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@TheWanderer Do you mean ubuntu as it runs on your particular hardware?
12:14 AM
@chaskes particular hardware across multiple machines?
@TheWanderer That's a really fair argument. The HCL for Ubuntu is sorely lacking, but I think that's a global linux problem inspecific to Ubuntu. I tried to start an AP mode wireless HCL question here once, but it got shut down.
12:32 AM
@TheWanderer why not? It's about chipsets and kernel support.
well this one doesn't have power functions, my other one sometimes just doesn't boot (or NVIDIA crashes), my desktop likes to freeze randomly
Intel, Intel, AMD
That's interesting. The only AMD crashes I ever got were kernel panics where my keyboard went all flashy locks LEDs, because the card was overheating, but I was using a notoriously hot card.
Like, dedicated 300W just to turn it on hot.
that's hot Krieger
Yeah, it's hot. They don't make them any more, but it was a thing of beauty. I wish I still had it.
My box wouldn't post until I tossed in a secondary power supply just for the video card.
how many BTC did you get?
also, that's a lotta outputs
12:47 AM
I wasn't mining BTC. I was running 3 screens and using it for top end gaming in wine.
Not complaining about the overheating. I earned it.
1:26 AM
facedesks from tiredness
other than my tiredness how's all of you :P
yuck yuck yuck
That's too purpley for the purple club.
@TheWanderer there's a solution for that. Device, meet Hammer. Hammer, meet Device.
Insert dana carvey turtle club meme here
Also, why did facebook messenger get markdown backwards.
because it's Facebook?
@RobotHumans they take Word-like markdown. *foo* is foo, _bar_ is bar, and they don't like it when you combine.
it's stupid, I know.
1:32 AM
Ah. So, it's just not markdown like everyone else on god's green earth uses. Makes sense.
pretty much.
i wish they had used standard Markdown too
Played with sanic or asyncpg at all? I know you maintain the nginx package, so I just thought I'ld ask. github.com/squeaky-pl/japronto also looks pretty amazing for single page apps as a stack with something that rewrites pages with a shadowdom or the actual dom.
The performance numbers are incredible. If he added multiprocessing and benchmarked it multicore, I think he'ld get an even larger following even though he's saying it's not production ready.
I don't think SE uses standard markdown either
SE is close afaict. It doesn't make me scream at my screen at all.
Using *this* to get itallics and **this** to get bold on SE and reddit then something else on facebook messenger is mildly irritating.
_t_ and *t* are the same in SE
but not in anything else I've used
Slack, Skype, Discord, Reddit all bold using one and italicize with the other
SE needs you to double-up
1:45 AM
really? i thought reddit was the other way.
my references aren't respective
reddit is the other way. this is itallicized on ubuntu chrome. I just tested it.
I just meant using either _ or * italicizes while either * or _ bolds
but on SE they're the same
So you're saying what, that doubles bold and singles italicize like they should, but you don't like that the characters are synonymous?
Seems like a good idea to me anyway. As long as it's not a logic inversion.
Q: Should I buy this (gently) used helmet?

tomMy neighbor is moving cross country and selling all his bike stuff. His helmet's a white Bell, about 15 years old. It's a bit scuffed but generally in pretty good condition. The only thing that worries me is some of the styrofoam is cracking off, but it shouldn't be hard to glue or remove and stu...

