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12:00 AM
that thing could probably summon Cthulu lol
Didn't you forget a few zeroes? That sounds more like $8000 than $800...
nope, didn't forget a few zeroes.
DIY machine
not prebuilt
Where do you get those components that cheap?
a few places
Make this the lowest voted question ever: askubuntu.com/q/801065/367990
12:05 AM
custom server motherboards from a manufacturer, $491 for what i've got in mind (dual 8-core Xeons, 128GB Hynix PC-12800R server RAM (16x8GB)), the rest of the components are second hand or I already have around
has the power supply, and drives for data storage around, which saves about $150 - $250
have you guys seen this? lol askubuntu.com/questions/801065/…
yup, Byte just posted it
*accidentally triggers his "ZalgoError" clause in his Python scripts, and ends up having to exit his terminal just to clear the evil
@ArneN. Given it's already closed? Yep.
12:08 AM
Given that my current i5-6200U/Geforce 940M/12GB RAM/128GB SSD/1TB HDD laptop costed 777€, I'm even more envious now.
Most stupid comment ever:
@ByteCommander laptop vs. server/workstation machine.
@Alcuin Arundel Why is it so hard to create my own screen saver in ubuntu. In windows I can write in win32 but ubuntu just sucks. — LuckyAli 4 mins ago
He has to be a complete idiot right? posting this on a ubuntubased forum with full of ubuntu fans lol
laptops always run pricier
@ArneN. Lets not call names
We get a lot of these.
yeah, but still.
12:09 AM
They usually all get closed. or they're far more angry and get offensive flagged
and sniped.
@ThomasWard - Is all software in the repos FOSS?
Instead of politely asking "How to write screensaver in Ubuntu" , he goes into rant . . . . that tells something about OPs character . . . and intellect
@ThomasWard And get you less performance.
12:11 AM
@AndroidDev Indeed. Hence moving all the stuff to hypervisors and VMs. Makes things go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
@AndroidDev does this answer the question?
@ThomasWard You could load the entire Vdisk in RAM! Ubuntu would boot in .00000001 seconds!
in theory, yes. in reality, not really for what I need.
@AndroidDev Short answer: no
@AndroidDev Long answer: No, and there's multiple pockets for different types of 'restricted' software licenses, etc.
Just a quick question does someone have a SSD with ubuntu?
12:15 AM
Uhm... I still don't get what he actually wants
@Byte Commander I know it's not a programming language. It's an API. But, I can use that API to create screen saver but ubuntu sucks no way to create screen saver from scratch. No bit-by-bit screen saver generation. — LuckyAli 4 mins ago
@ThomasWard But if I apt-get install a program on a vanilla install, is it FOSS?
@ByteCommander To annoy us with his rant.
requests a resupply of downvotes
@AndroidDev It depends on the software you're installing.
@ArneN. I'll be helping a friend install to a 950 Pro next week :)
@ThomasWard <sigh>
@AndroidDev Only if it's from the main or universe repo IIRC.
12:17 AM
@AndroidDev Not the answer you're expecting, I know. But answer me this: if I run sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-352 is it open source?
@ArneN. Yes. Why?
@AndroidDev Im curious how fast ubuntu boots on that :p bcuase i just have a default HDD and it boots in like 20seconds. With a SSD i'll probally be amazin XD
How fast does it boot up? @ByteCommander
Let me test... :)
hahahha :p
@AndroidDev Versus, if I install apt-get install nginx is it open source?
12:17 AM
Wait, no.
The nVidia binary drivers are not.
@ThomasWard - So what prevents someone from writing a malicious Linux application that first infects your machine, and then encrypts your /home DIR three months later?
systemd-analyze logs that anyway
@AndroidDev You're asking the wrong guy the question.
$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 4.244s (firmware) + 3.090s (loader) + 2.746s (kernel) + 8.295s (userspace) = 18.377s
12:19 AM
@AndroidDev I can write an obfuscated Python code and give you only the compiled code to run and execute. It can be coded to do something nice but then torpedo your firmware by writing bogus data to it. YOu'd never know until you dug into the software and decompiled it.
You also state 'writing a malicious application'
you don't say "add a malicious application to the repository'
we have a question on this you know
$ systemd-analyze blame | head
          9.057s snapd.refresh.service
          5.058s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
          1.126s dev-sdb5.device
           822ms storage.mount
           804ms data.mount
           397ms gpu-manager.service
           390ms apt-daily.service
           363ms systemd-rfkill.service
           334ms systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-B023\x2d3905.service
           251ms accounts-daemon.service
@ByteCommander @ArneN. I'll report the times from my friend's machine after I help him install it. That 2.2GB/sec read speed is pretty sweet!
Why does snapd take 10 seconds although I never ever installed any snap?
Sure :p
Can I get rid of that one?
12:20 AM
@ThomasWard Could you link me to it?
@AndroidDev 2.2GB/s O.O
$ sudo hdparm -t /dev/sdb

