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8:01 PM
@Serg Interested in building another indicator? askubuntu.com/q/801003/367990
@ByteCommander sure :) I see you're into indicators lately
says the person making them all
@Zacharee1 so far I only made one :p
so far he's only asked for two
@ByteCommander is it ok if discharge will be in watts ?
8:17 PM
@Serg has to be in mAh
oh KWh
@Zacharee1 no.
@ByteCommander GAh?
mA != mAh
An ampere-hour or amp-hour (SI symbol A·h or A h; also denoted Ah) is a unit of electric current over time, equal to the charge transferred by a steady current of one ampere flowing for one hour, or 3600 coulombs. The ampere-hour is frequently used in measurements of electrochemical systems such as electroplating and incorrectly, the 'capacity' of electrical batteries (a battery constituent material's specific capacity is commonly expressed in mA·h/g). The commonly seen milliampere-hour (mA·h or mAh) is one-thousandth of an ampere-hour (3.6 coulombs). This is commonly used for marketing purposes...
8:24 PM
mAh is the electric charge, mA is the electric current and kWh is the electric energy.
Totally different things.
1 min ago, by Zacharee1
The only units that make sense here is mA (current) or W (power)
mAh is "how much milliamps battery can send for one hour"
amps is rate , charge over time
but you know this right ;)
8:26 PM
too much physics for poor little @Zach... We scared him out of the room :D
@Zacharee1 sorry :3 we still love you
s/we/only Serg/ depending on your definition of love... o.O
brotherly love, of course
I'm not single , so you guys can't ship me and Zach :p
Aaand i'm only into Asian females . . .
Outage Postmortem - July 20, 2016 http://stackstatus.net/post/147710624694/outage-postmortem-july-20-2016
8:48 PM
Oha, interesting. A simple malformed regex took SO down for over half an hour.
@Serg Btw here's some proof for my indicator affinity:
damn, afternoon naps are so good
@ByteCommander so far I have found method for extracting discharge of battery. But I cannot seem to find anything about how much ac charger consumes
9:01 PM
This is nice:
I'm tired just to think I'm on the graveyard shift tonight
graveyard shifts are good
serg can tell you all about staying up late
Night owl here
Sometimes it's cool, sometimes i hate it
and resetting my body clock is major pain in the a$$$$$$
9:04 PM
@edwinksl @Serg it's good and bad, last time I did it my biological clock was a bit messed for a while. I would sleep really late and wake up really late too
i am a night owl too
the peace at night is awesome
After I came from China , i would go to bed at 5 AM , wake up at like 2 pm
The good thing is that when there's no work to do on the graveyard shift we can usually take a nap
Last two days i would fall asleep early
you used to live on china?
9:05 PM
like 9 pm , but today i woke up at 3:30 am , and didn't fall asleep
@IanC for 3 weeks , may 17th to june 7th
my first trip there
\o hi Fabby
@ByteCommander according to my research so far, there's nothing to measure power consumption for desktops and AC adapters. We can only do power discharge rate on battery
cool, only two countries I've visited was mexico and germany
Not many good spots to surf in Germany...
Why Germany???
@Serg o/
Because Deutchland , that's why !!!
And Beer !!!
my aunt and cousin lives there! even if there were surf spots, I don't think I'd have the courage to go into that freezing cold water :p @Fabby
Meh, Belgian beer is better...
9:10 PM
snowboard is cool though!
( I also have a cousin there , Ukrainian hot stuff , but she's married already )
hey, sorry to be useless... Can someone real fast review a crappy logo of mine?
sure, share it!
@KazWolfe cool minimialistic, but i would add white dash to the rain droplet
9:11 PM
@Fabby dat 404
@Fabby i got a 404
@Serg like a white highlight?
how one would make a python script run at startup?
@KazWolfe no , like a light reflection
@KazWolfe i like it, simple and flat
9:12 PM
oh. hmmm. i just don't want that to screw with the light logo
hang on
and maybe some small detail on the black background? Some simple detail, like a white line making the contour (leaving a small black margin)?
@KazWolfe Cool.
What's it do?
9:13 PM
that's a big a$$ dropled
it's a pet project of mine. server scaling stuff
@KazWolfe I bet if you asked someone from Houston they would want nothing to do with anything powered by rain.
