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12:08 AM
Before StackExchange I use to actually use Tomboy a C# program, then I moved Gnome's gnote. And I used Google Keep for a while too.
Now I just self-answer questions on this site and let google find the answers.
When people ask, "what's StackExchange?" I usually tell them you're my little collaborative receptacle for interrogative diarrhea. =)
12:32 AM
@EvanCarroll Do you mean something like this:
Does that feature save locally, or on the server? and does it go away if I answer another question.
I suspect it may be saved in the cookies (if that's at all possible), so locally
I've been stung by the Question-saving multiple times. I've lost a ton of work on that. To that point, I actually do write externally and save here. My solution really is notepad here, I'd just rather not and I wonder what others less technical do.
I'll look into it later. =) maybe I'll roll a Chrome extension
There may be some kind of timeout to it, I think. I've seen my "drafts" disappear after a time (probably several days).
12:40 AM
A: Allow questions to be saved as drafts prior to posting

wafflesThis is now complete for answers and new questions. If you start asking a question, but do not successfully submit, you will see your last saved question draft the next time you visit the ask a question page. If you start answering a particular question, but do not successfully submit, you will...

> You only get one draft for an answer and one for a question. (If you start a new post, the old draft is cleared.)
That's really bad UI.
It gives false assurances for regular users likely to post on multiple Q/As.
Really good post though @PaulWhite I've always wondered how it worked and never looked it up.
Ideally, that would be by question (answer-draft). I can live with one question draft. that seems fine.
There are other useful posts and feature requests in the drafts tag
Ever since I got firewall blocked from meta, I stopped messing with it entirely.
But yeah, I'm sure they have lots of bikeshedding
Firewall blocked?
Yes, I'm blacklisted.
I think it's just me.
I think Jeff did it or whatever when he deleted all my questions and answers
12:46 AM
Oh blocked from asking? Maybe. Dunno.
says no more input allowed from this account, on question AND answer submission
Ha so you did a pretty good job there then
I can still comment, they were supposed to fix that but never did. ;)
That's actually pretty funny
he told me I was welcome back if I didn't use the name Evan Carroll and created an entirely new account and didn't tell anyone.
12:49 AM
Goodness me
Anyway, on the drafts thing, I also keep a plain text backup manually. Thankfully I don't need to do that often. If I did, I'd probably be looking for a better solution than Notepad
I imagine a sizable percentage of us (25%+) of their most active users are doing the same thing.
Most active: 5+ submissions a day.
6 hours later…
6:35 AM
@EvanCarroll Have a look at the available UserScript Extensions here:
6:54 AM
@hot2use++ didn't even know that existed
7:08 AM
Good Morning
sup sup
I think I'm going to write a style guide for PostgreSQL.
(not that I much care about style, but some of the other advice is horrible)
A: What does it mean there is multiple sources in a SELECT's "FROM" clause?

Evan CarrollImplicit vs Explicit JOIN Syntax It's called a SQL-89 Implicit (Cross) Join. You should prefer the more modern Explicit syntax. In PostgreSQL the Implicit syntax has a different precedent, and it currently serves as an optimization fence. What you actually want is a CROSS JOIN and because you're...

7:46 AM
evening and morning
8:01 AM
@PaulWhite Sure, I'll email that to him later today.
8:30 AM
2 hours later…
10:13 AM
@JamesL Cheers
11:04 AM
The best NAA ever:
A: Records in table not showing on form Access 2007


11:16 AM
@dezso Oh I don't know. I think it might be lakhing something.
@PaulWhite HAI or KTHXBYE?
Perhaps both!
11:49 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ 800K records should work in recent versions
@TomV yes. i realized my mistake. I thought it was 80 million first.
Perhaps modern versions can hold that much, too!
@dezso thanks for the hacker edit. I looked at it and was tempted to edit, but thought He's a hacker and wants to be cool, so be it
@ypercubeᵀᴹ As long as you stack under 2GB total size, probably
12:06 PM
I can imagine "partitioning" a table by linking to many databases can raise that limit, too!
@hot2use oh well. Which one is that?
Q: How do I use a dynamic command with COPY FROM PROGRAM?

hacksoarI'm trying to read a JSON API with the Postgres COPY FROM COMMAND command. When I call COPY _temp FROM PROGRAM 'curl -uri "https://url"'; it works fine but the API has paging and I need to loop through multiple calls. When I call it like this: _command := 'curl -uri "https://url?&page='||(...

