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1:19 AM
@Adnan Wow. Do none of those people drink dark beer?
@RoryAlsop Loads like a champ for me.
@AviD Did I seriously miss all the juicy stuff? Drat.
4 hours later…
5:04 AM
@ScottPack juicy stuff. Riiiight.
5:54 AM
@ScottPack well they were drinking hobgoblin and Cumberland Ale 'cause I thought they should experience some english beer...
@kalina I thought you were amusing yourself by planning drive-by attacks in Cambridge..
(well or secret trysts with @Adnan :op)
6:13 AM
7:10 AM
@Scott Actually, we had almost no say in the beers. It was @RoryM.who offered us this round. Very nice of him
7:21 AM
im wondering
im building a small setup to display the command prompt of my server with usefull information, but if you "fullscreen" the command prompt, it has this maximum width, yet unlimited length, anyone have an idea of its even possible to change this? google is leaving me hanging this morning
its on Windows server
@Lighty Konemu
@RoryAlsop Good day, good sir.
ooohh, looks good
thanks @LucasKauffman
7:36 AM
nooooo it can't be tomorrow already
let me sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
@kalina do you need to go to work this morning?
I think now that I have coffee that I'm going to continue watching Star Trek
finish season 3-6 today maybe
or maybe I'll play Wolfenstein
@kalina y no sleep then?
@LucasKauffman I did sleep! For... 6 or so hours
@kalina so y u no go back to bed if you are sleepy?
7:50 AM
and then the silly people outside decided they were going to continue pretending to do roadworks by making lots of noise
signifying that today must in fact be tomorrow
and thus my plea to let me sleep
because it's quite difficult to sleep when on the other side of your bedroom window is a main road with a bunch of guys with pneumatic drills
I might go outside and set fire to them, so that my view changes to a main road with a bunch of firemen on it
Star Trek The Next Generation in 4:9 low definition
blocky video is so last decade
What's next? My trip has come to its climax after yesterday.
I guess you can say I've met with one of the Roryal family.
@Adnan you climax too easily
Hehah! Good pun!
are you still in the UK?
I am
Staying until Friday in England
@Kalina Oh no, until Sunday, yes. I'll be London Friday-Sunday. Found a nice lady who can host me there
A bit far from the center, but she'll let me ride her bike
8:02 AM
@Adnan ahem
@Adnan well then you should do the tourist thing and then ESCAPE
@LucasKauffman mornin'
@Adnan: Take the tube, get out at Tower-Bridge station, and walk uphaill (away from bridge) towards a Y like traffic split, there is a lovely chineese there that sells Ramen/Noodles, its deliscious
@Adnan That's what they call it now?
@Terry @tylerl Ahh.. I've just noticed it.
8:14 AM
of course you did
I'm bored
Star Trek isn't entertaining
I don't understand what the fuss is about
I have to admit that I like pacman a lot more than apt-get -- or even yum.
sometimes it's good to start over from scratch
@tylerl pacman is awesome.
8:19 AM
@Kalina How bored?
@kalina gentoo is some pretty hard stuff.
@Adnan 6 out of 10
@tylerl I installed gentoo from stage 1 once upon a time
*I may have referenced the installation guide heavily during this process
@kalina Might as well compile all the packages yourself.
*heavily may mean "for every step"
@kalina I remember doing that back around '02. I think it took the better part of 3 days to compile.
8:20 AM
@tylerl yeah, around that
although obviously with the sleep in between it wasn't doing stuff the entire time
@kalina looking back it really seems like a silly idea.
that was the only linux installation I've ever had that lived up to the hype as well
all that stability nonsense
ubuntu needs rebooting more than windows
samba crashes so frequently on my file server that I can't even stream video off shares
one day I will just put windows back on it
I've been pretty satisfied with Arch. They're intentionally hard on newcomers, making you manually install everything by hand from the command line. But once you've got it working it's exactly what you asked for and literally nothing else.
