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4:02 AM
@Deusovi hi
up for some 2-player contact?
It's so quiet here this evening
yeah, for some reason weekends aren't typically very active
I assume it's because people mainly visit this site to slack off during work or school
4:05 AM
yeah, that seems like a reasonable explanation
Alternatively, some people keep this tab eternally open but just don't say much until something happens
Lair of the Sphinx?
Er... that's what happens when you star a lot of rooms and hit "Join favourite rooms" once in a while
A room where we speak of this site in words of just one beat, like this phrase.
4:09 AM
@Deusovi I don't think I believe you

 Lair of the Sphinx

For talk of this site in words of one beat, no more
Okay, I guess I do believe you. It sounded like a joke
That's because it was a joke. :P
A joke is something told to make people laugh. There are many kinds of jokes; they can be questions with surprising answers or stories with unexpected endings. The humour of a joke comes from the surprise. Jokes can be about anything. Jokes can be found anywhere: on the Internet, in books or heard from friends. Some jokes are about certain types of people and can hurt people's feelings, for example if they are racist or sexist. Jokes are used in comedy, plays and movies. Jokes could take the form of sarcasm or even try to poke fun at something to get a point across. People sometimes get hurt by...
Sep 6 at 17:19, by Deusovi
more good thought: no words with more than one speech beat from now on
I said that as a joke, then it caught on, and eventually we split it off into a separate room to not clog up this one.
4:14 AM
Have you ever tried looking up really complicated things on simple.wikipedia
unfortunately, the entries tend to drift toward more complicated language as necessary, instead of sticking to their guns
Yeah, it's fun sometimes. Also, looking up really simple concepts on regular Wikipedia is hilarious too.
4:56 AM
I have another homeworlds puzzle I can post
2 hours later…
7:22 AM
posted it
Q: Homeworldsmate - Blastdoor

Destructible LemonBack with another one move wonder homeworldsmate (link explains who Lee is, for example. Though I guess I'll explain here anyway.) quick reminder, remember to use these rules, with the additional note that any action is optional, because I think that's what the rules say but it's kinda vague. L...

2 hours later…
9:36 AM
Q: what's wrong with picture?

rspThis is a nice picture, so what's wrong with it?

10:03 AM
Umm... Puzzling Meta? Are you coming any time soon?
Q: Puzzling chatroom logo-text misalignment

boboquackAlconja's answer here in the Puzzling Design Pitch post mentions realignment of the Puzzling logo at the top of the site, moving it as shown in the below gif (credits to them): This is what it looks like now (it is implemented): Now, move over to any Puzzling chatroom, say, The Sphinx's Lai...

10:29 AM
Q: Puzzling chatroom logo-text misalignment

boboquackAlconja's answer here in the Puzzling Design Pitch post mentions realignment of the Puzzling logo at the top of the site, moving it as shown in the below gif (credits to them): This is what it looks like now (it is implemented): Now, move over to any Puzzling chatroom, say, The Sphinx's Lai...

11:03 AM
I might be making a harder puzzle sooner or later
Looking forward to it :)
thanks... however I don't think it will be a vanilla homeworldsmate though
simply because they're difficult to make good
11:27 AM
but it'll be a combination puzzle I think
2 hours later…
1:08 PM
I was going to make a quick mini Touhou doujin song puzzle to celebrate Touhou Project now being on Steam, but after way too many hours of song hunting it turned out to be a bad idea even if you ignore the series' relative nicheness :/
1:41 PM
Q: Save our WWII planes

ChuckThis is an actual piece of real history, and an illustration of smart thinking. During WWII, the British airforce was having a difficult time getting its bombers to withstand German artillery. Their planes desperately needed some armour to increase the chances of them surviving bomb runs. An en...

2:32 PM
I was going to post something about Conway's soldiers, but I see that this community is already familiar with that problem (puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/26226/…)
It's nice to see the amount of effort people put into that
Q: Find the missing number in the grid

Avinash BiruaWhat should be the number that should be filled in the last grid? There are no options mentioned for the question.

Q: What do icons in the image mean?

Saravanabalagi RamachandranI really wonder how to interpret these icons, I'm not able to get it just from the first look. Nor by staring at it for half an hour!

3:16 PM
@Sphinx Eh... what do we vtc this for?
It's not too broad, it's not unclear, it's not duplicate...
Off topic, not about the creation or solving of puzzles.
Probably off-topic, but then, it's probably Puzzling to the OP..
1 hour later…
4:27 PM
Should we reopen this now?
Ideally it would include attribution, but I don't know if that's enough to keep it closed.
There was another question just like this one a couple of days ago
Nevermind, I found it, and it's not related (also, it was fine). This one was clearly taken from somewhere, though.
It's very similar to this one, but with different numbers and a different order.
Q: Which areas of this image are lighter?

Vuton DesignWhich areas of this image are lighter? There are more than it seems at a first glance.