 Timing buffered disk reads: 1496 MB in  3.00 seconds = 498.34 MB/sec
@ByteCommander my uberspace is crazy
Startup finished in 7.914s (kernel) + 45.662s (userspace) = 53.576s
@AndroidDev When I find it, sure.
I need coffee first.
12:22 AM
Its an old laptop anywyas
-8 on that question
@ByteCommander Here's a screenshot from Amazon:
@ByteCommander I wish I had one of those :P
@ThomasWard :)
@AndroidDev That isn't even fast.
@ThomasWard This. People don't understand how much DIYing can save you.
@NathanOsman ?
12:25 AM
^--- those can hit 5,000 MB/s read and 3,000 MB/s write.
@NathanOsman - But what about $/MB?
Well, everything has a price :D
@NathanOsman Right. But 950 Pro is only $199.
Q: At 10k rep, can you flag still?

ubashuOnce you reach 10k rep, which I think is where you can review flags, can you flag or not? Because it seems pretty silly if you can...

@NathanOsman Of course, compare that to L1 CPU cache, and 5GB/sec will seem like nothing.
12:29 AM
@AndroidDev grab onto something sturdy...
$8,999.99 US.
@NathanOsman <font size="∞">**O.O**</font>
I wonder if five 1 TB SSDs in RAID 5 would achieve similar performance.
Welp, 2:30 AM now. I should be sleeping since yesterday. Good night.
Same here :p
Don't wanna sleep yet
12:37 AM
Q: ubuntu phone SO dual boot?

EricA few months ago I bought meizu Pro 5 (ubuntu edition) and I need whatsapp among other android apps. It is possible to make a dualboot or if unable to do so, as it could make a copy of the entire device to temporarily install android? pd: sorry for my engish

Alright, time to fire up my new "cloud".
Q: Apt-get update/update manager downloading slow

chris cowanI am running Linux Mint 18 and my sudo apt-get update/update manager speeds were fine until today. Now they can't even get past 60 kiBs, I have tried changing servers but it was in vain, as all of the main mint servers are the same slow speed or with the base ubuntu servers just unreachable. When...

Three servers spread across North America in a CoreOS cluster... booting time...
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L I instinctively went to flag that and then realized it was on U&L.SE.
@NathanOsman you know that it needs edited to remove the Ubuntu tag then
@NathanOsman OwnCloud?
12:41 AM
@AndroidDev Nope, these are CoreOS servers. They'll be running Docker containers.
The neat thing is that the containers are distributed across the servers and if a server disappears (hardware or network partition) the service is started on one of the remaining servers.
That's the theory anyway.
@NathanOsman I really do need to look into Docker.
@NathanOsman Like AWS EC2?
Digital Ocean - but AWS would work the same way.
CoreOS works on both.
And I've used it on both.
Digital Ocean is just a bit cheaper.
RAM time !!! sighning out and hopefully will be back with beefier amount of RAM
12:47 AM
That's always exciting.
8 gb hype
Q: Finding installed packages and the version

KennyI'm very new to ubuntu and I'm trying to find a command that tells what packages and the versions are installed on my "sandbox"

1:03 AM
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7.7G        1.1G        5.1G        352M        1.4G        6.0G
Swap:          1.5G          0B        1.5G
Let the testing begin
CPU usage still sucks though
Just a question what do you have to do when you think it's a duplicate?
Post this :
Possible duplicate of + link to dupe
Ok i did that :p
din't know if you had to so somthing else too
1:06 AM
Once you get to enough reputation, then you don't have to type all that out. Just click “close” , select reason and paste link there
Q: Finding installed packages and the version