1:51 AM
I honestly don't care
do you even have to ask? o_O
but SE doesn't use standard
@Seth idk which way you're reacting
"duh get it" or "don't get it you crazy maniac"
@ThomasWard - Not trying to bother you, but I am earnestly interested in if you've tried out any of those frameworks. japronto looks pretty amazing, sanic and asyncpg also seem pretty great since they get the speed without cheating, which is where node falls down. It offloads DB queries in promises, but python 3.5 implemented promises to take it back.
@Seth people ask all sort of shit
@TheWanderer the latter. 15 years old with styrofoam coming off? Either one is a huge red flag.
1:54 AM
so nothing else uses proper markdown?
it is odd. I wonder if there is/was a competing spec that once existed? (still exists?)
I mean, probably
I think he nailed it with MS word markdown spec, which should just diaf since it's exactly the opposite of everything else.
25 mins ago, by Thomas Ward
@RobotHumans they take Word-like markdown. *foo* is foo, _bar_ is bar, and they don't like it when you combine.
1:58 AM
Word has markdown?
@RobotHumans oh so that's where it comes from eh?
It is exactly inverted logic to the rest of the universe, so it should just die (in a metaphorical sense of course).
Why am I not surprised.
@RobotHumans no u
@RobotHumans agree.
I wish standard markdown had strikethrough though.
1:59 AM
it doesn't but people generally agree on how to do it
@RobotHumans Well, SE uses --- but GitHub markdown uses ~~~ iirc
i haven't tried it on github. i don't think readmes should have strikethroughs in them.
isn't the tilde method just one?
@TheWanderer Looking at the spec it can be any number.
So yes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is just as valid as ~?
2:01 AM
worse. ~something~~~~~~~~~~ will work
what would a strikethrough on a tilde be used for? or what would it even look like? it might be a good loch ness monster joke, but that's about it.
Like, I can't think of a reason for that.. Makes parsing easier I guess?
also, bottom up parsing.
@RobotHumans Why not? I can think of fine uses for them. Also, a lot of other things use GFM markdown
2:03 AM
The only use I can think of for a strikethrough on a tilde is to say homeless.
One of us is confused. In GitHub markdown ~this~ turns into this. Is that what you're talking about @RobotHumans?
I'm not really sure why SE uses dashes and not the tilde, which every other system seems to use for strikethrough (GitHub and Discord off the top of my head). Might be a legacy thing.
dafuq are you talking about @RobotHumans
I was trying to figure out what a strikethrough on a tilde would look like. And why would you use it.
are you sure you aren't just an IRL Krieger?
2:05 AM
It's just markdown for <del>. Exactly the same as how ** is markdown for <strong>
Kannst du mich verstehen?
(in GF markdown anyway)
@TheWanderer try to be nice..?
@Seth iz yokes
have you watched Archer?
No, I don't speak german. And yes, I do watch archer.
talking to Seth
@RobotHumans then you can't be Krieger
2:08 AM
I really should learn german
most Germans seem to speak English anyway
They do. French is mostly more useful to know. Then in ascending order, spanish and in 30 years chinese.
@TheWanderer ik
@RobotHumans Chinese looks insanely hard to master
@TheWanderer It is. It is..
2:10 AM
especially since it isn't similar to any western languages
@TheWanderer Sure, but that only makes it hard to learn for westerners
@Seth which is a pretty big portion of the world, to be fair
even most "eastern" areas speak some Slavic language
@TheWanderer definitely true.
@TheWanderer err, what?
Russia, all the Stans
2:11 AM
Stresses and inflection changing the word is a little weird, but it does explain asian accents in english.
India even
@TheWanderer Asian languages are not Slavic at all.
@Seth The Stans aren't Slavic?
Sanskrit isn't Slavic, but it's very related to Western langs
2:12 AM
they're either turkic or indic
They leave out accent marks and require you to interpret vowels in written text.
though quite a few use latin or cyrillic scripts for various reasons
@JourneymanGeek that
Wh wld wnt t wrt tht w
@TheWanderer @Seth the big oddness with chinese is there's less an alphabet of managable proportions than a bunch of pictograms
2:13 AM
@JourneymanGeek interesting...
@JourneymanGeek Right. That and the inflections.
but Turkic still has similarities to Slavic and Sanskrit AFAIH
so you need to memorise serveral thousand charecters
@Seth I consider that less unique cause there's certain sounds that even native tamil speakers have trouble with
@JourneymanGeek Fair enough. For a westerner it's very different.
also, btw, Kazakhstan's secondary official language is Russian
2:15 AM
or how sanskrit has 5 variantes of ka/gha, and tamil has abooooot 2
but the fundamental laws of tamil grammar are "englishlike"
Sanskrit is weird....
Way to say about like a canadian
language is weird
@TheWanderer its kinda like our equivilent of latin
very few understand it, and its primary role is as a language of litany
didn't Sanskrit sort of give rise to Latin?
2:16 AM
and its VERY rarely the mother tongue for anyone
@TheWanderer personally I'd doubt it
there are a lot of grammatical similarities IIRC
and word similarities
I'd lean towards trade based cross pollination over some kinda babel-like common language
Skrit for one
(I mean the greeks had some trade with the indians, and even nearly invaded)
romans almost certainly got as far asl the deep south to trade
my browser keeps freezing too...
2:18 AM
sed s/until/into/
Japanese script is really weird. They use 3 sets of characters. Katakana is used for transcribed foreign words. Hiragana for grammar and function words and then they use modified Han (Chinese) symbols for the bulk.
@TheWanderer that's actually very interesting.
@Seth Also, modern tamil script was recent
languages are fun
We probably couldn't read the old pre-italian designed version lol
@JourneymanGeek A lot of Indian/South Asian scripts look incredibly hard to write
2:21 AM
@Seth well there's about 3 families
eh 4
the ones that use the "arabic" style script, classic sanskrit derivatives, the loopy ones, and us
where did the Hindi script come from?
I forget if it's Sanskrit or not
hm, what's us look like @JourneymanGeek? Tamil looks loopy to me
oh yep Hindi script is Sanskrit
2:23 AM
tamil isn't that loopy
look at telungu and malayalam
(also armenian script is pretty)
fair. I still cannot imagine writing either. But I suppose that's just because it's foreign to me.
Q: How To Configure a noip on linux, if I has Double NAT ISP Like JioFi?

