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8:03 AM
@AkshayKumarS I think one should go beyond such disturbance
but not all are in same level
That's why 41 days of celibacy will help them go
beyond it
Well, our approach should be beyond any prapancha
I believe everything is possible with controlling mind i.e. meditation
Everything is correct. And that's why Sabarimala is for that. And second I dont deny with what you are saying but i have addressed from common people point of view. We can climb up only step by step.
And second meditation is actually blissful feeling. The inner silence when we reach thoughtless state
Hmm. That's also understandable
@AkshayKumarS Do you practice it?
@AkshayKumarS Lol.. I'm not. I'm just like everyone.
@RubelliteYakṣī Yes. His channel has many good renditions of such slokas.
8:09 AM
Yes. When meditation gets converted to tapasya?
@AkshayKumarS That's what only your Guru can answer or you yourself. Btw, have you read RajaYoga by Vivekananda?
@RubelliteYakṣī I get it.
@TheDestroyer haha. I have seen your earlier chats months back too. You are aware of Maya and that's why you are off from chat for most of time :P
@Pandya No. Why?
@AkshayKumarS What can we do even if we know Maya. We are still bound to it. It is through constant practice only we can get rid off that.
Yes. Only Guru can guide us.
@TheDestroyer yeah even last portion of illusion should also be destroyed as said by Krishna in Uddhava Gita - meditator and object of meditation
8:15 AM
@Pandya I wish! Maybe I will meet some in my Hinduism course next semester. Finally they offer one Indian Language course here: Hindi. But, really they should call it Hindi/Urdu because I know the teacher spends almost as much time on Urdu as he does Hindi.
@AkshayKumarS Yes.
I asked someone in the languages department if there would ever be a Sanskrit course and she said it took them 6 years to get Hindi (q.q )
@TheDestroyer I have to ask you this. While Kaivalya Moksha is ultimate but what about Mokshas in Shivaloka, Vaikuntha?
@RubelliteYakṣī Unfortunately, most of the Hindi used in North India is Urdu. We south Indians can't understand Urdu as it has many persian and Arabic words. But on the other hand, we can understand Hindi well. For example, a South Indian in Madurai or Tirupati can understand bhoomi rather than Zameen.
@AkshayKumarS Actually it depends on philosophies.
@AkshayKumarS Also, there can be multiple Kailasas. One in physical earth and other in cosmic plane, as mentioned in Shiva Purana.
@Pandya I agree we should. But I can understand how it could make the process much harder. On the otherhand, as I was talking about before, I think we can learn greatly from our failures. I believe the world is as it is precisely because the bad things help shape and hone us. So, I see it as avoidance of the problem rather than conquering it.
But I do understand the impulse
8:22 AM
I think only the one with cosmic Kailasa is eternal and even Agamas gives different hierarchies of Shiva and Vishnu and Devi.
@TheDestroyer Is there anything beyond Cosmos?
But ultimately i feel, these texts differ superficially and ultimate experience would be same for everyone irrespective of philosophy they follow.
@AkshayKumarS What do you mean by Cosmos?
@TheDestroyer - Just check this site. vishwaamara.com
@Pandya Yes, I think so too. But that requires a certain level of faculty. It's like with music. Some people are tone def, they can't get better at singing by practicing singing. First they must learn to discern the tones. Most have some degree of talent, so we can practice and get better. Still others are musical geniuses and great composers. Those are like the Rishis who accel quickly
@AkshayKumarS If cosmos is physical universe, then Brahman is beyond everything. Whole cosmos lies in him.
if you are into Advaita, whole cosmos lies in you as per it.
8:27 AM
@TheDestroyer okay, cool
One of biggest and difficult question to answer is where we came from @TheDestroyer
@AkshayKumarS In Advaita, we didn't come at all. Maya is itself Maya. 😊 Looks like jugglery of words to others.
@AkshayKumarS Read Shiva Sutra by Jaideva Singh; Only the introduction part. You'll get the answer.
@TheLittleNaruto Your email? I will mail you the book.
8:30 AM
Yes. @TheDestroyer - Agree that we cant become what we are already. We are covered using clay and process of removing that clay is Yoga. Let's see how our life goes.
@TheDestroyer Yeah. He teaches both Devanagari and Arabic scripts and he said he will only teach Urdu words that are not from Arabic. Ultimately, I couldn't justify taking another language class and I figure I can learn Devanagari on my own sometime.
@TheDestroyer do you have the book what Naruto mentions?
Acharya Utpaladeva philosophy on manifestation of whole universe has answers to all our questions. @AkshayKumarS
@RubelliteYakṣī Also, honestly i feel you can learn Sanskrit rather than other Indian language, although i have no ill feelings towards other Languages.
Thank me later
Just read the introduction part.
8:32 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I'll thank you now itself.
@AkshayKumarS No. It's biography a saint who practiced Sri Vidya.
And if it gets you interest, you might want to read the whole book.
@TheDestroyer ?
Are you talking about Shiva Sutra ?
@TheLittleNaruto which book you want?
@TheDestroyer The one I replied to one of your message.
@TheLittleNaruto ok. It's same book.
8:35 AM
@TheLittleNaruto @TheDestroyer - The reason why I brought this question is in Muktia upanishad, Rama also talked about Kaivalya as ultimate. Do you know any recent sage of Kaliyuga attaining Kaivalya Moksha?
Baby is also here 😀
@SwiftPushkar We should know previous birth of Baby and help her in liberation. 😁
@TheDestroyer haha
@AkshayKumarS I am not sure what is "Kaivalya" Moksha. But most recent one sage imo would be Ramana Maharshi who attained Moksha.
@TheDestroyer lol
baby Are you alive?
@TheLittleNaruto Certainly not
8:37 AM
Oh ok
@AkshayKumarS Many saints have attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi. I know many saints who have gone to that state. Not exactly sure how Kaivalya Moksha is described. Need to check it.
Q: What is Kaivalya Moksha?

