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3:00 AM
@KazWolfe er.. uhmm. no!
Okay. Here's a password I just generated: #TP2^RQLyA*#WJu5
but why can't you remember a password????]
are their brain-hackers out now???
There's a security report for that password.
@KazWolfe answer my question!
> time to enumerate | ≈ 1.609×10^18 years (at 100000 passwords per second)
@Windows3.1 Because I don't have to, and I don't want to.
3:02 AM
@KazWolfe better idea: get a pass like (|-|0(0|@73!(3(|^\3@/\/\ and change every 3 months
That is a worse idea.
/kickban @KazWolfe
That is a horrible idea.
That password has a microscopic keyspace!
3:03 AM
I count 11 unique characters.
and in fact... this password is NO MORE SECURE than chocolateicecream!
the longer and random-er the password, the harder it is to crack. End of story
Imagine this. A smart hacker knows people use this leetspeak method, and it's a simple substitution, @Windows3.1. They then test chocolateicecream and do a leetspeak substitution.
@KazWolfe how about get persian keyboard and type English word with keys. it will be like "lkjalsdjfldsjfglhofeadsfdsl;j" in Persian
@Windows3.1 And a smart hacker thinks "hey, people use different keyboard layouts! I'll swap them around and see what happens!"
Any password derived from simple english words is NO MORE SECURE than just using the basic english words!
3:06 AM
@KazWolfe EVERYONE knows that 99% of everyone's passwords are either like "chocolateicecream" or "9323"
that's the world today. either a word string or 4 numbers.
And smart hackers will test substitution methods.
Leetspeak being one of those.
Your example ((|-|0(0|@73!(3(|^\3@/\/`) is no more secure than the seed, chocolateicecream` because it's a predictable substitution scheme.
@KazWolfe but PERSIAN? that is not a widely used language. And only about 1% of the people use that. Hackers do better looking for numbers and letters.
@KazWolfe you miss the piont!
@Windows3.1 I'm missing no point.
3:08 AM
@KazWolfe look. only 1% of the people use substitutions to THAT LEVEL
So you're using numbers to be secure?
most of the substitutions people use are more like "ch0c01@t31c3cr3@m"
that password is not secure
okay, and they get caught pretty fast.
But yours is NO BETTER!
It's still a simple substitution cipher!
3:09 AM
Only 1% of the people use that!!!
If I'm a evil hacker, all I need to do is add that substitution method to my script.
Boom, cracked, gone.
Also if you think a password is secure because nobody uses that method... that's a really bad idea.
@KazWolfe should I be like half of the population and make my pass "1234" or maybe even something like "2624"?
the rest would be something like.
You should use random passwords.
3:11 AM
bet only one person uses that one...
those types
doesn't make it more secure ;p
That is a secure password.
dude that is what the hackers are looking for!
3:12 AM
then NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Something simple and easy to remember (and crack)
THat ^
Because it grants me access to absolutely nothing of importance.
Everything important is secure behind a much stronger password.
3:13 AM
@Serg so, if your login pass looks like that, how do you log in? you either remember it or have it written down
I am talking about UAC login
@Windows3.1 or you know how to "generate" it >:)
all people need to remote access you with remmina
Actually, @Windows3.1, my drive encryption password is a quote from a book.
yeah, the keys are like a whole page of random text ;)
3:14 AM
Over 140 characters long.
I don't care.
I remember it, and it's secure. And it has a LOT of entropy.
gah sorry @Mateo
@KazWolfe not necessary
It really depends on the data. If that data is important, it better have strong,long,random password
@Windows3.1 It is overkill, but it works very well for me.
for which you don't have to rely on memory
And because I have to remember it, and it's vulnerable to a dictionary attack, I make it really long to make such a dictionary attack very hard.
3:16 AM
@KazWolfe which password manager do you use
@KazWolfe just make your password a random tweet every day
With KeePass local for secure things.
