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12:04 AM
oh. dear. sorry that should be (8)
I can't count today :)
CCCC: bored sounding music-maker with notable speaker's introduction (8) — correction
2 hours later…
1:45 AM
@Alconja You here?
I am (working, but tab's open in the background)
Oh. man. Was going to give you some corrections on that puzzle but then I ended up actually solving it.
2:05 AM
Nice work. Though assist --> sist (plus "er")
2:17 AM
Apparently he was looking for a cyst
i'm not happy about eff dee see a - see should be ess
eff dee see hints ex next, or nothing. but w/e - got 'er done
by standing on the shoulders of giants. or at least Alconjas. :)
:) yeah. it's definitely a nice idea, but could've used a little more polish in places. A few of the steps are a little forced
2:38 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Thanks! I edited the answer. It may be strange that 33 is the offset yes. But also why are the individual offsets adjusted the wrong way (to align them with the natural numbers we'd subtract the offset not add it)
The offsets are adjusted the right way
they are?
I think so; am I confused?
so when the OEIS offset is k, it means that the first term given in OEIS is for n=k
The left-offset in OEIS is the natural number, n, for which the first term is a(n)
so if a sequence starts at position n in a sequence with offset k, it means that it starts at a(n+k-1) or something like that
2:43 AM
so if we want the item with n=4 and the offset is 0 then we should pick the 5th item, not the third
sorry "not the fourth"
maybe I'm being dim (it's nearly 3am here so I probably am). Consider the sequence with f(n)=n, and suppose one of the patternbot sequences was 4567. OEIS might list that sequence as 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,... with offset 0, in which case we'd be starting at position 5. Or it might list it as 3,4,5,6,7,... with offset 3, in which case we'd be starting at position 2. If we add starting position + offset then we get 5 either way, and we will get 5 no matter where OEIS chooses to start enumerating.
yeah if we add start & offset - but in the question we add Hamming weight to offset to get start.
so we are subtracting offset from start..
There is an offset of 1 here arising from the tendency to count things "first, second, third, ...". If we fixed that up then we would get not 2,?,3,?,3,3,?,... but 1,?,2,?,2,2,?,... which, hmm, probably occurs earlier in A000120.
the other stuff all matches on Natural numbers, so I assumed it would continue to
(in fact it occurs starting at n=1, so this is surely what the pattern-bot actually intended)
I'm not sure what you're subtracting from what, but obviously a+b=c is the same as a=c-b etc. :-)
2:50 AM
it'll still be 4,5 though (as it's Hamming weight) :p
he's done Hamming weight + left-offset = start index of OEIS sequence to use
I am definitely not understanding some things you're saying. This sort of thing is terribly easy to get confused by (even when conceptually trivial) so let me try to be as explicit as I can about how I see this, which seems to me to make good sense
I could well be getting something the wrong way around :p
let's go by example.
For a typical OEIS sequence, there is some function f mapping integers to integers. OEIS then lists a bunch of successive values of f: f(k), f(k+1), f(k+2), ... where k is the "left offset".
2:54 AM
the penultimate Hamming weight is 2
he adds the offset of A20 = 1
to get 3
and starts at index 3
which is n=4
[I will do a concrete example when I have finished stating the general case]
I know what the offset means :)
[I am not going to try to think about it in "your" terms until I have finished trying to be clear on "my" terms because otherwise my head will explode and it will take my wife for ever to clean up the mess]
I know you know what the offset means
but I want to state what is going on clearly and (unless I am confused) show that nothing is the wrong way around
Now, the patternbot's n'th sequence starts at some point within that sequence, which we can describe in two ways. (1) We can give its index within the OEIS sequence as given, so that "1" means it starts at f(k) where again k is the left offset.
(This is what you did at first when listing the starting points.)
2:57 AM
Or (2) we can give the thing fed into f, so that "1" means it starts at f(1).