Akshay Kumar SHere in Muktika Upanishads, Rama describes Kaivalya Moksha is ultimate. What is it? Is it merging into existence of Brahman? I-i-15-17. Hanuman: Rama, sages speak differently: some say there is only one kind of liberation. Others say it can be got by worshipping your name and by the Taraka mant...

@AkshayKumarS Saw it. It looks like Kaivalyam only.
IMHO Adding Kaivalya to moksha does not change anything about Moksha
8:39 AM
Can you elobrate? @TheDestroyer
It is same what has been described
@TheLittleNaruto Yes.
@AkshayKumarS I need to read exact conversation.
@TheDestroyer "Maya is itself Maya." LOVE THAT. I'm going to use this phrase
8:41 AM
@AkshayKumarS Again interpretations can be many. But Moksha is Moksha.
@RubelliteYakṣī - even if you are attached too much to one philosophy is also Maya :P
@RubelliteYakṣī You will find many such phrases in Yoga Vasistha. My favorite book is Yoga Vasista.
@RubelliteYakṣī Just one thing, Don't compare Maya with Delusion or something equivalent.
Maya is real
@TheLittleNaruto Maya is real as well not real
It is real and will always be
8:43 AM
@AkshayKumarS Yes , exactly
Anything what we experience is real, Isn't it ?
@TheLittleNaruto This depends on what you mean by "real"
For example if we see a mango, we say it's real
we can't say we're in dream and seeing some mango
@TheLittleNaruto Read my recent answer on this question hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/29358/3500
@TheLittleNaruto Yes, but you do not actually see the mango. You see something which is based on all your previous experiences with mango
Your experiences with mango are different than mine.
8:45 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī Of course, eventually you say it's real
So what you see is different to what I see
@TheLittleNaruto How are you so sure what you see is Mango? I can prove you don't know what you are seeing.
And, neither of us sees it as the cloud of atoms and quarks it really is
Ok let's say it's an object
Make it generic
The object you see you can name it something I can name it something else
That's ok
But since we are seeing it, we can say its real, right ?
@TheLittleNaruto it's not just name. It is sense of touch, Sense of sight.
They are uncertain and don't given complete details of an object.
8:47 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Nope. Because we do not purely sense perceive. We sense perceive and then attach meaning to what we have perceived.
Ok not pick so big words
@TheLittleNaruto See that answer, I have explained clearly.
It's very simple
@TheLittleNaruto It's not simple. That's the point.
As a normal human being, what we see, what we believe
8:48 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I mean, our eyes are not like cameras. They don't strictly take in visual data.
when I say "see" It means what we experience.
That's the first mistake. Don't blindly believe what you see. Senses are deceptive.
they take in visual data and then our mind filters out what we are not paying attention to and then assigns meaning based on all past experiences
Ok my whole point is, similarly Lord also experiences his energy in the form of Maya
which is not delusion at all
Q: Jyotish: Can Grahas be influenced willingly?

