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6:00 AM
@TheDestroyer she would always admire points relating Sanskrit Language :)
This mantra should be chanted on the day of Ashtami
@TheDestroyer I can only read Japanese and very little Greek, Hebrew, and Sanskrit. Only some certain words I have looked into for personal research
@TheLittleNaruto - Yes salutation of Adi_Shakti . 🌸
@Pandya precisely
@RubelliteYakṣī No. I mean Devanagari Script.
6:01 AM
@TheLittleNaruto yes, here are also useful information/mantras:
A: Slokams for Navaratri first three days for durga, next three days for lakshmi and last 3 days for saraswathi

Parthasarathy RaghavanDurga [First 3 days] दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि भीतिमशेषजन्तोः स्वस्थैः स्मृता मतिमतीवशुभां ददासि। दारिद्र्यदुःखभयहारिणि का त्वदन्या सर्वोपकारकरणाय सदार्द्रचित्ता ॥ Durge Smrita Harasi Bhitim Ashesha-Jantoh Swasthaih Smrita Matim Ateeva-Shubhaam Dadasi Daridrya-Duhkha-Bhaya-harini K...

@TheDestroyer I know what you mean. I can only recognize a few characters from looking into certain words
I have small question. How to lead our routine life in work and at the same time not influenced by worldly affairs?
एकैव शक्तिः परमेश्वरस्य
भिन्ना चतुर्धा व्यवहार काले।
पुरुषेषु विष्णुः भोगे भवानी
समरेच दुर्गा प्रलये च काली॥
ekaiva śaktiḥ parameśvarasya
bhinnā caturdhā vyavahāra kāle|
puruṣeṣu viṣṇuḥ bhoge bhavānī
samareca durgā pralaye ca kālī||

Parmeshwaras--the Absolute has got only One Shakti,but it is fourfold in making the universe exist,and that is Its Vyavahara/natural performance.This Shakti as as Vishnu in the Purusha aspect of reality,as discussed in the Sankhya philosophy. It acts as Bhavani ,while enjoying the merits of actions performed during life.The same Shakti runs as Durga,during war
@TheLittleNaruto it's from Devi Mahatyam Markandeya Purana. 😛
@TheDestroyer I see.
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Btw, one unanswered question tagged with Navaratri:
Q: Why do we wear different colors on different days of Navratri?

Dr. Vineet AggarwalEach day of Navratri is associated with a different color as mentioned in this article. How are Navratri colours decided and why do they change every year? The first colour of the Navratri is decided based on the week day when the festival begins or when Ghatsthapna or Pratipada falls....