It reminds me a lot of the kit planes. Building your own airplane is really difficult and a little dangerous. But once you're done you know exactly how everything works.
you can fix literally anything
another problem I have with linux is I just don't like it
Still, after installing Arch 2 or 3 times, I wrote a script to do the whole process for me. Thing about programmers is they don't doing the same thing twice.
8:25 AM
it also doesn't fulfil my requirements and doesn't have enough high end sequencing software available for it
where "enough" is "any"
@kalina Game support is pretty crappy. But for work it's ideal. Particularly because I deal heavily in very dangerous situations from an infosec perspective
Theoretically I can dual-boot into Windows. I mean, It's there. I installed it. I'm pretty sure it's still there.
oh I'm not saying it's without purpose
the problem is more about the userbase than Linux itself, in that the userbase is generally insufferable and will try to force Linux upon you using some crappy hobby project as a solution for why you don't want to use Linux, or using the line "well you can virtualise Windows", or mentioning WINE
I don't care that people think <whatever> is better because it's Open Source
it's basically a religion
@kalina Every userbase is insufferable
stop forcing your beliefs on me!
Don't tell me the Linux users are any more religious than the OSX ones.
8:29 AM
don't get me started on Apple fanpeoples
The only reason the Windows people tend to be agreeable is that most of them don't want to use Windows.
Apple fanpeoples still think their stuff is better even though they're now running identical hardware to the rest of the desktop PC industry
their opinion becomes completely invalid at that point and everything else they say is just inane gibberish
When buying a laptop 3 years ago, I bought 3 windows ones and a macbook air. I used them all for several weeks and kept the one that was the highest quality. The construction on those macs really is above normal.
I don't really like OSX, but the hardware is really well built.
@tylerl I use Fedora because I can't be arsed about setting up and maintaining Arch but I really like how Arch works.
i need to work on a iMax with OSX, i never used one before, but now after 3 months of using it, i developed a hate against it, purely because it doesnt do what i want it to do
and i didnt even start on the abomination they call a trackpad
8:34 AM
@tylerl the hardware is simplified, it's easier to maintain a higher quality when you're removing the ability to upgrade
@TerryChia arch isn't much effort for maintenance. Sure, there's new updates approximately 8 times a day (no, not exaggerating), but the initial setup really is the sticking point. You have to know what you're doing. You have to really know what you're doing.
@tylerl I know what I'm doing but I can't really decide on what I want to do. :P
@kalina I'll take it. The damn thing is indestructible but weighs about as much as a pad of paper.
Partitioning in particular is something I never really quite decide what way I like.
@tylerl substance is more important than style
8:38 AM
@kalina That's not quite true. The older MBPs are quite ungradable but are still solidly built machines.
It's just that most PC OEMs skimp on build quality in a race to the bottom.
@TerryChia let's not talk about last decades hardware like it's still relevant
@TerryChia this is why I always build my own, and don't own a laptop
@kalina Apple still sells those...
@TerryChia I've got specific ideas about what I like (LVM, btrfs, full-disk-encryption, etc.) I always have to compromise w/ anaconda or casper. With arch, partition, format, mount everything where you want it, and then run the bootstrap script and it figures out what you did. Pretty nifty.
@kalina Oh agreed, desktops I always DIY. Laptops really is another thing though and it's pretty hard to beat Apple there.
I might spend today dribbling over browsing for computer parts
8:43 AM
@kalina I just bought the parts for a new puter yesterday and built it last night. Still haven't powered it up. (please no magic smoke)
I'm still not decided what I'm going to do
my current PC isn't that bad
@RоryMcCune @AviD Either one of you got your hands on a SP3?
@kalina Buy a new PC and donate your current one to me.
@kalina i got a cmoposite/vga videocard here, 4mb VRAM, has an analog and VGA port
it nearly doesnt run on petrol anymore
@Lighty poor you
intel core i5, 16GB RAM @2600, ASUS mainboard, GTX 760. Not top-of-the-line, but i'm not really going to be using it for gaming anyway.
