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12:14 AM
@PrestonFitzgerald Guess what I just learned?
Q: Firefly scenes with Han Solo in the background

Tony MeyerApparently there are many scenes in Firefly where a figurine of Han Solo frozen in carbonite appears in the background. Is there a complete list of all of these scenes?

That makes me smile.
12:52 AM
@Cerberus Are you here?
@jolenealaska hahaha! I hadn't heard of that. Very cool.
Isn't that cute! :)
Cerby, I want your take on something.
@Jolenealaska My first thought is: ridiculous.
@PrestonFitzgerald You probably know this, but it's a fun little factiod. Just before Han gets frozen, Leia tells Han that she loves him. The next line is so perfect, "I know". It was also improved by Harrison Ford.
12:59 AM
Why should the government be involved in this? Judicial overreach.
But this quote makes some sense:
@Cerberus Ridiculous that he is forced to bake the cakes?
> The commission affirmed a civil court’s ruling that the bakery cannot discriminate against persons in a public place based on sexual orientation.
@Jolenealaska Yes, and the other punishments.
This ^ quote kind of has a point.
The thing is, if just a few shops are doing this, I would say, let it go: it is not an actual, big problem that the state should be involved in. However, if many shops did this, it would be quite horrible for the discriminated party.
So I am on the fence.
oh my. politics.
I would probably fine the shopkeeper €500 or so and then forget about it.
What should have done is just decline without specifying a reason.
I am so adamantly against bigotry that I want to hit the dude, but I just can't see forcing the issue like this.
1:02 AM
@Jolenealaska Yeah, something like that.
@Cerberus the issue is typically the reasoning they apply for WHY they discriminate
often that's done on "sincerely held religious beliefs"
Some bigotry should be allowed, as long as the discriminated party is not inconvenienced too much.
@logophobe Oh, I couldn't care less about their reason to discriminate people.
What counts is how they treat people.
If they hate gays for whatever reason but treat them nicely, that's fine—that is, the state should not be involved.
I don't see requiring a baker to make cakes quite the same way I see "get to the back of the bus".
Because you are not inconvenienced that much if one or two bakers in town refuse to bake your cake.
what if they are the only bakers in your town?
1:04 AM
@Jolenealaska If the baker's guild decided to boycott your wedding cake, however, that would be different.
what if doctors were allowed to refuse service in the same way?
@logophobe Maybe then it's different.
yep, and that's the point. it's the state's job to legislate and say when and why it's different
@logophobe If they can bring in some other doctor who will treat them, and noöne is inconvenienced, then I guess I don't care that much. It is a small inconvenience for the hospital, however, so I would say that should be grounds for firing this doctor if the hospital wants to.
@logophobe Exactly.
So an incident does not warrant state involvement, usually, I would say.
Only if it becomes a common or serious problem.
Civil servants here are now forced by law to be willing to marry gay couples. If they refuse, they must be fired.
Part of the issue for me is that the guy has a right to his neanderthal thinking.
1:08 AM
I'm not sure I like that...although I guess civil servants should be under stricter scrutiny and be held to higher standards.
@Jolenealaska Yes, as long as he does not inconvenience others too much.
The key there is "Civil".
civil servants most definitely, because they're working as agents of the state
Still, I usually prefer the state to only be involved if there is an actual problem that people suffer from.
I think the thing for me, and this is something that the article doesn't cover, is exactly why he refused to serve them
if he refused to make a cake because it depicted a penis or something else that he found objectionable, that's one thing
Why does that matter so much?
1:09 AM
If a priest is made by the state to marry a gay couple, I'd be appalled by that.
@logophobe That seems unlikely.
@Jolenealaska Priest can marry couples?
They cannot do so here, it is a legal thing.
Perform the marriage ceremony.
They can of course provide a service in their church, sure. But not the legal ceremony.
they do have a legal right to officiate here
1:11 AM
I thought you had such a strict separation between church and state!
sure; people still need paperwork from the state to make it official and legal
if only
I mean, a priest is not a civil servant, right?
Yes, the document that makes it legal is a state thing, the ceremony is binding though.
Lol @cerebrus been talking to Ben Franklin lately?
1:12 AM
Have I?
@Jolenealaska It is strange that a religious ceremony should be legally binding, give you tax benefits and such...
there are certain groups within this country that have always sought to undermine that separation
Separation of church and state is a dream. An ideal many Americans want.
But it's not protected. Other than by protest and letter writing.
Until recently, we had a Christian party that refused to allow women to be elected in parliament.
1:13 AM
I'd just assume separate the planet from religion, but that's just me.
Hehe. Same.
ah, delightful
We still swear on bibles in our courts and pay out money emblazoned with a prayer
And pray every morning. To our flags. In public education.