and if someone actually uses a ︻̷┻̿═━一 on you, you should hope you remember it lol. wont help to not.
3:16 AM
a what
a ︻̷┻̿═━一
@Zacharee1 isn't it past bedtime for you
I see a square in the beginning
@edwinksl mebeh
gun :P
3:17 AM
actually it does help.
@Zacharee1 go clear the damn review queues
@edwinksl shouldn't the MIT student be asleep too though?
I can be beaten to an inch of my life, and I will be unable to give away any passwords.
My system is rubber-hose resistant.
@Zacharee1 some claim i don't sleep
@KazWolfe if you remember it you can lie and say you don't. if you dont remember it they will think you are lying
but really.. there's no reason why you shouldnt remember a pass.
3:18 AM
@Windows3.1 Unicode has one of those 🔫
@Windows3.1 And if I do remember it (I do), and I give it to them (I will), and they use it (they will), they won't have access to anything at all.
@KazWolfe nice, i thought you might be using something different that i haven't heard before
@Mateo could get you flagged on the internet
Because my system requires TPM and a physical key
I could still custom flag your message ;P but I didn't
3:19 AM
I'm talking about an NSA flag
We're all flagged by the NSA already because we use Linux.
if you live in some countries including dumbass USA
@KazWolfe yeah probably
@KazWolfe HEY :P
worse flag tho
I consolidated the post such that it makes sense without context.
Either way, @Windows3.1, a random password is way more secure because I can't remember it, meaning it has no dictionary entry ever, and it's protected by a lot of layers.
And random passwords have a metric ton of entropy.
ok, so OP wants exactly what my script does. Gotta polish it and post
how about one big long KJV Bible verse lol
@Serg what script?
at kaz
Idk if you'd know anything about this, but any idea why after running sudo ip link set dev eth0 down my eth0 connection would go down then IMMEDIATELY come back up?
Do you have a script in ifdown that brings it back up?
how would I check that
3:24 AM
@KazWolfe oh, there's a question which asks to bring back single click expo. Back in 12.04 apparently if you click on a single window icon in launcher, it would open window spread. Now in 16.04 it only works if the icon references multiple windows.
so i wrote a script to simulate the old functionality
@Serg oh i thought you meant the bash thing. because that would make me sad.
@KazWolfe what bash thing ?
the timer ?
@Serg remember the "open new tab in gnome terminal" question?
the one where you wrote a script and I wrote a bunch of one-liners?
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice what happens if you just use ifdown eth0?
@KazWolfe yeah, i remember. OP has issues with xdotool, iirc
@KazWolfe ᕕ╏ ͡ᵔ ‸ ͡ᵔ ╏و︻̷┻̿═━一
:P lol
3:28 AM
k it's "ntoskrnl64"
try to use it without being me = system reboots, TPM is wiped, can't login.
@KazWolfe gah I dont have your ip :|
or even boot for that matter lol
wish stack exchange was a regular forum with BBcode. I could easily hack you
k my IP is
go wild
...and that's why no smart people use those forums anymore.
@KazWolfe Fires LOIC...
3:30 AM
@NathanOsman the implications
if you'd just use bbcode to get a list of IPs through a malicious image, you can still do it here
@NathanOsman if I don't know what a forum is, do I qualify as a genius?
aint no smart person uses LOIC
i use loic
3:31 AM
mostly to kick the Roku off the network.
Lol. That is a little bit funny.
eh, my router can handle it.
i LOIC and the load spikes to a whopping 0.27!
Lucky you - I don't even have telnet access to my router.
i don't even need telnet
in's in the web gui
3:33 AM
@NathanOsman ew telnet
Hmmm... no R8000 in the list :(
one word: ssh
i love my router ACP so much.
@Serg you ssh
@KazWolfe I thought you weren't allowed to access it?
or is the modem separate?
the modem is what i can't hit
3:37 AM
Nice! ASUS router. :)
I love my LInksys WRT1900AC. Too bad its CPU isn't as fast as the WRT1200AC is though.
anyone have a question that has colored codeblocks in it?
I need to fix the text
on my script
Finally found a sequence of steps to gain telnet access.
Q: How do I format my code blocks?

