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12:23 AM
@msh210 you are correct in your suspicion
1:23 AM
Q: More merging knights

Dmitry KamenetskyA chess grid is filled with knights and rooks. Each turn you can issue a move in one of 8 directions available to a chess knight. This will move all the knights in that direction. If a knight would jump out of board or onto a rook then he stays in his current location. Otherwise the knight will j...

2 hours later…
3:05 AM
Q: A Simple Sequence (405, 360, 0...)

AmozThe answer is a relevant word; no computer needed Numbers are approximate 405, 360, 0, 180, 360, 270, 190, 360, 0, 0, 180… 405, 80, 190, 90, 360, 0

3:48 AM
I got a word hint in Words with Friends, but I couldn't figure out what the word was. After playing a (suboptimal) word, I looked it up via an anagrammer, but I doesn't seem to exist?
Is it a question for this site, gaming or ELU?
1 hour later…
5:12 AM
Q: Ivevihvw Zokszyvg Kfaaov

Geoffrey TrangVevib ovggvi szh yvvm ivkozxvw drgs gsv xliivhklmwrmt ovggvi rm gsv ivevihvw zokszyvg. Rh gsv mfnyvi lu ovggvih rm gsv zylev hvmgvmxv kirnv li xlnklhrgv?

@juicifer woohoo! I love being right
10 hours later…
2:52 PM
CCCC hint: the third letter is P
3:27 PM
@juicifer Got it! NAPOLEON NA(ti->POLE)ON :)
Phew! So I was onto something from early on (^) just couldn't get that final push over the line until just now!
yeah I was convinced you were gonna get it any second there haha
nice one!
3:45 PM
Question: Is it allowed to ask users to attempt answering my questions?
4:14 PM
Q: I let you become super, It is not permanent though

Bgil Midol I let you become super, It is not permanent though. If you remove a home, You won't need to preserve. Hints:

4:36 PM
CCCC: Huh?! A Doctor Who binge is organised for local vigilantes? (13,5)
@Stiv neighborhoodwatch*
very fun anagram
Yup :) I was playing with a command to 'look after huge Robin Hood...' for a while but it wasn't piecing together nicely...
@BgilMidol I'd say it's fine to ask something in here like "Out of interest, has anyone attempted my puzzle? Is it okay? Too hard? Where are people getting stuck? Do you need a hint?" in a general kind of way. But I wouldn't poke specific users to invite them to answer unless there is a specific reason why they personally should be interested.
I meant something like does anybody want to try out this?
5:03 PM
CCCC: Use too much, without sensible limits (6)
5:17 PM
@BgilMidol I'd say that falls into my first example - fine to ask generally (but just don't do it too much). But be aware that if the question has been posted and is still on the front page, people will be looking at it from time to time. If you are worried that it needs more publicity, you can pay some rep to start a bounty.
Otherwise it may be that it's too hard or doesn't have a way for people to break into it - this is where asking for feedback can help you understand why it doesn't yet have an answer. Consider adding a more pointed hint if a few days go by. Or just wait - we have plenty of puzzles here that go unsolved for weeks, months or even years before someone comes along with the magic insight to crack it! :)
5:30 PM
Q: A puzzle with numbered directions

DrDGrandpa said: "Listen son. Any traveler, who can count, knows his directions. South = 1 East = 2 Southwest = 3 So, what is Northwest?" I should be able to answer this. But.....

5:59 PM
@juicifer nice!
@juicifer overdo(s_e) &lit. Nice.
@msh210 that's it! and thanks!
well it's overdo(-s_e) but I'll count it haha
Yeah, that's what I meant.
@juicifer Just twigged a very minor point about this answer - for the information of anyone thinking I have the enumeration wrong: you're technically missing a U in the answer as written (UK English). Nitpicky, but hey - don't want it to bug at anyone! :)
@Stiv huh, so I am
didn't even notice the number of letters was off
y'all and your extra u's lmao
6:42 PM
CCCC: Purchaser of oceanfront property has actively headed, with this, to the ocean (7)
7:09 PM
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is pinned on the starboard! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's Archive & Statistics of past clues.
Q: Complex Matchstick puzzle

Bogdan AlexandruThis is my toughest invention so far, not sure if it's already been done but here it goes. Move a single stick to obtain a correct equality. (To be clear: the stick needs to be moved and placed down to be part of the new figure; not 'removed').

7:37 PM
Q: Minimum rectangle inside of city skyline

weissguyThis is a computer science riddle with a really beautiful answer! You are given as input an array of integers, representing a city skyline. Your goal is to find the rectangle of maximum area within this rectangle. For example: arr = [1, 2, 3, 5, 1, 3] # # ## # ### # ###### In the exampl...

8:03 PM
Q: What is a Texan Word™?

WoomyRogueIn the spirit of the What is a Word™/Phrase™ series started by JLee, a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Texan Word™. Each Word™ can be tested by itself. This is not a definitive list of Texan Words™. Texan Words™ Not Texan Words™...

2 hours later…
9:52 PM
@msh210 if alaska counts as oceanfront property, then this could be SE(A_)WARD
10:50 PM
@juicifer yep!
11:41 PM
is there any way to temporarily disable being able to see deleted posts? just got 10k rep and accidentally spoiled a puzzle for myself
11:52 PM
Q: Primes and divisibility

Akshaya GunnamEach of the digits O through 9 is used exactly once 10 to create a ten-digit integer. Find the greatest ten-digit number which uses each digit once and is divisible by 8, 9, 10, and 11.

@Avi Welcome to the Curse of 10K :) The first of many accidental spoilages! (Wait 'til you realise just how much deleted spam we get...)

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