@AkshayKumarS I think there are few similar questions related to this topic on main , do try to search :-)
@TheDestroyer You should bestow us your gyAnA
@Pandya Nice info
@TheLittleNaruto Lol. I'm nothing before Pushakaracharya and Pandya. They are more knowledgeable than me.
@TheLittleNaruto um... who transliterated this?
@TheDestroyer - on other day I asked about the Markendaya who at age of 16 was saved by Lord Shiva from Yama. And Markendaya Purana was written by that sage Markendaya?
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Will participants of event get Prasadam (Lunch) today from event organizer? @SwiftPushkar @NogShine Haha!
@TheDestroyer For example, I can read "क" "ह" "भ" "म" & "व"
@AkshayKumarS Yes. But Marakandeya Purana doesn't have that story.
@SwiftPushkar - I had tried in main site and became lazy after not finding it
maybe some others, but probably just those for now
@NogShine me! I learned it from @Rakesh
6:05 AM
Btw, I've some work, will be back.
@AkshayKumarS Narrator is markandeya. Similarly, in Vamana Purana Vamana is narrator and same with Matsya.
@Pandya haha yes , i was also thinking of adding such funny message in my invitation card , but didn't .
@AkshayKumarS Ok i will try after some time and will give you those .
@AkshayKumarS The same way to not be influenced by all things. You notice it, perhaps think "Oh, it's ___" or "Hmmm", then move on. This is my opinion/method, anyway
@Pandya prasadam is tangible. Only Blessing can be sent. :P
Not always easy, tho
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@TheDestroyer Knowledge! it comes with experience. I doubt there is anyone as experienced as you comparing with any one present now in this chatroom.
@SwiftPushkar I like this. What is the source?
@AkshayKumarS karma yoga. But only through constant practise. We fail many times but should try.
@RubelliteYakṣī I dont know exactly but Uma Sahsram - Its over here shehjar.com/content/1907/1.html
@Pandya that should be navaratri I guess.
@RubelliteYakṣī @TheDestroyer That's correct point but after few months of practice, again I got diverted. But as you say, we should never give up.
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@TheDestroyer I can give my postal address :p
@AkshayKumarS What's your age? Highly difficult if you are a teen.
@TheLittleNaruto That's wrong. Many letters missed. Simplified is better than this.
@Pandya Sure. Come here. You are always welcome!!
@RubelliteYakṣī International shipping. :P So, Event Organizers will see take care of this @NogShine @SwiftPushkar
@TheDestroyer Yes, exactly so @AkshayKumarS
@NogShine Okay! I am not an expert btw as @Rakesh ; He is well versed in Sanskrit.
6:11 AM
@SwiftPushkar thank you
@AkshayKumarS Failure is an opportunity to learn. If you see it as a joyous occasion from which to learn, then failure becomes much easier to stop dwelling on. But if we feel guilty for it, it will continue to punish us forever.
Just noticed. Looks like @Pandya went into deep meditation.
@TheLittleNaruto Okay. There are many transliteration errors from experts then. :P They don't listen even when said.
@TheDestroyer 22
@TheDestroyer Okay excellent XD
@TheDestroyer haha , @TriyugiNarayanMani long ago 😀
6:14 AM
@TheDestroyer He has some work and will be back
@NogShine who are you talking about ?
The above transliteration is done by me
not by any expert
Iam naturally not interestred in worldy affairs but surrounding thoughts sometimes i get influenced
@RubelliteYakṣī i know. Just joking. We used to make these kind of jokes. Tezz used to play more good jokes.😀
@TheLittleNaruto about transliteration in the answers by experts as you say.
@AkshayKumarS This is inevitable. Otherwise you would already have achieved liberation. Don't worry too much.
6:16 AM
@NogShine You mean rakesh ?
Another good technique I use is, knowing that the thought is not a thought of my real self (Atman) I laugh at my ego's attempt. Does this make sense? Like, "Aha, I see what you tried to do there. But you can't make me stray, for I know who I really am."
Then it becomes an occasion for laughter and you can easily move back into the proper place
@TheDestroyer Oh, I see :p
@AkshayKumarS I don't know about Markandeya purana but major part of Narasimha Purana is a narration by Markandeya.
@AkshayKumarS First we should develop equanimity. Don't respond too much for happiness and sadness. You will master 'SthithaprajNatha' after some practice.