I claim that if we describe the starting points in the second way -- which is to my mind the less arbitrary way -- then those are the things that follow the Hamming-weight sequence.
so now let's see whether I've got it backwards, and I'll look at the same example as you
(but will not read what you wrote because again it will make my head explode)
so the penultimate Hamming weight of 2 should mean we start at A20(2)
so we're looking at the second-last sequence in the puzzle
which begins 1 2 2 6 18 and comes from A000020
it begins with the second position listed in that sequence, and the sequence has left-offset 1 meaning it begins f(1), f(2), ...
so the starting-point for this sequence is 2
(it was 3 in my previous version where I didn't fix the extra offset of 1 from counting the OEIS-listed sequence elements from 1 instead of 0)
and indeed the Hamming weight of 20 is 2 because 20-16+4
er, 20=16+4 (the "-" was a typo)
so nothing is backwards here, nothing is being subtracted instead of added
3:01 AM
Oh so that's where I've gone wrong he does subtract from Hamming weight?
that's entirely the wrong way to think about it
the Hamming weight says what value of n to plug into f(n) to get the first element in the sequence as sent by the patternbot
which is an adjustment by left-offset
but I wrote add cos I am going backwards >_<
so for n=20 (aargh there are too many things for "n" to mean; here I am taking it to mean the 20th sequence generated by the bot) we compute hammingweight(20) which is 2, and then we look at the function described by A000020, which is "number of primitive polys of given degree over GF(2)", and then we feed numbers from hammingweight(20) onwards into that function
and that is what the patternbot sends you
not sure why that does not expand
so you shouldn't think about the "left offset" at all
3:04 AM
why ever not?
and you shouldn't think about indexing into the sequence as listed in OEIS at all
It's where the sequence given starts
but only think about the underlying function and what values get fed into it
same thing
just got it backwards
the whole process is completely unchanged in a hypothetical universe where Neil Sloane picked completely different offset values
and gives the same outputs
and bringing the OEIS starting points and left offsets into it just complicates matters
3:05 AM
yeah and would still work by adjusting by those offsets
I just saw the adjustment and got it back to front and thought it was wrong
but it's not
3:18 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Now it all makes sense. The Hamming Weights used are also of the natural numbers which is far more satisfying. Thank you!!
4 hours later…
7:09 AM
Q: Find the secret word

stack readerHere is a list of words. Mother Clam Game Anagram Immune Maximum Image In each word, there is an indication on how to read a secret word. But some words gave a false indication and should be ignored. Can you find the secret word? NOTE If this proves to be harder than expe...

Too broad?
7:19 AM
I'm tempted, but holding off
Actually no. At this point, Xeno's answer had me convinced it was right, so I think too-broad is appropriate
Yeah, exactly. It seemed really plausible to me.
annnnnd the Beastly Gerbil has posted his image-o-rama. I can't wait :)
@Rubio That one is probably very trivial, you have to use a variation of pigpen ( just replace the triangle by circle) here.
Or, maybe you could let me actually look at it before spoiling it?
@ArbitraryKangaroo: How do you expect to figure out the missing ones?
7:25 AM
I dunno - It may don't work, but it was the thing that came to my mind, so I was telling.
7:37 AM
@BeastlyGerbil: Ooh, I think I've solved the pigpen part. I like it so far! The hidden numbers were very well-done.
I believe I know what they are but can't get them to make sense yet. heh
Do you have more than the tables? Have you applied them to the circle?
Just posted an answer.
I'm trying to do so, assuming they provide meaning, and I can't get any. I apparently Did It Wrong™.
Oh. You're reading around.
Didn't think of that ;)
Ah. Yeah, I read around so that I could also read down the columns if necessary.
Makes sense.
Though reading down throws away some possible orientations; you may have to read left to right each row, with the circle on the left. Or top to bottom, with the circle at the top. And so on.
er. circle=>center.
Is there a reason for some of your letters being lowercase?
7:48 AM
Sure, but considering all cardinal directions are used, it didn't seem likely.
The arrows on the southern tiles.
You are doing well so far
Lol. You said that. I didn't read that far yet. hehe
7:50 AM
Yes! That's the message
And now you've got to my trick regarding the next url
This is where movie knowledge is required
The obstacles in the film are the spear, pit, pressure plates, and idol trap.
Oh wait I've jumped the gun, that's later
To get the next URL look at the arrows next to the white slabs - they indicate case
that didn't seem to help
Yeah, I saw that. lkBcH isn't a valid URL.
And neither is HcBkl, or either of those case-swapped.
I'll check
7:58 AM
you decoded wrong
Ah, alright!
Wait, I decoded all of them wrong?
I was reading them upside down.
oYjyL fjz5p HXPGh 1Tfp5 ipvKi for convenience
ah, and here's where the knowledge of the movie comes in.