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well the trick with tamil is really
(since we have constanants, vowels, combinations of the two... and that one letter)
Calligraphy is a valiant hobby. I would entertain it as a wall art sort of thing, but not as a daily writing style.
2:26 AM
wait wut @JourneymanGeek
@RobotHumans I tried taking up calligraphy once. But then I realized I was left handed. It's a lot harder to do left handed. Most of the strokes assume you are writing from a right handed angle.
I'm a lefty too
The top row is vowels. the rightmost column is constanants. the one right in the top right corner is... "the weapon letter" lol
2:27 AM
@Seth you just have to get used to writing weirdly
@TheWanderer right. That was more than I asked for :P
the ones in white below are our equivilent of romanji - its meant for words that are borrowed from sanscrit and are literally called "northern language letters"
in any case, it's calligraphy so it's already weird
@JourneymanGeek Very interesting
@JourneymanGeek English is your second language right?
@Seth I actually find english easier sometimes
2:28 AM
someone finds English easy?
hold up
haha, my first thought ^
I'm probably native level in both verbally. I have trouble reading tamil fast due to lack of practice
@JourneymanGeek I mean, your English here is impeccable. I was just wondering if you learned to write English and how you personally compared it to Tamil/other Indian scripts
I just use google translate and gimp. It's easier than writing it down.
2:30 AM
@RobotHumans It's been so long.. I should know what those two characters are, but I have forgotten.
@Seth here's the big joke
I learnt to speak english from cartoons.
and had a cartoon american accent for a bit.
haha, that's great :D
@Seth My spelling can be terrible at times. I relied on spellcheck a lot, and still have a few odd spelling quirks
2:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek Most American's spelling is awful :P
My spelling is awful..
@Seth Oh, I'm dyslexic
(Not that most people realise until i tell them)
@JourneymanGeek Oh that's right. I'm sure that makes spelling a lot trickier.
Its a matter of effort, and spellcheck ;)
I used something like writely called bullfighter all through highschool
@JourneymanGeek Do you use a special font then to help?
which kiiiiinda is why I write meta posts the way I do, just with a bit less seriousness ;p
@Seth most fonts suck
I just use the source fonts from adobe
2:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek ah
I don't like the fat bottomed style
also for reading a lot I do light on dark
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5:47 AM
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@NathanOsman ??
3 hours later…
8:28 AM
good morning
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8:47 AM
@dessert so youre a first poster now? --> askubuntu.com/review/first-posts/782682 :P
@Videonauth good to know ;)
The weirdes audit i ever had was it presenting me an answer which i wrote myself ;D just making the user an unkown user
@terdon, can you please lock this question for editing, the OP had defaced it and i now rolled it back, there is no need that all the effort of others goes to waste : askubuntu.com/q/982302/522934
@Videonauth No need to lock unless the OP undoes your edit. Locking means nobody can edit, it's sort of the nuclear option.
ok will watch the question then puts the tab aside
will leave a comment tho
Please don't deface your question only because you got upset with it or the reaction it caused. There are numerous people who invested time in this and your question is not only for you, but for future readers also. I now have rolled back your edit, to make this again the actual question which has been answered. — Videonauth 36 secs ago
9:03 AM
@Videonauth I don't think they were upset. That seems a bit aggressive. They edited it to change the question into "thanks" so it looks like they're just confused about how the system works.
ok rewording it
But never mind.
Please don't deface your question only because you got confused or upset with it or ...
@RobotHumans Oh, hey man, sorry, I was asleep! Long time no chat, indeed!
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9:39 AM
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11:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek how do you mean?
11:44 AM
@Zanna subject predicate object basic sentances more or less
Stuff gets slightly less mangled in translation
hmm doesn't that depend of the skill of the translator... like, understand what is being said in language A and create the most appropriate equivalent in language B? Or are you thinking of stuff like Google Translate? And what language are you comparing to that is more mangley?
11:58 AM
I ask because... I've been trying to study Tamil and I find it much harder than any of the other languages I've tried to learn, (except Mandarin, which I made very little effort with). It seems much harder for me than Portuguese, Farsi, French, German!
12:17 PM
Q: Concurrent connections and Prefork MPM module