Most jurisdictions have dispensed with the Bible thing.
@PrestonFitzgerald So do we!
1:14 AM
or be forced to sit through sermons at public school events
But at least that is just symbolic, no legal power.
that one's more common than you might think
My football team in high school started each game with the Lords Prayer. I was so confused. I'd never even heard it before I moved there.
(We don't swear on the Bible, but people get to pick between swearing and promising, swearing being understood as religious.)
lol, now THAT seems like an odd distinction to me
1:15 AM
@logophobe Hmm well, it's hard to check what happens in every school in the country...
Football without the feet. Oblong ball.
Hey now. Some Canadians try to play too.
"try" being the operative word
@logophobe It is odd. It used to be swearing only, long ago; but them promising was added as a secular alternative at some point. And it has remained that way, because...well, I don't know, so we can identify which people are still Christian hehe.
1:16 AM
"Hut, eh?"
it's ok, some Americans try to play hockey
@logophobe Haha I love that one.
Haha. Indeed. I'm a huge hockey fan. I wish is been exposed to it when I was younger.
@Cerberus where is this, out of curiosity?
I presume by hockey you mean field hockey? arches eyebrows
@logophobe Holland.
1:17 AM
You Canada?
We have a really fun Hockey tradition here too. Go Aces!
Canada is right next to Alaska, of course...
1:18 AM
no, northern midwest in the US
Ah OK.
@Jolenealaska I knew the quote but not that it was improvised. Fantastic.
Practically Canada.
there are many Canadians amongst us
I wish chat functionality was built into the SE mobile app.
1:19 AM
Hmm can you easily tell them apart?
@PrestonFitzgerald Yes!!
Although the mobile website works fairly well for chat.
Their heads are split in half horizontally.
@PrestonFitzgerald Upon discovery?
@Cerberus all Canadians are armed with hockey sticks when they cross the border
It could be worse for sure.
@logophobe Ah, I see. And drenched in maple syrup?
1:20 AM
they SECRETE maple syrup
I know, right?
I prefer my maple syrup to come from...jars.
Not pores.
I suppose @Jolenealaska would know better than any of us
1:21 AM
She's not super close to Canada...
I might be assuming that the name is a current status
Yes, but Anchorage is a long way from the border.
It's a kind of big state.
that's fair
405 Road miles.
I might actually be closer to the border than you
1:25 AM
You're St Paul? Yes, you are significantly closer.
yes, though it's still quite a hike
probably about the length of... well... Holland
But not by road, there is a big ass lake in the way.
what, here? nah, there's a coastal road
I'm not seeing a straight route though. It looks like you'd have to go through Thunder Bay.
1:32 AM
that you do, and the Canadians punish you for it
there is a paper mill just south of Thunder Bay, so if you want to drive through they try to fend you off with the smell
or at least there was last time I made the drive
Still only 300 miles, so closer for you to get poutine, than for me.
ahaha, that's the advantage of having so many Canadians here - so many places serve great poutine
I'll never forget my first drive up here. I stopped at a Canadian diner to eat. The reaction I got when I asked what poutine was was precious.
I'm sure they were delighted to explain
I have to admit, the first time it was described to me I thought it would be unspeakably disgusting
I've repented now, obviously
3 guys ran out of the diner to look at my license plate:)
1:44 AM
what about Alaskan regional cuisine?
I'm not sure if they were expecting Iowa or Mars.
Moose stew and a lot of smoked salmon.
hmmm, moose?
what's the term for moose meat? is there one, like "venison"?
Yep. You can even get on the road-kill registry and have the carcass delivered.
oh, good lord. I can't imagine any car killing a moose
a semi trailer, maybe
Nope, just moose meat as far as I know. I'm sure there are native words, but only "moose" in English.
Many, many moose get killed every year on our highways. People die that way too.
1:49 AM
well yeah
that's like hitting a wall made of meat
that's a LOT of animal
They're top heavy. They go right through the windshield.
I find it admirable that you find an efficient way to recycle your dead moose (mooses? meese?)
there's even a registry! how organized
Yep. And if no one is close enough, it goes to the closest food bank.
now that is a very clever notion
we see dead deer all over the place here
and I for one love venison
That's a shame. It's only food for a while.
1:55 AM
speaking of food, I take it?
I forgot that I had stashed a baking pan with a plastic lid in the oven.
I just made a big fucking mess.
oh noes
It's melted all over the floor of my oven.
1:57 AM
that is awful
'cause of course I had the lid under the pan
what kind of plastic? that rubbery tupperware stuff?
