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meh I don't have time to kill :(
@Zanna just read the question
it's short :p
but I totally understand why someone would naively ask something like that... sometimes we forget the process we went through to acquire experience? in my own case I think I got lucky, I'm sure I made lots of mistakes when I first came here, but none of them were huge enough to be much noticed. And it took me some time to understand what it was all about, why it works the way it does, and why this is the Way It Should Be
@Zanna yes, but you aren't using terribly faulty logic and refusing to revise that terribly faulty logic you do not possess
(yes I made that sentence formal on purpose)
I find it so hard to review first posts these days! is it just me?
7:30 PM
I find it so hard to review
you're finally getting impatient ;p
It actually took me until 2k to realize the reviews existed
@Zacharee1 the only reason for that is that I'm old enough to know not to make my youthful errors. It has taken me all of my life to be able to concede in an argument, to let go once I've dug in my heels
OK, 5th question I think about de-anonymizing downvotes
And the answer is always the same thing, taken almost directly from the Help Center, which people need to read before asking Meta questions
I think that could qualify as idiocy: trying to repeal rules before even reading what they are for
I know who downvoted me today I think, it's the person who answered the same question as me, I think they downvoted my answer. If I add up their points, it makes 135, but they have 134 :p
7:33 PM
Good thing there are no mods around except terdon
I believe edwinksl has correctly described Meta SE as a wild place
@Serg ^^
@Zanna and this. The guy obviously decided reading the Help Center was beneath him meta.stackexchange.com/questions/137204/…
@chaskes o_O
@Zacharee1 bulgogi
7:37 PM
yuck :p
I see attempting to persuade you to reconsider your position is just making it worse, so I'll give up on it...
I think it's fine that you wanna laugh at the foolish questions, they are amusingly foolish. But mock the deed not the do-er is what I'm saying ;)
@Zanna hmm
@Zanna I did admit that most of them are people who just don't know what they're doing, but there are also quite a few who just seem to think they know everything and their opinion is fact. We may have different definitions of idiocy
I'm gonna leave it where it is... and also go get a shower :)
7:41 PM
You can be incredibly smart and knowledgeable in most things in life, but a complete idiot in others. Like, I'm great with computers and literally never getting viruses, but I'm an idiot when it comes to physical coordination :p
Q: 5G WiFi networks not listed eventhough the adapter supports 5.XX GHz networks

Dennisdennis@dennis:~$ iwconfig eth0 no wireless extensions. lo no wireless extensions. wlan0 IEEE 802.11abg ESSID:"XXXX" Mode:Managed Frequency:2.437 GHz Access Point: 54:65:DE:FC:BE:40 Retry long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power M...

@chaskes bulgogi is so very tasty ;)
you betcha. especially when cooked at the table.
korean bbq is awesome
where's serg? this is his favorite topic.
7:56 PM
@Zanna yup i saw the other answerer had 135 but he/she now has 134 :P
guys star this message below so I can take a screenshot for Panda's MetaSE post:
@edwinksl someone needs a stern talking-to
now star this http://google.com
@Zacharee1 but there is no solid evidence unfortunately. he/she can just deny it
@edwinksl mods maybe
dafuq is going on
mods can see who voted what?
7:58 PM
i don't believe so
now this google.com
I need all these starred at once
@chaskes yeah so we are on shaky ground here
can someone star the first too?
sorry, one more:
@Zanna oh i have been quoted :P
8:00 PM
are you hunting bugs
Panda asked about it on Meta an hour ago but without screenies
btw @Zacharee1 you said you find reviewing hard, in which case you just earned a big scoop of respect from me, because you seem to do a lot of it despite that
@Zanna if you're talking about me reading through Meta, that doesn't count :p
@Zanna there is always the "skip" button :D
8:03 PM
@edwinksl would you rather I ping if I ever mention you? That would be a reasonable request
@Zanna oh go ahead i don't mind getting pinged
@Zacharee1 nope, I was talking about you reviewing on AU and yes, thank the SE deities for the skip button
@edwinksl orly.......
