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12:04 AM
Q: Find the TV series

A. P.I'm looking for a TV series. A hint is hidden in the following image: As this is a computer-puzzle you might want to download the image.

12:30 AM
@DestructibleLemon In homeworlds, what are the rules on sacrifices? Specifically, where can you use the sacrificed ship's actions?
in any system where you have ships
also remember that you can't use the size or colour of the sacrificed ship in the action
also you can't count the sacrificed ship as being in the system
@DestructibleLemon What do you mean
so, if you sacrifice a large red, you can't use it to capture another large piece if you only have small pieces in that system
Oh right
So for this can't you sacrifice the small green to build a small red at their homeworld and trigger a catastrophe?
nope. because you would have to own a red in the system
12:40 AM
Wait how come?
green can only build ships if there is a ship of that colour that you own in the system where you are building
think of it that the green building needs to have a non-hostile model or something
so are you trying to solve it without looking at the current solution?
Thanks! I didn't notice that when I read through the rules...
yeah, I made a pretty big mistake when I read the rules for a while:
you can move other friendly pieces in the same system with a yellow ship without sacrificing it
12:42 AM
I looked at it for about a minute, gave up and looked at the solution then went back to the puzzle and 'noticed' that I could sacrifice green
didn't realise that one until recently
remember, sacrificing larger pieces get's you more actions
I think the main problem is there aren't enough FAQs online
yeah... they're not exactly the most unambiguous rules
@Wen1now anyway, it is in one move which gives you the ability to try the ol' process of elimination tactic
[spoiler alert]
spoilers mate
12:48 AM
nah it's ok
thanks though
One last thing, is there not much difference between small and big stars/ships apart from
a) red stuff
b) sacrifice stuff
c) connections between stars
sort of
you can only use blue to swap to ships of the same size
so there's that too
Oh, okay
but otherwise that's it. but that is a fair amount of "it"
12:54 AM
It seems like a really cool game though
it is... I think
technically I've been under the impression you can't move other ships with yellow without sacrificing so...
Ooh, one last last thing - in an actual game, how does each person choose what they want at the start?
Player 1 picks first
Okay thanks
and there's like a consensus you're supposed to pick two different sizes, and also that you don't pick the same sizes as your opponent when you go second or something
but there's no specific rule against it
1:34 AM
Q: How is my cousin going into high school with me?

Assafi Cohen-AraziMy cousin and I are still in school, but something funky is going on with our graduation. My cousin is two years older than me, just one grade above me, yet we both just finished middle school and are going into high school at the same time. My cousin is a great student, and has never been held...

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3:48 AM
@BeastlyGerbil Deleted now. thanks
4:08 AM
so uh... the cccc has something to do with features?
5 hours later…
9:02 AM
@DestructibleLemon No, I think it has to do with actual bugs.
@Ankoganit I think it's APPROACH (start to deal) = APP + ROACH
9:15 AM
@MOehm APPROACH is correct :)
CCCC: Make fuss about hot thingy (6)
9:33 AM
Q: I can be copied, and still I'll be me. Who am I?

DotanWhom does the poem describe? I'm understood by pairs of trained eyes For all the rest I'm nothing but lines I can be copied, and still I'll be me I can live on paper, on tongues, perhaps a CD

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12:30 PM
Q: Turning the Horse Part 3

prog_SAHILHere's the sequel to Turning the Goat Part 1 and Turning the Dog Part 2 As Hobble the horse stood on the hillside staring at the hurdle below, he wondered if he would ever have the courage and strength to jump it. He dreamt that one day, he would be facing the hurdle from the hill on the other...

1:28 PM
Q: Can you figure out where to plant which crop?

rspFarmer Jeb usually plants his own crops; this year he’s paying you to plant them. However, he wants them planted very particular; and instead of just plain telling you where to plant what. He gives you a list of the foods and some clues. Foods (in no particular order): wheat, peas, carrots, p...

2:18 PM
Q: Religious animals

BassSince I've been only answering so far, I figured I should try creating some puzzles of my own, too. Please be gentle. :-) Anyway, here's a rebus-like puzzle, but this time the answers are single words that are related to religion(s). Everything in the pictures is strictly wordplay, the answers...

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4:13 PM
Q: The engineer's dilemma

prog_SAHIL Tim the Engineer is stumped. In the diagram, the radius of the large wheel is four times the diameter of the small wheel. The centre A of the small wheel rotates anti-clockwise around the centre B of the large one at 16 revolutions per second, so that the small wheel rolls along the surface of ...

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5:59 PM
Q: A plane, a game, a piece of fame

Paige Meinke I might be undressed or impressed, Altered to be more, cut to be less. A plane, a game, a piece of fame, A noteworthy aspect of one's claim. Though no life, still life teems, A medium of creators dreams. Who am I?

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7:04 PM
huh. I'm now a Beastly Guru :P
7:42 PM
Q: Merlin's Exam: Spell-Counting

ThisIsDifficultYou are the apprentice of the esteemed wizard Merlin. It's the day of your final magical exam, but alas, you have not studied the course material! Thankfully, Merlin’s book of spells can be deciphered using intelligence and wit, as Merlin has included some ancient runes in the book to help in the...

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8:54 PM
Q: Double Cipher Challenge

Dr tThis is a challenge for those who wish to go two deep. The code below is obviously done in some version of pigpen. The pigpen is quite straight forward by example. It has also been Cesar ciphered. You figure out how to apply those and when. Two words with no spaces. A hug and a couple kisses ...

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11:02 PM
Q: These alien safes have no end

BmyGuest Well, I could solve the last safe, but what did it buy me? Just another instant-teleport and boom... here I am again! In a single room with very few things around me, most notably a safe, and no door out. Just great. Somehow I can't fight the feeling that I'm tested in a more and more chall...


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