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7:34 AM
I have slept very well, how have you slept chat?
8:04 AM
Natural magic in the context of Renaissance magic is that part of the occult which deals with natural forces directly, as opposed to ceremonial magic, in particular goety and theurgy, which deals with the summoning of spirits. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa so uses the term in his 1526 de vanitate. Natural magic so defined thus includes astrology, alchemy, and disciplines that we would today consider fields of natural science, such as astronomy and chemistry (which developed and diverged from astrology and alchemy, respectively, into the modern sciences they are today) or botany (herbology). In a modern...
I prefer metaphysical magic
3 hours later…
10:53 AM
@dot_Sp0T I have slept quite well (although shifted several hours timewise, compared to you)
you should not shift your sleeping patterns, that's unhealthy
@dot_Sp0T It's more because we live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and less because I've actually shifted my sleeping patterns at all.
I mean, from my perspective, you posted at 3:34 A.M., which is probably not my ideal time to wake up.
As I said, you need to look after your health
11:04 AM
So I'm going to continue waking up at 7:00ish.
very good :)
see you then?
Previous night dream:
Later outside, at a campus playground like place and a open kitchen stall like corner, we met an old woman who is a powerful clairvoyant. We brought some vegetables for her which she used to cook some soup which as it is ready, she reads the message from the distribution of the vegetables. My man partner also drink some of the soup which give him abilities which I forgot the details. This scene is rewound many times by me for some reason, we keep returning to her so that she and her soup will inform the next step of the mission.
In short, clairvoyant soup that doubles as a potion, but if you brought the wrong ingredients, or the ingredients are put in the wrong order, then the resulting soup will become weird and filled with new ingredients that were never present
Put it in another way, matter and energy is not conserved in the cooking process and e.g. elephants can appear out of nowhere
@dot_Sp0T See ya around!
pretty sure that many ingredients appearing out of nowhere is likely inspired from this passage in Infinite Farm:
Last night dream is a scifi story:
A woman with black leather jacket is on a mission. In a gray capsule, her man partner creates a patition between them as he dons some kind of mecha suit and prepare to blast off into the smoky black mountains outside to carry out some mission (the capsule also have the words Mission Impossible written on it, suggesting this is the opening of some Mission Impossible film). There's one point where the capsule ceiling hatch is breached, and exposing the woman to the atmosphere of the planet as she let her hand go of her partner as he urged her to get back inside.
> Based on the woman's reaction and the volcanic environment, the atmosphere of that planet is probably very dry that it instantly desiccate people upon exposure by sucking water out of them. It is also either lack of oxygen or nearly vacuum and its atmosphere is suspended with some irritating cream yellow fine powder which is only visible in large amounts
1 hour later…
12:33 PM
@Gryphon btw got a question up for your challenge
@James you should probably star this bit too, dont you think?
1:08 PM
Q: What's in the newsletter, exactly?

GlorfindelThe newsletter ad has some problems; you can't read what it's about: unless you select the text: Only Worldbuilding seems to have this problem; I checked a couple of other sites (e.g. Puzzling) where it looks normal: (tested in the latest Firefox and Safari on macOS High Sierra)