KennyI'm very new to ubuntu and I'm trying to find a command that tells what packages and the versions are installed on my "sandbox" I'm looking to bundle this as a output file

this is a duplicate right?
@ArneN. see how i did it , leave a comment under question
Can't comment yet need 6 more reputation lol
Hmm , you have 44 reputation . . . 50 I think is the comment privillege
Upvote my answer
or is that 5 reputation
thanks :p
1:11 AM
@ArneN. See the comment - not duplicate of that one
yep read it @Serg
Had to retract my vote
@Serg You are probally searching for this one askubuntu.com/questions/17823/…
@ArneN. already found and commented
OK, moo-ving on
Muh droplet.
It won't even respond to pings.
1:18 AM
flood ping it maybe ? ( joking obviously )
I think this is Digital Ocean's problem.
The other two datacenters work.
I should do some serious tuning to my laptop . . . .
@Serg CoreOS doesn't have nano :(
So I'm stuck with vim.
And no clue how to use it.
can you not compile it then?
@NathanOsman I'm at your assistance if you need :D
1:27 AM
vim is not that hard when you get used to it
@ArneN. CoreOS is Gentoo based.
@Serg So I opened the file. Now how do I edit a line? :D
vim is like paint brush. If you click "Insert" or "i" , you start inserting stuff
It's like you put brush on canvas
1:28 AM
and then you press escape to enter command mode
or pencil lines
@Serg And if I remember correctly, ESC exits line edit mode?
where you can do :wq (write quit) and so on
where the serious stuff happens >:D
1:29 AM
@ArneN. Ah, okay.
YEs, If you press escape - you take off the brush from canvas . In that mode you can press ":" and add letters for particular commands
:w for writing ( save file)
:wq write and quit
Okay, thanks.
:d delete (whole ) line
That should be enough for basic editing.
It beats using cat to stuff input into a file :P
its a bit weird to get used to :p
1:31 AM
If you ever get stuck , ping me
Cool, thanks.
@ArneN. You can say that again :D
Now to figure out where etcd stores its configuration...
darn it
1:33 AM
v is for visual selection ( basically same as selecting stuff with mouse ) . y for yanking( copying). p for pasting after cursor
I can see the pixels on my phone
@Zacharee1 my username doesn't render on safari mobile
I AM I-proof
@Zacharee1 Put down the magnifying glass.
@NathanOsman I can see them normally
itll hurt your eyes
but not mine :D
1:35 AM
I thought I couldn't, but I can
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD I hope you can't see my phone o_O
Ahh man I forgot to put my launch lug on...
@Zacharee1 You need a Nexus 6.
The DPI is like 500-something.
i cant
@NathanOsman 1440p on a 5.7" screen
@Zacharee1 Yeah.
My OP3 is smaller but it's only 1080p.
1:37 AM
@NathanOsman that was my phone
Note 4?
My phone doesn't even have 720 :p
i am Ipad proof
5.96" apparently and "2560×1440 px (QHD) @ 493 ppi"
1:38 AM
@NathanOsman mine has smaller pixels then :p
@ArneN. wat O_O
Is it a Moto or something
I didn't know that was possible.
so i have my 5 port switch. i can use laptop as gateway, and connect up to 4 other compooters to it. Time to get Kali and start nuking stuff ?
@Serg yes
shouldn't you get a router though, if your laptop is the internet connection?
@Zacharee1 wait we are talking about phones right?
em . . . . probably
1:39 AM
I have a Samsung galaxy core prime (480 x 800 pixels (~207 ppi pixel density)) xD
I wonder how expensive it would be to get a magnifying lens for my smartphone. At least 25x would be nice. Maybe even 100x.
among other things, i should throw away bunch of stuff in my room
@ArneN. ew :p
i have a samsung s3 mini
1:41 AM
@NathanOsman you mean for the camera? I'm actually curious how well those things work
Samsung is a two-tier company. Their cheap phones are junk but their pricier ones are pretty decent (minus TouchWiz, of course).
@Zacharee1 Yeah.
like, i have all sorts of boxes and bags and books. but reall i only need a fraction of it all
@Serg Welcome to my world :)
@NathanOsman I hate TW. It's so slow when it's upgraded
It's 4AM here should probally go to sleep xD Cya :p
1:42 AM
ooh, a Belgian
@NathanOsman and suhd tvs are SUper-expencive.
Who's a cat with a takeout box as a hat
Yep :p
Noodle box*
1:43 AM
@Zacharee1 OP3's OxygenOS seems to be halfway between vanilla Android and Cyanogen.
@NathanOsman been in that world for years XD
Europe has the fast food noodles
I kinda like it.
@NathanOsman sounds nice
@Zacharee1 But we haz cheeseburger.
1:44 AM
I wanted to try it, but the OPO didn't like its build
The noodles are awefull trust me
There's no better noodles than in China
@Serg what about Vietnam? (Pho?)
@ArneN. I tried noodles once at what I think was a Vietnamese restaurant. Not a lot of flavor to them...
@Serg ramen?
1:45 AM
@Zacharee1 Hmm i see arduino hunh :p Learning in school right now :p
@Zacharee1 good, too. but if i had to choose to eat pho or the wide noodles i had in Jinan . . . . I'll buy a ticket to China just for that
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD isn't that Japanese?
its asia
@Serg I guess you could take a boat to Vietnam or something :p
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD uh
1:46 AM
idk :P
well anyway goodnight everyone
told you ramen is in korea too!
T.T and speaking of those noodles, they are dear to me for a reason that my gf was taking me there , because she knows i like noodles
We're talking about China though
1:48 AM
i wanna go back. . . . i felt so calm and peaceful there
China? I dont do China.
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD look at how your name shows up in a URL http://askubuntu.com/users/527600/epityxd
Then SE fixes the URL
Wait, who suspended Michael for a year? o-O
1:53 AM
Michael ?
you could try this and it might work fine this way
@CodeX i finished season 1 xD
congratualtion @edwinksl
s1e8 had me go wtf
flag as OT and move to meta askubuntu.com/questions/801093/…
now slow down because there are only 2 episode broadcasted so far in next season 2 ..else there wont be anything to watch xD
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD that oxygen os looks look cool
1:59 AM
looks cool*
My ex is back to chatting with me almost every day. Well . . .sort of. She just sends messages before work, and then after work we talk.
I missed her , she used to always be there, we could talk almost any time
Q: Complete at least one review task

