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3:00 PM
maybe someone should finally write an answer to fix the 777 problem
That didn't happen yet?
Dupe it no? There's already one somewhere about what perms the dir should have I think
actually not clear if /var/www is the only problem
@edwinksl True
No? Seems that's all they messed up
Left link in comment
If not a dupe of that, then unclear/too broad imho
there is a causal mention of /media
3:08 PM
Good point, that should have only ACL for administrator
Or maybe ACLs get added for other users, not at my machine to check
Someone removed the nasty comment :)
@Zanna It was removed
@Zanna - You beat me by 2 seconds...
Its a broader problem tho
@JourneymanGeek Nice answer
3:14 PM
> "I'd like the owner, anyone in his group, and anyone at all to have read, write and execute permissions"
bit too harsh?
@ByteCommander :)
Isn't "anyone at all" something that grammatically makes no sense in English?
@JourneymanGeek The part about being clueless is a bit rough
3:15 PM
Not sure, but "at all" is always negative, meaning nobody/nothing, isn't it?
@ByteCommander Makes sense to me
Nope it's perfectly fine English
Yeah, it sounds fine
@ByteCommander Question: Why is your name in chat just "Byte"? Did it cut it off?
3:17 PM
And got to go... seeya
Later xxx
yeah, adjusted that, and added that 755 is a common default
@Zanna bye
@ByteCommander cya
(I do think anyone who types in chmod -R 777 ought to be... newspapered)
3:20 PM
@JourneymanGeek +1 for 'is not optimal'
@JourneymanGeek You mean sudo chmod -R 777 /.
@jokerdino not leaving, that was to Byte
@AndroidDev anything is bad enough
@AndroidDev that should be a shooting offense.
@AndroidDev They've probably enabled the root user.
@Zanna hurray?
3:22 PM
@JourneymanGeek lol
@jokerdino I don't know how to answer this question!
or at leas grounds for a fresh install
I have a strange feeling of deja vu.
@jokerdino again?
3:23 PM
I think it was ;p
@jokerdino really????
@Zanna Hurray!
@jokerdino c'mon....
Ping me twice more.
And you'll... what?
3:25 PM
I'll ask you to stop.
Ready the suspension hammer?
Okay, I'll stop
Gulp :)
good afternoon!!
3:27 PM
I got a dino shaped USB drive.
I can't find it now.
@JourneymanGeek Hmmm... methinks something needs to be added here :) howtogeek.com/125157/…
@edwinksl that comic is very accurate haha
I just didn't go for debian (yet!) :p
A: Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't detect my second monitor

Yamil MontesPerhaps ubuntu does not support that type of connection port the dock uses to convert all the ports in the back, sorry for the lack of knowledge but from the top of my head that is what I think it is.