4:52 PM
^ I don't know why I felt compelled to answer that. I know the OP didn't intend for the aliasing to count
Clever way of doing it though :)
@BeastlyGerbil why don't you save the image and add it to your answer? I think I'd rather take it down. It's just a curve + contrast in paint.net
Do it the other way round - I've hit rep cap today and I like the way you did it better :)
I don't know; I don't really like the question. I think I'll still take my answer down.
Are you sure? I'm not really sure about the question and trying to think of a reason to close
4:56 PM
You can adjust the curves so that the anti-aliasing parts are not as evident. For example:
I think it just doesn't qualify as a puzzle
Its sort of borderline
In CMYK, the 'lighter' sections have a higher K (black) level.
huh. weird
Or, I might be reading that backwards.
@Apep even if so, that's not really relevant, is it? K isn't a "lightness" parameter in CMYK
(1,0,0,0) surely is darker than (0,0,0,0.01)
5:07 PM
I somehow have managed to earn 216 rep today....
I did read it backwards. After decomposing them into parts, K is visually inverted.
Which shouldn't be possible...
@BeastlyGerbil I can go downvote some of your posts
Accepted answers aren't limited by the daily limit, but I'm not sure about the other one. Perhaps something you downvoted an earlier day was deleted.
Did you downvote and then immediately retract on an answer?
5:14 PM
I downvoted an answer and haven't retracted
So I have +217 on a post and -1 ....
+200 for upvotes (bound by cap), +2 for accepting an answer, +15 for your answer being accepted, -1 for downvote?
5:33 PM
I accepted an answer - but it was my own which doesn't give the +2
Maybe it glitched...
Maybe because it was marked community wiki.
Today is a leap day on PSE, so you get one more rep for free.
That still shouldn't change the fact it was my own...
It's because 3^3 + 4^3 + 5^3 = 6^3 = 216 (don't ask me how)
I thought cw posts were owned by Community.
5:40 PM
Hmm... maybe. It doesn't appear as +2 on my reputation history though
I was still the original author of the post I think as well...
5:59 PM
Q: Advice for cube with symbols

UnknownServerA friend of mine gave me puzzle he would like me to solve. However, he doesn't want to help me to solve it... I have already solved half of it but I'm running out of ideas for the rest. I have a cube whose sides are squares composed of 36 little squares (6x6). Each of these little squares contai...

6:56 PM
@GentlePurpleRain It's COMMUNICATING (in touch) = COMMUTING contains (boxes) (IN< CA[r])
Q: Somthing named after a city

A. P.I'm looking for something that is named after a city. All the information you need is contained in this map.

7:11 PM
Q: How can you get 125 from 2,3,4,5,6?

E. VilligerYou are allowed to use the four standard operations (+-/*) to get 125, using each of the following digits exactly once: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I came up with an answer, but took me a while; curious to see what you all come up with!

8:02 PM
Q: Homeworlds - Monopoly

Sleafar Lee wins in 5 turns (click the image for a bigger version) This puzzle is inspired by the other Homeworlds puzzles introduced by @Desturctible Lemon. You should explain how Lee (the player on the left side) can beat Ray (the player on the right side) in 5 turns. Ray will of course try to preve...

8:39 PM
Anyone in the mood for a riddle?
Here's one from the Stack Exchange staff:
A: Winter bash 2017: when will it start this year

animusonIf it's hats you want, then have no fear; The next Winter Bash is drawing near! To know when, you must be fast, And look up dates of winters past. But finding the year will be a strain. You might even say it's a royal pain. Once you've found that date, shout "yay!" And then move back a single day...

2 hours later…
10:20 PM
@Sphinx I inspired something!
ugh homeworlds is too hard for me to understand
10:36 PM
too hard to understand the game or too hard to solve a puzzle of?
because once you make sure you've got the right version of the rules, it's smooth sailing really
i guess kinda both, since the only puzzle i've looked at is Monopoly
I accidentally thought yellows couldn't move other pieces without sacrificing
for what it's worth, the puzzle seems to have a mistake btw
I had the mistake
this is why I wrote the part in my question about how you can't trade the pieces
Can you convert to red with no reds in the bank?
hence why I deleted my answer
anyway, cool puzzle then
working on the puzzle now
got my physical pieces too
hmmm challenging
I've gotten the start of the solution
11:04 PM
dang this is harder than I would have guessed
> 5 turns
that escalated quickly
yeah i know
anyway, I forced Ray to make a move, so i figure I'm on to something
turn 2, here i come
it seems like I'm looking at a 4 turn victory? no never mind
I got it!
wait a minute... not quite
Ray would capture back... so can't do that
I'm getting close...
so close and yet so far...
11:56 PM
wait a minute... I seem to be doing better than i should be able to be
wait a minute, now it seems the opposite
I'm gonna miss by one turn?

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