Ooh, I think I know what to do here.
Go on then :)
The obstacles look familiar though..Wish I had paid more attention to the movie.. (sigh) :-)
8:04 AM
so door 1 has (down-arrow) |_|
door 4 has (up arrow) |¯|
door 5 has odd markings on the wall
I think it's KxcHT. I may have gotten one wrong though.
door 1 suggests making a K lowercase, but there isn't one. similarly door 4, a Q uppercase, but also not one
What do you mean?
Where'd you get KxcHT ? hehe
The pigpen letters in each door.
8:07 AM
You're more observant than me. I only saw 2.
Yeah, they're tricky! The spiders and faces are arranged in the pigpen patterns.
oh. good god.
I got KxcHT as well
Rearranging in the movie order gives xHKTc, I think.
Someone check me on that? spiders-spikes-pit-plates-boulder?
@Deusovi You are a genius.... Holy... How on earth did you get that idea?
8:09 AM
I wrote it down wrong, no wonder. Duh.
@Sid Well, we had five doors to look through, each one being a trap from the movie, and we knew that movie knowledge was important. Since KxcHT wasn't anything, the best idea was to arrange them in movie order.
Is it just me or does that have nothing on it?
Yeah, that's why I want you all to check me.
I think I got the order wrong.
NO, the pigpen part, I don't see anything,actually... (hides)
The images led to by the doors have pigpen symbology in them
8:10 AM
I noticed the pit and boulder first. Then the spiders and faces were the tough ones to get.
I only saw two of them at first. Deusovi saw 'em all, cuz he's got eyes
I looked back at spiders and STILL didn't see it ;)
I'm actually colorblind. :P I couldn't see half the numerals in the original cipher.
I only saw spiders after faces one
Heh. I couldn't see the 19 or the dots in that one at all
Look at spiders. See the arrow on the left side pointing down?
Then on the right side of the torch there's the upper right quadrant of a circle. Ignore the rightmost three spiders and the ones on or below the hand.
It's pretty sneaky - took me a while to get it.
8:14 AM
I see the ones on the spikes and the pits...
The boulder one is written on the boulder.
The other two are the hardest to see.
AH, the arrow and the cipher.
@BeastlyGerbil You have my upvote precisely for this step... :-)
Anyone else know what to do next? I think my ordering is right, but I'm not quite sure.
8:20 AM
The pit is first,then the darts and then the boulder...
Hm? What about the spiders and the spikes?
I need to check...
Ohh, no sorry, my mistake...
@BeastlyGerbil: Are we missing anything?
The darts come twice actually.
Sorry was AFK. Where you at?
8:24 AM
Finding order @BeastlyGerbil
We've gotten the letters, but the movie ordering doesn't seem to work.
From memory (I'm on the mobile version) those letters look wrong
Check again
@boboquack double-checked me.
lol. so
i.stack.imgur.com/cxTKH.jpg is an image, but not a helpful one :)
What are the letters you've got?
8:28 AM
KxcHT in room order; xHKTc in movie order.
technically the pit is twice also
@Deusovi You found that frighteningly quickly.
Google image search! :D
I looked for every permutation of xcKHT. that one is the only image.
All 120?
8:31 AM
Wow, impressive. How'd you do it so fast?
Never underestimate the power of a scripter. :)
Ah, coding. Nice!
What's the movie order you are using? Might be erong
perl -w -e 'use strict; my @L=qw(x T c K H); my %used; sub try { my($depth,$prev)=@_; return print("https://i.stack.imgur.com/$prev.jpg\n") if ($depth>4); for my $l (@L) { next if $used{$l}++; try($depth+1,"$prev$l"); $used{$l}=0; }} try(0,""); ' | xargs -n1 wget -O/dev/null
and magic happens.
So either we're supposed to use one letter twice
8:32 AM
That's right so must be letters wrong
or we've decoded something wrong
and I rechecked the letters
I'll check
Do we need to try putting the letters back into the rings and then rotating again perhaps?
Unless we're all missing a dot in the first door's image? I have trouble seeing stuff on that background
8:34 AM
I'm colorblind, so...
Aaah the pit has a hard to see dot in it
Should have made that clearer
Hm. That didn't help either.
i.stack.imgur.com/xHBTc.jpg doesn't go anywhere either.