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1:09 PM
@Zanna Every single one of these languages is a Indo-European one except of course Mandarin, that may be a reason why you feel like that. After learning Ancient Greek which I just love I found Sanskrit to be as simple as beautiful.
Yeah. I can understand more easily how the arrangement of the words creates meaning in those languages. But it's more excitingly mind-bending to learn a more different language.
1:41 PM
What do you find lovely about ancient Greek? How different is it from modern Greek? (I only know how to say "what time does the boat leave?")
@Zanna It has just so many ways to express things and such a beatiful syntax. I like the genitivus absolutus and absolute constructions in general, and I like the imperfect/aorist/perfect system. It's perfect in every sense. ;)
Haha unlike the "perfect" tenses in English, which confuse the heck out of all my students...
@Zanna However, you need to know that I'm studying comparative linguistics. I see beauty where others moan. :D
lexographer badge awarded to everyone in chat in the last 12 hours.
1:52 PM
@RobotHumans s/lexo/lexico/?
@RobotHumans :P except for the one misspelling lexicographer
sure. except me. we don't need no stinkin badges
@dessert well, I get excited about how languages work too, but I'm constantly apologising for the annoying things about English
Q: Linux file changes disappear in front of my eyes

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2:36 PM
@NathanOsman took you guys long enough xda-developers.com/…
I only buy used "unlocked by default" cellphones.
3:00 PM
@RobotHumans details on 'frameworks'?
I'm not sure which ones you're referring to.
I wonder if people are reading answers actually ....
for i in *; do
  mv "$i" "$(stat -c%Y "$i")".${i##*.}
does anybody know how I can do this with (p)rename?
Hello :)
stat -c%Y is the modification date, in case you wonder.
@cl-netbox hi :)
@dessert Hi and good afternoon ! :)
3:10 PM
@dessert rename -n "s/.*\./$(stat -c%Y $i)\." foo.bar
Hi terdon :)
Although your for loop (if you change mv "$i" to mv -- "$i") should be more robust and just as good.
hi cl
@terdon You mean inside the for loop? I meant without it…
Ah, you're right, always forget about --
@dessert Ah, duh, of course.
You'd have to use perl's stat calls, I think. Just use the loop.
OK, thanks. :)
3:14 PM
@dessert Ah no, hang on, you can use $_:
rename -n "s/.*\./$(stat -c%Y "$_")\./" *
@cl-netbox good evening
@Videonauth Hello my friend :) evening ? it is 16.15 here :D
@terdon Ah, now that's something! And combined with parallel might be better than the loop.
@cl-netbox whatever :P its getting dark, that evening for me
@Videonauth true ... feels like dark night :D
3:17 PM
@dessert Here's the pure Perl approach:
rename -n '@t=stat($_);s/.*\./"$t[9]."/e' *
The 9th field of the stat array is the modification time.
The e enables evaluation of perl commands inside the substitution operator.
@terdon Perfect, thank you very much! I really gotta learn perl, but python's up next.
python is a nice language
yes, it is.
@dessert If i where you i would not bother with python 2.7 except looking on what has changed, star off with python 3.5 - 3.6
@ThomasWard no evil and darkness today ? :D Hi Thomas ! :)
3:29 PM
@cl-netbox ALWAYS is there Evil and Darkness.
it's just being suppressed by TIRED for now
@ThomasWard aaahhh ... good to know ! :D
All hail TIRED :P
@Videonauth That's exactly what I planned to do. :)
builds a salt wall around @Videonauth
Btw, if I see print(content) in the code then it's python 3, isn't it?
3:31 PM
@ThomasWard sends a big mug of coffee over the ocean to wake you up ! :D Still tired ? :D
@dessert not necessarily
@dessert yep and the nicest nowadays are f-strings
@dessert because print("Foo") is valid syntax in Python 2 as well
however, with Py2 death in 2020 Py3 is where things should be targeted.
python3 -c "print(f'1 + 1 is {1 + 1}')"
@ThomasWard Ah, they just used a single codebase for both python 2.7 and python 3: docs.python.org/3/howto/pyporting.html That makes it easy.
3:33 PM
@dessert when you see print (ice cream) it is python 4 ! :D
@Videonauth SyntaxError: invalid syntax
 $ python3 -c "print(f'1 + 1 is {1 + 1}')"
1 + 1 is 2
weird for me it works :)
$ python3 -V
Python 3.5.2
$ python3 -c "print(f'1 + 1 is {1 + 1}')"
File "<string>", line 1
print(f'1 + 1 is {1 + 1}')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
3.5 is weird
$ python3 -V
Python 3.6.3
3:37 PM
$ python3 -c "print(f'1 + 1 is {1 + 1}')"
1 + 1 is 2
$ python3 -V
Python 3.6.3
Q: Why is Python 3.6 not available via official Ubuntu repositories?

