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12:14 AM
@EliahKagan Initially the answer was posted because of comments (now deleted) mchild and I had posted to each other about cd by itself not working. A long time ago I setup cd with no parameter to be a help screen which I thought was "helpful" but which some frowned upon. I imagine the same like minded folks are behind the two down votes. I was torn between deleting the answer or leaving it there. It is off-topic you could say, but new users might appreciate it.
Thank you for apology but it's not necessary. Your gallantry casts a large shadow in front of you and no explanation is ever needed.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix We'll see what happens with the question, but I suggest keeping it. Up to you, of course.
Is the site very slow right now? Or is that my Internet connection?
12:47 AM
@EliahKagan Not sure. About 45 minutes ago some of my Ask Ubuntu browser tabs stopped and I had to close and reopen them. Don't think it was network related though.
6 hours later…
6:53 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I found out my nvidia's boardname; it's Nvidia 800m
@dessert Okay! Is it customizable like kde?
@Rinzwind I have GNOME2, right? Budgie I'll give it a try tonight Not tonight some other day. I already have piled up loads of works for me because of yesterday night.
1 hour later…
8:15 AM
Q: How to keep a process running indefinitely on ubuntu server

Mr.PresidentVery new to linux, I am using screen to keep running background processes. For example, I have some Flask REST API's and I run their configuration-file using: uwsgi --ini path_to_file/file.ini Since I have multiple such API's with their individual conf file, I use screen. Except for one API ...

Q: New ubuntu install need to clean second disk

FoxdemonI have installed Ubuntu on my old laptop to give him a second life. I installed Ubuntu on the 24gb SSD. But the old Windows10 partition is on the 1tb HDD. Now every time I boot the system it asks which one I want to boot from. I dont want this, and want to just delete everything from this disk ...

1 hour later…
9:38 AM
@TheLittleNaruto it is customisable like nothing else is, but note that it’s a tiling window manager (not a full-blown DE actually), which is a bit special and may not be what you want ;P – nevertheless it’s definitely worth a try, I use it equally at home and work and never even thought about moving back to LXDE/LXQt (Lubuntu) or any other non-tiling DE
@dessert I see; Thanks for the info. I don't want to be blocked atm. So, I'll give it a try later. =D
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L Answered!
4 hours later…
1:17 PM
Q: Help in debugging Exim4 SMTP AUTH 535 Incorrect authentication data

SardathrionI followed this guide to set up TLS and auth. I have a username (usr) and a password (pwd) set in /etc/exim4/passwd and the files has the right permissions: -rw-r----- 1 root Debian-exim 51 Oct 16 13:11 passwd If I remove the plain text part of the line in that file and run: htpassw...