@hot2use ah, that. Not using punctuation and capitals is not cool.
I know, but hey, he's hacksoar
do we have a canonical answer for what to do with answers answering the question for a different product?
12:46 PM
dv into oblivion
12:56 PM
@Wil you can edit or remove this answer. — ypercubeᵀᴹ 36 mins ago
@ypercubeᵀᴹ You can vote to delete it too.
@PaulWhite yes
And @dezso will be able to soon as well (20k)
but it mentions temp tables. Which is a valid option in Oracle, as Jack answer says.
Yeah I'm just saying that if you think the author should delete it, you can express that
Especially relevant since the answer is 6+ years old
I noticed the OP hasnn't logged since January 2017. In any SE site
1 hour later…
2:15 PM
I've pushed some buttons
Just push the red one...
@Philᵀᴹ so you're to blame for the false nuclear warnings?!
2:40 PM
@bluefeet No, here they get the AA to drive out and inform the Prime Minister. True story.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Alcoholics Anonymous?
@TomV one and the same thing as the Automobile Association, really
3:25 PM
@dezso I upvote so them so long as they own it.
3:53 PM
@EvanCarroll Here you go, per your request!
WARNING: Exceeeded max spins allowed for SystemAffinity::SafeCopy
see that about 30 times a second after a sql server restart
anyone got any hints?
@JoeObbish Don't use processor affinity
oh, of course
4:10 PM
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Hellz yeah, I'll be king of the VIP lounge at the top of Evil Empire Corp with that one.
@EvanCarroll when you make a cameo, let me know - I'd love to watch that episode!
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Thank you! I was being dumb and didn't put 2 and 2 together
best PFE ever imo
I feel like your character is Tyrell
@JoeObbish Aww, thanks ;)
we had resource pools that pointed to schedulers that didn't exist
still get errors even with no queries running in them
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft You can come to Houston. I'll indoctrinate you into PostgreSQL.
4:17 PM
@EvanCarroll Only if you promise to take me from 0 to hero!
I'll have to split my time between the farm in H-Town and learning, we can Rocky style it.
Cool. Add SQL server central to the list of blocked websites at this stupid company....
@Zane LOL - but the reason is the following "Hacking, cracking"
That's what I would always see with websense
Oddly enough it's claiming they are Software as a Service....
@Zane what the literally ef...?
why does that need to be blocked?
4:22 PM
do they block Azure? LOLOL
Yeah it's insanity. They have been getting to be a worse and worse place to work every single day.
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Do you mind if I post a self answered question about the "exceeeded" error?
Hell ya, then we'll return to Evil Corp, walk in with your employee id, open source Direct X and run away like the stealth ninjas we are retiring to a tropical flip-flop friendly island.
@JoeObbish Lol, didn't you allege that was "gaming the system." or something
4:25 PM
@JoeObbish If you feel like it needs one
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft well when I googled for it I got absolutely nothing helpful
but maybe no one else is dumb enough to run into this issue. it's hard to say
@JoeObbish Well, to be fair (Letterkenny reference).... the line of code right before the check says "This should never happen, but if something is awfully wrong avoid being stuck here."
but end users
if something is possible then an end user will do it
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft while you're being the #1 pfe, got any info on dbmirror_dbm_event?
the internet says it's internal use only
@sp_BlitzErik sounds like a VM issue
4:28 PM
@JoeObbish you're probably right
the wait type
I thought the internet knew everything?
it does, that's why i'm on it asking you
"Hey celexa, what's this wait type mean?"
4:29 PM
dear valtrex what's this thing
"alessandra, why don't you know the answer?"
sqlskills article on that wait is pretty rough
I'm lazy today
welcome to my world
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft basically no info
but i'm looking at someone waiting ~200ms on it
4:30 PM
"This wait type is one that I usually filter out as a benign wait when doing wait statistics analysis."
@sp_BlitzErik I think you just like making me do stuff and thins and whatnot
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft well if i had my own copy of the source code...
did my raise letter work?
@JoeObbish ohhh shit I can still use that website!
@sp_BlitzErik Haha you know Pedro is under Amit and neither are my boss... but I appreciate it
@sp_BlitzErik So, it looks like it's a generic signaling mechanism for mirroring events of pretty much everything lol
seems a good bit around the log, but also contains updates or other items too - again as a signal something should happen
It'd be hard to tell if it's causing a problem or not. I'd say if it were really high then there is a lot of traffic... that's about all I could glean from that event being high...
If the wait time is long then something is processing fast enough
maybe too much cpu, spinlocks, slow IO, etc.,
it's too broad of a wait
