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12:00 AM
@NathanOsman you did mathematics on college? :O
@edwinksl I'll try to invite him to chat
but I'm going have to rely on analogies
i would just suggest OP to read a book to understand the basics
it is clear he's not ready to understand what you wrote
I'm looking for one of those "spheres colliding" reaction gifs, maybe it gives him an idea
@IanC Nope.
But I did develop a personal interest in mathematics.
Twiddles thumbs...
how long should that take
Q: Create LXD containers on machine with no internet connection

kfriedeServer: Ubuntu 16.04 Server, x64, no internet connection I have LXD installed but am having trouble getting an image to that server to use as a baseline for containers. I have tried two options so far, with failed results. 1) Export image (Xenial)(meta.tar and rootfs.tar) from machine with ...

12:06 AM
@IanC the real answer requires the use of pKa's :)
@edwinksl It's Apple, so at least we can expect some level of competence.
Probably hear back within a day or two.
@edwinksl, yeah, chemical equilibrium math can get nasty on those complicated "shared" ion cases
I did find this video, which I think I'll link the OP youtube.com/watch?v=dUMmoPdwBy4
(what does OP stand for btw?)
original poster
whoever asked the question
12:08 AM
I don't think that's a good thing.
obviously he was going to get it :P
Yes, but now the finality is sinking in...
there is no secret we don't learn until s*** happens
perhaps this is something this country simply needs to go through
I... I guess I would have to agree.
@edwinksl the OP could at least accept or upvote my answer after all my effort :'(
12:11 AM
Some folks gotta learn the hard way.
yeah this country hasn't seen anyone quite like trump yet
plenty of other european countries have though
@IanC i am not sure why the other answer has a downvote
it's sad how hate has been a effective crowd controller in the past, how it's easier to make lots of people hate something/someone than embrace something :/
I'm about to go mad , wall command pisses me off so freakin much
@Serg patch it? :)
@edwinksl my skills are not good enough to patch it
12:16 AM
@edwinksl, the other answer is right, it says mostly the same. Probably downvoted because it was hard for the OP to understand? not sure too
@Serg git gud xD
@IanC yeah that's probably it...
Some how I suspect it has something to do with systemd , and oh boy . . .
when in doubt, blame systemd :)
that's the classic misuse of is though
and that python caches -5 to 256 or something like that
12:22 AM
still fails with ==
2*1000000 == 2*100000
number of zeros is different though
6 on left, 5 on right
hmm , missed one
is is for object reference, not value equality
you guys have a good notion of TCP/IP protocols?
Yup , know that
Still funny
2*10 is 2*10
Why is the objects the same in this specific case anyway ?
>>> 2*10 is 2*10
>>> 2*100 is 2*100
>>> 2*1000 is 2*1000
Does it cross some kind of limit ?
is compares objects.
So the interpreter reuses small numbers.
>>> a = 256
>>> b = 256
>>> a is b
>>> a = 257
>>> b = 257
>>> a is b
From the docs:
> "The current implementation keeps an array of integer objects for all integers between -5 and 256, when you create an int in that range you actually just get back a reference to the existing object. So it should be possible to change the value of 1. I suspect the behaviour of Python in this case is undefined. :-)"
Granted, that's for Python 2.x but I doubt that changed in Python 3.
still the same, i did my example in python 3
So there's your explanation, @Serg.
12:28 AM
dat :-) doe
When typing in the Python shell each line is a completely different statement, parsed in a different moment, thus:

>>> a = 257
>>> b = 257
>>> a is b

But if you put the same code into a file:

