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2:03 AM
Is a Primary Key supposed to specify the ordering what it is indexing, technically?
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3:07 AM
@sp_BlitzErik stop making life difficult for Pedro
@JoeObbish lol that was like six comments. wait for tomorrow.
4 hours later…
7:36 AM
good morning
7:57 AM
@EvanCarroll in theory, Primay Key is a constraint. Whether it is enforced by indexes or not or whatever type of indexes is probably not part of the SQL standard but left to implementation to decide.
8:13 AM
morning and evening
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9:52 AM
10:40 AM
heh, just got a social engineering attempt via phone
live DB access, that's what they wanted from me
Purely for science
11:07 AM
Why using a NONCLUSTERED INDEX there is a Key Lookup for the PRIMARY KEY?
A key lookup always uses the clustered index. In your case, that's also the primary key.
The Output List of the Key Lookup shows the columns being looked up and returned (not in the nonclustered index)
Any Predicate (not Seek Predicate) on the Key Lookup shows any column(s) used for filtering, where the filtered column(s) is/are not in the nonclustered index.
@PaulWhite Thank you.
Or more simply: a lookup accesses data from the base object, which is always a clustered index or a heap (inc columnstore).
20 hours ago, by Joe Obbish
@sp_BlitzErik if you teach a man to fish he'll never post a screenshot of code again
11:23 AM
@PaulWhite then sometimes could be interesting to build nonclustered index with all the returned fields.
Yes that's a covering index.
Thanks again
1 hour later…
12:37 PM
@sp_BlitzErik hm?
someone will find this someday and tell me that paul white said it was okay to create a nonclustered index that covers an entire table on some ridiculous 200 column denormalized pile of crap
i was mostly kidding
no one would ever find that
why risk it :)
12:43 PM
and if they did i'd pay you one billion vape bucks to show up and tell them they're dumb
Um would it help if I said I've seen covering indexes on a 100-column wide table in a previous life? :D (They actually helped, too, which is the depressing bit)
Yeah can be optimal in certain read-only workloads, but it's for expert use I guess
Almost everything has a use somewhere
Except <insert name here> of course.
aw hek, I Must Of Lost The Particular feature you're talking about to the memory hole.
For comedic effect, use the name of a person rather than a feature
i don't have dewitt to do that
12:58 PM
very good
so how's your weekend going?
1:18 PM
Q: Can we tag a user to get his attention?

pradoIs there any way to tag a user to get his attention in some question? In my case, this question is not getting much attention, so I think people like RolandoMySQLDBA will be able to guide me. Will tagging in comment get users' attention?