... It's cool, I talk to myself all day... I answer myself too...
4:50 PM
hahaha, thank you
aye yi yi
best guess is synch mirroring with 30 miles between dcs
That makes sense then
What's the RTT?
round trip time?
not sure yet
I'd look at 3 things to get an idea
1) RTT 2) Log write times 3) cpu usage (individual cpus also)
If they are VMs...
4:56 PM
of course they're vms
4) packets inbound discarded 5) packets outbound discarded
of course...
I like hypervisors and all, but seriously people need to stop thinking of VMs as a magical unicorn poop they can slather on things to make them better.
isn't log write time on primary impacted by mirroring waiting for the signal from the partner?
principal doesn't wait, it writes immediately
mirroring is dumb
There have been a ton of mirroring questions lately, my only guess is people are starting to upgrade
I will say, you all ask more interesting questions here - which is why I hang out
@PaulWhite If I ever give a presentation, I'm using this, " Clearly we need more and fewer knobs. Schrödinger's knobs, if you will."
5:00 PM
yesterday i was deadlifting and i felt something in my heel crunch and now i can't feel my heel
I'll start the slide deck with that
@sp_BlitzErik this is why we can't have nice things
I got back from the chiro, emergency wise, was doing bent over barbell rows - heavy of course - and fel something pop then instant pain
turns out it's not fun when you dislocate a rib
I used to lift weights
then I hurt myself
unlike the rest of you I gave up after that
sql server is a much better hobby. it can only hurt me emotionally
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft i did that and thought i had liver cancer for six months
@JoeObbish I've... dislocated both shoulders, been hit by 3 trucks, tore my left pectoral, have had more than 15 concussions, and yet I still do it.. I have faith in you, come back...
@sp_BlitzErik Felt like something was wrong with my heart or something... couldn't breathe right, left side hurt, etc., ugh
are you serious?
5:05 PM
Oh yeah, my body hates me
I think that you just have the worst luck in the world
if I was you I'd never leave the house again
or the best luck, I'm still alive!
that's a good way to look at it
I was walking to a customer site in Hawaii and was crossing the street... had the same pit of the stomach feeling like I did when I was hit on my motorcycle... looked to my right - hello Toyota pickup..
ran the red light and slammed me into the side walk from half way on the road
sped away
2nd time I was hit and run
my laptop didn't make it :(
they should pay you hazard pay for going onsite
5:10 PM
You guys should hire me and pay me to just stay in a safe location all day
Florida ranks pretty low on my list of safe states
@JoeObbish What's the highest?
good question
Do I get a badge for it?
I want to be cool like Eavn
6:07 PM
I wonder if anyone's ever tried to store data in the log file of an express instance to work around the 10 GB limit
6:18 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells atomic amateurism
6:48 PM
It is so cold and miserable in Texas.
I'm not sure if this is snow, sleet, or some other yank-devil sky weapon.
seriously messing up my flip flop game though.
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft holy shit, that's rough. did you pull it on the way up or the way down?
Pretty sure the way up, at the top when I squeezed I felt the pop
my sternum also pops a ton
7:19 PM
does it pop when you ohp?
or incline bench?
oh yeah - I can even just stretch and it'll of it
it's checst day too, right after leg day oh baby
how many days a week do you go usually?
sometimes 7 if I don't have any plans
are you doing ppl or something
7:23 PM
Seems like that would cut into my being a fat slob time.
I try to add weight each week or two weeks, depending on how well I did the sets
I do 1 body part a day
> roiding for this
@sp_BlitzErik That's called "Cardio"
I have no spotter either, so I struggle with a few things.
you laugh, but it worked...
plus, it doesn't feel like work...
just sayin.
7:27 PM
do you have a set routine
I think that's part of my problem TBH, I generally do the same things but I switch up the days
Hitting a plateau right now
500mg of test e a week and 600mg of tren ace
i have to go pick up my parasite from school, back in a bit
Good luck to your sir.
7:31 PM
haha good luck with that, I hear it's still cold up there
8:00 PM
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft based on your personal history you should have three spotters at all times 24/7
8:35 PM
Failed to start Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine.
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft another DB corruption.
@JoeObbish lol! probably should...
@EvanCarroll stop doing unsupported things and you won't have this problem
I'm seriously not doing unsupported things
I haven't even touched this instance.
Oh shit.
You know what I bet it is.
I bet someone overlooked kernel suspension.
Yeahh that's going to be fun to troubleshoot, I be that's what did it too. Without writing to the database. It must have corrupted itself on routine maintenance
8:50 PM
now we're getting destroyed by the SOS_SUSPEND_QUEUE spinlock