@TheLittleNaruto Not only Rakesh, many are there.
Not pin pointing anyone
@NogShine Rakesh is an expert, That's for sure. I am not sure who others are you talking about.
6:22 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I am not talking about his expertise. I am saying transliteration is wrong in the posts. If wrong transliteration in answers is learnt by users, they might lead wrong pronunciation of shlokas and mantras.
Guys shall we focus on the topic of the event . DEVi
@TheDestroyer we are back to 9
@NogShine he will join soon .
@SwiftPushkar Sure about Devi but let's talk.
6:25 AM
@NogShine ok
These are Alankaras of Ma Durga in Vijayawada kanakadurga temple
How are the celebrations there @TheDestroyer ?
Did you visit recently ?
@TheDestroyer I am good what about you
@NogShine Celebrations are good. Thought to go on Mula Nakshatra but i was out of town.
@TriyugiNarayanMani Good bro.
@TheDestroyer My holidays are tomorrow :)
@SwiftPushkar ha ha
@TriyugiNarayanMani Haha BTW welcome back , do you visited any durga puja pandals over there , how about dandiya over there. ?
Btw, this hill is called Indrakila, although there is hill named Indrikala in Himalayas. It is said Indra worshipped Goddess Durga here and Arjuna got Pasupatastra and this city of Vijayawada is named after Vijaya (Arjuna as he got victory) who installed a Shiva Linga, Vijayeswara
@SwiftPushkar yes I have visited some pandals but there is no dandiya celebration
6:32 AM
@TheDestroyer hmm , may be skanda purana is mentioning about this place .
@SwiftPushkar Yes. Might be Sahyadri Khanda which describes places on banks of River Krishna.
@TriyugiNarayanMani ohh , but do others arrange it , i mean wht. abt. the tradition ?
@SwiftPushkar Yes, please. Let's!
@SwiftPushkar There's some controversy erupted during Dandiya celebrations in US.
@SwiftPushkar some people do it but mostly with relatives and known people
6:35 AM
@TheDestroyer oh , what's that , i don't know . BTW i am unable to access you-Tube , do you people experiencing same problem ?
@TriyugiNarayanMani oh ok . :-)
Unfortunately, most male participants don't do it out of tradition. They just go there for girls. 😒
@SwiftPushkar Yes, recently it has been having server errors. Usually it comes back up in a few minutes
I think this started for me yesterday
So, there are strict rules being implemented.
@SwiftPushkar Yes. problem might be solved by now. For me it was solved yesterday. Heard it was persistent for 48 hours.
SHRI DEVI APARADH KSHAMAPAN STOTRAM Beautiful stotra by Adi Shankaracharya
@TheDestroyer That's terrible! Why should his place of origin matter? I should think that the gods are happy with the bhakti of foreigners, too.
6:38 AM
@TheDestroyer yeah due to russian server maintenance , just remembered.
But the name is karan and he looks absolute indian .
@RubelliteYakṣī ground reality is Christians and Muslims (from same India) disguise as Hindus and try to flirt with these girls after event. So, these events strictly follow such rules. And In India, conversions to other faiths are on high by such tactics.
Yes. Also the problem was solved immediately. Don't know why he took it
to twitter.
@Pandya Do listen to above stotra .
@TheDestroyer can you find me the question "how to reach near god?" in the site?
@TheDestroyer True faith can stand up to all challenges
I was unable to find it
6:43 AM
@SwiftPushkar I like Mahihasura mardini Stotram very much. But i also like this.
@TheDestroyer Yes , that is my fav. too , also i like Durga suktam .
@SwiftPushkar Are you following Kuldeep's new videos?
But still Nava durgas singing Mahishasura Mardini is great.
@TheDestroyer Yes i am following , and i know all his subscribed .
@SwiftPushkar Mee too. Jayatu Samskrutam is also good channel. I'm listening Sanskrit Rhymes, like 5 year old kid. 😀😁
Here is Saraswati Rahasya Upanishad
@TheDestroyer haha , i will also look at that channel.
@TheDestroyer Yes.
Also see Bhavani Ashtakam and Sharada Bhujangam by Bhavya Ganapati on Kuldeep channel .
Good stotras
BTW do you people heard about know about Devi Tara ?
@SwiftPushkar Yes.
@TheDestroyer Looks like she is Tarini devi , but there is also a stotra of her which i haven't came across before. - greenmesg.org/stotras/tara/tara_stotram.php
And even a question by @AnkitSharma
Q: Why Devi Tara is shown standing over Shiva?

