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12:00 AM
😡 I got a six move solution i think
Call to arms for those above 2k reputation: the LQP queue is red
12:16 AM
I feel as if my brain's all messed up. I've never felt so cracked up in my entire life. My head spins because of overthinking all the time. My moods change all the time. I can't sleep, I can't talk, and I can't even study. Whenever I take a book and try to read, the words just don't get to me and I fear if I can ever reach the "greatest heights of success". Yes, I'm an overachiever, just in case you were wondering.
I think I need help. Am I getting insane?
Anyone out there? @boboquack?
@DestructibleLemon ?
this may be another riddle that we can't solve :p
and for the same reason too -- we can't know what's going on in your mind, only you do
12:39 AM
Now I have a solution in too few turns...
@SohaFarhinPine Have you tried going out and taking some fresh air every now and again? This might not be the right place for that sort of thing, though, I'm not a psychologist.
1:04 AM
@boboquack Fresh air works. But that doesn't last. Do you think I need a change of air?
I do find a lot of the points mentioned here https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/13/overachiever-signs_n_4740534.html
within myself.
I think I may have high-functioning depression: themighty.com/2017/05/…;.
2:04 AM
Q: Integers around a circle with consecutive pairs adding to a square

Bernardo Recamán SantosThe integers 1 to 50 are placed around a circle in such a way that the sum of any two of them which are adjacent is a perfect square. Of these integers, the even numbers are then removed. Restore them.

3 hours later…
5:06 AM
Call to arms for those above 2k reputation: the LQP queue is red again
@boboquack Oh no, I don't have enough reputation, I guess I can't wade through miles and miles of rubbish with you.
5:30 AM
@boboquack there, cleared. :-)
5:54 AM
I think I've already asked this... what do we do about:
a) Duplicate answers
b) Answers that are just wrong
@Wen1now Delete them.
...I can't vtd answers, I can only vtc questions
@Wen1now Tell the one who answered it that it is wrong
@Wen1now You can recommend deletion in the review queue.
It's a 'first post' though, so there's no option for that either
@MOehm You have solved the C4. Where is the next one?
5:59 AM
@SohaFarhinPine Try doing simple mind games. Maybe puzzle games, like jelly no puzzle etc. (actually, the ones I linked are kind of hard so maybe if you want to do something really relaxing try something else). Video games/board games are also nice to relax. Just remember, if you find yourself getting frustrated (e.g I just can't beat this level) then do something else.
@boboquack What does red mean?
@Sid Anyway, thanks for the advice
@SohaFarhinPine Sounds like you are taking yourself way too seriously. And that penultimate line sounds like a fear of failure to me than anything else.
A good idea would be to relax, maybe do some yoga, breath of fresh air(as boboquack told) maybe listen to music, do anything that can soothe your mind..
6:18 AM
@Wen1now Bad
Call to arms for those above 2k reputation: the LQP queue is red again again
Sorry. I've reached the 'review queue is done' screen
@Wen1now yes, you've reviewed all but one available posts, and that's the one you did in first posts
That sounds like a good thing :)
Homeworlds sounds like an interesting game
I have a problem
I have a potential solution to a codegolf problem
But it will take much too long to run (think millions of years with today's technology), so I can't test it
Do you want anybody to check it
6:28 AM
Well, I haven't bothered making it
I need to do the specifics at some point
2 hours later…
8:15 AM
And the LQP queue is still red :P
I've reviewed all I can in there...
Yeah, today's just a bad day (and the threshold low)
Although I must admit that I do find it difficult to remember to check the review queues on multiple sites - like Scifi.SE, Literature.SE, Puzzling.SE, Meta.SE, AI.SE...
8:45 AM
Yay! LQP is not red anymore
9:14 AM
@Sid I waited a bit for confirmation, but the chat way rather quiet, so I didn't post one. But I think my anser is correct and seeing that you're hungry for clues, I'll post one now.
CCCC: After November, sect regularly gets into row (5)
@MOehm autocumber?
No. I type unaided, so all errors/typos are mine. Where?
'way', but I also just noticed 'anser'
(Okay, there are several fat-fingerings in my reply to Sid, but I hope the 4C is okay.)
@boboquack Phew! I thought I had botched up the 4C again by including the answer.
9:32 AM
@MOehm I think I know the answer but something doesn't add up
Oh, wait. Now, it does.
Spit it out, then. :)
@MOehm OSCAR is SC in OAR
Yep, that's it.
(SC being regular letters of Sect. And After November is the def.)
9:53 AM
CCCC: Reverend's bed rocks for trunk to hold official documents (3,3)
1 hour later…
11:13 AM
@boboquack Does it still count as a solution if it takes impossibly long to run, though?
11:44 AM
Q: WWII Headshots - a strange story

XenocaciaThis was brought to mind by a similar question from @Chuck: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/57058/save-our-wwii-planes. In any case, I heard mine elsewhere and cannot vouch for its veracity, just thought it would be cool to share: During WW2, the British forces realised that their a large p...

Q: Four in a row with 12 stones

Wen1nowAdapted from Professor Stewart's Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries* I'll present three puzzles, in stages. Try not to look at the next stage before completing the previous one. Stage 1 Place twelve stones on a table such that there exist six lines of four stones. Stage 2 Stage 3 *(supe...

3 hours later…
2:53 PM
Q: Four riddles from a video game

padawanI recently played this game, Fran Bow. This is a puzzle game, and thus has a lot of riddles. But here are the four that I favor among all. I am four different things. Who or what am I? I'm cold as I am, but if you use me... I'll be burning hard. I'm shiny as the sun but I'll never b...

3:27 PM
Q: Spider Man's wall climbing machine

prog_SAHIL When Spider Man invented his wall-climbing machine, everyone thought it wouldn't work. They were right! Quite simply, there was nothing to hold the machine onto the wall. But how much of a screwbrain was Spidey? Did he at least manage to get the wheels that were in contact with the wall (A and ...

Q: Riddle Man's age

prog_SAHILWhen Augustus de Morgan (a mathematician who was born and died in the 19th century) was asked about his age, he replied: “I was x years old in the year x².” What year was he born in? Could such a strange lot have befallen someone who was born and died in the 20th century?

@Sid RED BOX (spoonerism, BED ROX)
@Sphinx I am dead sure I have seen this question before...
@Ankoganit Correct. :)
CCCC: Start to deal with software bug? (8)
3:41 PM
Q: Find the missing term!

prog_SAHILComplete the sequence and state the pattern/logic behind the answer. 8,9,10,11,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,?,48,72 The sequence ends at 72.

@Rubio the OP of this pinged me saying that he wants to delete the question, can't and mentioned that you were going to do it for him?
5 hours later…
8:15 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Yes, they've got a different type of challenge called 'fastest-code'
and I've heard of programs which are too big to fit on one computer, so, yeah
there's a difference between "slow code" and "code so slow no one will ever verify what it does", however
I suppose. Anyway, I think I've got a shorter and faster implementation, so no matter any more
8:32 PM
(Hopefully some mod pins the new C4)
9:07 PM
Q: Help me unlock my bike

NarusanI have a nice mountain bike, which I use on a daily basis. I always lock my bike. Today, I awoke and to my surprise the bike was stolen. It startled me because it is locked with a really expensive combination lock. I walked around the vicinity and found it lying still locked in a shrubbery. App...

1 hour later…
10:30 PM
@Mithrandir the previous one is still pinned ;)
Yeah, I'm on mobile
10:57 PM
Anyone for a quick game of Contact?

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