8:36 AM
I find i.stack.imgur.com/HcTBx.jpg as the only non-empty image
and that one is a single pixel blank image ;)
Check the other ones for dots
I will too but have to go AFK soon
1 apparently has one that none of us can see
2 definitely has none
We got the dot on the spikes.
3 has one, we counted it
4 has one, we counted it
5 has one, we counted it.
8:38 AM
those respectively give B x c H T
What if one of the spiders is a dot?
There aren't any in the thing.
There are no extraneous spiders inside the quarter-circle
Yes, that.
The ones on the hand?
8:39 AM
The hand isn't part of it.
No spider dot
That may be a mistake though, try it with a dot
Yes, I had seen that.... I was thinking, one of the outside spiders was a dot..
Rubio, do your thing. :D
8:42 AM
I don't know the combo we are looking for as it is on my computer so I am as stumped as you are until I get home. I'll be home around 5 GMT
doing it :)
i.stack.imgur.com/TctBH.jpg is pretty, but not our goal
and I think that's all of them
Gtg I'll check on you later
You sure, that's a T on the lat one? My solver shows an U
upper right dotted quadrant should be 20=T
8:46 AM
20th Alphabet is "U"...
No, it's T.
Ohh, No... I am an idiot...
I'm not sure if anyone saw, but if not, may I reiterate: Do we need to try putting the letters back into the rings and then rotating again perhaps?
I don't think so. We never rotated anything in the rings in the first place.
That would seem unlikely at this point
8:46 AM
Just a suggestion
Especially with BG knowing where we're at and helping us find the right letter, rather than the right step :)
Well. This is a little maddening.
I also tried T→X in case that dot isn't supposed to be one, and got nothing
I'm, eh, widening the search. A lot. Here's where I get flagged for something :)
Oh god.
"I swear, I did it for the sake of puzzles!"
Why are some images inlined and others not
i.stack.imgur.com/Kkltb.jpg ... clearly, BG is giving us the thumbs-up on finding it. *cough*
Why Kk?
Well, I'm off to bed. See ya!
9:03 AM
It's doing a brute force search through any possible combination of upper and lower, dotted and undotted for the shapes in the images
it's going to find a lot of crap, obviously
and I'm too lazy to refine it beyond that
But this is going to take forever, so I'm going to kill it
The upper and lower part is defined well.
And except for the bees, all have dots on it(so does the first one, apparently)
2 hours later…
10:46 AM
@ArbitraryKangaroo @tpk Didn't you say you were familiar with adobe photoshop once?
2 hours later…
12:29 PM
@Randal'Thor What about my guess for the second one?
1:05 PM
I think the question submit isn't liking my question, lol
Ah never mind, it finally posted
1 hour later…
2:29 PM
Q: Professor Halfbrain's cuboid theorem

GamowProfessor Halfbrain has recently made a fascinating discovery on cuboids in three-dimensional space. Halfbrain's cuboid theorem: Let $ABCDEFGH$ be a three-dimensional cuboid that has an inscribed sphere $S_i$ (that touches all six faces) as well as a circumscribed sphere $S_c$ (that contain...

3:26 PM
hmm, quiet this morning after a flurry last night
shhh, people are sleeping
@Sconibulus Lol, I was about to ask if the addition I made helped you, but then I realize I hadn't added it yet >.<
oops :)
It might not take an addition, just a cleverer person
Like I said, that second to last word is nearly all unique letters, thus making the deciphered solution ambiguous, like it shouldn't be...
And the addition doesn't give away any words, just more information
Added the new bit
I sort of don't understand GPR's puzzle... Not sure,what to do there...
3:40 PM
umm... are those letters underneath right?
one, there appear to 20 letters for 19 blanks
and for the words I have to make sense, one of them should probably be an 's'
although, actually, what I have doesn't make sense anyway, because in the part I think I've solved I've already has changed more than five letters
oops, I did miss the s
or does jumps->jumped not count as part of the change?
I thought it was jumped...
if that doesn't count... we have one move and four changes in quick->first, so we only have one more change to work with, so it has to be hazy? But what is a hazy dog
Nah, Jumps is the source for 'S' in the pangram
oh, so it is lol
If you have the whole cipher, then you have your instructions ^^
4:09 PM
@BeastlyGerbil You, sure the letters that we found are correct?