8:46 AM
@TerryChia my plan was, depending on how much I scavenge out of my existing machine I would build a fourth PC and retire two of my others
@tylerl i7 2600k, 16gb of RAM, 1x 60gb SSD for OS, 1x 250gb SSD for games, 2x 1tb WD green discs in RAID 0, Geforce 550ti
I don't want to "just buy a graphics card", though
I'll end up being silly and spending an entire PC budget on just a graphics card
@kalina don't let the staff catch you dooing that. Just clean up after...
get me a TITAN Z for only £2,300
so that it can be out of date next week
replaced by the TITAN Z TI
i7 4 cores (8 hyperthreading) @ 3.10GHz, custom GeForce GTX 465 asus vidcard 4gb GDDR5 VRAM (gift when i visited the Asus HQ), 10gb DDR3 RAM, Asus mainboard, Windows 8.1 Pro DreamSpark/MSDN Dev versionthingie, and a SSD :3
and then the TITAN Z2
and then the TITAN Z2 TI
and then the APOCALYPSE TI
and then the APOCALYPSE 2
@kalina I'd happily accept donations for any outdated Titan cards you may have. ;)
8:50 AM
@TerryChia I don't
fastest graphics card I own is a 550 TI
I don't really need a graphics card tbh since I don't game. CPU power and memory are much more important to me.
@TerryChia you could use it for mining dogecoins
@kalina I'm on something similar - might be the 570ti or something. It's pretty good for most games (yeah, I don't have watch_dogs or elite_dangerous)
you'd want a ATI one, though.
@tylerl Heh, I'd rather not.
Anyway, I'm expecting the i7-3770 I have to last me another 4 years at least. No upgrades for me for a loooong time.
9:00 AM
@RoryAlsop my PC plays elite fine
WatchDogs kills it though
I mean, now I've tweaked it for ages its playable
i got a €1500 PC, a 1000-2000,- Steam library, a wooden rack with DvD's and CD's inbetween 600-700 euro's
what do i do all day?
@Lighty If it is modded, that PC might be usefull there, that game is far from optimized.
i know, i played it since the early Alpha, and my server (vanilla) is almost one year of age, and still lives well
hosting for (hotperiods) 14 till 20 people asks alot of processor power
i build my own server, but its processor is old and not too strong, it was a cheap solution
i'll be getting donation money in august, then i can afford a newer processor for it
@kalina that's good to hear, but I'll probably upgrade anyway
motherboard/RAM/CPU replacement is probably going to be more expensive than the performance gains are worth
9:14 AM
Looks like Google is entering the registrar game?
what? you're actually surprised that Google are toying with becoming a registrar?
@kalina When was this announced?
far more importantly: Everything Everywhere is providing WiFi at Glastonbury by strapping wifi repeaters to cows
@TerryChia it's been in the news for a couple of days I think
but... beta access and all that
@kalina Ah cool. I never saw any indication.
If it gets out of beta I'll probably move over. One less login to deal with if I can dump my registrar.
You never saw Google, masters of the internet, becoming a domain registrar?
@TerryChia this was exactly my thought as well, but I'd have to break privacy to link my domains to me
9:17 AM
@kalina I'd expect them to change their name to skynet any day if that name wasn't already taken by some Belgian internet provider...
@Arperum well they have an AI division, a robotics division, and oh yeah, they're responsible for nearly all of the internet traffic
I'm AfRaId I CaN't LeT YoU Do ThAt @Arperum
@kalina Yup, exactly what I was talking about.
@Lighty 2001 != Terminator
@kalina I didn't see the official announcement.
9:19 AM
@kalina hush
i wanna see goggle make SHODAN, that would be cool :3
don't tell me to hush, I will set fire to your family
we're dutch, you would only get high by setting us on fire
Only I get to tell her to hush without imminent death.
@Lighty This sentence alone earns you at least a one way trip into the sun. I hate that kind of capitalisation.
Also, morning folks.
9:20 AM
@kalina Please do.
@Arperum why do you think i did that? to screw with eyes of poeple here ofcourse
Google is the real world skynet
Which company is the real world UAC?
Which company is the real world Umbrella?
actually in a parallel universe, Google is Umbrella
that does illigal experiments and fucks alot of things behind the backs of people with corporate money
where to start..
