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12:01 AM
Actually, no earlier than April 17 - the "What is the su" tab shown is this which was posted that day
I leave my tabs open pretty long too
Thanks @Randal'Thor for adding that word ladder tag
I'm on my "craptop" at the moment, which predictably doesn't see a lot of use. so yeah, it'd sat here, tabs open, attentively following along as new messages were added, to give that wonderful screen shot. The past couple of days have been remarkably ... chatty.
I take credit for some of that, but I think sleepless humn had a big hand in it too
12:24 AM
That was from just an hour or two on SFF during the Big Editing Event a few weeks ago.
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2:34 AM
I had -60 on puzzling :(
3:10 AM
... my last message in here was on march 26, 2015 pffft
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7:53 AM
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8:27 AM
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10:05 AM
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12:12 PM
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1:35 PM
@MOehm Even after you added those explanations it still took me a minute to figure out what it meant from the abbreviations
also you or someone should help with this because I am stuck puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/51097/…
1:53 PM
Q: please help me with this puzzle?

user36160ok guys, so i have been given this puzzle by my friend (who is a qualified military cryptographer). I am completely stuck as for what the hell to do, i feel like I have exhausted every possibility. Im told this website holds the top 1% of knowledge! please help, guys and girls!

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2:54 PM
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4:11 PM
@n_palum Are you saying that my explanation isn't clear? I think at least the examples should make it clear.
I thought it perfectly clear
It just took me a bit to realize what it was, it's clear
Just reading the stuff at the beginning seemed confusing at first but it makes sense eventually
Short of linking to (say) this I'm not sure it could be any better :)
The phrasing "that is made up wholly of abbreviations of US states. Unionized refers to the Union"
That's what tripped me up that's all.. when you said Marineland was like Maryland I thought you meant it was using Maryland abbreviations or something
I've linked the Wikipedia article "list of US states". It has the same information, although not as concise. And maybe I should have said "postal abbreviations" instead of just "abbreviations". That seems to be the "official" name, although I see the postal abbreviations used practically everywhere.
No. I think Florid and Marineland and maybe some others were deliberately used to hint at US states. There's also the potential red herring of Unionized vs. Un-ionized that a commenter posted. I didn't think about the latter.
4:16 PM
The latter red herring was intended (the word's been used in Contact a couple times now, clued by "Are you a plumber? ...or a chemist?" or similar)
The resemblance of florid and florida was completely unintended - I should have gone with "floral" in hindsight
and "marineland" was included as it's the only word 10+ letters long that works, that I could find
Like I said, it makes sense in the end :)
That being said, this dungeon puzzle seems hopeless
Ah! I've never joined the Contact games.
Well you should fix that
"... rots in the circles of hell." - I'm not sure why you think that you think about ROT9 when the drawing has 13 circles, even if Dante's Hell has 9. ROT13 is much more common.
Fair warning - Contact is astonishingly addictive
4:24 PM
Because I thought the 13 circles were a separate clue afterwards
@Rubio So I've heard. I already spend too much time on PSE ...
Not enough*
GamEn p
Hmm, and what's with the "guardian angle [sic]"?
@MOehm I'm not sure, I've been trying to figure out some play with angles
Although they told me to look into the 3s first, but I can't quite put my finger on what that box and numbers remind me of
4:31 PM
@Rubio agreed. And I still don't understand why...
Hmmm. The grid is 9 x 27. Maybe it must be rearranged according to the 3² / 3 / 33 sketch?
Hmm.. maybe? But that 2 wasn't originally there
Which makes me think they are unrelated
I think the 3 in the box was intended to be "3 squared"
and they added the ² to make that more explicit
So the "negative sums" shouldn't be for each line, but for 3x3 cells?
Ahh that makes sense Rubio
3^2, and 3, 3, 3 would give you the same as the 9x27 grid size
4:48 PM
@Rubio LOGIN isn't right. (Where did KILL come from in the explanation?)
from OFF
That's quite clever, but also quite a stretch.
The def of "hack" = "login" is also a stretch.
That felt pretty tenuous overall, but I've not found anything better in a long time looking at this
The intended answer should (I hope!) fit everything better.
kill/off isn't particularly questionable - i think we've even seen that in a CCCC -
the unjustified shortening of "glorious" was, well, unjustified. and yeah, as I signalled, I didn't like hack/login much at all
4:52 PM
I'm wondering how big a hint I should give ...
ew. actually I just found one of these words on the rather untrustworthy page of 1001 anagram indicators
so now I'll take another look on the off-chance that's partly what's going on
Hint 1: ignore punctuation; it's a red herring.