3:30 PM
@jokerdino I have one like an astronaut
What should we do with that ^^^ ?
@Zanna Nice~
so, how was the debate yesterday? :p
only watched halfway, i wasn't able to tolerate it any longer
Yay! YAAGP (Yet Another AMD Graphics Problem): askubuntu.com/questions/830359/amd-a10-8700p-fglrx
3:37 PM
man, I forgot my food at work, will have to go there on my day off to pick it up
@IanC ooops
I can never forget food...
Bye for now
see you later @AndroidDev
cya @AndroidDev @IanC
3:41 PM
haven't seen you around in a while @Zanna, how are things going? :)
or maybe I haven't been around as often in a while
Going great thanks :)
How about you?
Doing good! Day has started in a great mood today, sun came out and had a great time surfing this morning :)
This guy doubled his reputation score today because of my kind edit to his answer... askubuntu.com/a/830215/367990 :-)
A good deed every day
@ByteCommander Good guy Byte Commander! You need a meme now. =)
Oh, and that answer outscored the ones by Zanna, terdon and heemayl by a factor of more than 3...
le gasp
3:50 PM
Hello everyone ! :)
@cl-netbox Hello! :)
My boot to ram answer is now score +40 and half of the votes were for free due to the rep cap...
@Terrance Hi Terrance ! :)
I could have 200 points for yet another day if those votes would just roll over ;___;
@cl-netbox Haven't seen you for a while. How are you?
3:51 PM
@cl-netbox Hey!
Wonders what it would be like to actually score more than 40 points in a day.
$ type cl
cl is aliased to `clear; ls'
I seem to have @cl-netbox aliased :)
@Terrance I'm fine - I worked a lot with fedora and redhat in the last days ... what about you ? :)
3:53 PM
I don't know if it's just a coincidence I always end up in Arch's wiki, but is it the most complete distro wiki page?
@terdon hahaha ... Hi terdon ! Good eevening ! :)
@ByteCommander Hello and good evening ! :)
@cl-netbox Nice! Are you a professional now with it? :) I am doing well, still working in the same job working with all those flavors of linux still. :)
@Terrance No ... far from being a pro with it ... but the systems are great and the people I had contact with are very friendly, so it brings some fun ... :)
@cl-netbox Good! Yeah, I have been learning a ton in my job with it too and great people as well. I too am far from a professional, but I do really like working with those. :)
@IanC Yes it is. And Ubuntu wiki in contrast... sigh
3:57 PM
@Terrance : Do you know Chris Henderson (Product Manager of red hat) ... he seems to be an awesome guy ... :)
@ByteCommander use the flag option to make as possible duplicate — Amias 3 mins ago
@Amias I don't need to use a flag, I can directly vote to close as duplicate - which is what I did. You don't need to advise me how to close a question, I'm doing that for over a year now... — Byte Commander 2 mins ago
@cl-netbox I don't. I actually don't know anybody from RedHat themselves. I mainly work with professionals in the data center I am with.
@ByteCommander The times I ended up in Ubuntu's wiki it was often outdated
by the way, what is the appeal of Arch? I've heard it's more developers focused, but I'm not sure how
Arch is lower-level than most other distros
3:59 PM
@Terrance What I absolutely do appreciate : whenever I contact them, they immediately respond and really try to help solving the problem ! :)
you use Arch, right @Zanna?
Much more minimalist, and a decent amount more performance-based as a result
Arch has the mindset of "if you need it, install it" as opposed to just giving you things, like X by default.
@ByteCommander not just good for post author but for everyone
@cl-netbox That's good. I have never had to contact them, but I know that they give us TONS of support. Maybe one day I will be working on the team that deals directly with them. :)
@KazWolfe got it, so it's a more raw distro, seems good for learning how things work
4:01 PM
wow, looks like commandlinefu is finally going - the parent site absorbed the commands into their "community" pages, and still no way to flag spam comments, also the API broke
@IanC that would be LFS
@IanC Yeah, nobody seems to actively maintain it. The whole system is strange.
@IanC only in spirit right now, had to give my Arch machine to a friend :) next time an old laptop falls into my hands, I'll install Arch again. And yeah, the wiki is amazing
chillout mate , just a suggestion — Amias 6 mins ago
He has a point.
Yeah, I also realized my reply sounded maybe a bit too harsh...
Excused myself.
4:03 PM