Joshxtothe4How do I post text so that it is formatted as code? What do I need to do so that my code shows up properly — not escaped or removed — when posted? And how to get the correct syntax highlighting? For more information, see "How do I format my posts in HTML or Markdown?" in the Help Center. R...

I need it on AU or SO
I'm now root - woo!
3:40 AM
@NathanOsman woot woot
same thing
@KazWolfe my dark script doesn't enable on MetaSE
@NathanOsman You gonna break it now? ;)
rip @NathanOsman's interwebz
# ps | grep minidlna
19662 0         17960 S   minidlna.exe -a -f /tmp/minidlna.conf
3:42 AM
Yeah. I have DLNA apps that run EXE on my system
# df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock3           28544     28544         0 100% /
devtmpfs                127440         0    127440   0% /dev
devfs                   127440         0    127440   0% /dev
/dev/mtdblock18           5120       396      4724   8% /tmp/openvpn
/dev/mtdblock17          74752      2224     72528   3% /tmp/media/nand
363 MB of storage apparently.
256 MB of RAM.
you've got quite the beast of a router there
IPv6-relay -C eth0 -S br0
^--- why is this eating the CPU?
I'm toying with throwing pfsense on a NUC class machine ._.
3:45 AM
@NathanOsman are you using an IPv6 tunnel?
Nope - I have full IPv6 access from my ISP.
And it's set to pass-through in the router.
is your isp being sneaky with an IPv6 tunnel?
What difference would that make to my router?
they're really tunneling but saying it's native
I can connect directly to my PC from another server over IPv6.
3:47 AM
as can i thru my tunnel
But let's try a transfer from my NAS and see what the CPU does.
Hi all :D
IPv6 doesn't work with my carrier and my router. :(
3:48 AM
Doesn't do a thing, though the transfer sticks at 30 MB/s.
@SeverusTux Hi. :)
There are offload processors too, so that might explain things.
@JourneymanGeek Wow, that's above my expectations. Thank you :)
@Terrance Hello :) whats up ?
3:49 AM
# cat /proc/cpuinfo
Processor       : ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)
processor       : 0
BogoMIPS        : 1998.84

processor       : 1
BogoMIPS        : 1998.84

Features        : swp half thumb fastmult edsp
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant     : 0x3
CPU part        : 0xc09
CPU revision    : 0

Hardware        : Northstar Prototype
Revision        : 0000
Serial          : 0000000000000000
@SeverusTux is just just to consume information?
@SeverusTux Breaking my own stuff, so it's a good night here. :) How are you?
Two CPUs or two cores?
Hard to tell from that output.
@Terrance just got up! 9:30AM , sleepy Sunday :P
@SeverusTux Nice! Not Sunday here yet. Hopefully my dogs don't get me up early tomorrow.
3:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek Is that article mode ?
@NathanOsman I think a lot of routers now have dual-core CPUs in them. Is the one your accessing WRT ready?
@SeverusTux no
@JourneymanGeek I had imagined lot worse, It looks good.
also column80.com feels a lot more readable
article mode dosen't always work
@Terrance I'm not sure if it's fully supported.
3:54 AM
Couldn't help but notice you're not using Lynx. This website may not be for you. If you want to continue anyway, then I'm not going to stop you.
It's a Netgear R8000.
@SeverusTux I personally find it really useless, other than a few small things ;p
It's missing a lot of the more familiar Unix utilities.
I can't find watch, for example.
does it have vi?
Yes, indeed.
4:01 AM
huh neat. I can connect a UPS to my router, and it will pull data about it.
@NathanOsman Looks like it might be: myopenrouter.com/downloads/dd-wrt-r8000
@Mateo I don't understand.
@JourneymanGeek Is it possible to save html page and view it later ? I have a complete copy of this website for local viewing : clrs.skanev.com/index.html , Is it possible to save pages in that browser ?
eh, if you're going to save it, makes sense to convert it to mobi or pdf or something
hm... okay.
4:09 AM
maybe i don't understand something, but it seems like gnome-terminal developers implemented it in a very odd way
i.e. i am trying not to cursehere
A: How can I convert an HTML site into an ebook?

gavenkoaI prefer Calibre solution. Debian Calibre package come with ebook-convert utility. Grab HTML files from site by: $ wget -r -np -nc -k -c http://.../.../.. Locate your main HTML file (usually book.html or index.html) and convert to MOBI: $ cd dir-with-index $ ebook-convert index.html book.mob...

implemented what?
calibre is the hotness if you don't use the gui
Not sure if that will work exactly but its worth a try
@KazWolfe gnome-terminal generates two signals that window stack has changed. All other windows give just one
4:10 AM
This makes my script go to shiz
@JourneymanGeek I'll try
@Serg #justgnomethings
@edwinksl le facepalm
4:21 AM
OK, i got around it without using dbus-monitor . . . gonna make it a simpler setup . . .But still, gnome-terminal . . . seriously . . . .
It's a Gnome app.
I'm afraid my expectations for anything Gnome are... quite low.
brb ditching gnome terminal
I have better luck with xdotool sending signals to most other terminals. gnome-terminal it really doesn't like anymore.
Me neither.
I'll stick with my urxvt terminal and xfce4-terminal. :)
4:32 AM
I'm using terminator so far. I was using sakura in past, but it switched because wall doesn't work there anymore
Q: How to recoverubuntu, May be /boot partition deleted on Ubuntu 16,

AshokaMy PC output looks as below: error: file ' /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found Grub rescue) ls (hd0, msdos6)/ dev/ mnt/ proc/ run/ sys/ usr/ var/ vmlinuz vmlinuz.old I have read other similar posts. So from my files as shown above is there a chance to recover or reinstall full Ubuntu is...