$ echo 'a = 257
> b = 257
> print a is b' > testing.py
$ python testing.py
/facepalm . . .
so objects also depend on time of compilation ?
Or you could just do:
a = 257 ; b = 257 ; a is b
Same result.
Sigh . . . . even python has its problems
the problem here is the misuse of is
@Serg It's not a problem when used correctly.
12:34 AM
lol what do you expect when you try to use an object reference operator for value equality
well, everything in python apparently was supposed to be an object , but nobody mentioned that there's a catch to it as well
not sure if i follow
* at least nobody mentioned it to me while i was starting to learn it
is and == do totally different things, if you use them for unintended uses, then you can't reasonably expect things to work as you expect
^--- this
@Serg Everything is an object. But what you were trying to do isn't what you were doing (comparing objects instead of values).
a = 256 is basically saying "the variable 'a' is a name that will refer to an object with a value of 256".
So comparing against a with the is operator is saying "compare [object] to the [object] that a refers to".
The == operator, on the other hand, compares the objects' values.
12:41 AM
I know it's comparing objects. I know what "is" does. But wouldn't 257 is 257 temporarily create an object ? of the same value ? Instead we're greeted with a limit
It's not a limit. You're using it for the wrong purpose.
Whenever you write a program, you are implicitly entering into a contract. You (the programmer) are agreeing to use the language as the documentation describes and the compiler (or interpreter or whatever) is agreeing to operate according to the documentation. Only then can a programmer expect an application to work as intended.
Without this agreement, programming would not exist.
that's is true
@lanC what about it
@CodeX nothing specific so far, just been reading a book and was wondering what approach you suggest to study it?
@CodeX Should I read each protocol RFC?
12:59 AM
what is your goal @lanC
@CodeX I always been curious about some network security issues, I just want to be able to understand things better
@lanC you can start from basic .. IP subnetting .. OSI model ..then how tcp and udp connection works ..
I'm reading a book I found online, so far so good, but last time I tried to read a TCP/IP book I was understanding good until page 200-300 where things started getting a little too complicated haha
it becomes more boring if you read about routing and other stuff
btw, I have a small doubt
1:07 AM
what is it
@CodeX you can't see the image ?
Wikileaks : 294,548 emails from Turkey's ruling political party, Erdoğan's AKP
oh sorry I was asking LanC @Serg
@CodeX the book says that packages that goes out in the internet (as opposed to internal networks) need to have an IP approved by InterNIC (for obvious reasons). What happens if a manipulated package with a spoofed IP runs out the internet? Does the internet provider readily sees the anomaly and adress the issue to the source computer?
between I was really not able to see the image and post the message for sometime .. because of this DNS thing
1:11 AM
I just imagine if it was the case, hackers would be easily tracked
the internet provider would just look for some spoofed packages and check which subnet it's coming from
@lanC I dont know the technicality of it .. but from what I know .. it is possible to spoof IP .. and it can be stopped at ISP level .. since I work for ISP I have seen issues with spoofed IP from other countries
Packages = Packets I believe ?
i'm sick of pokemon go..
Having a unity laucher item that can dim screen brightness, with just one click - man that was a good idea
Maybe I should post it as Q&A ?
me too .. I have that launcher .. full bright and very dim xD
@Serg go for it
1:15 AM
@CodeX shakes hands virtually
@TheXed low ?
hololens confirmed ?
@Serg Middle?
@Serg says "nice to meet you " xD
lol @TheXed I see you're in good humor today
1:17 AM
@Serg eh...not really...it's just that it is all I have...
I need more pillows . . . .this one is so comfy but too small
/me smacks @Serg with a rainbow trout pillow
pukes rainbows
watches all this while enjoying my tea at 4 AM
/me smacks @CodeX with a rainbow trout pillow also (now you are a willful combatant)
1:20 AM
And why are you still awake at 4 AM ??? ( and why am I also awake at those hours ? )
I I sir
because I can't sleep
I slept whole day
Fish fight ? Time to take out my . . . . canned tuna machine gun
@CodeX Sorry, was putting washed clothes to dry! Yeah, I mean't packets, my bad :p
However I was thinking here, the ISP have lots of computers connected to a subnet, which them hops to another one, so if a hacker chooses an IP of another machine on his subnet the ISP wouldn't be able to find out the packets IP is spoofed
are we having a girly pillow fight Lol
@CodeX Welp , at least I'm not the only one who goes to bed at 5 am and wakes at 2 pm
1:22 AM
/me runs for cover and gets his rainbow fish fillet cannon gun...
No, we're having manly fish fight
yeah @Serg
Loading up the tuna cannon...
how does nathan find all these gifs
1:22 AM
@NathanOsman yes that is it!
@CodeX But if the IP was completely out of the subnet possible IPs, the router could easily check on the registered hosts and see the packet doesn't belong to any machine there and discard it
though I have to go out at 10
@NathanOsman that image is still loading for me
@Serg Give it a few seconds...
1:24 AM
Ultimate Pillow Fighting Championship
yes but for some reason during my experiment I wasnt able to spoof anything .. packets were dropped at my adsl router level .. @lanC
@KazWolfe nope
either it has something to do with adsl router or MPLS
@CodeX your own router would discard the packets before sending them??
1:26 AM
@lanC yeah it did
Q: how can I view dot bit websites in Linux?

j0hI would like to browse .bit websites, using Firefox, or some other browser in Linux. How can I do this? I was looking at instructions on FreespeachME, but the website says it is currently now working. can some one help me get dot bit domains as being recognized in Ubuntu?