He was just trying to be helpful, no insult intended. I know it's annoying when someone tries to teach you things you know better than they did but, you know, they're the newb, not you :)
Ah, you cleaned them up. Thanks
Poor fellow didn't know that voting ton close leaves an automatic comment.
Yeah, probably.
well, looks like the commandline scope is dead because of this change, going to click unpublish :(
@KazWolfe That's cool! I just opened their website, it's probably hard to finish getting the OS working but after you do you'll have learned a lot
@Zanna The only distros I've installed were Red hat (a loooooong time ago, don't even remember anything from it), Ubuntu and Kali, which I got rid of
I might install some VMs just to check out some other distros
4:08 PM
yeah, the arch wiki is an amazing resource
it's saved my ass so many times on every Linux version under the sun
@IanC Actually, as long as you follow the installation guide to the letter, it should work easily enough.
@terdon oh yeah, arch doesn't have any install tools.
but if you're weak and pathetic, you can just install Arch to a disk image and deploy that.
@terdon I mean't the LFS distro, but I didn't realize Arch's install was not automated
so they give you a shell, and you do all the installation from there?
@KazWolfe you still need to install the damn thing, I doubt deploying the image would be easier
@IanC Yes. But it isn't very hard
@terdon Eh, it works sorta okay over here. I install a base version to my image, handoff the stuff, and deploy that image to VMs.
4:14 PM
I'll try it on a VM :)
As long as you know your way around the command line, anyway. Certainly not recommended for new users. Or for anyone who wants a system that "just works". Arch is for people who enjoy tinkering with their system.
@KazWolfe Neat
it's a full image running on very specific hardware, so it works without an issue
I'll probably need to read about partitioning from command line, have read about it before but never really used fdisk
every partitioning issue I had to solve was using gparted
ah, hm. seems maybe the api still works, maybe just down for a moment, but the website for commandlinefu is a mess
@Mateo make your own good one?
i can envision something reddit-like, maybe with a bit of community moderation inspiration from SE.
4:22 PM
yeah, first they need the ability to flag all those spam comments they have...
actually, such a website would probably not be the worst
really, just a bunch of backend databases for users, posts, votes, and comments.
the key is the community moderation and flagging part that SE has
so you need some way of gaining/losing rep
or a stack site for one line terminal code competition
in the vein of PPCG?
there's still no Q&A setup there
4:31 PM
yeah, you do have to think in reverse
Q: want a command for checking weather
well, mostly what I miss is the green/black theme from commandlinefu...
4:45 PM
@IanC I enjoyed writing the partition table a lot :) and I agree with @terdon it's very easy if you just carefully follow the guide, I'm pretty clueless and I did fine :)
@Zanna cool! I'm downloading the .iso file, will give it a try later!
that is a lie
ksplice is not free
Rinzy ! :)
5:01 PM
@Rinzwind anyway, dupe of that other answer directly above it askubuntu.com/a/32687/367990
@Rinzwind They claim there is a free desktop edition. Do you think it works?
scared anyone ?
yeah sure but it aint FREE
it does not cost money for desktop sure
but it is 3rd party and binairy
Good point! :)
@Serg Yes, I lost my breathe reading that. ;)
@Rinzwind My brain for a moment was not thinking that way. Thank you for clarifying that for me. =)
5:04 PM
you even need a serial
@Terrance :D yay, i'm getting bettar at it
One would think after 11am here I would be more awake. ;)
and why the mention of redhat and ubuntu but not suse? :P
New indicator , answer probably coming up today
@Serg Looking good there. Looking forward to it. :D
@Rinzwind They're picky
5:05 PM
@Serg spoopy
:D spoopy scawwy , practicing before Halloween
I'll probably make some kind of Halloween script to spoop people
> Software Tester by day , sleeper by night
I like this.
Haha :)
@Serg Hi you indicator-magician :D How are you doing ? :)
Hey @jokerdino ! :) Hi @Zanna 1 :)
5:11 PM
@cl-netbox Hi, Netbox. I'm having breakfast while working on the indicator. How are you ?
@Serg fine ... everything good so far ... :)
Hi @cl-netbox nice to see you
@Zanna Thanks - nice to see you too ! :)
5:29 PM
Q: Is it possible to upgrade Linux Mint 13 to 18?