Bullion scale?
( AFK , smoking )
project rain is a cloud provider software xP
9:14 PM
Black is better
Q: How can I mount /usr on another partition but use a folder called /usr on that partition instead of using / as /usr?

JasSomewhat along the lines of this question, How to mount multiple directories on the same partition? but my situation is different. I have a 2 small partitions that I'm using for two variants of linux and one large partition that I'm using as the home for both. I'd like to move the /usr folder ...

basically, that's the easy solution
@ Fabby byte commander recently is into Unity indicators. I'm gonna be writing power consumption indicator for him tonight. You have any other ideas for indicators ?
Cool! Found your website: rain-project.eu
@Fabby, never drinked belgiam beers, but heard they are strong! Our brazillian beers usually have a bit more water (probably to refresh more in the warm weather)
9:15 PM
(if not yours, you should consider renaming)
@Fabby hah. not me :D
Ian from Brazil?
Belgian beers are property of Brazil anyway! ;)
but i already have all the logos done
First look for a web site, then choose a name, then design the logo...
@Fabby different sector so yeah
9:18 PM
OK, I'm off! doing some work...
'night all.
@GeorgetheDev Good night...
good night @Fabby!
yay got my 5 port switch just now
@Fabby: Goodnight! :)
@Serg POE, managed? 1gbps?
9:19 PM
200 Mbps
You poor thing...
TP-Link TL-SF1005D
@TheXed just for playing,cost me 10$ only
It's 10/100Mbps
@Serg like this?
(obv more clean, but something sorta like that)
yup, looks great @KazWolfe
9:21 PM
grr brb updating my SVG
@Serg playing what?
@TheXed just for playing with networking. It's not like I'm going to need some serious power here. I'm cool with even small switch like this for starters
@Serg cool...
by the way just for the pure sake of bragging, my switches at work are 10gbps over fiber :-P
All the computers top out at 1gbps of course...
but the 10Gbps really helps the traffic move around smoothly...
9:25 PM
also got my 8 gb ram stick. Hopefully chromium now will have enough room to wiggle and won't eat my swap
@Serg laptop?
@TheXed yessir
@Serg I can't believe there's no way to measure AC consumption. :/
9:28 PM
Btw if you make an option to switch between W and mA, that would be nice as well. It's just a constant factor anyway.
@ByteCommander well there is . . .via outlet plug....but nothing via software
Welp , my switch werks ! Wooo ! Time to buy more ethernet cables
sadly, can't find anything either
welp, then just display it while on battery.
@ByteCommander yessir , will do
Could you display the battery charging current while it's plugged in?
um . . . .let me see
i dont think i can
9:43 PM
@Serg do you know stuff about Inkscape?
@Zacharee1 is our resident graphics design expert
@Serg O'Really? o.O
because that is the Order of Things
well , upower command gives me info about battery , lots of info. But it only tells me this about power supply
Device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/line_power_ACAD
  native-path:          ACAD
  power supply:         yes
  updated:              Wed 20 Jul 2016 02:58:18 PM MDT (2858 seconds ago)
  has history:          no
  has statistics:       no
    warning-level:       none
    online:              yes
    icon-name:          'ac-adapter-symbolic'
@ByteCommander use upower --dump
9:47 PM
svg is so annoying.
@ParanoidPanda had a tinker with reactOS yet?
hmmm , battery has "time to full" parameter
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD: Not yet, haven't had the time, I've just been dealing with rude emails and bug reports today...
Maybe I could use some math there to calculate what you want
But I will. :)
9:49 PM
hey @ParanoidPanda do you have SVG experience?
rude emails from wolfboyft?!?
image format
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD: Yes, about 6 or 7 of them.
9:50 PM
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD your name doesn't render on Safari by the way
i'm mac-proof
@KazWolfe: Don't think so, sorry...
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD mobile Safari :P
@ParanoidPanda block him
9:50 PM
you show fine on a mac :)
that said... inverts your name out of compatibility reasons with userscripts
i was asleep when the stack exchange outage began
@KazWolfe: Sounds vaguely familiar but I don't think I use it often.
k den
i'm just gonna keep hating inkscape
9:52 PM
@ThomasW. how does it render my name? or is it blank?
@Serg What is /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/current_now ?