@terdon I've mostly kept my big mount shut on the issue... Just updated my profile prior to the CoC being published and linking to people directly in the background.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Nope, you're not.
@Fabby Please, please don't. Just.... don't
I know you mean well and you want to make a joke etc, but we've been dealing with trolls doing that sort of thing and having a decent user joke about it is really not helpful.
@terdon Don't what? Link up to people in the background before leaving permanently?
You are likely to be flagged, banned, suspended, drawn and quartered, crucified, you name it.
@Fabby No, don't update your profile with pronouns for a joke. Please.
Not now.
@terdon Did you read it? I actually had a laugh from a trans women in another chat room on the network about my preferred pronoun.
1:32 PM
@Fabby I did read it. Most won't. Which is why I strongly urge you not to do this.
Too bad Heather isn't around any more: she would be able to shed a real light on the issues.
Believe me, we have been talking about this non-stop for 3 weeks.
@terdon Editing again... My defense was going to be: "Hey, this was posted before the CoC change.
@Fabby As far as I'm concerned, you don't need a defense. I know you just mean it as light-hearted fun. I can just assure you that there will be people who will take it as trolling. This isn't the time for jokes on that subject, the network is still in full on meltdown and there are people (from all sides of the various debates) trawling the sites for things to get upset about. Don't feed them!
@terdon Please verify.
1:40 PM
@Rinzwind Re. "kde is far too flashy for me", with a little effort, and with no super skills, it can be made really boring :)
@Fabby Better, I guess. But on your head be it.
@terdon FYI: I'm not in arms about the CoC itself, but about the well-meant gender inclusiveness leading to exclusion.
@Fabby Look, I have all sorts of opinions on the general trend in society too. All I'm saying is that at this point in time, it isn't a good idea to express any opinion if it can be avoided.
E.G. I've talked to someone with DID and "they" just freaks them out, a transgender woman who is happy about pronouns being made an issue but sad that there is no pronoun field and sad about it leading to a moderator having her diamond removed etc.
@terdon Thinking...
(because what you're asking amounts to doing nothing and that's not an option: too many mistakes have been made by SE and the need to start thinking before acting)
(But as usual: always willing to listen)
@Fabby Well, OK. Feel free to express your opinion, I just would recommend you do not express your opinion by adding fake pronouns to your profile. That is what many trolls have been doing so it is very likely to be perceived as trolling.
1:52 PM
@terdon Removing last line.
@DKBose Edited profile again... cc @terdon
@DKBose Watching only now
@DKBose :* 0:-)
@DKBose If more people would do that, there'd be less murders, war and generally less misery on this planet.
(Though I like the original better)
@Fabby I purposely chose this version. The other was a bit graphic :)
Ah! (Original removed...) 0:-)
@DKBose You British?
No! But we were colonized by them! Even now, all that goes wrong can, with some mental agility, be blamed on them :D
2:08 PM
@DKBose I must've asked this before... I get a strange feeling you're Aussie, right?
(or not even close?)
No need to give away personal facts! (only if you're willing)
Nope, Indian, but travelled a bit.
@DKBose I would never have guessed that one!
(ok, maybe after 10 tries...)
Well, blame the Jesuit school and college for that!
@DKBose And same here, so I consider myself "European".
@DKBose Catholic college here as well.
>:-) ;-)
Q: Allow all users to create folders in HDD, but only owners can read/write/delete their own folders

Message PassingOn Ubuntu 18, I have mounted an external drive in /mnt/hdd/ and then I have changed its permission with sudo chmod 777 /mnt/hdd/. In this way, all users can write in this external HDD. However, in this way, if user A creates a folder, then user B can delete the folder created by user A. How can I...

