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2:28 AM
in Pagan, Abrahamic and Hindu, 22 hours ago, by Ikshvaku
@RamAbloh I don't worship shiva because he is too tamasic for my tastes. Same with his wife.
@Mr_Green @Pandya Can we do something to this guy?
3:02 AM
@TheLittleNaruto What the hell is he speaking?
And he is a Shri Vaishnava, what?! Is this what they preach?
3:15 AM
hi Swapnil Das San :)
those sorts of things are very unexpected to see on here
hi Little Naruto San :)
@MH Hello!
@SwapnilDas May be a Shree Vaishnava can answer. /cc @RamAbloh
Ekam Satvipra Vahudha Vadhanti. First study what Vedas say, then go for sects :)
maybe it is deliberately very disrespectful
that would be regrettable
3:26 AM
have to work now
Thank You
Bless You
@TheLittleNaruto San @SwapnilDas San
🙏 🙏
:) :)
4:16 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Hi little Naruto. It is ones perspective. We should not take it as disrespect but just different taste. I just checked that comment and haven't gone through the transcript.
4:35 AM
@Mr_Green perspective? If I abuse you, you would say this is my perspective?
How long will you be able to live in such environment?
I would suggest before running as a candidate for mod, learn about basics of Dharma.
Technical words and their meaning
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6:07 AM
Q: Scriptural reference for the fact that Prabhu is fully present in His Name itself. He has put all His powers in His Name

A BOn Internet, I came across this text today(highlighted portion). In case the picture is not loading, here is the text which is written in the image The Vedas declare that God is fully present in His Name itself. He has put all His powers in His Name. So, He is present in the same form in His Na...

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9:52 AM
Q: What is the concept of God according to hindusim?

Dark KnightI a confused because Shiv puran say Shiva is the supreme God. Bhagavata gita say Krishna is supreme God. Vedas say Indra is supreme God. Upanishad say the God is one without second. But on the other hand you have purna which have some conversation between God's like SHIVA VISHNU AND BRAHAM.

2 hours later…
11:34 AM
Q: Is it mention in vedas that we have to merge with supreme God after we have broken the cycle of rebirth. Please give reference

Dark KnightIs it mention in vedas that we have to merge with भ्रमण after we have broken the cycle of rebirth. Please give reference.

12:28 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Did I say anything wrong to you? I am confused.
12:46 PM
@Mr_Green You didn't. But you didn't see that comment as rude, that made me concerned.
1:41 PM
I think so. Can you explain why you think that is rude?
@Mr_Green Do you understand the word "tamasic"?
2:19 PM
@Mr_Green Tamas is one of the three guna i.e. sattva, rajas, and tamas. Excessive of Tamas makes one fall in the category of rakshasa/danava/daitya.
However All three gunas are needed in certain proportion to live this life as per the varna.
Now tell me is it not rude/abusive to term a God Tamasic who is a Supreme god in certain sect?
Also; if you haven't noticed my messages:
10 hours ago, by TheLittleNaruto
I would suggest before running as a candidate for mod, learn about basics of Dharma.
10 hours ago, by TheLittleNaruto
Technical words and their meaning
1 hour later…
3:41 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I would have gotten offended by it if it was response to me or addressing me. This is someone's private discussion. There are many chatrooms where such ill things are discussed about Indians or religion. Did I get anything still wrong here?
@Mr_Green private discussion? Was it a whatsapp group or Telegram group?
We are not allowed there it seems
Try having the meta discussion. I feel they are not violating anything though I agree it is ill discussion in our perspective
@TheLittleNaruto let's not judge each other's Dharma understanding
@Mr_Green Well we need to, at least to those who want to run as a candidate in coming election. Otherwise how we will be sure that the person is a deserving one.
without knowing basics of technical words, how one is going to moderate?
@TheLittleNaruto I don't think handling meta requires technical understanding. All are welcome here and that applies to become mod too (no need to be a scholar). I participated in mod just to keep weight.
You don't have to be expert
But you should know the "basics"
3:54 PM
Well we can have such discussions always.
I already know the basics. My understanding of basics seems differ with your understanding.
@Mr_Green I'll see if I can frame a meta post.
Will try this weekend
Do you read books in the original language(i.e Sanskrit) or translations? Pardon me for the interruption.
@Mr_Green gunas is common term and comes under basics only
@YouKnowMe I read in Sanskrit-English translation
I know those basics.. everyone does.. I just don't know they are known as GUNAS.
You said you don't know about Tamasic
3:59 PM
@TheLittleNaruto please do. I apologise if my understanding came as shock to you. I just feel this is right being so much active from last 8 years on SE's different networks and their chatrooms.
Generally, we just can't get offend by everyone's opinion. This is what is intolerance, a defensive mechanism which we should avoid here.
Again, I agree that that is ill discussion
4:17 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I don't know this word or gunas. But I did sense tamasic as bad from that chat transcript's discussion. And my discussion is not about it but to ignore it.
@Mr_Green Okay.
@TheLittleNaruto What about others? (In case you know)
@YouKnowMe I can only tell about me. :)
4:45 PM
@TheLittleNaruto No problem ;-)
5:08 PM
@HinduKid Hello Kid
@MH hello
HELLO @everyone
6 hours later…
11:16 PM
@TheLittleNaruto guys, I don't think we need to blow this out of proportion. The discussion with Ikshvaku was civil... he just expressed his personal views about Shiva. While I personally don't agree with him, there are staunch Vaishnavas who feel that way about Shiva. This is not a new thing. It has been going on for centuries. Some people classify Shaiva Puranas as Tamasic, and Vaishnava Puranas as Sattvik.
@TheLittleNaruto the sectarian rivalries sometimes lose themselves in these fights, and forget to recognize the Vedic message.
11:34 PM
This kind of question: hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/7456/20829 is the problem with some Hindus today. They take the Purana stories too seriously, as literal fact, or consider them from a realistic human point of view.
These stories are symbolic and are meant to teach deeper lessons than the actual details of the events themselves.
Again, I know there are many here who wouldn't agree with me, but what I take from the story of churning the milk ocean is that we need to share responsibilities and work collectively towards a common goal. Everyone should do their part. That's all. If we start asking, why Vishnu didn't drink the poison, etc. then we are losing the big picture for insignificant details.

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