Anybody knows what he's talking about ?
Is .bit site same as .onion ?
.bit is a top-level domain that was created outside the most commonly used Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet, and is not sanctioned by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The .bit domain is served via the cryptocurrency, Namecoin infrastructure, which acts as an alternative, decentralized domain name system. Use of the .bit domain requires a copy of the Namecoin blockchain, a supporting public DNS server, or a web browser plug-in. In February 2014, a beta version of a Windows/Linux Firefox plug-in called FreeSpeechMe was released that allows automated resolution...
not sure what IP's they will be using for .bit
@Serg suggested edit on that post
well, going to try to finish reading the first pages on link layer and get some rest
want to wake up early tomorrow to go surfing :)
@IanC ok,see you later
1:34 AM
have a good night you all!
@lanC enjoyyy
I'm sure I have told you this before.. Don't ask people to review your edits.
It will happen in good time.
mkay, me be watching youtubez , but still be lurking here
@Seth What do you think? NAA? askubuntu.com/questions/800682/…
1:37 AM
OpenNIC is an alternative network information center/alternative DNS root which lists itself as an alternative to ICANN and its registries. As of 2006 users of the OpenNIC DNS servers are able to resolve all existing ICANN top-level domains as well as their own. Like all alternative root DNS systems, OpenNIC-hosted domains are unreachable to the vast majority of the Internet. Only specific configuration in one's DNS resolver makes these reachable, and very few Internet service providers have this configuration. == History == On June 1, 2000, an article was posted on kuro5hin.org advocatin...
I want to try to get ubuntu (old) then upgrade to ubntu (new)
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Seems like your question is off-topic.. Windows problem.
I know :P
Search on Super User.
@Seth Feel free to hammer down the question
Kinda like this guy did but on Ubuntu ^
I saw some more people on the road... playing Pokemon GO..
The earth is r.i.p
1:48 AM
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD I play Pokemon GO...
But I haven't been hit by any motor vehicles yet...
the earth turned into a pokeball
I figured the world is screwed I might as well join in on the fun...
thanks a lot NYANtic...
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD You mean Niantic?
its a pun :P
1:52 AM
Wait...it is a pun on the whaling ship thing?
@Zacharee1 - You online?
wish there was a armed riot going over to their servers and blowing them up..
@TheXed Faillwhale?
@KazWolfe Yes
I don't even know how to ping you, how do I ping you?
1:54 AM
@CodeX same IPs. In theory you can use hosts files to do that.
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Were you previously Edity?
How to I type your name?
@TheXed try @ tab
1:54 AM
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD ahhh
@JourneymanGeek thanks...
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD might actually get pinged a lot by accident
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Hey, that's edityXD upside down!!
@ e tab also seems to work for pinging @ƎpᴉʇʎXD
and if @ƎpᴉʇʎXD gets fed up with all the pings...
im cool
1:56 AM
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD then he can change his name...
@TheXed he can't ;p
you can mute pings?
i like my name being upside down
1:56 AM
OH wait...
I see the button
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Here's another :P
I have never seen that before...
of course I use my old phone for notifications so sometimes I get notifications on two phones with a slight delay
and my notifications go CHOO CHOO
has anyone tried Github chat ?
1:57 AM
@CodeX yeah, the root access weekend gaming group uses it ;p
@CodeX gitter?
Does everyone know @Zacharee1's meta post about misspellings?
@AndroidDev no
yeah gitter .. looks pretty
1:58 AM
they even have linux app for chat
@CodeX been toying with miaou and matrix
@Zacharee1 Are you ready for the picture I'm about to post?
Github has a chat? I must know more...
miaou has a better feature set now for actual chatting, matrix is more flexible and more mindshare.
@TheXed gitter
@TheXed gitter
1:59 AM
@Zacharee1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Okay I signed in, what now?
if you want to pingme in gitter it's @boomytechy
Q: Ubuntu misspellings

Zacharee1It seems people just can't figure out how to spell the word "Ubuntu." I've personally seen Ubantu, Ubunut and some others, and others have reported seeing Unubtu and even Uboontu. Because of this, I have been working on something I think you will all enjoy. No, it isn't a way to prevent these s...