1:18 PM
Hey, @dot_Sp0T I've answered your question on interesting droplets. I think my answer provides a way this could plausibly happen often on a large scale (albeit with some atmospheric tweaks).
@Gryphon saw it, interesting approach indeed. I was mostly putting a bounty on it because i had gotten quite some rep recently and to increase views and upvotes on the existing answers :)
Also welcome back, did you sleep well? Is it this late already again?
@dot_Sp0T I wasn't asking for the bounty, just letting you know I'd answered your question.
I assumed so, just like to push data out there into the void
@dot_Sp0T I'm hoping it gets some more views. It's an interesting question and deserves more than the ~250 it has.
It will get them now
1:36 PM
@dot_Sp0T Evidently - I've spent most of the day cleaning, making (then eating) food and learning Valyrian, so it's flown by so far
hey there @Mithrandir24601, how're things going?
@Mithrandir24601 I am proud of you :D
@Shalvenay Rytsas! Syrī glaesan, kirimvose. Skorkydoso glaesā?
I have spent most of the day doing research into the sizes of houses, fields, cities. etc. in medieval times and translating old English and German measures into values that I can relate to
@Mithrandir24601 :P
1:39 PM
If it's not clear, that means "[generic greeting]! I'm good, thanks. How are you?
@Mithrandir24601 allow me to apply some guesswork: 'Syri' is 'I', or a reflexive pronoun pointing at me. 'Glaesan' and 'Glaesä' are forms of the same word/verb standing for well-being, the latter being the question-form of it, similar to the japanese sufixxing 'ka'? 'Skorkydoso' seems to be a variation similar to 'Syri', maybe same roots? and pointing at another person. What is 'kirimvose'?
Hmm... I mean, it's more like "my [state of] life/well-being is good" but you get the point :P
@dot_Sp0T Nope. You're totally wrong
@Mithrandir24601 yay
@Mithrandir24601 ah :)
@Mithrandir24601 teach me sensei?
1:46 PM
'Syrī' (the ending has to be adjusted depending on context) is 'good', 'glaesan' and 'glaesā' more-or-less end up being derived from 'glaeson', which means 'life', so 'glaesan' is like 'my well-being/my life' (ish) and 'glaesā' is 'your well-being/life' (...ish). 'skore' is 'what' and adding '-ydoso' makes it into 'in what way', or as we say in English, 'how'. Kirimvose is 'thanks'
Another phrase I like is "Ñuhor sūmar sȳrior issa", which means "my tea is good"
very interesting
So hopefully you can see that we've gone from 'syrī' to 'sȳrior' because we've changed gender and declension of the corresponding noun :)
('sūmar', which is 'tea')
gender and declension of the adjective fitting the noun? so nouns are heavily genderized?
@dot_Sp0T Yep... There are four genders - lunar, solar, aquatic and terrestrial
ah, so genders as in 'attributes'? If trying to translate to english
I was considering something similar for the main language for my con-world (main, as in the language of the area(s) i work most on) - having the standard male / fem / neuter, and another set of living / non-living / maybe something more
which combined make declination weird and beautiful
1:53 PM
@dot_Sp0T I'm not sure what else to call it - it's a 'grammatical gender' or something
@dot_Sp0T Yeah, there's a distinction between animate and inanimate here as well... But not in gender :P (although there's a tendency for animate things to be lunar or solar)
languages are great
@dot_Sp0T A nightmare to understand and learn, you mean :P
i need to spend more time workin g on mine again
@Mithrandir24601 you learn fast
i wanted to first create a society to some degree, so i can then base the language
Valyrian is exquisite though - it just rolls off the tongue
Or just use High Valyrian?
i got 27hr days :D
1:58 PM
@dot_Sp0T And how many cycles of a caesium atomic clock do you have in an hour? :P
They don't have atoms yet - isn't it beautiful? :D
:O Mind blown
I really just wanted to have long enough days to make two periods of resting more of a necessity in a subpolar environment than they would be in our world
actually I might just write it up as a Q finally to get peer feedback
@dot_Sp0T Hmm... That's not a bad idea
@Mithrandir24601 thank you!
Anyone in the mood to do some brainstorming with me before I start putting the idea into a question?
2:55 PM
New idea: Ambigurity holes
Instead of having a black hole, we have a region of spacetime so erractic that at its center, spacetime became so eracttic that it mixed up with everywhere else
The result is that you put a human being in, all its atoms get scrambled so much you get an atomic mush in the middle
@Secret What?
I'm now beginning to realise how confusing English is :P
Ok for convenience, let a human being be like this:
That's already essentially what black holes do.
Under a black hole, humans become something like this o where all the 1,2,3,4,5 get squished into a point
3:03 PM
And how do you mean? @Mithrandir24601
Under this "ambigurity hole" you get something like 5--1--3--4--2
(possibly there are extra -- between say 5 and 3 and so on and so on)
@Secret Mmm, so in essence all the information about what enters into this ambiguity hole gets destroyed.
yeah, they get hopelessly scrambled
This is already what black holes are theorized to do.
Well, I want something that behaves like "dissolving something into reality"
3:05 PM
What does that mean?
Black holes are too violent for that and makes the process obvious
What does dissolving something into reality mean?
Let's use an analogy: Picture a human being as a piece of salt, and reality as water. I want something such that it bascially the same as putting salt into water
@AngelPray Take a sentence like [thing1] does/likes/hates/wants... [thing2] - subject, verb, object. However, [thing1] is [thing2] looks exactly the same but for reasons I don't understand is different :/
@Secret Okay... So you want to disintegrate a human?
Well the easiest method to do that is just add heat.
3:08 PM
That's too violent, I want something unnoticeable
like literally rearrange spacetime so that everything is scrambled
But of course it's noticeable, how could you possibly think disintegrating a human wouldn't be noticeable.
Even with your analogy: salt dissolving is noticeable.
Could you give me a concrete example @Mithrandir24601?
well, I guess to phrase it more correctly, I want to get something that generalise this "molecular disequlibrium" effect
@Secret Okay... Well to do that there are many ways. You could have the human travel slightly along a 4th spacial axis for instance.
Interestingly the explanation given for the character you linked is absurd. One's cells being torn and restitched would just leave you dead.
And it certainly wouldn't let you walk through walls.
But that's hollywood for you.
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6:55 PM
Q: Bounty reason isn't showing up