What puzzle?
I always start by ignoring punctuation and capitalization. ;)
... it's COUGH
4:56 PM
@Sp3000 Why? :-)
I remember looking at ??oug and oug?? words previously
how does any of that work?
Just hit me I should have thought to try oug in the middle
he's right...
Why ":/" and "ugh"?
4:58 PM
Hack (to hack = to cough) = OU ("tail off our") + G[lorious] in CH
tail off OU(-R) first G(-Lorious) in CH
inCH ?!
just no.
I've even used this kind of clue before.
4:58 PM
@Randal'Thor because so mean
"I inseminate article of clothing", remember?
@Sconibulus I was so proud of this clue when I came up with it that I made a whole rhyme and three other themed cryptics around it.
I guess you probably got some grumping over that one too
syllable boundaries seem more fair, for some reason
splitting words mid-way when they don't, well, naturally split is dodgy
splitting inCH is very very dodgy
You guys want to post the solution, or shall I, or meh?
I'll just say that rand's just being more Libertarian here, so I'm not too fussed but I feel it was a tad unfair (it's more fair when there's a grid because you would have cross letters at least)
Just don't let Deus see it :P
5:02 PM
Hide the evidence
@Rubio I like living dangerously.
You guys get the lights, I'll throw the rug over it
And no I never had any intention of posting any answers (I never posted for CEMENT for the same reason)
That is.... So mean. I actually like that clue.. If only, I could come with such clues..
I definitely don't have dibs, all I did was check it
5:03 PM
@Sp3000 Go for it!
You were the one who solved it!
... nah I'm good :P
@Rubio Booooo.
Rube can just stick it in
Uhoh. He's on to you!
5:04 PM
(that was just the easiest message to make it clear what I'm expressing my dissatisfaction at)
I can't tell whether you guys are like "this is deliciously evil" or "this is a horrible clue".
I don't understand what is wrong with that.. Inch was so superbly done..
I mean, making each other's heads hurt is what this site is all about, right? :-P
"Inch" is exactly what's wrong with it. "Inch" does not mean "in CH".
We should tell some drug companies to spam here. They'd make millions out of advertising headache pills to frustrated puzzlers.
5:06 PM
It literally tells IN CH..
@Deusovi Hey, it's wordplay.
Personally I'm in the middle and don't mind either way, but that's probably from seeing enough now -> "no w" and nod -> "no d" from some setters... (but as I said, easier with cross letters)
Wouldn't do it personally though, but that's just setting preferences
@Sp3000 I don't like either of those either. My general guideline is "splitting is okay only if it's based on etymology", roughly
@Deusovi Did the "inseminate" clue not pass muster with you either?
Yeah Deus I know you don't :P Just wanted to point out that some do do that, just in case anyone here finds one in the wild
5:09 PM
@Randal'Thor I'd be buying em
Well. Done and dusted, anyway.
I liked the rhyme :)
It's slightly better there, since the split was at IN-, and "semi-nate" can be parsed that way with a strong argument (since semi- is a combining prefix that means "half" But even a strong argument would only make it tenuous at best.
@Rubio Woo, a positive comment! :-D
@Deusovi All right. I won't inseminate you in the future then.
Hehe. Actually MACHINE and WINCED were nice. I retracted my earlier whinge about the latter
For the record, like @Sp3000, I had "OUG" for a long time (like I said, I ignore punctuation first off, I actually assumed that comma was intended to be distracting), but couldn't connect it to anything because (...and, I think this is where the fairness of the clue really suffers) I literally never thought of "inch" as something splittable that way.
You better stay hidden, making comments like that :O
5:19 PM
All this sounds like a conspiracy against Rand. :P
Get the brands and pitchforks! We're stealing the "riddle" tag badge, by gum!
You can take this gold tag badge from my cold dead hands.
Or should that be a cold tag badge from my gold dead hands?
@Rubio So I've opened your mind to new possibilities? Great!
Would you lose your badge to a sudden burst of downvotes to your riddle answers?
(... I still don't.) muahahaaa
So... while we're on the topic of CCs.