but can we change the ping sound lol
@edwinksl muru adapted an old script for AU
wonder if I can find it
8:05 PM
the one here destroys my ears when i am blasting music on my headphones
@edwinksl me neither... PING_EDWIN=always has been set
it's dead I think
but different chatrooms have different ping sounds
how did AU get such an annoying one lol
this gives you choices
I've never heard the ping sound haha
8:09 PM
it is, uhh, pretty jarring
@Zanna HAI
"Hopely, you will help me"
^ lol
@Zanna hopely?
I accidentally downloaded the JS file as an HTML doc somehow
@edwinksl choose the AU option. It's quite nice
8:12 PM
hmm js script... do i trust muru :P
it's not his
it's a Stack App he put on GitHub ;p
I also thought muru was a her at first sigh
someone ping me
@edwinksl perfect lol
or if you want something you'll never hear notificationsounds.com/message-tones/all-eyes-on-me-465
there are some good ones on that site
how did AU chat get this "pong" ping sound
@edwinksl BONG
@Serg Korean food!
@Zacharee1 wait for me, I'm coming with youuuuuuu
Chaskes is the one who has it
Bulgogi o_O
8:23 PM
oh i love bulgogi
i got two emails today regarding my scripts, there's a few curious bugs
@chaskes omg, that's beautiful
are they stinkbugs?
@Serg your favorite zenity askubuntu.com/questions/823740/…
this actually seems to be about Ubuntu... askubuntu.com/review/close/615530
@Zanna I don't think so. It's about trying to get into the tablet's BIOS settings to boot from an Ubuntu USB stick. If it was a Windows or SUSE stick it would be the same.
ok, thanks :) vtc
8:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: after install Ubuntu 16.04.1 by willi uebelherr on askubuntu.com
@Zanna oh yeah, if you see me reviewing it's because I have homework :p
@SmokeDetector I got the edits!
@Zacharee1 if I really want to avoid something, I do the ironing
@Zanna voted to leave open, OP's question is about installing ubuntu IMHO
@Zanna I don't think I have an iron in my dorm. :p
sigh that was my first thought @Serg but I am easily led
8:32 PM
@Serg It's asking how to access the tablet's BIOS settings to boot from the USB. That's too specific to the tablet
"the woman and user of the Nb" that is some odd phrasing ;P
woman cannot be user?
My argument is that the OS is irrelevant. The answer wouldn't change a bit if OpenSUSE/Fedora/Windows was there instead Of Ubuntu
@Zanna you tell me what it says, cause I have no idea :p
8:34 PM
Aye but just because it's not specific to Ubuntu doesn't mean it's not relevant to Ubuntu? You're pretty screwed when it comes to doing an install if you can't get into your BIOS
@Zacharee1 it sounds like some sort of creation myth
"In the beginning, the sky woman got a lot of help from the otter"
sky woman @_@
@Zanna and verily, the woman and user of the Nb journeyed for many moons, in a futile attempt to find the meaning of her namesake, "Nb."
@Zacharee1 are you the man of the Nb though
OK, I'm not sure I can edit that question. I have no idea what that paragraph is meant to say
8:37 PM
@ByteCommander has edited it for us
hmmm.... I still can't understand it though
@Zanna but only took out the email. I'm trying to make it readable
me too
"The current user of the Notebook (a woman) does not know how to use Ubuntu"
I think in your edit you may omit the parenthetical remark
the real sin is "What editor you can propose similar to UltraEdit?"
who still pays for an editor in 2016
8:40 PM
It's a partial dupe anyway
but still too broad, if there are three separate questions
they just need to use ntfsfix on the first one
@Zanna you mean this thing?
> The standard filemanager is a terrible thing. The filemanager is for me and us the most important instrument in the work with the computer. Why you use this primitive tools as your standard?
