flexjobs website... should be interesting.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing ooh cool.
10:58 PM
An enormous number of telecommute jobs, which would be nice.
Wait a minute... Qt transparency is working in openbox without a compositor...that's weird...
Hmmm, I usually have to use xcompmgr in lubuntu
11:21 PM
Err.... spammy'ish sorta:
Q: hw to protect myself from a hacker

user106903My original operating system windows vista. He(?) completely took over my laptop via permissions and administrator changes. Additionally he would add titles other than Administrator 2 out rank me & I could change nothing. not even the time. If I switched users the screen would the say that I ...

@mateo_salta that's why it's weird...

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