@kalina Googlebrella
Google T Virus: Life. Reanimated.
Apple would have to be UAC
I can't imagine any other company making the Arc teleporter look that curvy
but unleashing hell on earth doesn't really fit Apple's MO
9:25 AM
@kalina no?
I started mspainting the google colours onto the umbrella logo
but then I got bored
I just figured you should know that I did have good intentions when I started but it just wasn't paying off
@RoryAlsop no, hell on earth is definitely going to be a CDC thing
UAC is the american government and its associated departments
there is a company in my office building called Alpha Labs
that's such an original name
should i be concerned they might be producing mutant-cyborg aliens?
there's definitely no other company in the world called that
boredom level 7/10
9:38 AM
go play with your toes
its fun
I am sitting on my toes to keep them warm
then play with your fingers, or grab a stress ball, or somehting else
i always played with electricity
"play with my fingers"
I'm not stressed, I don't need a stress ball
then play with electricity
no, that's a recipe for disaster
9:41 AM
i have 2 older batteries ripped from a fire-alarm system, and serie corded them, so i have 2x 12v and 2x 7Amp
its fun ;3
you have a strange definition of fun
thats what my girlfreind almays says
but then she steal the batteries and makes fire with it
blame Mythbusters, Beavis and Butthead, and my best freind koen for being a pyromaniac
@TerryChia by SP3 are you abbreviating Surface Pro 3?
@RоryMcCune Yep. I just read the anandtech review.
@TerryChia if so, we don't have one yet as they're not out in the UK but I'm fairly sure that Marion will be buying one on august 1
which is when they hit the UK
9:51 AM
Interesting that there's apparently a slight performance regression?
@TerryChia yeah if you go Core-i5 I saw that, but it's a nicer device (I'd say) 'cause the form factor is nicer
+ looks very shiney :)
@RоryMcCune Yeah, much thinner right? I guess the smaller form factor isn't good for heat.
@TerryChia yeah the thermals of getting a Haswell I5 into that thin a package must be tricky
apparently they're not intended to be taken apart
noisy in here today.
9:56 AM
iFixIt broke the screen when they dismantled it
@Adnan are you sure? That guy doesn't really look much like a terrorist.
@AviD nope, quiet in here
Though you might just be really pissed off about the Yankees losing. (Btw, that's a Yankees hat, not a NY hat).
boredom level 9/10
star trek TNG is actually increasing my boredom level
I was just in the elevator in Anglia Ruskin University going to where we're meeting the other people for some OWASP thing.
A group of ladies rush in near the elevator, I hold the door for them and they go inside
We talk a bit about why I'm not wearing any shoes
9:59 AM
why are you not wearing any shoes?
and then I ask them what they study, they say "Nursing"
I say "Oh, my girlfriend studies nursing as well"
They say "Awwh.. what a shame!"
Surprised, I ask "Why?"
"That you got a girlfriend"
I'm not sure.. was that a compliment or an insult?
"Such a shame that the universe let someone like you have a girlfriend. Ewww"
@Adnan well they could have been saying "awww" as in pity for the woman you're with
probably shock, more than anything else.
10:01 AM
most likely "Awww what a shame" was actually "thank god he's not going to hit on us"
@kalina or "dawww" as in how adorable that even someone like that has a someone.
@AviD yeah
I mean, in a parallel universe some Adnan just had a massive orgy
but in this one, the one that matters, they were thankful
@kalina wait wait, we haven't yet heard that he DIDN'T just have one, in this universe.
just like in some parallel universe some kalina got swept off her feet and fell in love, and thinks men are awesome
you people are mean
10:03 AM
@kalina by @Adnan??
@kalina I think your reaction here has no bearing on your reaction there.
@FEichinger in some parallel universe, @FEichinger learned a real programming language
and in another parallel universe, PHP is good.
@kalina OH SHUDDUP
@kalina in all possible parallel universes, @Simon did not.
@kalina I'm not sure that is possible in any.
10:05 AM
@AviD no, for sure, in at least one, PHP is the language.
nicely designed and well documented with no gotchas
fast, efficient, and automatically fixes your code for you
and they decided to give it a different name, in that universe.
