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1:53 AM
Pro studying tip: the latin root deus means god, which is easily remembered since @Deusovi is a god.
I always thought he was an egg...
that'd be deusovum wouldn't it be?
^How legends are born...
2:24 AM
^ from eggs?
is one born from an egg though
How many borne could be born from an egg if an egg could be borne and born from?
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4:50 AM
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6:49 AM
Q: Named after something you'd find in a harbour

jafe A big book of words was brough forth to my north. A prominent Turkish-born priest to my east. A bad taste was left in French mouths to my south. Criminals are put to the test to my west. Named after something you'd find in a harbour, likely best known for a murderous person. W...

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10:07 AM
Q: 'Track the next badge' design bug

Ahmed AbdelhameedThe "Track next badge" banner in the profile page covers the profile tabs: Not sure if this is only on Puzzling or affects the whole network.

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12:34 PM
Q: The Research Paper

Excited RaichuSo, one of my friends is a teacher, and, for one of their recent assignments, one of the teacher's students turned in this: hkszocukgdxkcmvkuhgcskflfpnwebqhttbxhpwokywiyevvfohlgzqklw 6n1 5Ppk P6p 7P 7r 8 2q5 K5Q1 ehkfpqcyawjeszchzizlxbyajgxomqjlnl...

Nov 21 '16 at 16:54, by Sconibulus
I just assumed he was some sort of egg god
1:05 PM
Q: See me once, See me Twice #7

CashbeeHere I am again, with another See me once riddle. Have fun! See me once, at the start of the week See me twice, the men becoming bleak See me once, when gambling on chinese ground See me twice, saved but lost time I found Here are the previous riddles in this series (the soluti...

Q: This is simple: Just fill in the blank

DEEMNewspaper Headline Insect Researcher Carroll Appleton alongside grandson Adam discover underground wormhole networks. Recover ________ earthworms. Fill in the blank. Following are the choices 1 Many 2 Countless 3 Hundred 4 Exotic Please explain your answer

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2:55 PM
Q: Who joined when?

samAn institute runs batches training students in C#. A new batch starts on the 1st of every month and every batch lasts for exactly 3 months (thus at any given time, the students of exactly 3 batches will be present concurrently). The table below gives the information for the total number of studen...

Q: Highest marks in which Subject

samThe following partially-filled table shows the marks scored by 5 students named A, B, C, D and E in five different subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Statistics. The marks scored by all students in all subjects were natural numbers. Additionally, the following points...

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4:29 PM
Q: Converting the input (question) to the desired output (solution)

techmsiProblem I need help determining the algorithm for converting the input (question) to the desired output (solution). Known Solved so far is the equals placement i.e. A---> converts to A=--> Unknown I need to figure out how the dashes become arrows. Input/Desired output { questio...

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7:52 PM
Q: No moves at all, not even to put yourself in check

deep thought (white pawns move up) Here, white is stalemated. The king is not in check, but white has no legal moves. Not because any move white makes would put the king in check -- which is how stalemates normally happen -- but because no white piece can move at all, even if we temporarily ignore the no-s...

Q: Number sequence 3

user3757341A friend of mine encountered a number sequence and I cannot figure out what the pattern is. I do not understand why the pattern results in 782. I am probably is missing something very obvious.

8:24 PM
Q: Sets and subsets

teckau22Assume a set of numbers $S$ which must satisfy four conditions. (1) Partition this set $S$ into three subsets $U_1$, $U_2$, and $U_3$ such that the sum of the largest subset is as small as possible (no other partition would yield a largest subset smaller than this). (2) Partition this same set ...

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10:14 PM
Q: puzzling one for my 11 year old and myself

bob simple2/8 of the marbles in a box are blue. There are 24 more red marbles than blue marbles in the box. the remaining 32 marbles are yellow. How many red marbles are in the box?


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