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2:05 AM
@Alconja Quick, how many letters are in the string in parentheses
Got it in two
my battery is about to run out
rip myself
2:34 AM
Q: What will be answer of this logic sequence

user53253What will be answer of this logical sequence. This question is openly available on internet. So there is no copy right or permission issue.

2:50 AM
Q: Pseudo Homophones - Police Officers

oblFor this riddle, I have two homophones, however the first one is a single word and the second one is composed of two or more words. Example: h1 - licensing h2 - lies and sing OR lie sensing Try to guess h1 and h2 in the following situation: Police officer Steve and his partner Fred are taking a...

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7:03 AM
Q: What is the answer to this rebus puzzle "IM IM"

AnitaThe answer is related to drugs and we cannot seem to solve it. It is simply IM IM

5 hours later…
11:58 AM
Q: exact change combinations

NoahWith euros you can pay an amount in a variety of ways. If you have to pay 13 cents, you can, if you have enough of all coins in stock, choose from sixteen different ways: There are also other coin systems. If you only have coins of 1, 13 or 169 cents, you can only pay 13 cents in 2 ways (ch...

12:14 PM
Q: Royal Delivery Service

Thomas BlueI am at loss. Of the memory! I remember that I was running with an errand from the King, that I had to take a certain item from the treasury and deliver it to a certain person in the kingdom! Yet silly me - I bumped my head on the ground and forgot the details completely. The only hint I have l...

12:29 PM
Q: Number maze with a twist

5202456I have created this number maze for you to solve, but I have added a twist: If you pass through the secret passage then every number on the maze will reduce by one:(9 will become 8 and 8 will become 7 and so on... Any zeros will stay as zero, no negative numbers) You can only travel the passage ...

Q: Who would cross the Bridge of Death / Must answer me / These questions three:

Chowzen Oh, Holy Grail, thou art puny and small When compared to the treasure I want most of all. It can sometimes—not always—be found in receptacles. So read, mark my words. If need, use your spectacles. It's found here and there in its lair of communities. Narcissistic, self-righteous—but not with...

1:16 PM
posted on October 18, 2018 by Excited Raichu

The first that starts but the last that ends, Plus a synonym for making amends, Of just above, keep only the first three plus two, Then that mixed up is a word for you. (Hey everyone! Here’s a quickie. Won’t take that long to solve. The title holds a clue. Make sure to explain it in your answer. Good luck!)

1:47 PM
Q: A riddle for your time (7)

Marco GeertsmaLoved by many, enjoyed by more Refreshing when cold, champagne when warm Oats complement me with a dip Consume me, quick! Or you might crash

Q: Is there a good method to solve this kind of Rubik's cubes?

FedericoIn the office's kitchen we have a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube that is, well, unusual: instead of simple colours on the faces, there are pictures. While solving the rest of the cube is no different from standard ones, the orientation of the central piece of each face is crucial, as it is immediately appare...

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2:50 PM
Q: Who is he? Who is me?

Marco GeertsmaWith potent, flowery words speak I, Of something common, vulgar, or maybe dry; I weave webs of pedantic prose, In an effort to befuddle those, Who think I wile the time away, In lofty things, above all day The common kind that lingers where Monadic beings live and fare; Practical I may no...

Q: Cool language nerds won't hang out with me

jafe It has long been my dream to be a part of the extremely exclusive Language Nerds' Club. Today, I walked into their clubhouse and stated my wish to become a bona fide member. See how I used Latin there? That should qualify me immediately, right? As it turns out, it's not that simple. The...

3:06 PM
Q: Fabi and Mag played chess again

EvargaloFabi and Mag love chess, and I love to watch them playing together. I am not such a strong player myself, but I am an excellent spectator! The three of us were having a nice evening around a chess table and a bottle of wine, and after Mag won the first round, they switched colors and started a re...

3:21 PM
Q: A Matchstick puzzle with a little twist

DEEMHere is a matchstick puzzle with TWO (possibly more) solutions. There are two types of matchsticks. 1 Short (eight and = sign) Total 9 2 Long ( All ones) Total 4 Please move 3 matchsticks and make the equation right. Rules Must move 3 matchsticks, one or two moves not allowed. Cannot ...

3:37 PM
Q: Mate in 0 moves

JGibbersNot exactly a traditional chess puzzle, and I won't offer much of an explanation for fear of giving away the answer. White must mate in 0 moves, meaning he must deliver a check mate without touching any of his pieces. How can he do that? Courtesy of: Chess Fruits, 1884

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4:55 PM
Q: Teapot Riddle no.46 (fan made)

AstralbeeTeapot riddle rules: I have one word which has several (2 or more) meanings. Each of the meanings is a teapot (first, second ...) You try to figure out the word with my Hints First Hint: Second Hint: Third Hint:


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