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1:33 AM
Q: Police Interrogation Puzzle

OgzibokI have tried so hard to solve this puzzle, But I cannot get my head around it. I have attempted to eliminate the lies and I have come up with Dave as the criminal, But I do not know if it is the correct answer. Here is the puzzle: The police are interrogating five suspects after a bank robbery. E...

2:25 AM
Q: Emotional Depth

cap Clifford in his 35th book? (4 3) Shrek's pep? (4 6) So-called "Sidney"'s sadness about cookie inevitability? (Pardon my French) (7 5) What do these characters display? #00C #303 #071 #016 #68A

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3:58 AM
Nov 5, 2020 at 4:45, by jafe
why not set one yourself? you have the rep :)
Q: My God, it's full of stars!

paramesisAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #32: Grid Deduction Hybrids My dear friend, unknown to us, may have relocated again. He sent me imagery and constellation maps indicating that a distant red spiraling galaxy was at his zenith, and nearly collinear with the largest local galactic cores. ...

Bounty added :000
4:45 AM
Please do not answer questions which are off-topic per our attribution policy; that policy is in place to prevent cheating and plagiarism. — bobble 1 hour ago
5:14 AM
Oof not again
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6:19 AM
CCCC hints: 1) "After breaking" is a bit weirdly worded. Better would be "having broken". 2) The first letter is H.
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10:58 AM
Q: Find the pattern with the given set

sim-bir(5,10) --> 9 (6,15) --> 9 (1,30) --> 87 (2,10) --> 36 (3,5) --> ? Correct answer for the last one:

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2:49 PM
Q: Headache Puzzle

HavingAHeadacheThe title of this puzzle is "Headache". All this is provided is this image and the following string: ++++[>+++++[>+++++<-]<-]>>--.<++++[>+++++<-]>-.<+++[>-----<-]>..-.<+++[>++++<-]>+.+. Answer is likely one word.

3:25 PM
@Jafe Oh! I finally have it! HEN PARTIES = HE(_N + P)ARTIES (def=celebrations) where _N is 'right to remain', P is the musical direction 'piano', and me HEARTIES be me fellow sailors!
ahhh nice
So psychologically difficult to break up natural 'units' like 'right to remain silent'!
that's correct, nice work!
Took me a while!
@bobble DVed
there's a lot of those questions suddenly it seems
3:39 PM
CCCC: Amend 'raving mad' illustration (4,7)
@oAlt Yup :)
4:20 PM
Dangit... This clue I'm making almost had a good surface, but oh well...
It's late here so I have no choice but to decrease its surface quality
CCCC: Reverend's twisted love? No end to craziness – it's deliberate (7)
(There's something I slightly regret in the clue but I'm hoping it's not illegal)
5:05 PM
@AncientSwordRage they still net +21
(I'll be sleeping soon, so if ever anyone wants confirmation for the clue you'll have to wait for around 7-8 hours unfortunately lol)
2 hours later…
6:41 PM
Q: The Buffers Puzzle

HavingAHeadacheThe puzzle is called buffers. It is part of a company-made puzzle set at my office. It provides this image and the below sets of numbers/coordinates/something. I solved this once before a few years ago and now I can't for the life of me remember how. Answer is likely a single word or short set of...

2 hours later…
8:48 PM
@bobble yeah that annoys me greatly

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