Sameer AnandI am not sure if this is the right place to post this question but, knowing that Jyotish is one of the six Vedangas, I will take my chances. So based on how Sanjay Rath defines, a Graha is something that causes Grahana. Or in other words, they eclipse (Not in a necessarily negative way) the hous...

8:51 AM
6 mins ago, by The Destroyer
@TheLittleNaruto Read my recent answer on this question https://hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/29358/3500
See this answer and linked answers.
If you want detailed explanations, i can mail you a book where they are explained in detail.
No I can read the answer
@TheLittleNaruto Ok. But Maheswarnath babaji explains with help of Science. Indeed, after reading that i understood it well. And now i can understand Yoga Vasista perfectly.
"Naturally we see that the mind is not intelligent; yet it appears to be intelligent. Why? Because the intelligent soul is behind it. You are the only sentient being; mind is only the instrument through which you catch the external world."
See my explanation under it.
Whatever we see, touch is just a thought in mind.
Our desire is thought..
Whole world we see are just thoughts in mind.
I keep falling asleep and it is 4:00 am, so I will go. bye bye
8:56 AM
@TheDestroyer This is how Vedanta interprets. It's wrong.
Yes, @TheDestroyer has it exactly correct.
@TheLittleNaruto Read on phenomenology
@TheLittleNaruto Lol.. You can't say wrong.
@TheLittleNaruto See i have given these arguments to Rakesh. he didn't even read them. I have given the same to Sv, he didn;t even read and say this is wrong.
The debate you are having is exactly the debate between empiricism & phenomenology.
8:58 AM
I am not good at explanation; otherwise I would have given you correct counter statement which would have proved it's wrong.
@RubelliteYakṣī ok.
@TheDestroyer Because it's WRONG!
@TheLittleNaruto It's not a matter of your rhetorical ability. People smarter than both of us have already played out this debate 😉
@TheLittleNaruto World doesn't become unreal all of sudden. Else i can survive without eating food as it is unreal.
World is real for me and so for you.
@TheLittleNaruto I'm too interested in the topic ( ^^)
8:59 AM
Just our mind thoughts can't make this whole universe
People misunderstand Advaita. They just see Maya and nothing else.
@TheLittleNaruto What it means is that, everything I experience, I have assigned all of the meaning it has (for me). I don't experience the thing as it really is. It's impossible
@TheLittleNaruto You are wrong here. I will given step by step logic. Please read it. I will mail the book. Hardly it takes 15 min
I strongly suggest you too to read introduction part of shiva sutra @TheDestroyer
@TheLittleNaruto I have read Shiva Sutra, It doesn't contradict Advaita. Just difference in understanding. Me and Rohit discussed this for long lengths.
And me and Tezz too in Vedanta room.
9:03 AM
Literally summarized into four sentences: simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empiricism
Wait i have taken screenshots of the book and posted in one room.
Let me give here as i don;t have the book with me now.
Can we do something to remove sex tag from the here also the word hot is confusing to some of the new viewers
What did you search ?
@SwiftPushkar Siva Siva 🙉🙈 Kaliyugam 😛😀
Search this: "hinduism stackexchange" @SwiftPushkar
@TheDestroyer ROFL
9:08 AM
@TheDestroyer haha , often users just give glance at few words , new viewers of the link might think differently in instance when they will look at the link from google search
@TheLittleNaruto yes , the search is same :-)
@SwiftPushkar Nope you got space in between stack exchange
@SwiftPushkar My search is without space stackexchange which is correct
@TheDestroyer -do you have Yoga vasishta? I am keen for it