@AviD C#
dang, ninja'd by @kalina! and about code, too.
This is a shameful day for all the people that are me.
10:06 AM
@AviD that's an infinite number if you include all of the parallel universes
@AviD God damn it! I just ate the disgusting OWASP late breakfast, now that?
@kalina indeed.
@Adnan indeed.
Food not so good there?
English food is never considered anything special... for that you go to Scotland.
@AviD erm
all of the food on the british isles is bland
10:08 AM
@kalina haggis ftw!!!
@AviD no.
@kalina Come to Cambridge. It's so boring in here
@Adnan Careful, @Kisunminttu might see this.
10:16 AM
@Adnan stop complaining. I would have loved to be there.
@TerryChia Whaa? What did I say?
@AviD You'd love to come to Cambridge and get bored?
@Adnan well, you have implied in the past that boring is a euphemism...
@Adnan that you want to "get bored" with @kalina.
@Adnan well, more the AppSecEU more than the cambridge part.
@TerryChia I dont have one, but according to anandtech the performance is better, but not sustained. So not really a regression, its just more aggressive in ramping it down instead of letting it stay ramped up for a long time.
@Lighty It's very easy to build a circuit which only needs 9v but can deliver upwards of 1 million volts! I used to make them and attach to door handles when I was a kid :-)
@AviD Yeah, that's (a very small) regression imo since it's more a laptop replacement than a tablet one where aggressive ramping down is more common.
10:28 AM
@RoryAlsop i did that too, but to the complete grate covering a hole infront of the door, people stand on it
Oh man, what a shitstorm.
dad was not really amused :3
@kalina haggis, or the famous scottish curries
@TerryChia true. but for shorter workloads the performance would be (slightly) better.
I liked how they designed a 3d-game-based benchmark to simulate that situation. most other uses it probably would not affect at all.
@TerryChia wasn't that linked on here last week?
10:33 AM
@RoryAlsop It was? I dunno.
@TerryChia yeah, old news. It got even worse for a while, but then most of the non-political types started piping up with :"My opinion on this shitstorm? Let's get some work done".
@AviD which is kind of what it needs. It would be ideal if the non-political ones got voted in to run it.
oh couldnt agree more.
dont know how that would work though...
It won't. It's why we get politicians the way we do... the ones that want the role are not the ones we want to have it.
and, in the rare situation the ones we do want does wind up in the role, he discovers that he cant get anything really done unless he plays the same way as the ones we don't want.
I think there was a Robert Ludlum book based on that once...
the alternative is to just nuke it from orbit, and start over.
10:40 AM
yeah - sounds familiar :-)
much more interesting, but possibly short lived, this:

Proposed Q&A site for anyone with questions about the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the religion based around him.

Currently in definition.

go and upvote some questions to help it get enough 10 vote questions to progress to the next stage. I'm wondering how far it will get :-)
@RoryAlsop isnt that Skeptics?
@AviD lol
there's one for christianity - why not pastafarianism?
there was one for Atheists. died in beta.
@RoryAlsop Done.
10:45 AM
then was resurrected as Skeptics.
really? I didn't know that history, @AviD
@RoryAlsop some of those are genuinely funny.
@AviD it lasted longer than our procrastination one...
despite it possibly being a tiny bit of a joke
you saw this one, right?
10:48 AM
@RoryAlsop hehehe
> police became nervous about allowing a man with a colander on his head access to firearms.
Q: digitally signing a document

captchaI've been asked to implement digital signatures for documents at work. I really need to read up more on the matter but several searches didn't make an obvious approach stand out. Main features I would like to see represented in a solution are: Insert a scanned image of the user's real paper-an...

too broad?
> As a vegetarian, can I replace the meatballs with something meat-free?
> Why the down vote, this is specifically addressed in the gospel, or canon, I will need to look it up. forgot my scripture reference
> Specificly addressed by Canon reference: "A Pasta's Creed as passed to Solipsy 3"
@LucasKauffman yes - it feels like there are too many questions in there

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