1:31 PM
Let it be known, yesterday a woman told me I was right.
right as in correct.
she's playing the long game
@sp_BlitzErik LMFAO
I rarely get on linkedin, but I just went there and I'm quite disturbed by what I found...
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Was she sober?
1:37 PM
On the right hand side it says "People also viewed" and it's a bunch of people with therapy degrees....
perhaps you were disturbed long before finding that
@TomV That's a great question, it's a 50/50 shot with her... most likely so, though, her texts were on point but she was on a plane..
@sp_BlitzErik I'm asking.. WTF are people viewing me and then a bunch of people with therapy degrees. What search could that be? "Hey, show me some technical people and then some therapists."?
maybe there's a therapist named sean gallardy
who specializes in disorders related to micro things
and you just kinda bubble up
Doubtful, my last name is made up
ellis island special?
my wife's family had the same thing happen. proper scottish name got turned into something that you'd see on a tub of hummus.
It's amazing how terribly bad they were
not that there's anything wrong with hummus.
you're probably allergic though.
haha, I am not sure...
to both
I used to eat it
deadly chick pea allergy
1:45 PM
when I could eat things
it's a bean, and generally I'm allergic to legumes
might not be deadly though
some things I can get away with eating if I want to just throw up and have a rash for a few days
are you sure you're not just on heroin?
If I were, I'd hope it felt better than this...
Worthy to be shared
If you have imposter syndrome you already belong and fit in far more than you know.
2:02 PM
So it's a problem of transferring/processing/rendering data, not the query itself. — dezso 12 secs ago
So today's fun finding is that ENCRYPTBYKEY has different results depending on whether you pass it in a varchar or nvarchar. Which should be obvious in retrospect buuut ... yeah, I want that hour of my life back
2:18 PM
@SimonRigharts Haven't seen you here for a while. How's it going?
@SimonRigharts Nope we own that hour now, not gonna give it back. NO TAKES BACKSIES!
In unrelated news, I like szechuan pepper, but my internals not so much.
2:40 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Not too shabby - I'm in Sweden now, working for Scania (fulltime/permanent) as a database platform expert. Very vague title, practical translation is "dangerously close to architecture, but I still have to know how to distinguish my ass from my elbow". Are you still selling your soul^W^W^Wcontracting?
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4:06 PM
Not referring to the SQL standard in that context. "A primary index is an ordered file whose records are of fixed length with two
fields, and it acts like an access structure to efficiently search for and access the
data records in a data file. The first field is of the same data type as the ordering
key field—called the primary key—of the data file."
@EvanCarroll where is that from?
4:26 PM
Fundamentals of Database Systems (7th Edition)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ maybe I can just make it a question
4:41 PM
I guess SQL Server calls a primary index a clustered index. Whether in SQL Server it's a structure consisting of two fields of fixed length, I'm not sure, though.
if you call it a field one more time, joe celko is going to kill you in your sleep
Fair enough, although I wasn't speaking in relational terms :)
@sp_BlitzErik field, field, and more fields
@bluefeet it was nice knowing you.
@sp_BlitzErik there's an ignore feature in chat
4:45 PM
1 message moved to Trash
@JoeObbish merry christmas
What's wrong with calling it a field when you're outside of the conceptual model of SQL?
What do you call them when they're constant and sit in what otherwise amounts to a serialize C structure on disk?
a "column" lol
@EvanCarroll nothing, but then come the cattle
Texas <3s cattle.
5:03 PM
@EvanCarroll You take that back!
Oh wait, we both live here
I can speak for everyone, I've had the most experience doing it.
5:22 PM
@EvanCarroll your best comment evar.
5:47 PM
No one would agree with that.
6:00 PM
I do
Everyone knows you're a contrarian.
6:18 PM
@EvanCarroll Which is odd that you don't live in Chicago...
6:30 PM
to much snow, not enough flip flops
6:44 PM
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Any hints you can share about the BPREPARTITION spinlock?
@JoeObbish Off the top of my head, no. I'd have to look at the code...
you guys don't have a secret list of spinlocks?
@PaulWhite I got a weird blue circle thing over my picture in chat, what's that mean? It went away fairly quick so I couldn't investigate. Pardon my noobness...
@JoeObbish They are all secret, ask @EvanCarroll He pretends like he isn't part of the sect, but that's just to throw people off the trail...
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft some message(s) - in some chat room, not necessarily of dba.se - was flagged. The fla usually go away quickly, as the yare visible across the whole network, to all chat users that have high enough rep.
I'd have to investigate, though, I normally don't work too much in the QO space
6:48 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Did I secretly become a mod?
Thank you for the info, it was really weird and I didn't know if I did something or not. Much appreciated, sir :)
Still learning this platform
hahahha @ypercubeᵀᴹ got "sir"-d be the Microsoft suit. =)
Yeah, every once and a while I show respect.
Especially after someone helps me...
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft your chat profile shows that the total rep (across all SE sites) is above 10K. So, yes, you are a mod, regarding chat flags ;)
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft What makes you think that it's a QO problem? Or am I being dumb?
6:59 PM
What is QO (if you pardon my being dumb)?
A: Why can I see spam/offensive chat flags?

Jeremy BanksPrivileges on chat.stackexchange.com are based on the sum of your reputation across all Stack Exchange sites, not your reputation on a specific site. In your chat profile you can see that this adds up to 10489 reputation1, allowing you to see chat flags. 1 This is slightly less than the sum of ...