@AkshayKumarS Yes. I have complete English translation.
Wait let me share that epub
9:11 AM
@SwiftPushkar Ugh. I think you can submit directly to Google, but IDK how anymore.... i even still possible
Also just a suggestion which applies to me as well: Learn Sanskrit. It's better. Because English translation may have different interpretation.
@TheLittleNaruto yeah this time its showing different tags , but we should remove the tag from displaying at all in every search result , its the least used tag . :-)
And avoid reading a translation from western author
@TheLittleNaruto - What will happen to us tomorrow is different from what we think. when you see a rope lying on ground from long distance will appear to be snake but only when you go near you know its rope.
@AkshayKumarS lol that Sankara logic; Sorry I don't follow him and his logic.
9:12 AM
@AkshayKumarS Here is the epub shivabalayogi.org/Library/…
@TheLittleNaruto - As long as your mind functions, you are trapped in delusion...
this is complete english translation of Yoga Vasista. All 6 volumes.
@TheDestroyer - thanks
Anyway. I really should sleep for a few hours, now. Night.
later o/
9:14 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Ow is it? I havent read most of Indian scriptures but followed Siddha tradition and Uddhava Gita at the start until Guru came to me. But again you are answer is Maya because you answered it out of your sensory perception stored in intellect and not out of your observation :P
Well, @TheDestroyer - I dont have file to open it.
@TheLittleNaruto no refer Ajatavada
@AkshayKumarS I used to follow him in early days, but when I came to know that he vilify women and womenhood in his scriptures and same for Sudra.
I stopped
@SwiftPushkar Because in everything we have action and inaction. Real and unreal. Something in nothing!
@AkshayKumarS Yes, right. which scriptures you have read?
@AkshayKumarS Read "Jewel in the Lotus book". You will understand Advaita more properly, Sri Maheshwarath Babaji explains very logically. I have never seen such explanation. Reading after this book, yoga vasista makes sense. Yoga Vasista will not be understood if basics of Advaita are not strong.
9:17 AM
We are ultimately manifestation of Supreme, So there should not be any difference, be it a women or men or whatever
@AkshayKumarS Which OS you have?
@TheDestroyer Same is for me. Got Windows 7
@AkshayKumarS Yes this Maya is beyond our comprehension. Its really difficult for normal persons like us to fully understand Maya. Only a enlightened person knows about it.
Select from here.
9:18 AM
@TheLittleNaruto right, that's why I'm interested to know whether deva and devi manifestations have Shukshma Sharira which has gender or not.
Use 64 bit, if you use 64 bit windows
Calibre is open source and ad free
You can use google play books if you are on Android
I generally prefer ebooks
@Pandya devi is energy accelerator of deva
@TheDestroyer Yeah , and there is good option to convert e-books to other formats also .
@SwiftPushkar Yes. But i sync ebooks to all my devices and i like epubs and other mobile formats than pdfs.
@TheLittleNaruto do you mean deva is one personality whereas devi is not?
9:22 AM
Like a moon can't be separated from moonlight. similarly
They're same
you mean devi is the self of deva?
devi and deva are same
then I can also say
@TheLittleNaruto deva is energy accelerator of devi
@TheDestroyer ohh , ok , i will try to do the same , i stopped reading books from smartphone because , my eyes were strained some months back , when i was entirely using mobile for reading , searching and answering , now i mostly use laptop.
@TheDestroyer - Its more than 5 years, so I forgot :((
9:24 AM
@Pandya Yeah that's fine
@TheLittleNaruto Btw, do you consider deva and devi as manifestation of supreme Brahman like Advaita? or they're Jivas like Vishishtadvaita?