Speaking of which , I had a question and i need to write my own answer for it about sakura , gnome-terminal , and wall
first double shift today
I don't think I have used terminator enough to have an opinion of that yet.
Meh, it crashes sometimes on me. That's a downside of a terminal app written in python - garbage collection
4:33 AM
Ah, good to know.
that is . . .if you keep that terminal window open for hours and hours
I keep mine open forever. Part of my job I leave terminals open all the time.
but split functionality is cool
Maybe it's just me
I really do like the urxvt in conjunction with CSSH at work so I can open multiple servers at the same time and work on them.
is CSSH similar to screen ?
@IanC how was the double shift ?
4:36 AM
Cluster SSH
I open 8 terminals at a time with it right now. I could go more.
it was alright, 12 hours seems long but we ended up doing less work than I expected @Serg
But I like using the urxvt terminal because my keepalive script I use sends a space / backspace every so often to each of those terminals because especially with Dell servers their BMCs tend to timeout about every 60 seconds
It was a great day actually, I surfed in the morning, almost got late for work but ended up getting there just in time, and had this double shift, which is a little extra in the paycheck later :)
4:53 AM
well, going to get some rest, good night!
sleep well, buddy
listing my iphone on ebay, gonna get a OnePlus!
I'm out too! Peace all!
@KazWolfe welcome to the OnePlus user club :D
that is, if i can sell.
4:56 AM
See ya around, Terrance !
I think $550 would be a good point, the thing is in perfect condition
meanwhile, i am stuffing my face with soup, salad, 3 types of meat,and piece of bread
and just tackled mushrooms
that sounds delicious actually
soup and salad of mom's cooking, while mushrooms, meat,and bread are from Russian store we went to today
One of the meats is like . . . Italian bacon, i think
@KazWolfe OP3?
5:05 AM
@NathanOsman For my iPhone.
Aha, found the name: Prosciutto
There are only two issues with going over to a OP3 though.
Welcome to the OP3 club.
I hope you have a small hand :P
First off, I don't get cell service here, so no wifi calling.
Second, I can't get mobile pay because root/custom firmware ;-;
those are the only two things that are potentially holding me back from buying a OP3 now and selling my iPhone whenever.
I wonder if non-rooted image loaded by MultiROM would work...
5:06 AM
OS integrity verification is annoyingly complex and stupid.
IIRC, locked bootloader is a requirement.
As well as a signed version of Android without modification to /system
i just wanna disable safetynet ;-;
actually, safetynet was a horrible move against FOSS
@KazWolfe Forget that then.
i get it's for my account security.
I know the risks of disabling it, and I know what could happen. I also harden my own system extremely well.
I mean, i guess i could just flash the safetynet binary (wherever it is) to always return True...
5:24 AM
@KazWolfe what custom firmware do you want to use?
Where did Jacob disappear ?
Has he been around at all ?
user image
I don't know what is wrong with Windows tonight
If I use more than 10mbps (currently trying to use the full 60) it crashes the driver
I wish I had a Windows GUI in Ubuntu D:
Windows GUI on Ubuntu ?
I like the clean cut look
Hate the start menu
I more want the desktop
Unity is clean enough too
Or Gnome
even though i hate gnome
5:32 AM
Q: Arrange Icons In Better Grid

David Cole - Grammar PoliceI've recently come to find all my desktop programs and icons thrown askew about the place, and while rearranging, I noticed that the grid system Ubuntu uses by default is (in my eyes) miserable. On Windows for example there is a large grid, and icons are far enough from each other to read, but ...

ah, that
@Serg no idea, haven't seen him
@JourneymanGeek Cyanogenmod
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice i actually have exactly zero things on my desktop because i like to see my wallpaper without crap on it
5:33 AM
On windows or Ubuntu? @edwinksl
impossible for windows because of shortcuts
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice I'll look into it. I'll probably write a script for it, but right now i am a bit busy. I put out a script per week or two at most
5:35 AM
Kk, I'd appreciate any help :P
5:46 AM
@DavidCole-GrammarPolice can you describe a little more, what exactly that you like in Windows grid ?
How do you guys differentiate b/w lowercase " L (l)" and uppercase "i (I)" ? I thought "lmao" -> "In My Arrogant Opinion" and now my roommate says its "Laughing My Ass Off".
when writing?
when someone says it
@SeverusTux I'm afraid it's the latter, and no, there is no way to discern between lowercase "L" and capital "I" in a number of sans-serif fonts.
It would have helped tremendously if people would properly capitalize initialisms.
5:59 AM
eBay is criminal
they take a good 10% off everything

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