HDE 226868A couple days ago, I started a bounty on this question, selecting the reason "Authoritative reference needed". I didn't add any supplementary text; I felt that the default wording said enough. When I checked on it today, I saw the following: Now, if I'm not mistaken, the words "Authoritative r...

Q: Why is there zero moderator accountability on this stack?

user49466So, I've been participating in the stack for a few months now. And I say the following to emphasize that I understand what it can mean to run a space for online discourse, and that these circles are fraught with all sorts of challenges. Over the last few years, I participated in multiple forums, ...

@WorldbuildingMeta Ow. A bug on bounties, a bug on the newsletter, and a user upset with mods. Not a good day for you, huh?
7:15 PM
@Secespitus I got myself thinking about the votes, and now am wondering if your decision to stay with the generated user-picture in opposition to using a custom one has hampered the votes you've received
7:44 PM
@WorldbuildingMeta "And of all the places I've visited, or participated in, this stack has been probably the most inhospitable and unaccountable online environment I've seen so far." This is one of the friendliest SE sites I use... O.o
8:19 PM
hey there @Mithrandir24601
@Shalvenay Rytsas arlii!
hey as well @TheMattbat999
8:43 PM
@Shalvenay hello!
hey as well @MikeNichols
how are things going?
@Shalvenay Just fine, thanks for asking.
@Shalvenay Things are good.
good to hear
@Shalvenay how are you?
8:46 PM
doing fine here
Good. Just to strike up conversation, but do you play video games or...
quick query, does a two mile diameter for a ringwall strike you as huge?
9:02 PM
@dot_Sp0T That is an interesting hypothesis... Sadly it will be difficult to test it :D
Random stuff just before I forgot:
A scifi lab with a huge spherical tank filled with water. Upon pressing a button, the space inside get diced up such that it is just large enough to contain one water moelcule. It is said that this way the water tank cannot spoil because there is no virus the size of water molecules
@dot_Sp0T No clue... How big are ringwalls normally? And what's the reason for the size?
Inspiration pathway: Australia is expected to go into drought. Recalling my family advice not to waste water, I then think about pre storing a huge tank of it, but then I realise it will nto quite work because there is no way to prevent it from spoil. Then I imagined that if there is a wayto prevent the spoil from spreading into every droplet, then I will be able to have a water tank for indefinite amount of time. This idea is then born
---> Huge opportunities if we can reversibly dice spacetime in anyway we like
@TheMattbat999 I do, but i'm an admitted MP junkie, and I don't really keep up with the latest and greatest
@Secespitus I needed an arbitary size when starting to work on it, and decided upon a 1 mile radius^^
9:16 PM
@Shalvenay unless it is Elder scrolls or Fallout I don't keep up much either. I like Single Player games a little more than Multiplayer ones, and love RPG games
the Manhattan peninsula seems to have a mean width of about 2miles
@TheMattbat999 ah
9:33 PM
@Shalvenay I also do my own development. I am working on an Old-styled RPG.
2 hours later…
11:04 PM
I'm going to keep the mile
Gonna be a pain to fill it, but it's more awesome
@dot_Sp0T whatcha doin with fillin up a mile?
@TheMattbat999 more akin to filling up ~2.5 sqmiles
with a city
@dot_Sp0T making a game or lore for a novel?
11:20 PM
making a city :)
(for the heck of making one)
Sounds like me. I have 50+ drawings of detailed continents with cities, roads, political borders, and some land masses. Just for fun.

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