I went through all combinations
including all the dotted/undotted alternatives
keeping case intact
all 120?
Nothing showed up.
oh, way way more than 120
30240 in fact
I found some interesting images, but none relevant to the puzzle.
Perhaps, the OP messed up somewhere...
It's looking like that.
Either that or all of us are incapable of decoding the same pigpen ciphers. :)
4:17 PM
Impossible, that was quadrupled-checked I would say... Boboquack, Deusovi,you and me all did it individually and all were at the same result...
Perhaps you're all using the wrong cipher?
Since we already used it once successfully, that's very unlikely.
i.stack.imgur.com/HTBxX.jpg ... gotta be it ;)
oops can't type
more better
It's got the torch and everything hehe
Perhaps the spiders and the faces are being misinterpreted? I don't know...
So of all the images I found, i.stack.imgur.com/QtTKB.jpg earns a special place in my heart. That wall art. Man. I think there's a puzzle to be made just from that.
@Rubio Well, that's interesting...
4:26 PM
The devils?
Apparently it's the new offices of Sky.com - twitter.com/nimabaniamer and scroll down to 8/Dec/2015.
ANyone understood what the cleverly disguised puzzle is all about? I don't understand what we have to do there except that we have to find out some words which have some connections among themselves...
Still thinking about it.
I don't have anything resembling good answers to any of the clues yet, though I have some guesses at words that feed into them.
@GarethMcCaughan You're on and you haven't solved my cipher?
which is your cipher?
4:37 PM
Q: The Etiquette Room

dcfyjThis puzzle can be solved as puzzle on its own, but its solution is also part of Deusovi's Community Metapuzzle. You wake up feeling rather dazed. Your head is pounding. Whatever just happened did not agree with you in the least. As you get up from the floor and start exploring the room you see ...

oh yeah, that one
it looked a bit horrible :-)
Sconibulus has already solved the cipher portion of it. He just has to make sense of the instructions now
"horrible" doesn't mean bad
it means scary and intimidating
|:o O:) O_o O_o :S 8) O_O :D
@Sconibulus You mean you want it?
4:46 PM
At this point, if I were in front of the panel, I'd absolutely type that in to see what would happen
Keep in mind the first panel mentions your death lol
I'm drugged in a stranger's sinister basement, is that really the worst thing that can happen?
that panel renders badly in my browser
it's not aligned :(
Your browser doesn't do pre formatted text? :(
Okay I am home and can help with my puzzle
@Rubio I know you were involved especially
4:49 PM
maybe it should have been prefaced with <_< :'( ^_^
you didn't <pre> it so it's up to the browser and whatever its font is
I would've used <pre> tags specifically, but I couldn't get some of the characters to escape
@Rubio I used the space version of <pre>
@BeastlyGerbil Welcome back :) I pretty much ground through all the possible permutations of the letters we found, and their dotted/undotted alternatives, with no success
@Sconibulus Seems to me you have that cipher completely under your whim haha
Got the letters, what did you have?
4:51 PM
@dcfyj yah well. Spaces render differently in different fonts.
we had KxcHT
not necessarily in that order
in movie order?
but none of the 120 permutations of those 5 hit anything
what did you have, I want to see where I made I mistake
4:52 PM
we specifically tried xHKTc as the most likely
aaah that was close
followed by lots of other flailing around
okay seems I made a mistake with the spiders. It should be zHKtc
oh dear.
lol so close
4:54 PM
Yeah that's a bit of a mistake :)
Huh... looking at the starlist made me realize Deusovi was an annagram of devious
@BeastlyGerbil that one doesn't seem to work either
I just assumed he was some sort of egg god
@dcfyj Worked for me
@Sconibulus He's said as much before actually
4:54 PM
I did the circle quarter wrong way up.
oh. sorry, he meant T and said t :)
weird, I double checked the puzzle
@Rubio Ah, that works
yeah sorry @dcfyj zHKTc
4:57 PM
Not quite
@Rubio If you can get the <pre> tags to work on that panel go for it ^^
@Sid Did you flip it over as though you were reading it while coming in?
I may, but it's not a big priority ;)
@dcfyj Sorry?
Anyone got the password yet?
4:59 PM
@BeastlyGerbil For?
Temple of Puzzling
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