@SwiftPushkar Ok. I use dark theme mostly. And i read these few pages before sleep in night mode. So, my eyes are not strained.
@Pandya I am sorry what do you mean by Deva and Devi ? Looks like I misunderstood you
@AkshayKumarS What is 'more than 5 years ago'?
@TheLittleNaruto ohk. let's start from beginning. :) what are devi and deva according to you.
9:27 AM
@Pandya Siddha tradition gave me the key to enter spirituality and tantra philosphy of them
@AkshayKumarS Use reply button, so that i can understand to which message you are replying.
@Pandya Again what do you mean by Deva and Devi ?
@AkshayKumarS Shiva Siddhanta?
@TheLittleNaruto Pandya is asking do Deva and Devis have Subtle bodies?
No idea
9:27 AM
@TheDestroyer My PC. I dont know about the OS
@TheDestroyer hmm , yes thats a nice option , also my hands were experiencing pain because of holding mobile for long hours , so i completely stopped holding it now , but still mouse gives same trouble 😀 but i am now somehow restricting the usage . at least for few months.
Windows 7
@TheLittleNaruto As I believe in Advaita, they're manifestation of supreme Brahman like Jiva and Jagat.
baby hi
@Akash.B That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
9:29 AM
@TheDestroyer do you have any idea?
@SwiftPushkar You didn't invoke Ganesha before switching on PC, else Mushika would not have been troubled you 😛
baby urban navaratri
@Pandya I think Devas in Swargaloka have Sukshma Sareera but not sure about trimurthis and their Shaktis
@SwiftPushkar oh! take a rest for sometime :)
@TheDestroyer LOL 😁 Yeah , i will do it from tomorrow . 👍🏻
9:30 AM
baby urban pandya
@TheLittleNaruto Kydie [Undertaker Pandya] The best cat in the whole world. We'l always remember your time with us [Kydie]. We [love you] . Kydie [Undertaker] Panj- 1994-2008
@Pandya I do not know it clearly - Siddha tradition of Tamil Nadu. Agathyar, Bhogar, Thirumoolar, Sivavakiyar
baby urban navaratri
@AkshayKumarS Use this software
12 mins ago, by The Destroyer
@Pandya hmm not that severe but body just started showing acute signs 😀 so better to respond .
9:31 AM
It could not find any definition for Navaratri in Urban dictionary @Pandya
baby define navaratri
@TheLittleNaruto No definition found.
@TheDestroyer Is there no way other than this for downloading Yoga vashishta?
How can we find Navaratri in urban dictionary
@TheDestroyer Hmm. primarily I am interested in knowing about devi Parvati, Amba, Saraswati etc.
9:32 AM
baby wiki navaratri
@TheLittleNaruto no-problem.
Navaratri (Sanskrit: नवरात्रि, literally "nine nights"), also spelled Navratri or Navarathri, is a nine nights (and ten days) Hindu festival, celebrated in the tamil month of purattasi (17th September to 17th October) every year. It is celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. There are four seasonal Navaratri in a year. This festival in this month is called Sharada Navaratri that is the most celebrated for Goddess Durga.In India, Goddess Durga battles and emerges victorious over the buffalo demon Mahishasuran to help restore Dharma.Celebrations include stage decorations...
@Akash.B google command is broken, use wiki instead
@AkshayKumarS Epub is the only one which i found to be proper version of Yoga Vasista
@TheLittleNaruto okay
9:33 AM
@Pandya Yoga Vasista says Saraswati is Pure consciousness.
@TheDestroyer well, that sounds like equating it with Brahman which can be applicable to others also.
@SwiftPushkar went offline?
@Pandya Hmm..
personal advice qustion : hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/29546/277
@TheDestroyer I think you got my point.
@Pandya Yes.
9:36 AM
@Akash.B no i am just finding an answer of @Pandya
@Pandya I have asked this question when i joined the site
Q: What bodies (Koshas or layers) do Devas, Trimurthis and their Shaktis (consorts) have?