2:36 PM
@Fabby is back \o/
My first answer on Unix SE got accepted. Yay !
is it a step for leaving AU? :(
@DKBose Haha
@damadam NooooOoooo! I just found that question easy.
@DKBose Just out of curiosity, are you bengali?
2:45 PM
You shouldn't even ask
@Kulfy no, Goan/Mumbaikar
Aamchi Mumbai
@DKBose Which language do you speak? Konkani or Marathi or Both?
@Kulfy I lived in Mumbai for more than 1 n half years.
@DKBose Bose sounds Bengali to me. Like SC Bose.
@TheLittleNaruto Mala jaude bhau
2:48 PM
just kidding :P
@DKBose If you're Goan, you would have sound more like Portuguese. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@damadam ik kills @damadam for kidding
Since I have started learning GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, I thought of writing a blog. Few weeks back I posted one. Would be great if you guys check and give me some feedback. _/\\_
Flags the message as spam. Reports to mods. Asks mods to ban @TheLittleNaruto from chat for posting spam. Reports in Charcoal HQ as well
@Kulfy Why? English medium all the way. My knowledge of Marathi is nil. And my Hindi gets me into trouble or mocked :(
@DKBose Goa was colonized by Portuguese
3:02 PM
Yes, but I've lived in Goa for only about two weeks!
@DKBose I am sorry, but it's hard to believe that you don't/can't speak Marathi/Konkani/Hindi. Are you working person or a student?
@TheLittleNaruto just share your blog link :D
@DKBose OK so you mean your Goa plan succeeded.
@damadam It's on my website. Kindly check my profile.
i will (when i would be at home)
3:06 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I repeat
@damadam Thank you /\
kills @Kulfy for repeating repeatedly
3:43 PM
The problem described in stuck when trying to run ls, ll command is quite interesting.
Happy birthday all Ubuntu turned 15 today
4:19 PM
@Rinzwind How exactly is an operating system born?
4:34 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I like this type of blog :)
@TheLittleNaruto >:-)
@Rinzwind And sadly we forgot the 9th birthday of the site we're on.
@dessert By investment?
4:53 PM
@dessert release of 4.10 was on 21st of October 2004.
I still have the CDs :D
In honor of this anniversary, I should attempt to install Ubuntu 4.10.
Started :)
That's the one :D
@EliahKagan I do not have a cd player anymore :X
@damadam Thank you :)
how to remove this annoying kde?
@TheLittleNaruto How did you install that?
5:08 PM
Don't remember anymore
@Rinzwind Well, the ISO images can still be downloaded.
true :)
OK so apt was introduced after apt-get and release files used to be at people.ubuntu.com?
5:12 PM
My battery is dead as in not charging anymore. And I am getting this annoying notification: low battery
Any idea how can I get rid of it on GNOME?
@TheLittleNaruto Try sudo apt purge kubuntu-desktop or may be sudo apt purge plasma-desktop
@Kulfy Too late! Done with uninstallation.
@Kulfy Any idea on this problem ?
@Kulfy The apt command was introduced quite late. I believe the first Ubuntu release that had it was 14.04.
5:27 PM
And I thought apt-get was introduced after apt. :facepalm:
@TheLittleNaruto remove GNOME
@Kulfy slow-claps! slow-claps!
πŸ‘ πŸ‘
@EliahKagan Seriously? That old?
I would have expected 16 or so.
Shall I post on main site?
damn it! it's not coming anymore; I want to take screenshot
5:39 PM
@terdon Its feature set was much smaller in 14.04, but yeah. I often ran commands like sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade in 14.04. IIRC, the command sudo apt --purge autoremove didn't work in 14.04, but I don't recall if the reason was that apt didn't recognize the autoremove action or that apt didn't recognize the --purge option.
@EliahKagan Huh, cool, thanks. I think I first saw it long after I'd left the Debian world, so it probably took a while to register.
Do you use Arch these days?
I only used Ubuntu for a couple of years or so, maybe less, then moved to Mint, then LMDE and then Arch. But we have Ubuntu Server systems at work, so I still have some contact with the Debian world.
I used LMDE for a while.
I've now been a user of Mandrake, SuSe, openSuSe, Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu, Mint, LMDE (which is basically Debian) and Arch.
@EliahKagan LMDE is pretty cool.
5:46 PM
Is it still actively maintained?
No idea
5:59 PM
So, speaking of different distributions, I think that, for years, Ubuntu has been the only distribution (besides derivatives of Ubuntu) on which sudo (without -H or -i or being reconfigured) keeps the user's $HOME. But that has been changed as of 19.10.
That is, I believe this answer (and some others) need updating now that 19.10 is out. But I want to be careful. The behavior of earlier releases, including LTS releases like 18.04, is not changing, and I am not totally sure what happens in all upgrade situations.
Q: How to always show passwords typed into the terminal?

stackersI use ubuntu to host my webserver. Whenever I update it, I have to type in my password, usually multiple times. Ubuntu hides passwords that are being typed for security reasons. But I'm at home on my own computer, and no one is looking over my shoulder, so this feature is only a hindrance to me. ...

why can't I just answer "no" :P
5 hours later…
10:43 PM
I want to VTR this question but I'm not sure because I'm emotionally invested:
Q: What does >&2 mean in a shell script?

Daschok770I am doing my homework and I have a question about one line. I don't understand what this >&2 means: if test -d $2 then echo "$2: Is directory" >&2 ; exit 21 fi

>&2 doesn't appear in the question nor any of the answers.
By the same duplicate logic, using an extreme, I could post a question "What exactly does 's //' mean in sed anyway?" and then close a thousand questions about sed search and replace. Anyway if anyone agrees (perhaps @EliahKagan who edited the question) let me know. Thank you :)
Of course let me know if you disagree too! :D
@Rinzwind You said no but someone else answered 3 hours later yes. I could write a GUI password form with a [show password] button I guess but why bother if I don't need the functionality...

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