user164863I'm using Linux Mint 13 Mate for quite some years now. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04 Gnome but LTS is about to be expired as it is till 26 Apr 2017). I would like to upgrade to the most current version which is Linux Mint 18 which is based on new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Is it possible to do a direct ...

@ByteCommander I went over all his answers.. all are ... ehm
A: How to install nvidia optimus driver?

markackerman8-gmail.comTried the above no luck - here is my post from another attempt to get things fixed. Any help would be much appreciated. I have been trying to get proprietary graphics working with my brand new HP Envy 17 m7-j078 notebook. I had been trying for 2 1/2 years with my previous HP Laptop with no succ...

NAA he even admits it >;)
Does gnome-disks come preinstalled with Unity ?
yes it is
5:40 PM
Hi guys
Hi guy
I set up a dual boot of 16.04 and Windows 10 for a friend of mine, then installed an ext4 driver on Windows 10, so he can now access the Ubuntu partition from Windows
sounds like a disaster waiting to happen
Windows doesn't respect Ubuntu permissions, right? So if I don't warn him, he might technically be able to go in there and delete important system files, etc, right?
of course it does not :P It will save anything as "nobody" for user and group unless you setup SAMBA
the ext4 driver should be avoided. install samba :P
5:43 PM
OK, so my friend could go and delete the whole system folder of the Ubuntu partition just like any other folder?
Wait, are you saying it's even likely that Windows will just mess it up all by itself without my friend doing anything stupid even?
ehm there is a reason why you do NOT open up Ubuntu to windows and ONLY use a SINGLE directory
(or a partition formatted as NTFS)
Yeah, like a shared storage partition, I did that too.
OK, so basically, the answer is yes to both my previous questions?
Alright, cool. Haha!
Better uninstall the Ext4 driver then? I don't think he even uses Windows anymore, actually.
yes use samba It is intended for this
5:48 PM
btw: if the ext4 driver has a config where you can set user and group and permissiions it might work ;-)
but then it would basically be samba :P
I see....
It might be a waste of time. He told me he hasn't even booted W10 in months... Better just leave it and tell him to put stuff on the shared exFAT partition.
6:04 PM
Q: Do humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas?

mintspongeIt's widely claimed that we share 50% of our DNA with bananas. Does this have actual basis or is it a myth? Example claims The Mirror (UK), NHGRI