@ParanoidPanda what were they about?
legal actions?
discharge of battery in micro amps
O_o i'm getting pinged each time someone puts a message
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD squares
the 'unknown character' placeholder heh
9:54 PM
imma report dat to apple
im I proof :P
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Sorry, what are you referring to?
ftl (for the loser)
Ah, they are just calling me "evil" and "scum" and that sort of thing. Though there is one very strange video in one of them, and some animated gifs (one is swearing, the others are just weird).
10:00 PM
@ParanoidPanda btw, on my microsoft windows ten, i see a little dot under the i on your user name
Oh, well that is strange...
what email provider do you use?
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD report it to Microsoft
10:01 PM
I can send a complaint!
it's their broken stuff :p
@ThomasW. already did
complain again.
@ParanoidPanda I will report the things to them. Mean while you can block him from further mean posts by...
filtering him as spam. :P
Yes, I will do that now.
10:03 PM
@ThomasW. too much spam and microsoft gets ddosed
is he using gmail as well?
@ParanoidPanda thank me later, i saved around half-an-hour of your day
oh hi @James
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Yes
time to take the fight back to him, ey?
if we get enough report spam stuff he will have a pernament ? on his profile picture and it will say "WARNING! proceed with caution. many users has marked this as spam"
which looks better to you guys?
10:09 PM
(oh that, lol soz)
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD NO
i be doing research
and i need help
@KazWolfe first one sparks my attention
also edity, paranoid is saving them in case has to go to police
i feel bad for that panda
hes just strolling around
and that little FTL ruins his day
wolfboyftl comfirmed
well i'm clearly going mad. see you later!
Goodnight folks! :)
10:15 PM
night panda
I hope I don't receive anything nasty for at least another year from this guy (when his next suspension ends)!
I hope so too.
@Serg Unplugged that shows around 600k while plugged it shows twice that i.e. 1200k microamps.
Could that be the charging current then?
@ByteCommander could be , but i have on evidence to back it up
shows the opposite for me. Double current on battery, half on power supply
maybe your notebook is sucking the battery empty faster than your AC can charge it?
(probably not)
10:22 PM
can anyone help me with this?
Q: some corrupty graphics in 14.04 LTS

ƎpᴉʇʎXDI got 14.04 LTS (because Xenial WHY NO AMD?!?) and it worked flawlessly (process going fine and stuff) and when I boot it.... some stripes of glitcheyness happens and then normal boot.. If anyone can tell me some suggestions or answers, that will be appreciated. (I'm using ATI graphics BTW)

^ If it goes away and doesn't interfere with anything, I guess I don't see the problem... some people are much more aesthetically-minded than me, though
@NickWeinberg some more glitchy problems occur too during normal use.
Well that's different! You might want to edit your question to include that information
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD Chat System 101: Link back to the chat in your comments if you move something to chat lol
10:31 PM
@ByteCommander no, laptop takes less current from battery if plugged in. it makes sense . more current is taken from battery when it's unplugged
but here it's right the other way round!
is your battery old ?
10:34 PM
does about two and a half months count as old?
probably not . . . .
Assuming upower daemon does its job properly, i can only give you battery watt rate
i don't know how to approach AC adapter rate
welp,see you guys later
10:53 PM
@ByteCommander welp , i think i sort of figured out what upower is doing as far as battery goes. It switches. When plugged in , the rate represents charging rate
I just ran through calculations , and via those calculated the same time as reported by upower ( time untill full charge )
so , as far as power consumed by battery , we can calculate that . But battery isn't the only thing that's consuming energy.
Sure, I woud say that's okay though.
I can reword my question to battery (dis)charging current as that seems the only possible thing anyway.
Yikes! Kittens got brutally murdered @ThomasW. askubuntu.com/q/801049/367990
@ByteCommander okay...? Anything in particular you are pinging me for other than the "unclear" nature of the question?
is on a phone right now, and limited in what he can do
@ByteCommander Yeah, just reword it. If I come up with anything, i will add it to my script
oh the SEcurity side of things.
@ThomasW. Somebody wants to give www-data sudo nopasswd rights.
Oh, I've never seen 4 chat flags appear at once.
That was a historic moment...
11:08 PM
@ByteCommander lol not really
Thanks for posting that answer.