Rob GossHello everyone I'm still new here and trying to fully understand how posting and answering questions are done here. I got this message and was wondering what does it mean This is the message I received: Complete at least one review task. This badge is awarded once per review type. Thanks so much

until your ex left you one day ?
2:03 AM
No, until I broke up with her , and she was so upset that she blocked me . . . .
from whatsapp and facebook ?
SuperTuxKart is working on networked multiplayer. Almost done...
QQ and WeChat :) ( if you know Chinese social networks )
I know wechat
so it was long distance relationship
Basically, yes
2:06 AM
life would be so much better and peaceful if you wouldn't have the urge to have a partner
but then we would only eat..work and sleep I guess
Meh , it's just the result of hormones in the body. Over time I realized that worrying doesn't matter. Eventually you find the right person
I hope so .. I am 30 now .. not much time left to find the "right one"
People get married even in 50s .
so which one did you choose
ex or current
Current of course.
2:11 AM
you are sure your feelings wont change ? xD
Don't get me wrong . . . my ex is wonderful . She used to love me like crazy. And I know, I can feel, she still does. And if I had to marry her, I wouldn't say no .
But I met someone who loves me equally , if not more .
cool ..as long as you both love and respect each other
2:16 AM
Delegates at Republican convention boo Texas Sen. Ted Cruz after he ends speech without endorsing Donald Trump - AP http://www.breakingnews.com/t/Sl
yeah was just reading it
The one guy with some guts.
And everyone boos him.
Shameless cowards.
it's hard to express everything i think of my ex and of my current . It's complicated. But I'm just happy ex is back and we can be friends. And I just feel very peaceful about my current gf.
Looks like Trump will be the next president for sure
@serg you wanted your ex to forgive you for leaving ?
sort of . . .
2:21 AM
did she find someone
@CodeX I'm still holding out for SMOD.
I don't know. So far she haven't i think. It's not easy , plus it takes time. I know , because I was on the receiving end once. Not a pretty feeling
maybe you talking with her again is giving her a hope that you might come back
2:24 AM
it might not be so bad
Politicians say things to win sometimes but they don't intend to do it ..Hilary might change as well
Eh . . . . let me put it like this : nothing is constant in this world except change itself . . . that , and stupidity . . . So who knows . . .
Maybe I'll come back, maybe not , maybe I'll say "funk everything" , save up for ticket to China and go live as a monk . . . .nah, probably not . . . I will miss interwebs too much
But at least for the immediate future . . . I'm happy with my current gf. I mean, I do feel like real self when i'm by her side, you know ?
cool keeping all options open is also good ..hope no one will be hurt though
Anyway . . . enough of my relationship stuff here
thank god i was playing sonic the hedgehog 2
i did not want to hear this
2:41 AM
i should build some kind of rack for my small devices. I've raspberry, external DVD, ethernet switch . That stuff needs to get organized yo
News: Popular torrent site KickassTorrents is offline, (alleged) founder arrested
thank god
you don't like torrent sites ? @ƎpᴉʇʎXD
welp , there goes whole lotta torrents down the drain
2:48 AM
BitTorrent == good. Illegally pirated content == bad.
Hate the action, not the protocol :D
Cluster is up!
as long as I can download movies I love torrent
i hate torrent
sigh . . . why i don't have no short ethernet wires . . . .
torrent is not love, torrent is hate

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