Ankit SharmaI know the story of how Devi Tara feed her milk to Shiva to make him conscious again after drinking poison but why did in all the pictures she is shown standing over Shiva? I know why Kali depicted with foot over Shiva but why did Tara?

6:55 AM
@SwiftPushkar Actually Avadhoota Nadananda gave his experience with Tara devi in his Biography when he was doing Shava Sadhana at Manikarnika Ghat in Kashi.
@TheDestroyer WOW , grt.
@SwiftPushkar Will try to answer this. Has deep philosophical meaning.
@TheDestroyer yeah , i think all those devi pics. is having some deep meaning.
@SwiftPushkar Yes. Wait i will post his experience.
@TheDestroyer BTW what is the name of the book , just found one by him archive.org/stream/…
@TheDestroyer OK :-)
6:58 AM
@SwiftPushkar are you sure Tarini and Tara are same devi name?
@TheDestroyer nice will wait for it
@AnkitSharma No , but i think she is related to tarini . See तारा स्तोत्रम् - तारा च तारिणी देवी नागमुण्डविभूषिता. She is called as tarini here greenmesg.org/stotras/tara/tara_stotram.php - 1: (I meditate on Devi Tara) Tara is Tarini Devi (Who is the Goddess Who makes us cross the Samsara)
ohh ok
@SwiftPushkar Autobiography of an Avadootha
It's too long.
I will mail you the epub
:47226987 ok
@SwiftPushkar I was just now watching (listening/reading translation of) this and it came to a section about the Hamsa. I thought Hamsa isn't Hindu. Can someone give me more insight on this?
@SwiftPushkar no
7:07 AM
@TheDestroyer That is amazing experience , we will fell unconscious if we see such thing , but he is yogi and by guru kripa he completed his japa , even we cant see such a dead body in normal life . Amazing experience.
@RubelliteYakṣī Yes. It's very long and tantra Sadhana. I will mail epub and read from chapter 73
He has done that at Manikarnika Ghat and that too during Amavasya. He's very privileged.
@SwiftPushkar Oh? I thought this is Kali
@RubelliteYakṣī Yes , there is a concept behind hamsa in hinduism , Swan or Hamsa is vehicle of devi saraswati , and is related to our decision making and choice , as Swan separated water from milk , he is representative of that sort of power we have to separate the wanted and unwanted things.
Also Brahman's Vahana too.
If we reverse hamsa, we get soham..I'm that
ultimate reality
@RubelliteYakṣī Yeah , the portrait looks almost same but she is standing on the body on a man instead.
Q: What scriptures describe swans separating milk from water?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school. But there are five other Astika or orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy: Purva Mimamsa, Samkhya, Yoga, Vaisheshika, and Nyaya. My question is about the Samkhya school, founded by the sage Kapi...

@RubelliteYakṣī But the swan i having much much more deep meaning in Hinduism than just that . Its a divine bird os vedas . We will collect more info about it and will discuss here later on after more findings. :-)
7:12 AM
`धन्वन्तरि : Wilson Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2nd Ed. 1832) Report an error about this Word-Meaning
m. (-रिः)
1. The physician of the gods, who was produced at the churning of the ocean.
2. A celebrated physician; also काशिराज being the same as the preceding in another existence: he appears to have been the founder of the Hindu medical school.
3. The sun.
4. A name of S'IVA.
5. One of the nine gems of the court of VIKRAMÁDITYA.`
@TheDestroyer Hamsa is sadhana?
@SwiftPushkar This is very interesting because Hamsa is in Islam and Judaism. Also the symbol reminds me of a Jain symbol. This sort of cross-cultural similarity is generally due to transmission of an idea rather than it representing an underlying truth that each culture tapped into independently. Also, the word "hamsa" is definitely of Semitic origin, not Indo-European
Yes Ham-Sam is the sound we create while breathing cAlled Hamsa -Dwani , i know only little about that but minor upanishads are talking about that .
@SwiftPushkar Ah! So it is. Very subtle differences.
@RubelliteYakṣī No. That is tantra Sadhana, Shava Sadhana, that is a Tantra practice with dead body. It was done by a Tantra Swami under guidance of his Guru at holy cremation ground Manikarnika Ghat in Varnasi (also called as Kashi).
7:18 AM
Also I was reading, `तर[2] : Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2nd Ed. 1899) Report an error about this Word-Meaning
(√ तॄ ; g. पचादि) carrying across or beyond, saving (?, said of शिव) MBh. xii, 10380
ifc. passing over or beyond W.
‘surpassing, conquering’ » शोक-तर cf. रथंतर
excelling, w.
crossing, passage RV. ii, 13, 12 ; viii, 96, 1 Mn. viii, 404 and 407 Yājñ. (ifc.) MBh. xii
( अ-तर mfn. ‘impassable’) Bhaṭṭ. vii, 55 (cf. दुस्-)
‘excelling, conquering’ » दुष्-टर, सु-तर, दुस्-
Btw, Kashi is considered as very holy city by Hindus. Adi Shankara says Kashi is Atma in Kashi panchakam
@RubelliteYakṣī Yes , generally all cultures share some common symbols , hamsa (swan) is migratory bird so , whatever he went , people adopted him in their culture and is i think universal symbol of magnificence.
Which indicates she is about the aspect of "crossing over to the other side" which would happen after "destruction of the living organism"
@SwiftPushkar @RubelliteYakṣī read this vedanta.gr/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/…
@RubelliteYakṣī Yeah , the person is our own bad self i think and she saves us from our bad personality traits also .
7:20 AM
@SwiftPushkar I have mailed you the book. Read from chapter 73 where his sadhana starts in Kashi.
@RubelliteYakṣī Tara means crossing. Ava-tara meaning coming down..Ava means down
@TheDestroyer Yes , your answer :-)
A: What is the source for the famous conversation between Adi Shankara and Chandala