5:24 PM
I don't think you can ever lose a badge once you have it
Gareth's. :P
Purely speculation of course, since I can't take a pitchfork to your badge
@n_palum Yes, but you'd need a lot of downvotes to knock me down by, what, 200 points?
@Rubio You can if it's a tag badge.
Huh. That's lame. hehe
@Randal'Thor yeah, but you have at least 100 answers so...
5:25 PM
Would be a shame if something were to... happen to it
serial-downvote protection would kick in, I'm sure
Serial downvotes are for if you only target a person right?
Not if I garnered a cult of people
Just make a script that downvotes a riddle at random once an hour
enough of them will be Rand's that in a week or two his badge is gone :)
or you are. :)
5:27 PM
*a riddle answer
:O That's devious
actually @Deusovi ← THAT's devious*
Deus must get so tired of being pinged just because someone mentioned the word 'devious' :P
Has Gareth given any hints on his CCCC?
I'm sure he loves it
@Sid He gave a hint yesterday, may have to dig a bit
5:32 PM
@Sid it doesn't involve Brexit
@Sp3000 What do you make of Gareth's CCCC? We've got a vague hint and the confirmation that Techidiot's try THEORETIC has at least one part of the wordplay.
@Rubio I'd rather gamble on that option ;-)
@MOehm Linky to hinty?
keep in europe surely means E-------U right?
The vague hint Gareth gave was that the "It's" should probably be omitted, but he put it in for the surface reading.
my best thought was 'Western state has one duty'->shod
5:34 PM
I was hoping it would be IMMEDIATE, but I can't seem to get that to fit. I'm secretly hoping that "me in Europe" isn't "'me' in some European language", with the language unspecified for sake of surface. "Duty" doesn't seem to have many options, maybe "tax" or "rate". No idea about "state" - too many options.
The hint's here.
yesterday, by Gareth McCaughan
The CCCC has nothing to do with Brexit, though of course that sort of thing is supposed to be suggested by its surface reading :-).
23 hours ago, by Gareth McCaughan
The following is probably not a very large hint for my CCCC clue, but I will give it anyway because I feel slightly guilty about it: The clue would be slightly more correct if the "It's" were removed from the front. (But the surface reading would be spoiled, of course.)
So, in short, he hasn't given any major hints..
5:39 PM
Given the length of the clue I wouldn't be surprised if "or the opposite" is part of the def, in a sort of auto-antonym-y (e.g. PRICELESS) way
But in that case, what words can mean self-evident, short enough to be paired with a 'LESS' or other antonym
there are a lot of words that are their own antonyms
"me in Europe" ... are there any words containing EMEU?
5:54 PM
Q: Need Answer to Riddle

Tom S.Anyone have a guess on this one? Look deep enough and you'll see it, Look too deep and you'll drown The answer is supposed to be a place.

the "to keep" could also refer to the duty: duty to keey me, and then everything in Europe. Europe isn't necessarily the EU, there's also the European Community EC which would make the word end in C. That's more likely than a word ending in U.
6:40 PM
keep might reference castle
In theory, yes, but for this CC I think that would be too long. If it were "keep in Europe" it might be a place name and even the definition, but as is I think it's just a containment instruction.
I don't think he'd use an instruction that long
eh, I dunno
The construction is partly dictated by the Brexit surface reading.
7:03 PM
"keep in Europe" sure maybe, but not "keep me in Europe" which is what he gave
there might be a Castly Ay (pronounced I) or something, or a Castle Gareth...
but yeah, it seems less likely as I explore the options
McCaughan Castle, on the shores of Loch Headache.
I don't know. I think I'm going round in circles with this CC.
actually I'm hoping it turns out to be that the def. is "me in Europe", with a post-Brexit solution of "FOREIGNER" or something similar.
sadly I can't find anything that even resembles that in the wordplay
@Rubio Brits might have to stop being EU members, but we'll always be Europeans.
Oh poo. You and your ruining perfectly good daydreams with your facts.
7:10 PM
Continent-wise and maybe tectonic-shelf-wise, yes. But Europe can also mean just the EU, no?
Colloquially, at least.
(anyway he did say the CCCC has nothing to do with Brexit, so there's that)
I like the foreigner idea, but it would mean that we need extra knowledge about the poster, which would be even more unfair than usual.