The DestroyerThe two questions What are Five Layers (Pancha Kosha) of Human? and Where does a Soul attached to the Body? explain various koshas (Sheaths) of human body. Trimurthi [Brahma, Narayana (not supreme Vishnu) and Rudra (not Shiva)] and their respective Shaktis are believed to be different aspects of ...

@TheDestroyer nice question +1, bumped to homepage :)
@Pandya - do Deva and Devis have Subtle bodies - See verse 3 , possible answer according to it is yes , previously they were in sukhma form - archive.org/details/AitareyaUpanishadGitaPressGorakhpur/page/…
@NogShine where are you?
@SwiftPushkar oh i see
@Pandya It edited it to make it better.
9:40 AM
So one who is eternal alone is free from all bodies?
@TheDestroyer nice question +1
@AkshayKumarS Actually depends on philosophy.
@AkshayKumarS As per Advaita, Niguna Brahman is without form and Lakshana (attributes).
@AkshayKumarS But as per other philosophies, Supreme Brahman has form.
@TheDestroyer Also spiritual bodies dont have subtle bodies ?
@SwiftPushkar Hmm. nice found, however this discusses about devatas like Agni, Indra etc. Whereas I want to know about devas and devis we worship today.
@TheDestroyer One thing is for sure - how many human souls are there in this planet = same number of paths available to reach ultimate Parabrahma.
9:43 AM
can I able to know how many times i have incarcerated?
@AkshayKumarS Spiritual body is broad term. It is same as Subtle body i think.
@Akash.B lol.. Where?
@TheDestroyer This Nirguna Brahman is what we call as Shiva right as per advaita?
@TheDestroyer where?
@AkshayKumarS No. Nirguna Brahman has no name, form. He is just Sat-Chid-Ananda, his Swaroopa
@Akash.B Didn't get.
@Pandya Yes , I think most of the devatas and devas of puranic age is different forms avataras of these Main vedic deities only , so instead of talking to all the upanishads are talking about the structural gods from which the basic building blocks of the creation happened. Like Agni , Vayu etc.
9:45 AM
@TheDestroyer I think I have to even more engage in Sadhana to find answers from within my soul.
@SwiftPushkar Hmm.
@TheDestroyer okay i just meant, can i able to know how many times I was born in the earth?
@AkshayKumarS Yes. That's how Rishis found various truths. But it won't come in one day.
@Akash.B - for sure when you attain Englightment you will know your births
@Akash.B Ok. I thought you were asking something else. I understood as imprisonment. Didn't understand you meant Samsara,
9:48 AM
@TheDestroyer Only by supreme's grace, our knots inside are removed. Hopefully everyone here attains Moksha this birth itself. See you guys soon! Time for tea!
@TheDestroyer bhagavad gita
@AkshayKumarS ok.
@TheDestroyer it may come in a second also! I think
@Akash.B you can only know it through Yoga.
Me too. Tea break now.
@TheDestroyer had your lunch BTW?
9:50 AM
@Akash.B Yes.
@AkshayKumarS If you want to read Yoga Vasista in both Sanskrit and English, you can purchase it from here.
@TheDestroyer but you were in the chatroom for 3 to 4 hrs
@AkshayKumarS This is not available as pdf or softcopy. So, no other choice for ebooks enthusiasts like me.
okay everyone let's get some tea
2 hours ago, by The Destroyer
@RubelliteYakṣī Hamsa Hamsas talked this riding other Hamsas Hamsa time seeing other hamsa Hamsas. used both semitic and Sanskrit Hamsas
@Akash.B ok. Thanks in advance we're waiting for tea from you! :) Haha
9:54 AM
There's time gap after this message to my next message. In that gap, i had my lunch. 😀
@Pandya Haha.
Btw, is it possible to transfer file from Andrioid phone to PC while USB Tethering is running on the PC? @TheDestroyer @TheLittleNaruto
@Pandya Select "USB file transfer"
@Pandya should be possible from Android 4 or above i guess. Not sure in which version it was introduced. But definitely possible now with all phones.
@TheDestroyer let me clear there are several ways 1. Charging only, 2. Turn on USB storage, 3. MTP
@Pandya 2.
but when you active usb tethering phone will be set on 1. only 2 and 3 not possible
10:00 AM
is there File transfer option?
Which Android version are you using?
@Pandya click on that notification. You will get other options.
@TheDestroyer yes, I know you can set USB storage or MTP and both will work for transferring files
@Pandya MTP only for DCIM photos if my guess is correct.
@Pandya if the file is small use bluetooth also .
10:06 AM
@TheDestroyer MTP can work for any type file transfer
4 mins ago, by Pandya
@TheDestroyer yes, I know you can set USB storage or MTP and both will work for transferring files
do you know about usb tethering?
it's transferring internet of phone to PC with cable.
@Pandya This is to get internet from mobile to PC like hotspot
and when you start it, you will loss connectivity of USB storage or MTP.
@Pandya Yes.
so, you'll not be able to use usb-storage/mtp simultaneously with usb-tethering
so, I want to know even is it possible to transfer file using usb-tethering?
@Pandya No only one option at a time , i was using tethering previously , butt now i use phone hotspot.
10:11 AM
@SwiftPushkar ohk. right now I'm on desktop PC which doesn't have bluetooth or wifi. So, the only option is to break internet and transfer file. That's why I was searching for a trick !
@Pandya ohh , ok so use MTP , its the quickest method .
10:33 AM
Ah! just found that usb-tethering means hot-spot is already running so you can transfer files in similar way we use xender or share via http :)
@TheDestroyer - WHERE IS THIS PURCHASE SITE? exoticindiaart.com/book/details/…
How to place order
@AkshayKumarS This is Indian site only. Add to cart and do it. But prices here are slightly high when compared to Amazon and FlipKart. But only this site has this book.
@TheDestroyer For 4 volumes 3000? Indian site. Where it is?
Do you people distribute Apata leaves as gold today ?
Significance of Marigold flower during Navratri ?🏵️
A: Would it be a good idea to hold community events on festivals?