The DestroyerConversation between Chandala (who is none other than Lord Shiva) and Adi Shankara can be found in Shankara Digvijaya (most famous biography of Adi Shankara) written by Madhavacharya (Vidyaranya Swami). Shankara replied to Chandala in five verses called Manisha Panchakam. When Adi Shankarachar...

@TheDestroyer Ok will lokk at it right now . . Thanks .
@SwiftPushkar No this is different.
@TheDestroyer Aha! I see. This "hamsa" is etymologically different (and thus the meaning and purpose is different) from the Semitic Hamsa. Here is a picture of the Hamsa I was confusing:
This gives metaphorical meaning of kashi. It says Kashi is Atma.
@TheDestroyer Ok , i think we also discussed . Lets check
Still 7 users active! Nice entusiasm!
@Pandya No 8!
@RubelliteYakṣī what is meaning of Hamsa in Semitic languages?
@SwiftPushkar Sure, but it is important to discern whether two distinct culture share a concept or symbol because of diffusion/transmission or because of independent "discovery"
@Pandya Yes , we can go on forever like this , i think we should at least chat for 1 hour everyday , just we used to do before after 9 pm or so..
7:24 AM
Sorry. I am having trouble keeping up with all the links you are all sharing as well as the chat. Grateful for it, just means I can't respond quickly
guys , what's your opinion on sabarimala verdict?
@Akash.B I am against entry to women .
@SwiftPushkar or it might be really vahana of Brahma. 😛 Although our stories have metaphors, it could be Subtle hamsa and Brahma.
@TheDestroyer Yes , i was about to mention Brahma also ..
The Hamsa Upanishad (Sanskrit: हंसोपनिषद्) is a Sanskrit text and a minor Upanishad of Hinduism. It is classified as one of the twenty Yoga Upanishads, and attached to the Shukla Yajurveda. The text or parts of the text is a relatively late origin, probably from the 2nd-millennium of the common era, but written before early 17th-century, because Dara Shikoh included it in the Persian translation of the Upanishads as Oupanekhat, spelling it as Hensnad (Hamsa-nada).The Hamsa Upanishad is structured as a disorganized medley of ideas, in the form of a discourse between Hindu sage Gautama and the divine...
@TheDestroyer Downloaded , will install e-pub reader and will read .
@Akash.B Yes. We should consider Sthala Puranas, Agamas and other factors. How can they go against Sastras. Women are allowed to enter other Ayyappa temples.
If women are not all allowed into all temples, that is the problem. But it is wish of Ayyappa. We call it his leela,
7:27 AM
@TheDestroyer It is a symbol of protection from evil. Many people use it as an amulet to keep evil away. It's also spelled "khamsa" because the "h" sound is like a "k" but further back in the throat.
Purpose is men are supposed to take vow of celibacy for 41 days.
@TheDestroyer BTW i know very little about the topic , but what i was saying is that we should follow scriptural verdict only , if scripture allows that i am ok with it , actually we here know very little about sabarimala .
@Akash.B After 10 or 9 years, women can enter temple only about at age of 50, so they wait for 41 years, So, they have vow for 41 years which is more than men. Unfortunately, these women see feminist ideas everywhere.
@SwiftPushkar I'm enjoying it, but it is 2:30 am here and I have class in 6.5 hours. So, I can't make this a regular habit :/
7:30 AM
@SwiftPushkar Yes. These judges who give this judgement should be well versed in Agamas and other Sastras.
@RubelliteYakṣī yeah , even don't make it , i am also are finding it hard to avoid chat at late night and late sleeping .
@RubelliteYakṣī ohh.. I think you should sleep.Else you will sleep in class. 😛😁
@TheDestroyer BTW what scriptures are saying. I haven't read about the topic in papers fully yet. i was busy in pandal.
@SwiftPushkar Calibre ebook reader is good.
@TheDestroyer hmm , will download .
7:32 AM
With respect to our Ayyapa temple, its celibacy helps trigger the 10th nervous system of our body and raise our life energy upwards against gravity, which is connected to Cosmic Prana. During women's periods, our Prana will be going downwards and hence during that time even visiting a temple is not good for women's health. Yearly once if we observe celibacy itself, our Karmas, destiny are changed through spiritual growth.
@Akash.B On the one hand, I don't think government should tell religions not to discriminate (also private businesses). On the other hand, I am liberal and don't like to see discrimination. Still, I think it is their right (even though I am a woman)