I have another word PRINCIPLE which ends with E but has a pattern form CXXE
Riddles answered, never daunted --
Puzzles ground into the floor!
Nasty puzzles *sunt delenda*:
Do not anger Rand-al'Thor!
possible improvement, with apologies/credits to Gareth for the masterful original
Not sure if that would be fair.. But well I got a little of it in my first attempt. I will happily give up for some time..
7:17 PM
But we don't know which part of THEORETIC was correct? OR? It is right there as word and it's also there cryptically as Western state (Oregon).
Yup. I thought that could have been it. But it is a little off for that def
Did you know that THEORETIC is a near-anagram for Techidiot? Just two letters are wrong.
'self-evident -- or the opposite --' is actually starting to make me think of Maths jokes
@MOehm lol. Didn't noticed it. :-)
@n_palum I think there will be rot 13 at some point..
That's the only cipher I can think of. The rest looks like some kind of encoding.. Most probably ASCII
@Sconibulus I had only two things in my attempt the def identification and wordplay.. And one of them is right as per Gareth.. So that whole thing might not be the def..
well, isn't a mathematician's definition of trivial: something that would take fewer than three full blackboards to do
7:28 PM
And as for word ending with C @MOehm I have AXIOMATIC but not at all sure how to fit that in
Axiomatic actually fits pretty well with that trivial joke
That's what reminded me the word
But no idea about the wordplay. If at all that's right
And it has a TAX (duty) that is keeping MOI - me in French or in Europe - all backwards - the opposite.
yeah that's it
i just saw that
so it's: state CA
has one duty "I TAX"
:p Lovely
7:32 PM
to keep me MOI
and then western
I literally looked up from seeing that on my page to see your message pop up @MOehm
wait, how does that parse the sentence?
Self-evident, or the opposite, is def.
that ... state = CA
has one duty (ITAX) → C(ITAX)A
In that case, opposite is doing double duty - it also serves to reverse the construction
I don't think we have enough container words
Western is the reversal
has one duty to keep me → C(ITA(MOI)X)A
oops i typoded earlier
and then "western" gives the reversal on the whole thing
7:35 PM
that is a linker
^ yeah
I'm not so keen on Western as reversal indicator. Westwards, maybe, or going west. Western also fits for California.
I am sure Gareth is the right candidate for creating another Kryptos :-)
"western" is one we've certainly seen as a reversal indicator
Parents extracted western gas from seals (4) -> MO(nogra)MS
err... so did M Oehm win that?
7:38 PM
Yeah, maybe. I just don't like it. (I also don't like "last man" for N; I prefer to have a possessive there: Man's last or something like that.)
No, Rubio did.
The grammar of the cryptic reading seems strained. The containment section seems tantamount to:
The string "CA" *has* the string "I TAX" *to keep* the string "MOI".
Western civilization left us enigmatic tinge(4)
^ That's not a CCCC just a CC ;)
It's a little forced, I agree, but I think it safe to assume the solution is correct
@Silenus That's just many levels of nesting, but I don't see anything wrong with that. Except that it takes days to unravel, of course. :)
CCCC: Turn up a club again, losing the opener. (8)
7:42 PM
@Techidiot CCCC Unchained.
believe it or not I'd been looking at AXIOMATIC for the past 3 hours, sporadically
also TAUTOLOGY, but that led nowhere
@MOehm Its Rubio. Mine is just (4) :-)
and I suppose I should do this -
@MOehm The nesting is not the problem, it's the grammar. We cannot say "String A contains string B contains string C." We must say "String A contains string B which contains string C."
@GarethMcCaughan - Axiomatic ... (C(ITA(MOI)X)A)<
7:44 PM
Oh. I got it what you mean @MOehm nvm
@Silenus except in this case we've got 'A has B to keep C'
@Techidiot Weak attempt at a pun. Sorry about that.
it needn't actually be A has (B has C); (A has B) has C suffices
How legit that is I suppose depends on how much you quibble about "to" in the parsing
@Techidiot for the dungeon? that's what Oehm said
I just didn't know how it worked!! ;_; I am so mad
People made it work somehow. :-) I am not on that level of solving so I can just nudge them :p
7:48 PM
I wanted to get it for once so I didn't share... I've had that word for over a day :( :C :c
You can get mine
I had the word yesterday, It wasn't until a little while ago when I actually started looking at state abbreviations that I saw the C*A, and that order let me see TAX, and then the I, and then I was staring at MOI for about 5 minutes before it registered. And then I looked up and @MOehm's message noticing TAX and MOI appeared on my screen. hehe
See the one I posted up there.. ;) Its luckly unsolved yet. Go for it :-D
Where? All I see is Rubio's
my paper actualy says
C T . . . AXA
... and I *still* couldn't get it right away :)
7:50 PM
9 mins ago, by Techidiot
Western civilization left us enigmatic tinge(4)
I have to drive home so I try to much right now
close enough. hehe
Gahh I am so disappointed now..