@AndriyM Quality Obliterater, that's where a product goes after acquisition before it gets to QA, (Quick Adieux) and goes to market.
I'm not sure what's worse stupid "Web 2.0" tech names, or acronyms.
*abbreviations technically.
7:28 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Usually Russian messages that I don't understand...
I wonder what the least-bullshit most demanding online curriculum is with the most name recognition
I know Berkeley, and MIT have their own free stuff but they're not graduating online students afaik
7:50 PM
@AndriyM query optimizer I believe
@JoeObbish Oh, yes, now I remember, thanks!
I know that QA stands for "Quality Assurance". I've looked it up enough times for the meaning to finally get stuck in my head. Wasn't sure if QO was related or something different.
8:05 PM
I honestly didn't know that.
A "query optimizer" is a pretty vague term anyway. Historically it just meant anything MySQL couldn't do.
8:50 PM
Oh wait. Can't do an INT. Have to store Canadian as well. — SysChaos 10 mins ago
@SysChaos at this point, I'm confused at what would be a desirable answer? You've defined the problem as not geographical so I can't suggest storing WGS84 cords and GIS to solve this problem, and you've withheld business information to suggest alternatives. Essentially, you want to use totally ad-hoc arbitrary postal codes from different nations created over 50 years ago that have no geographical relevance for your task to divide up an unstated workload and you're asking how to best use arbitrary data to do that? — Evan Carroll 1 min ago
@JoeObbish how was blog traffic this week?
He rolled back my title change lol: dba.stackexchange.com/posts/195273/revisions
stop trying to solve a geography problem, MAN
9:08 PM
MySQL users take the (?:cake|biscuit) when it comes to absurdity.
9:25 PM
dag nabbit, plan guides ignore max grant percent hints
10:19 PM
@sp_BlitzErik I think that's just for plan shape
something like if it won't work in a USE PLAN hint then it won't work in a plan guide
@sp_BlitzErik you should change your name to Elmer Fudd, dag nabbit!!
@JoeObbish maxdop hints work, though, along with parameterization hints
@bluefeet i may start hunting penguins :P
@sp_BlitzErik considering I'm not a penguin feel free
@bluefeet everyone on stack exchange is a penguin until proven otherwise
11:00 PM
When I run into the same problem on SQL Server and find my same question on Google dba.stackexchange.com/q/187090/2639 =)
I should get to upvote my own questions
11:39 PM
Q: How do I ensure a relationship is commutative and unique?

Evan CarrollIn PostgreSQL, we can ensure the relations stored inside a table a commutative-ly (or bidirectional etc) unique. For instance, CREATE TABLE foo ( a int, b int, UNIQUE ( greatest(a,b), least(a,b) ) ); INSERT INTO foo VALUES (1,2); -- works INSERT INTO foo VALUES (2,1); -- explodes I know ...

That's twice sqlcmd screwed me.
Well, check your partner's phone
> When SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is ON (default), all strings delimited by double quotation marks are interpreted as object identifiers. [...] This can be configured in ODBC data sources, in ODBC connection attributes, or OLE DB connection properties. The default for SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is OFF for connections from DB-Library applications.
So basically.. "sqlcmd is a "DB-Library application", and what Microsoft means to say is the default gets default-changed by the default in their own client. That's pretty much inane gobbledygook.
@EvanCarroll I didn't read anything but the title
Yea, it was a minor syntax error caused by their product. I was just seeing if this was possible, first ran into an error with GREATEST and LEAST not existing. Googled it and found my very own question about that thing from months ago. Then I ran into the SQL cmd error and I got the same answer, so I wanted to see what QUOTED IDENTIFIERS did and how it would look if they were off, and I found my same question the last time I got bite by this error dba.stackexchange.com/q/193451/2639
I should just ask a question why sqlcmd.exe sucks and has a crappy default and then everyone can close my other questions as dupes of it.

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