Maybe you saved a few more kittens...
I just took the kittens
and left them in Mordor
has been reading Tolkein's Lord of the Rings as part of an english course summer assignment
why on earth does youtube video show quality like 244 p even if i set it to 480 ?
data caching
or bad graphics card
11:23 PM
or bad wifi
or bad pc
or bad ubuntubook.
or Cthulu infected your computer
Or Windows.
or ubuntu 8.04
Nah, probably the time of day when everyone is off work or off school amd rush to watch utubz
amd cpu comfirmed!
11:25 PM
@ByteCommander there's a comment on your 'scp' answer - you missed the recursive flag for dir. transferrence
or the time when all the European night owls wake up... 01:25 here
or poor eyesight
@ByteCommander if battery supplies 0.8 amp, then ac adapter supplies the rest, right ?
i think bytes sleeping
@Serg no idea
@ThomasW. I feel honoured :) Thanks and edited.
11:30 PM
@ByteCommander You're welcome. My basis is that their pwd output is the 'src' directory... and I think that's what they were trying to copy over.
problem is that we don't know how much current ac adapter gives. or watts.
But you're still welcome :)
we can only know max value
@ByteCommander I prefer to say "I think maybe you need [this] for [reason]" rather than just say "you screwed up" so I try and give gentle nudge via comments. Mod diamond or not, I'm still a member of the community :)
gives the chance for "I don't think so, because [reason]." respectful discourse :)
which is critical here on Ask Ubuntu
Sure, I totally agree.
@Serg Actually I did not expect this to get that complicated...
I mean this notebook has half a dozen of different thermal sensors etc inside, but not any measuring the power consumption...
(not specifically this notebook, more in general)
11:38 PM
@ByteCommander The wattage usually has to be exposed to the system somehow, in Dell laptops, the BIOS / firmware is configured to state what wattage the charger provides
for instance I have a 90w charger and a 45w charger here, the BIOS reveals to the system as something in the firmware properties I think the wattage
which I think power manager (on Trusty) can pick up on
No idea...
Actually it's becoming 2 AM soon and I'm no longer in the mood to concentrate on this.
I should get up early tomorrow... shudders
Welp, no. It will be today already :(
that said it may not actually be revealed to the system
(sometimes my computer can't detect the wattage)
@ThomasW. That scp guy makes conflicting statements about what src is.
src is a file contain my code in my home directory . I tried to copy it from home directory not from inside src file. — user3076763 1 min ago
But the outputs in the question show it has to be a directory.
naming a file src is confusing
not really. But cd-ing into a file successfully is confusing.
11:44 PM
@ByteCommander Check my latest comment
After I finish this youtube video, i'll install my new 8Gb stick
\ o/ Moar RAM
Moar powar , moar memoriz
fifty minutes later, and another ten YouTube videos later...
@Serg it is already 2016, people still buy ram?
@Serg I need to get new RAM for my server boards heh
@edwinksl $1200 for 256GB of ECC Server RAM.
@edwinksl yes , I do
4 GB isn't enough for my poor Toshiba
firefox and chromium keep eating it up
11:52 PM
Yup, 4GB is a pain. I have 12 GB in my new notebook and love every single bit of them :) <3
i have 8 and it is still a pain
I have 8GB in my laptop, I could put up to 16GB in it, but I've offloaded a HUGE number of the things that are RAM-consuming off to my VMs on my two 24GB-ram-each hypervisors
which made me chuckle how much more I can do there xD
but yeah i hear you
low RAM is evil
helloo :)
11:54 PM
glares at @ThomasW. enviously...
@ThomasW. those 24 GBs on your hypervisors are ECC?
Welp, no epic day for me today... Only 180 so far and no question to answer within the next 5 minutes.
glares back at @ByteCommander with a slightly evil smile
@ByteCommander so OP lied about src being a file
@edwinksl both are ECC Unbuffered
the next hypervisor's ECC Registered... I think...
11:56 PM
rather incompetence than a lie, but seems so.
next hypervisor is PC3-12800R server RAM. 16 x 8GB sticks.
128GB RAM. Dual 8-core Xeons, with hyperthreading.
once I scrape $800 together.
so, 16 physical cores, 32 logical.
and 128GB RAM.

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