Well, I'll scrape up what I can. Hopefully the self clean cycle will do the rest. Yeah, like tupperware.
maybe if you let it cool a bit, you can peel it off
1:59 AM
ugh, how horrible :(
it happens
at least you didn't injure yourself
Nope, I'm not finishing the wasabi peas.
a couple years ago I had a roast or something pan-roasting in the oven
and I took the pan out, without an oven mitt of course
I wound up with a two-inch blister on my palm, and of course we had no burn cream or anything
so. at least it was the plastic, and not you.
The classic for that is using a pan with a handle in the oven. It's such an instant thing to grab that handle, forgetting that it's hot.
2:04 AM
the other classic is hanging on for some reason until you get it to the stovetop
I had my very first kitchen injury to require medical attention last month. I tried to take off a chunk of thumb with a mandolin.
It gave 'red"onions a whole new meaning.
The doctor said that my wound smelled of onions!
2:08 AM
I'm sure that felt great too
He also wanted to know what the hell I was doing chopping onions at 5am.
uh, well
have to give him credit for a valid question
A while ago I needed to get someone a file from my computer.
His internet was down.
I had no removable media but the card from my camera.
"Why do you have 3000 pictures of food?"
Cheaper than porn?
sounds familiar
I also have to wade through dozens of pictures of wine labels every time I want to show someone a real photo
because it's the easiest way to keep track
I still want to know why you were cutting onions at 5am, though
My waking hours are not what anyone would consider normal. That's one of the reasons I miss @SAJ14SAJ, he's as much of an insomniac as I am.
2:15 AM
still AWOL, eh?
well. I'm busy stealing all his rep
I see that. I think I see you the way SAJ saw me.
which is starting to become something of a personal problem. do you ever get frustrated that people aren't posting more damn questions?
how's that?
Yep. I wish the board were more active. However, asking and answering your own question is encouraged.
Q: How deeply will the flavors in a brine penetrate chicken? (experiment results)

JolenealaskaI'm not asking about salt or "juiciness". I think there is enough evidence here and elsewhere to answer that question with "pretty deep, or all the way to the bone". My question concerns spices and other flavorings in the brine. I want to know not only how far the flavors can go, but also what qu...

2:18 AM
I've been trying to come up with a really good question, honestly, but everytime I think I've got one I run a few searches and stumble across a duplicate
I thought I had a really good one about the benefits of copper cookware the other day....
Oh yeah, it happens to me all the time.
and most of the experimentation I do these days is booze-related. still trying to figure out how that fits in with the charter
I'm actually doing a booze experiment right now.
I'm doing one in my mouth but I don't think that counts
Jun 1 at 1:08, by Jolenealaska
Say I come up with 10.5% alcohol from vodka in water gets perfectly slushy and stays slushy at 0F.
There's more, click on the date/time.
2:24 AM
ah, yes, the Phrostie thing
Yep. The guy is full of shit that his 50%+ alcohol recipe gets slushy.
well.... 40%
yeah, not a significant difference, I'll grant you that
where did the 10% target that you're working with come from?
I get the 10% from the recipe linked in the other question and from other online sources that point to 10% or 20 proof. Nothing very concrete, hence the experimentation.
Hi Stizzle
My oven in real time:
2:32 AM
I am not amused.
well at this point, just let it cook and use a grill brush or something
Hmmm. It seems to be coming right off. Had to take a break, too much bending over.
I'll be damned.
3:18 AM
What are you doing, Jo-Jo?
Experimenting with molten plastic?
Perhaps you should also wash the parts that touched the molten plastic: who knows what substances are released upon melting?
I'm going to run the self clean cycle. That should take care of it.
Which means I have to microwave my dinner :( Oh well, I'll survive even this.
3:21 AM
:D something from nothing
@Jolenealaska I suppose that may work...
Looks better than my molted plastic.
@PrestonFitzgerald It's Cerberus!
Ohh delicious!!
I want!
Are your guests there yet?
@Jolenealaska Yes, slightly better. Though I'm sure the plastic has great artistic value.
I just got a message that a slightly risque message here was flagged as offensive.
That made me look for something else. @Cerberus, one of your comments was deleted.
Isn't that only done by moderators? What moderator here would delete that??
We know it wasn't Rummi, she was here.
3:49 AM
@Jolenealaska Oh, no! Which comment? Why?
Do you mean comment, or chat line?
I can't think of anything more risqué than usual that I have said recently.
The fuck fuck shit shit thing. When we were discussing movie ratings. Funny pulled out of context, but absolutely non-offensive. (IMO)
Ohh that.
Right, well, people are not known for their intelligence or diligence (they could have looked at the context).
what a shame
3:52 AM
That bugs me.
But I don't care.
Hey Mana.
hey dude.
what's cookin'?