@SwiftPushkar Actually, it's wish of Ayyappa from Sthala Purana. Also, It's the celibate Mudra.
@RubelliteYakṣī This is not discrimination. this is being seen from different morality. Women are the one who save hinduism through their bhakti and Poojas And how can Hindus discriminate? One should understand things from hindu POV.
@TheDestroyer It's because of age of menstruation.
@TheDestroyer I don't think it's possible for me to sleep in class. I can't learn passively. I'm always taking notes and asking questions
@RubelliteYakṣī What is this symbol ?
@RubelliteYakṣī not menstruation. Other temples don't allow menstruating women but Ayyappa needs celibacy. So, he it's his wish.
7:36 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī its not discrimination. Its also with respect to avoiding impure thoughts associated with women. If you see a women with love or Kama, your sexual energy is disturbed straightaway. Ayyapa celibacy for 41 days is to conserve that energy
@RubelliteYakṣī ok. I tried it during my college days. But still i used to feel sleepy and my friend used to kick my legs whenever Professor concentrates on me. 😀😀
@TheDestroyer Regardless, the courts decided "discrimination against women on any grounds, even religious is unconstitutional." So, I am using their own language about this
Dont think bad why am talking like this because spirtiual's base itself is male's sexual energy and female's. That's why in temples we have painted in red/white colour
@RubelliteYakṣī In India, Supreme Court intereres in everything.
@SwiftPushkar As I said two lines above, it is the Semitic hamsa
this is why I was confused
7:39 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī Hamsa is the one which separates milk from water. Like that we should separate real from unreal (from advaita pov)
@TheDestroyer haha i was always thinking about hiking ,mountains and trees and my trips in my classes , but i have managed to pass my all examinations . Although i was not the scholar .😀 but remained in between 60-70% .
Sorry, I am not actively participating as we have guests today.
@TheDestroyer Yes, but there should be no distraction from women who can't menstruate. If they are becoming un-celibate toward children or the elderly, then they have some derangement. So, this is why it was denied during the ages of menstruation.
@RubelliteYakṣī haha , that means five.
@SwiftPushkar Yes. Some subjects are really boring and even professor just shows slides instead of explaining. So, sleep would be my companion in that period.
7:41 AM
@TheDestroyer Installed , the publisher looks Indian .
@AkshayKumarS While the reasons may be correct, that is still discrimination. To discriminate is to separate. The reasons don't matter
Really, this new system of teaching through PPTs should go. They should use black board and we should write notes.
IOW, the real argument is that it is sensible discrimination, not that it ISN'T discrimination
@TheDestroyer The bigger problem is that I am no longer college age, so these long days can be difficult sometimes
@AkshayKumarS I already understood it. The problem is in your understanding of "discriminate" to mean "bigotry." They can be different.
@TheDestroyer Yeah. It's not how I think government should be done. However, USA doesn't do it right either :/
I think our current education system makes us think. But there is also a Muruga temple in India where he is in Brahmacharya form and in that temple women are not allowed. And there are also temples specifically for women in deities Bhagavathy where men are not allowed. It concerns with their spiritual growth depending on differences in our bodily structure.
@RubelliteYakṣī No. We should not see menstruation just through physical body (Annamaya Kosha) but we should also see it from Manomaya Kosha too and Apana Vayus.
7:46 AM
@TheDestroyer lol. I understand. You guys keep trying to tell me things I have already learned. I think it's because your not following my bits of the conversation since I am so slow to catch up. You are describing Indo-European "hamsa." It's different to the Semitic "hamsa."
@RubelliteYakṣī It's very long and should understand holistically.
These series of articles by our old fellow user Nitin is good.
Q: Mandir Darshan while some distant relative died and visit a mandir and then do Aasthi Visarjan