@Rubio I bumped up on the word last night. And saw tax today and forgot that I ever came across axiomatic last night. :p
@n_palum So its all yours, no one will touch it until you solve it. (Star this)
@Rubio Yup, AXIOMATIC. Well done!
7:55 PM
@GarethMcCaughan very tricksy. (see commentary above. hehe)
more better. heh
Incorrectly getting pinged instead of Gareth. I will take that as an honor :-) Thanks @Rubio
Anyway off to bed. Gamen!
That, or I don't know how to work a mouse. Either way works ;)
Night night @tech!
Good night!
@Rubio You mean 'you're on mobile'? :D
Sleep well Tech
Totally. hehe
8:01 PM
> What do you get when you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber?
> You can't cross a vector with a scalar
I'll just be over here, eating my popcorn and throwing the occasional overripe tomato
8:48 PM
@Sconibulus That's one of my favourite maths jokes.
oh dear. a What is a ... Word™? puzzle made HNQ.
Isn't that your fault?
Also Techi's CC makes no sense 😖
Oh, Gareth's got solved?
What was it?
9:08 PM
1 hour ago, by Rubio
@GarethMcCaughan - Axiomatic ... (C(ITA(MOI)X)A)<
Just to be clear, though, "Western state" was CA and the bit about "the opposite" was the reversal indicator.
(C(I+TA(MOI)X)A)< would have been better
what is "or" doing then?
oh. derp
funny that it actually, more or less, works the other way too
@Rubio You spoiled the acronymity!
9:15 PM
something axiomatic is trivially proven. either true OR false. :)
@Randal'Thor I what now?
@Rubio Gareth's original was a beautiful multi-acrostic.
It was a quadruple acrostic.
That's why i couldn't make it rhyme.
The line endings were forced.
I only noticed the 3. hehe
Riddles answered, never daunted --
Any clue to pieces torn!
Nasty puzzles *sunt delenda*:
Do not anger Rand-al'Thor!
is closer, without breaking it
oh heh
Yeah, but then it looks like trying to make it rhyme and not quite succeeding. "Pecca fortiter!"
In retrospect, though, i should probably have used last letters instead of first letters on the last line.
that at least is correct now. but yes: flawed rhyme is flawed
9:22 PM
Oh, I didn't notice the first and last lines being acrostics! Just the first and last letters of each line
I hadn't noticed that either
eh, I think the rhyme isn't too bad
it's even better now
Aargh, bloody mobile text entry
"Pecca fortiter"
It's all greek to me
9:27 PM
Also, @Rubio, your revised version now has the wrong syllable stresses on the second line.
on the other hand, I like the surface of your current C4.
@Deusovi since you're here, if you are able to replace "fortit" in my comment about 10 up from the latest with "fortiter" which is what I was unsuccessfully trying to persuade my phone to let me enter during the painfully short editing window, I would be grateful. But no problem if not.
perhaps "Any clue to pieces torn!" then
(If you're still in a post-edit mood Deus hehe)
I really wish you could do multi-line formatting.
@GarethMcCaughan Thanks - I rather liked how that one turned out
@Rubio Hm?
9:34 PM
@Rubio @Deusovi That
lurvely. danke
I think that's probably as good as it gets. :)
1 hour later…
10:49 PM
Q: Systematically solving a certain logic puzzle: win prize B when the truth of your statements relates to prize A

Marco13I came along this puzzle somewhere it a logic-related lecture: There are two prizes: Prize A and prize B. When you make a true statement, then you win prize A. When you make a false statement, then you do not win prize A What do you have to say in order to win prize B? The solution, for those...

1 hour later…
11:54 PM
I finally made progress on my FTC entry! I've been stuck trying to fix it for over a week.

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