I don't want to hang around with someone with such a bug up their ass that they will flag a comment like that in chat.
It may have been a lurker.
It happens.
3:54 AM
people make mistakes
We've even had people in EL&U banned for saying stuff that was completely fine in context.
Like when I was banned for saying "Iphones are gay".
Main is different. I have 42 flags to my name.
Main...what is Main? Stack Overflow chat?
Iphones are gay.
Watch out!
You could be next.
I was only banned for an hour or so.
3:57 AM
@Matthew thanks.. I think :)
@Jolenealaska It even became a meme in the English room: chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=Iphones+are+gay&room=95 Now you're part of it...
@Jolenealaska Oh fuck, now someone flagged this line.
Holy crap!
I clicked "invalid", but now it says I flagged it??
I don't believe it.
Don't panic, everything's fine.
3:59 AM
I swear, I saw it in a blue bubble.
the flags have been invalidated.
I clicked invalid.
No, pressing invalid is the right thing.
But it now says "you flagged this message"!
I got it too.
4:00 AM
Huh, now it doesn't.
The flags have disappeared?
Yes, I invalidated them.
@Mana What ghost is this, flagging us?
I'm bringing it up in Meta.
@Mana Thanks!
Get your own damned internet.
4:01 AM
I think there are safeguards in place to prevent people from flagging if they get invalidated too often.
@Jolenealaska Haha exactly!
@Mana I'm sure there are!
I don't think making a meta thread will really help to fix the problem, so probably best to just let it take care of itself.
Does it take a SA moderator to delete a comment in the Frying Pan?
I believe it's any Stack Exchange mod, yeah.
oh, well unless it's flagged
then 10k users can approve the flag and get it wiped.
Ah, well that's different then. Still pisses me off though.
4:09 AM
Don't worry about it.
Sometimes some silly stuff happens, but like...it's just text in a chatroom.
I don't like it.
I really wish we had PM.
I think I know exactly who did it, and why. That's OK, I wouldn't hold it against him, but I'd like to be able to say my piece. (Or peace? Which is correct?)
I did it, because I used to be a mod. And the rule was, flag anything that isn't appropriate for the front page of a newspaper.
New person walks in room - they see that in the cooking room - bam, new user gone.
Well, I was right on both counts.
nothing personal
Me neither.
I don't think that certain words are taboo. I think we give those words too much power when we try to eliminate them. But as I said, that's only my opinion.
My favorite movie of all time is The Shawshank Redemption.
4:26 AM
I think that's naive. Words have meaning. Words evoke feelings. You can't expect to use a set of works that commonly invoke a set of feelings and get upset if they do.
Sterilize it, and it becomes a 7.
But that's the point of the words.
So you want to walk some line between power and 'too much power'
"Please note that expletives are not allowed. If you use expletives on this site, you may be issued a warning or a suspension."
I want to be able to use the words as I see fit. I don't generally cuss in front of children, but I know full well that they already know the words. That a kid could come here and see language that they're not accustomed to doesn't frighten me.
Even on the main sites, there are well established exceptions. In chat, we are grown-ups talking among ourselves.
@Jolenealaska By the way, newspapers here print fuck, even on the front page.
@Jolenealaska not all grownups resort to as Jeff Atwood puts it "lowest common denominator cursing"
on that note, i'm off to a more civilized place. ciao
4:39 AM
> Fuck the EU A recent example. This is our most respectable newspaper.
I don't do that.
I pick and choose my cussing.
Taking off Cerby?
Oh got it. Nevermind.
> Ik geloof niet dat ik kan neuken met mijn been in deze toestand Neuken is Dutch for "fuck", and even more taboo, I would say. I never or hardly ever use the word.
The same newspaper.
@rfusca Please know that I don't want to be argumentative.
4:42 AM
@Jolenealaska I am, in fact.
It's bed time!
You too, eventually!
He seems pissed.
Not you.
5:17 AM
[wave] What's new?
Hmpf. Look up.
Mm. You don't want me to weigh in on that.
I want a world that doesn't care about such things. No country, no religion too.
No one to live or die for...
I think I'll go watch Star Trek.
Lexx has more profanity.
5:25 AM
Star Trek suits my mood. Perhaps The Inner Light. I love that one.
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
Wait. Did I miss a scolding. Are we not allowed to curse any more?
Ha! That depends upon who you ask.'
8:00 AM
Fuck that
8:13 AM
Hi tall
8:51 AM
Bah! Gnight all.
1 hour later…
9:57 AM
@Jolenealaska sorry jojo, ships passing in the night and all that
2 hours later…
11:44 AM
1 hour later…
12:48 PM
@ElendilTheTall, still here?

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