MRG1) Can I go for Mandir Darshan while some distant relative died 5 days back? 2) Can I visit Shri Mata Vaishnodevi Mandir and then do Aasthi Visarjan of my father (who had died one & half years back) at Haridwar later?

@SwiftPushkar Yep. Like "high five" means "slap hands" "five" here means "hand"
Today @TheDestroyer is spending so much time here. today free?
@RubelliteYakṣī hamsa means white swan, right?
7:47 AM
@Akash.B Yes, Hamsa means Swan.
BTW guys its time for our Aarti and Naivedyam , i will be back in some time around 2:30 . I totally enjoyed the event . Its all due to grace of Devi only . Lets pray to her about welfare of all.
@TheDestroyer The problem is that almost everyone is bad at making good powerpoints. All they end up doing is taking the outline of their talk and putting it on the screen. That's not useful for anyone but the presenter. PPT can be very powerful if used properly.
Having said that, I also suck at making PPTs
@TheDestroyer Mail me too.
@TheDestroyer What? That has nothing to do with what I was talking about.
@RubelliteYakṣī I'm trying to give you Hindu view of menstruation.
7:50 AM
@Akash.B Oh my goodness. I feel like we've had this same conversation 5 times already. (-.- )
Hamsa times :p
@RubelliteYakṣī okay i will read your conversation
@RubelliteYakṣī Hamsa Hamsas talked this riding other Hamsas Hamsa time seeing other hamsa Hamsas. used both semitic and Sanskrit Hamsas
@TheDestroyer I don't mean they can't go in b/c they are menstruating. I mean they can't go in because they are of the age of menstruation. These are different concepts
but can you ell me where it starts?
@Akash.B lol sorry
7:52 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī why?
46 mins ago, by Rubellite Yakṣī
@SwiftPushkar I was just now watching (listening/reading translation of) this and it came to a section about the Hamsa. I thought Hamsa isn't Hindu. Can someone give me more insight on this?
Good luck
@Akash.B Because I get frustrated by unnecessary repetition, but it's not your fault. So I shouldn't be frustrated with you.
@TheDestroyer lol
So, I have 14 tabs open from our earlier conversation. It may take me a while to check these out. lol BRB
@TheDestroyer -oww. excellent. So you are success both in this Loka and Spiritual
@RubelliteYakṣī ahh ! my brain will be short circuited ,if i read it further
@SwiftPushkar you have not replied my query on Tithi
@Akash.B Basically I confused hamsa (swan) with hamsa (hand amulet)
7:57 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī I am leavi'n it
@TheDestroyer This has a wonderful energy!! TY
@RubelliteYakṣī Are your colleagues interested in Indian Languages or Sanskrit?
Of yes, we can have a strong proposal at Area51
If you can convince them

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