> And, what filemanager you propose, based on your own experience? Wth fs tree, tabs, ftp and http mounting, object information and the functionality with file working?
what does that last one mean?
tree view and tabs are features in nautilus anyway
so that's easy
@edwinksl do people never Google?
functionality with file working means absolutely nothing at all imho
@Seth so , UTC clock . . . how do you want it to behave ?
@Serg Just like the normal clock, except show the UTC time.
8:45 PM
@Seth i ask myself that question every day :p
@edwinksl last one though
I don't understand this at all but perhaps someone can help askubuntu.com/review/close/615531
So yeah, close as too broad askubuntu.com/questions/823752/…
@Seth Do you want it to have UTC offset to show local time as well or just the zeroth longtitude ?
@Zacharee1 deleted 1026 characters in body. quite the edit
8:48 PM
@edwinksl most of it was garbage
@Zanna They say Unix is their environment. OT
Gnu's Not Unix
@Zanna and there you have it. They're not even in the right city
Unixton is about 50 miles north of Linuxville
they may just be talking rubbish, but whatevs
poor little partition! askubuntu.com/review/close/615571
i think it's time to get new glasses
my eyes are just burning
@Zanna WHY would you make / 5.GB?!!
So no stars for my clever *nix city names? :(
8:56 PM
yeah, something like that
@Zacharee1 what kind of trend did you come up with this time ?
look up a bit
Who is this Karl Richter guy? I only ever see him in reviews
some mod is gonna come in and wonder why four messages with links to Google are starred :p
ohai seth
I guess this person doesn't know that Windows doesn't care about Case askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/615804
Wow... I haven't received 10 notifications all at once in a while on login... :D
Especially all of them complaining! :D
9:03 PM
@ParanoidPanda ohai
@Zacharee1 why does windows not care about case? makes no sense
@edwinksl he says about Windows
maybe with some sarcasm because there are no caps
@Zacharee1: What?
@ParanoidPanda that might have been my fault.... :p
Yes, I think so! :D
9:04 PM
I'm taking up 6/10 slots on the starwall!
For a moment there I thought you were saying good morning in Japanese! :D
But that's Ohayo. :P
maybe I was o_O
Wait, @chaskes is that おはいよ or おはよ?
@Zacharee1 lucky them... goldstar
9:07 PM
@Zanna what about LG? :p
Or am I completely wrong? :P
@Zacharee1 oh lord
@Zanna LG Electronics, aka Lucky Goldstar
@chaskes: Oh good! I thought I had been getting it wrong all a long there because Google thought both were valid but wouldn't tell me either meaning! :D
9:09 PM
@ParanoidPanda wait, typo. it's おはよう
Ah, that would explain it.
ah... I think @edwinksl knows what I really meant
well I don't have a clue
@Zacharee1 I don't think it's off topic
9:11 PM
That's what I thought. There's no indication of it being Ubuntu, but nor is there an indication that it's not
I say unclear
this is what I meant @Zacharee1 urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gold+star
y tho
because they don't know windows is case-stupid, so maybe they never used windows
that's a bit of a stretch :p
they discovered their Linux orientation at an early stage in their computer using career
yes, I'll try to think before I talk...
9:15 PM
Can we have another mod election soon? The CVs are getting high
Or maybe Video should come back :p
Did Videonauth share what sort of work he got?
@Zanna heh i didn't know that was what you meant. but urbandictionary ftw
@Zacharee1 looks like i was the only one to leave it open :P
@edwinksl I closed as unclear, because that's what it is.
problem is, 4-1 OT-unclear means it's closed as OT with my name on it too
that's fine too
yeah i was going to say the same
Hello. I recently upgraded to 16.04 from 14.04 but I think gnome broke. But I am able to access the terminal through tty1 (control + alt + F1). However, I am unable to install anything through apt as it says "unmet dependencies" always. Any fixes?
@Seth are you able to reopen questions and close them for a different reason?
@Aiyoyo give us an example
9:20 PM
I tried "sudo apt-get gnome-shell"
With an install in there too, right?
