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12:57 AM
@Jafe yep! your turn
1:44 AM
CCCC: You zip it! Get outta here! (3)
@Jafe fly ddef
2:14 AM
that's right
2:46 AM
today's Pulitzer Price for Random Internet Comment goes to some dude talking about the city of Batman in turkey
"It's a nice place to visit on a dark night."
CCCC: Open drink container filled with drug? No - he's not a monster (12)
3:46 AM
@juicifer frank (E N) stein. Cute.
4:02 AM
@msh210 hehe thanks
back to you
CCCC: Willing to steal, that guy's heard some drama about an aristocrats' mansion (7,5)
(This one should go quickly.)
7 hours later…
11:24 AM
(Or maybe not so quickly.)
12:13 PM
well i've been operating on the assumption that the definition is "willing to steal, this guy"
You know what they say about those who assume.
assuming makes an ass of u and a guy named ming
1:00 PM
@Jafe a graverobber maybe?
1 hour later…
2:24 PM
indiana jones is 7,5 and someone who clearly has no trouble taking what isn't his... but i don't see how that can possibly be a homophone of "some drama about an aristocrats' mansion"
2:38 PM
@Jafe In Diana's Homes?
as in Princess Diana?
The W. H. Jones Mansion was built in 1889 at 731 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio as the residence of dry goods store owner William H. Jones and his wife Josephine. The original cost to build it was $11,250. He lived there until 1923. Jones modelled the house after another mansion in Barnesville, Ohio. The Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association successfully prevented it from being demolished to make way for a Long John Silver's restaurant. The home is an example of Queen Anne style architecture, with a corner turret, third story ballroom and a carriage house in the rear. Its foundation is high...
not too far from indiana either, although i doubt that comes into play here
yeah I'm thinking the homophone may just be 'some drama about an aristocrat' then?
2:54 PM
or even just "some drama"
Q: A Connect Wall to Stymie You

AmozDivide the words into four equal groups to discover what unites the groups. Prefer no incomplete answers. Always Arachnids Australia Britain Lakes Lazy Front Hairbands Hallelujah Depression Sea Spaghetti Handrails Omelet Harridans Carefree

3:22 PM
Q: Game Character that related with my questions

muamar ziaulhaqI ask you to find a game character. He takes care of BB gamgee mysterious soldier Who i am?

3 hours later…
6:13 PM
@msh210 Wait, it's DOWNTON ABBEY = "DOWN TO NAB, HE"
(All of which makes the aforementioned drama about an aristocrats' mansion)
ahhh nice
6:52 PM
@Stiv there you go
I was a bit fixated for a while on real stately homes, with the second word being House (some drama) before I twigged from Jafe's comment above that that might be part of the definition!
CCCC: Brad Pitt's school uniform - "It is so very 'us'", I recollected (10,2,8)
7:14 PM
@Stiv I suspect this clue is missing the word "from" because then it could be uni + versityofmissouri*, which is indeed brad pitt's alma mater
oh no wait I'm stupid "uniform" is part of the fodder
There you go! :D
so the whole thing is universityofmissouri*
got there in the end lmao
7:43 PM
Q: From what suite of game come this tapestry?

muamar ziaulhaqclues : 2020 nappies in this place, you must wear it betrayed What is the name of the original game?

8:08 PM
CCCC: Inedible stuffing that's found in Ben & Jerry's manufacturing facilities (12)
Q: At what time did John arrive home?

Green CheeseWheelJohn has quite a curious clock at home. Every hour it rings a bell as many times as the number of hours (At 2 o´clock it rings twice, at 3 o´clock thrice and so on), and it rings only once at a quarter past, half past and quarter to whichever hour corresponds (For example, one ring at quarter pas...

9:01 PM
Q: Puzzle : Find how this finite sequence completes

Nick Myra7 14 31 51 70 81 104 107 129 149 155 175 192 215 238 259 279 299 301 301 314 328 350 372 Inspired by the discussion with the author of, and the clues to its solution are in that discussion : What is the last integer in this sequence? *I have constructed a finite (terminating), non decreasing...

@juicifer _di_ + Stiller(i.e.)s. Very nice clue.
9:33 PM
@msh210 you got it, and thanks!
2 hours later…
11:36 PM
Q: Did I get my meaning across with these cryptic clues?

Laurel End of a text lead by a former lover (8) Not one place to contain a cry of pain (7) Spawn in vegan ingredients (7) Freeholder who meets their end in the Middle East (6) It may not be a good feeling, but after you’ve solved these four cryptic hints, you’ll need to find the final answer (4).

CCCC: Bandleader obtains cue, composition (5,5)

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