Apparently if you go to the Wikileaks or Pirate Bay websites the NSA put you on a watchlist.
I went to the former once quite a long time ago, I wonder if I'm on it! :D
@ParanoidPanda Sure, you'll be heading to the concentration camps with the rest of us soon.
@ParanoidPanda anyone using linux is a hacker according to the NSA so yes you are
6:11 PM
Well, they're going to have a very boarding time reading my emails! :D
I bet I am on it.
So this is the site?
It's strange, you know I never actually managed to find any documents on it.
6:16 PM
hi all :D
Hi @SeverusTux
Hello :)
Could anyone please help me get audio ? unix.stackexchange.com/questions/312765/…
Oh right, they've made it much easier to find things on their website now...
However after hearing that some wikileaks documents still contained malware in them I don't think I'll be looking on this machine.
6:31 PM
r/SpaceX Official Mars Architecture Announcement/IAC 2016 Live Thread - Updates & Discussion
starts in 1 minute
Live stream starting 6 minutes ago...
Er, except not.
@Zanna - You beat me by literally 250ms askubuntu.com/questions/830458/…
1 message moved from Ubuntu Regulators
@NathanOsman Maybe someone tripped over an ethernet cable
@AndroidDev takes a bow I know, I'm so great...
6:42 PM
@Zanna Wait, OP replied: askubuntu.com/questions/830458/…
well edit it if you think it can be salvaged and it will get reopened
@Zanna - That question was put on hold 8 seconds after he replied :P
@NathanOsman spacex.com/mars
and the YT works :=)
@Zanna without any jokes, you're awesome.
6:49 PM
haha what?!
Upvotes coming Serg's way..
whatever, I'm just gonna say thanks <333
@Zanna I think you are awesome. NoJoke.
@AndroidDev not specific to Mint, removed that tag.
@ByteCommander K
6:51 PM
guys I am already crying here
oh oops. Sorry.
it's ok <333
ss baby is ok. no cri no more
now she fell out of her bed
@ByteCommander - But what about this one? askubuntu.com/questions/823863/…
@Rinzwind lol
6:53 PM
@jokerdino i wonder who here got that ssh bby is ok meme :P
The lesser the better.
@Zanna - Just saw from your bio that you love salted caramel ice cream. That stuff is amazing.
@AndroidDev agreed. Fonts and UI stuff as well as packages are more specific to Mint. And it seems abandoned for two weeks or so now anyway.
@AndroidDev but booja booja just started making one that's like caramel with salted hazelnut butter in it or something. that is on a whole new level...
6:56 PM
@Zanna I'm guessing that's a British brand? Never heard of it.
@AndroidDev vegan brand :)
@NathanOsman finally started
@Seth guess what was just tested...
...and works!
@NathanOsman You are awesome.
@edwinksl I was there reading that thread before it became a meme.
7:01 PM
Still some loose ends to tie up but it's getting there.
Speaking of salted caramel ice cream, lunch is coming up and that sounds really good right now. :D
@jokerdino you are a redditor???
what kind of a question is that?
I feel hurt.
@Seth when you have a moment, I'll need you to privately send me the consumer key / consumer secret / access token / access secret for the Twitter account so the app can post on its behalf.
@jokerdino Do you want a bandaid?
7:15 PM
@Rinzwind <3
ah @Anwar I like what you did here :) askubuntu.com/questions/830253/how-do-i-pronounce-mate
This is going to be a complete app. I've added desktop file and bunch of options, so it will be awesome
@NathanOsman Okay, I can do that. I assume you won't make the mistake of committing it to github ;)
@Seth lol
Nope, already got a .gitignore on the file in case of accidents :D
@NathanOsman awesome! tho do we want to include links? Might be funnier if there is no context..
@NathanOsman Smart man :p
7:27 PM
Actually, how it works is that config.json.default is in the repository and is an inactive template of how the file should look. So when you set it up, you simply copy it to config.json, which is in .gitignore.
@NathanOsman Seems like I can only generate a temporary password that will expire in an hour..?
I think you're on the wrong page.
Are you using the API?
You'll need to start here while signed in: apps.twitter.com/app/new
@Seth Yes.
For "Website" you can just use the GitHub page and "Callback" can be blank.
@NathanOsman Okay.
7:32 PM
Once you fill that in, go to the "Keys and Access Tokens" tab and that should have the consumer stuff.
@NathanOsman What do you think we should put in the name section? Since that is used to attribute tweets people are going to see it.
Just "Ask Ubuntu Chat"? Something more catchy?
"Ask Ubuntu Chat Twitter Bot" <--- what I used for testing
I'm not sure we can change it after creating.
@NathanOsman why are you even creating a default config? just generate it on the fly :D
but ok, we'll go with that.
7:34 PM
@KazWolfe You change it through the web interface (the settings) but... how would it know what port to listen for HTTP requests on? :D
@KazWolfe This app is acting as a server not a client.
@NathanOsman gtalk
@NathanOsman It can still generate a config on-the-fly, which it can then use until a real config is set
7:37 PM
@KazWolfe The app won't start without valid Twitter credentials anyway.
@NathanOsman also i have some more questions for you
if you feel like dealing with them, the testing room awaits!
I can't right now, sorry.
I've got to have lunch and do some stuff.
Maybe later.
no worries, i'm in no rush and don't want to play with regex unsupervised
@Seth lol just signed up :D
7:42 PM
Does LiveJournal seriously only use HTTP including for the login page???
And no TLS for password reset emails or anything?
I thought this was meant to be a major blogging site?
@ParanoidPanda O_O
@Seth What is that? I open 4 pull requests to any arbitrary github project in October and get a free t-shirt? o.O
7:45 PM
Let's see how much data they want to sign up.
Is there any way of contacting LiveJournal?
Ah, only GitHub account so far. Okay, I'm in.
Maybe I'll make some changes to Smokey or ChatExchange...
user image
@KazWolfe need regex help? I can provide some guidance with that too.
@ByteCommander it's weird stuff, i think.
Mostly speed checking, and anti-regexing.
let me get hacktoberfest shirt, and i'll move over.
7:51 PM
what is anti-regexing?
Q: Open Hardware Monitor doesn't show all sensors

tomsk I downloaded Open Hardware Monitor and installed mono (to run Open Hardware Monitor) and I installed lm-sensors too. If I run Open Hardware Monitor it shows only fans and voltage, but It doesn't show current CPU clock (and core temperatures), RAM, iGPU / GPU clock / temperature, Discs temperatu...

@ByteCommander match this, but don't match this.
So just negative lookarounds?
I can do that.
Challenge me! :)
okay, wanna come by the wolf's lair?
See comments:
Q: Open Hardware Monitor doesn't show all sensors

tomsk I downloaded Open Hardware Monitor and installed mono (to run Open Hardware Monitor) and I installed lm-sensors too. If I run Open Hardware Monitor it shows only fans and voltage, but It doesn't show current CPU clock (and core temperatures), RAM, iGPU / GPU clock / temperature, Discs temperatu...

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