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Happy Dussehra
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"Why was he silent..." "What's harm in telling..." This question looks opinion based to me.
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Q: What's difference between Rishi, Rajarishi, Maha Rishi, Brahma Rishi and Sptarishi?

RishabhI have heard a lot about those rishis. I know these are categories or may be level/rank of rishis. "Rishis" are bottom level and "Saptarishi" are top level. But what made them any of these? I mean, If one has become Rishi then how he can become Maharishi or Brhama rishi or any other. And what's t...

7:16 AM
Our body is functioning on 96 principles. Out of 96, we get only 20 princiiples through food, and probably more to 30 those who do Yogic practice. Deficit close to 60.

To balance this rest of 60, you need to practice Dhyan Yoga. Only in Dhyan, you get fresh flow of Cosmic Prana which will work in your body. Rest of the time when your mind, senses, breath engaged in external activities, this Cosmic Prana wont flow in you.

Once you get and balance this deficit 60 principles = your body automatically becomes Kayakalpa.
Q: Nasta Moha in Bhagavad Gita

jasminelast time i was reading the bhagavad Gita, i found one word very curious that is nasta Moha . Nasta Moha in Bhagavad Gita? what is exact meaning of nasta Moha ? why lord krishna used this word in Gita ?

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Q: Age of sanatan dharma till today

user16572What's the exact age of sanatan dharma ? And when it started. whats the date it started.?

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@Sarvabhouma & TheDestroyer This Q is not a duplicate of the linked above. Sarvabhouma deleted the vaishnava tag, why? He wanted to ask about verses from the Vaishnava scriptures as well, and the linked answer above is only for Sruti! — brahma jijnasa 5 mins ago
@TheDestroyer ^
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@NogShine hi
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Q: Who all have explicitly claimed that they are Gods as per Hindu scriptures

Koder101 Note: I have limited knowledge in these matters. But I am a curious person and go with reasoning. I want to know that in which all Hindu's divine scriptures who all (since there are many Gods worshipped) have claimed or explicitly asserted that they are God and they should be worshipped. ...

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Q: Sanskrit Names of Naivedyams

StudentI was searching for Sanskrit names of various naivedyams offered in our rituals (in all regions and traditions) like pulihora, chakra pongali, and various fruits and juices etc. Is there any book that describes all of them? If so what is it? I would also like to request to post the names with pic...


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