Yes yes. My bad.
"sudo apt-get install gnome-shell"
we also need the actual output
@Zacharee1 yeah
@Seth would you?
9:22 PM
@Serg just the zeroth longitude. I already have a local clock up there :p
@Zacharee1 maybe?
it's unclear more than OT
I think unclear vs OT makes no difference though
should only bother to change close reason if it's a dupe
generally speaking
I mean, all well and good if a passing mod feels like wielding the magic wand
9:26 PM
Apart from the idiot who did the voice for this video, it's actually rather interesting:
This is the best I could do.
I couldn't copy the text
@Zanna eh, OT sends the signal that this question is not allowed here. Unclear says it might be ok, but we really don't know. In theory I agree with you though. It's not often changing the close reason is terribly useful.
thanks for educating :)
@Aiyoyo Please follow this Q/A to get a copy of the output to share with us:
Q: How do I get information from the logs on my computer when I only have access to the command line?

SethFor various reasons I can no longer access my graphical desktop, and can only login via a tty (Ctrl+Alt+F1 through F6 by default). To help diagnose and solve my problem I need to look through the logs and maybe put some of the info into my question or forum thread. How can I get this informatio...

Pictures don't work well when we need to investigate logs :)
9:29 PM
very useful post!
does /var/log/messages still exist in any current Ubuntu?
@Zacharee1 your name is forever associated with that CV though :P Post Closed as "off-topic" by David Foerster, Pilot6, Eric Carvalho, Kevin Bowen, Zacharee1
@Zanna huh, it does appear to be gone in 16.04.
@Seth time to update your Q&A :P
yes I know
@edwinksl would seem so.
I blame systemd.
9:35 PM
I don't remember it in 14.04, but my memory is not very good
am i the only one here who hasn't used 14.04 before
oh wait i lied. i did use it for a day i think.
@Seth do you care about the seconds at all, or do you want to just have hours and minutes ?
@Serg hours and minutes is fine
@Zacharee1 think you can make another icon ?
@edwinksl nuuu wai
@Serg sure. I accidentally did most of my homework yesterday and earlier today, so I have some time
9:44 PM
@Zacharee1 like how you accidentally got 10k?
I wish I could accidentally do most of my homework...
@Zanna the problem is, with OT, OP is meant to just leave and try elsewhere. With Unclear, OP is meant to try to clarify
@edwinksl oh wow thanks no too much calm down that was so heartwarming thx thx thx
you're quite right
I hate homework, TBH
on that note, I'm bailing, good luck holding the fort
I wish college and high school were just like AskUbuntu : come in, start solving questions and research what's necessary to achieve them, with professor's guidance, and once time's up - you go home
@Zanna wow..................... :p
@Zacharee1 uh, what ?
@Serg that's actually what real life work is anyway
so you are ready for le real worldz
9:48 PM
Wow! This was absolutely amazing!!! :D
Ain't it good... Livin' in the Real World!
@edwinksl nope, according to the real world, i am not ready yet, till i get the bloody diploma
@ParanoidPanda I could never set one of those up. Partly because of motivation and time, but mostly it would be too painful to destroy it
And then what happens if "oops, I hit one"
@Zacharee1 hehehehe
9:50 PM
It's kind of cool how the dominoes show the advantage of staying toward the center of a curve
small question, if I want to start something on boot, could I just throw an script inside /etc/init that called the application and did whatever set up had to be done?
@Zanna y u abandon us like that???
@ParanoidPanda They reversed it too:
@Serg so... icon
@Zacharee1 Basically , hourglass, silver, with transparent background and glass.
Something like that, only silver
9:55 PM
@Zacharee1 sorry, "transparent background on glass"
Glass is transparent . . .nevermind . . .
@ParanoidPanda about the PPA think and deb packages. Frankly, i've no idea how to do those :D I got some help from Nathan setting those up. I'm yet to learn how to do all that properly
@edwinksl because it is bedtime hehe

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