@Zacharee1 - Wanna add that screenshot to your meta post?
2:04 AM
You're welcome to edit it in
I think it should be ubuntwo...
because of the two feet...
@James aha! I finally found that container proxy I was telling you about: github.com/containous/traefik
@Zacharee1 Done.
Hello :)
2:12 AM
@AsmeJust Hi!
Anyone knows where the theme folder is located in Kubuntu.
maybe /usr/share/themes?
@edwinksl THanks!
wai u no liek efi
Ugh where are my headphones...
Wait... how long has it been possible to type apt as opposed to apt-get?
2:43 AM
since 15.10 i believe
@edwinksl how come this is the first I have heard of it.
lol not sure
i have been writing my answers here using apt if i am sure OP uses 16.04
spread the news around :)
if you come to chat more often, you would have known about it earlier xD
@edwinksl I come to chat as often as my life/wife allows me too.
2:59 AM
@Serg around?
@NathanOsman can't say I have seen him since I came back...
It's okay, I figured it out.
I was wondering how to read user input in a Bash script.
I usually put on a pair of glasses on...that helps me read.
@NathanOsman just woke up
It's okay. I've got it now.
read -p "Hostname: " HOSTNAME
Seems to do the trick.
I do have another question though...
If I do this:
read -d '' JSON <<- EOD
The variable isn't expanding.
Oh wait. It is.
3:16 AM
looks like null string , probably it just grabs first space
@Serg just woke up???
i passed out
@edwinksl its like 5 am or something there...
oh where is serg
Just joking
3:17 AM
is serg not in colorado
Denver, 9 17pm
Washington state I think.
rip sleep schedule
it's ok, it
it's not like it was fixed anyway
I am thinking about just moving in at work...so much to do...and not enough time...
3:19 AM
or maybe yoiu should find a job that moves in with you
i.e. work from home
@Serg but my family hates me too...
So it might be easier with my plan...
yeah, could be . . . .
i fail to see a real need for the script
3:35 AM
Hello guys! Can I promote my addon here in the chat?
Anyone have a bag they throw all their tech crap in?
like extra cables and crimpers and troubleshooting crap?
Or maybe I am the only person that has to be a nomad for their job.
@TheXed I used to back when I was doing onsite technical repairs.
I was looking at this but it seems kind of expensive...
But SwissGear makes hands down some of the best backpacks ever. I love mine!! :D
Or maybe I just feel guilty to spend tax payers money...
4:03 AM
don't be
taxpayers' money has been used on way worse things
@edwinksl some of have to be responsible :-P
@edwinksl just because we work for the government doesn't make us all politicians :-P
4:21 AM
Hrm. I have a 3D model here with 800k faces. Time to decimate the mesh a bit.
4:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: day in all areas the sector. Nevertheless most commonly the patro by owellonida on askubuntu.com
342,993 vertices. Whistles.
I've got 8 GB of RAM and it's nearly all in use.
It may be time for me to consider a RAM upgrade...
4:51 AM
not sure why you need to buy... you can simply download it :)
5:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: its real extraordinary provide of remarkably muscl by artnerjurim on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Muscle Building For Skinny Guys by lindolwe on askubuntu.com
5:36 AM
@ParanoidPanda you might get a kick out of that ---^
6:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Your Teeth Can Be Actually Damaged By Some Teeth Whitening Methods by muuhehivejere on askubuntu.com
6:14 AM
@NathanOsman Hey, that's me!
So it is.
blender <333
@TheXed I use a cheap army style rucksack
laptops typically go into sleeves anyway, and I throw random stuff into little padded sleeves from a local dollar store
6:35 AM
@GeorgetheDev ping google.com
@GeorgetheDev what time is it?
oh. the bot is off-line.
i'm stupid
@Zanna YAS
i flagged it as off-topic
it belongs to SO or android SE
vote to merge to android enthusiasts
migrate you mean?
but AE is not for devs... it would be OT there
6:47 AM
stack overflow?
yeah... thanks folks, I voted to close it
Welcome To ubuntuSE! This is off topic here, we only do Ubuntu-related posts here. perhaps try AndroidSE? android.stackexchange.comƎpᴉʇʎXD 1 min ago
vote to migrate to Stack Overflow
┬──┬ ¯\_(ツ)
7:07 AM
@Zanna ah you are right the question is still OT at android SE. SO is probably the best place
stack overflowed
yes it did
it overflowed
@CollDue96, are you actully a user
7:31 AM
George packs on some pounds:
(Pardon my lack of sculpting skills.)
looks like he's been spending too much time sitting in front of a screen eating crisps... I can relate.
┬──┬ ¯_(ツ)
@NathanOsman It looks like he ate stones
but nice actually
7:59 AM
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD yes i am a user. I am real now. See mu parent user
8:21 AM
8:39 AM
Hi there! Can you guys take a look at my question? I have no idea what the fox will be:
Q: Internet on Ubuntu server connected to modem is not working

Ionică BizăuI'm experimenting to connect my desktop machine running Ubuntu server to the modem. There are two eth outputs. One goes to the router and I used the other one for my desktop computer. The Internet is not working when connected this way. Tho, it works if I connect it to the router eth output. ...

@IonicăBizău network drivers?
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD I don't think so. But how can I check?
I have iface eth0 inet dhcp in the interfaces file. Could that be the issue?
8:57 AM
that could
How to change it?

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