BamseMaybe this is the wrong forum for this question, in which case I apologise, but why isn't Python 3.6 in the official repositories for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? According to this answer it seems like Python 3.6 is in the repos for 16.10 and onward, although it's buggy. Is it because it's buggy and 16.04 ...

@dessert you can do python3 -c "print('1 +1 is {}'.format(1 +1))"
Q: What with Python 3.6?

ddbugCan anyone tell why Python 3.6 is not available in Zesty? Whenever I try to update it, the latest is 3.5.3. Is there any problem with 3.6, or they are waiting for 3.7?

Heck, I even answered tis one. oO
I personally like the new format strings
they make things much tidier
@Videonauth That works, but now I wonder how to install 3.6 ;)
3:40 PM
you're on 16.04?
@dessert python virtualenv
Do it this way ->
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/python-3.6
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3.6
might clobber things :p
yep or you do version pinning for the rest of the system, and add the zesty repos to the source.list too, then you can install with sudo apt install python 3.6 -t zesty
3:43 PM
@ThomasWard yes ... might ... but if he desperately wants to have it, he can give it a try - right ? :D
well if he wants a broken package manager and stuff then yes, the proper way is python virtualenvs.
@ThomasWard I think the best is to stick with the default version provided by the standard repos. :)
it is. This is why I have virtualenvs if I need a customized version of Python newer than what's on the system, because it installs without affecting the system ;)
@ThomasWard And virtualenv allows a later version? Great!
It's bionic time when I'll use it productively anyway! :)
@dessert It does. That said, the PPA that netbox referred to seems to do a side-by-side installation and doesn't clobber things.
3:49 PM
as far i can tell bionic comes along nicely, have had it run in a VM earlier today
just go back and update your python3 symlink with update-alternatives to point back to Python 3.5.
@Videonauth because that is still nothing else than artful ;P
i should update my answer i gave lately
@cl-netbox nope its actually already version wise in kernel etc ahead of artful
just updated today
@Videonauth the main stuff still is 17.10 :)
@ThomasWard That's what I assumed :)
@cl-netbox They'll have to fix their update-alternatives though to set python3 to be python3.5 though I think
so... meh
3:55 PM
@ThomasWard anyway, I always recommend to stick with the standard versions ... if one wants newer stuff, simply install a more modern distro in a VM. :)
@cl-netbox in fact it wont change much anyways tho
@Videonauth I think the bigger changes will come in Jan or Feb next year. :)
yep jan 4th is alpha1
feature definition freeze was 30th nov
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