PandyaUPDATE: A Navaratri chat event for this year was planned and scheduled today from 10 AM to 1 PM (IST) on Hinduism which is deemed effective -- more than 10+ users actively participated for more than three hours :) You can find transcript for 18 Oct. 2018 Note: From previous event we found ou...

well done!
10:43 AM
@AkshayKumarS Don't know from where it operates.
@TheDestroyer for 4 volumes 3000?
@Pandya Yup already +1 frm. me And update is marvelous.
@AkshayKumarS hmm..Costly.I know.
But this is hard cover and 6k plus pages, not paperback
@TheDestroyer - thanks will do it. But can you shortly say that to attain Atman Gyana, how should we lead a life in current scenario?
@AkshayKumarS I'm not experienced in this. I can't give any suggestions.
10:47 AM
Sorry I should have been clear. From what you read in Yoga vashishta @TheDestroyer
@AkshayKumarS I am reading English translation (the ebook version). But will buy this Sanskrit and English version after some days.
@AkshayKumarS I'm just reading and understanding and even trying to practice it. (i can't say my personal practices as it is never recommended).
BTW it's time to switch to offline mode .. BYE for today .. TC , we will plan about upcoming diwali chat event :-) Stay Tuned.
Me too.
@AkshayKumarS There are 4 steps given in Yoga Vasista
Oww. @TheDestroyer . Thanks. Will see to it. I was asking more from Yoga vashihsta and not personal practices because whatever experience we gain we should never reveal it!
@AkshayKumarS Vasishta states that peace of mind (shanti), contentment (santosha), keeping the company of realized sages (satsanga), and inquiry into the nature of the soul (vichara) are the four sentinels that guard the gates to moksha, or liberation.
Book 2 explains these 4 steps in detail.
10:59 AM
@TheDestroyer - thanks for your explanation. Will look at this in detail. Will see you again soon! Time for offline! Bye for today. And if possible try to find source of answer for my question!
Q: What is the source of Sat Chit Ananda Moola mantra?

Akshay Kumar S || Aum Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramatma Sri Bhagavati Sametha Sri Bhagavate Namaha || What's the source of this Mantra?

@AkshayKumarS ok. Bye
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12:27 PM
Q: Why does Ayyappan give darshan in this sitting form?

Nestham RajWhy does Ayyappan give darshan in this sitting form? It is not complete sit also.

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@TheDestroyer do you know why is it considered Dussehra today and not tomorrow?
2:17 PM
Q: Why have we celebrated Dussehra today instead of tommorw?

PandyaWhatever I know for consideration of Tithi from Panchangam is whichever Tithi falls on the sunrise, that is considered for whole the day. For example, yesterday there was Ashtami on sunrise and Ashtami Tithi holded upto 12:50 pm, after then Navami is started. Since there was Ashtami on sunrise, ...

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3:48 PM
@Pandya dussehra is tomorrow. You got wrong information from wherever you get it.
4:02 PM
Govt. also considerd Dussehra holiday today

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