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft What do normal people do when they run into spinlock contention? I've seen some stuff about capturing call stacks...
9:03 PM
@JoeObbish wow, you've managed ot get high spinlocks on the suspend queue... I'd say the spinlock is fine, your workload - however - has a ton of suspended threads on their schedulers and should be looked at
oh, that makes perfect sense
so that's just a symptom of a problem
ok great, I know what the problem is then
You need to increase the thread quantum 😂
@sp_BlitzErik don't go and give him and evan any ideas
wait, you can actually do that?
lol, no you can't
9:09 PM
I heard there's a trace flag...
There's always a trace flag
If you saw the trace flag file... it's a staggering amount
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft are you able to tell us the total number of trace flags rounded to the nearest 1000?
I read it ot my children like a bed time story
@JoeObbish ummm
9:10 PM
@JoeObbish I can tell you the exact amount!
probably not
but I'll tell you....
no worries
it's somewhere between 5000 and 20000
@EvanCarroll like that jar of gumballs?
What's your favorite trace flag?
@sp_BlitzErik 3604
9:13 PM
more than 5000????
no way it's over 12000, so that leaves 5k to 12k
best community list has like 600
wow, we suck
Erik, you need to find some trace flags
"Clearly we need more and fewer knobs. Schrödinger's knobs, if you will."
we have knobs
lots of hidden knobs
some knobs just turn on other knobs
it's a knobasaurus
it's a pinterest board of knobs
a plethora of knobs
a vast cornucopia of knobs
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft or like --traceflags_list
but yeah.
you don't have enough screen buffer space
9:20 PM
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft 😒
@sp_BlitzErik what's wrong with 3604?
what's your favorite?
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft hard to choose, maybe you can send me the list
I know for sure that it's not the one that enables compression for direct seeding
my new favorite is 8743
@sp_BlitzErik 4199, 3604, 2605, 1222 there's the full list
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft how pedestrian
9:26 PM
disallow merge joins?
@JoeObbish I like ot jay-walk if that helps?
@sp_BlitzErik He tells us what the trace flags do if we give him a number!
go go go go
you know they aren't all sequential....
are you saying there's something above 12498?
9:28 PM
What do you think that TF does?
my real favorite trace flag is 9999
everybody loves 9999
I like this game
right Erik?
You ever use 9999? It's a whopper...
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft no clue. the highest that I found was 11029
9:29 PM
@JoeObbish that's the one you got a tattoo of.
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft I use all of them at once
what's wrong with 3604 - it's the bestest of the trace flags
I wanted Erik to do a twitch stream where the audience could enable and disable TFs through chat
but he wouldn't do it
also, I hate twitch
their platform suckkkkkks
as someone who used ot be a ranked gamer
ranked in what?
9:31 PM
last time I was ranked was in America's Army
I did CS and CS Source for a bit but switched
too much cheating
that was circa 2004/5
I was kind of good at halo 3 back in the day
never "ranked" though
I think I made it into the top 25 in uno once
@JoeObbish hehehe
It was on the Microsoft (TM) XBOX (TM) 360 (TM) platform
Tetrinet was the last game I played competively
Clients talking to each other over irc were the bomb
Was ranked second in the country
9:47 PM
/bows I never had the patience for tetris
I quit when I was dreaming about tetris strategies. That was weird and a sign of addiction
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft tetrinet was much more than tetris. We had clan tournaments and everything
Years after quitting people still begged me to join their clan
@TomV When you're good and made a name, that happens!
We did get a kick out of beating cheaters while playing legit though
There weren't millions to be made like with current esports unfortunately
I'm talking late nineties
@TomV Truth - I was born too early :( I would totally do competitive e-sports now
Had a bout of unreal tournament a bit later but I wasn't as good at that completely different game
9:55 PM
Sniping a spawn point for the kill lol
We used to LAN that, I was no longer allowed to play after an incident where I killed everyone on the other team, by myself, and captured their flag multiple times. I became a ref after that.
lol spawn campers are the worst
a ref? we never had those at the LAN parties I attended
Yeah, sometimes people would call out different things and I'd make the decision looking at replays if available
especially if the game crashed
I bet Paul feels old again when reading this
9:57 PM
I'd call pauses and whatnot
Maybe the irc communication wont
I IRC'd like a boss
in the mid/late 90's
my favorite was 16 player halo matches with four TVs and xboxes
that's where you'd get the best warez
@JoeObbish Golden Eye on N64!!!!
not enough players
9:59 PM
I must be older than you, we didn't have such fancy things
though I didn't have to play oscilloscope pong like @TomV
I am in my 20s
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