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1:26 AM
@Volatility , still no need to accept. Who knows how many more hinTs, intentional or not, will be discovered in all. I'm enjoying this cat-and-mouse "trick of the Tail."
1:36 AM
Q: Encrypted Add-A-Gram!

wildBillMunsonIn a regular Add-A-Gram, each word in the chain is an anagram of the previous word plus one additional letter. It is possible to solve them from any entry point, and then work forwards or backwards from there. I've decided to add encryption to the Add-A-Gram so that it can only be solved increme...

2 hours later…
4:03 AM
Q: Riddle Poem with Single Anser

mkinsonThere is a young kid from MA, Who drafted a puzzle today. It isn't that tough, If you've got the stuff, To answer before others can say. So are you the one to solve it? Can you muster your thoughts for this bit? Really give it a try, And do not be shy, Go rack that brain and don't quit! ...

4:39 AM
Q: The 2 amigos and 2 doors

Undertalefan35You are in a room with two doors. One leads to freedom, and the other leads to a room filled with torture. There are two men in the room. One tells the truth most of the time, and the other tells lies most of the time. You can only ask one of the men one question. What can you ask to always go to...

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8:46 AM
Q: A String-based Puzzle: Can you get from the string "baa" to "bacaccacacccc"?

Michael WeharGoal: Go from the initial string to the final string by applying a sequence of string replacement rules. You are given the following: Initial String - baa Final String - bacaccacacccc You can apply the following rules one application at a time. Replacement Rules: (1) replace ...

9:36 AM
Q: A bold gaming challenge

DLoscMichel's latest puzzle has my brain in knots. I need to unwind. So I've settled on something fun to do with him, while also showing him he's not the only one who can craft tricky puzzles. Here's my email to him: Still puzzling over your Japanese challenge without making much progress, I'm afr...

10:24 AM
I've kinda taken a break from Puzzling in favor of Literature now...
Another 54 rep until I have moderator tools.
So you can visit the site through this link, and then you can upvote my answer here (just kidding, even if I do want votes)
10:41 AM
Q: Time Series Analysis

LevieuxThe next semester you plan on following a course about Time Series Analysis. Unfortunately, you have no idea when the courses will be held. The past few days you have received some cryptic messages. Given below is an overview of the messages you received along with their time and date. Can y...

3 hours later…
1:19 PM
Q: What is MOehm trying to tell us?

Beastly GerbilMOehm has an interesting (updated) profile picture: It is a lower case 'm' surrounded by what appears to be braille. The braille says: (* used to indicate braille that has no meaning) ka;ak*k l*,* a,*b,la* ,;ak Some of the unknown symbols could be rotated or flipped symbols. However the ...

1:30 PM
Greetings, beings.
Wow 4 views in 14 minutes! :P
I probably should have waited till tomorrow to post, but already have puzzles lined up for then
I posted a puzzle on Dec 11, but no-one got the answer yet. People stopped working on it once I had to award the bounty anyway. I don't think I can post any more hints without spoiling part of the puzzle. What is more acceptable: Posting a hint that solves part of the puzzle, or just posting an answer that outlines the precise steps that should be used to get to the answer?
I did the latter when my puzzle wasn't solved for 6 months, but I'd post a hint
2:16 PM
Q: probability gcse maths drawing pin problem

Alaa Mohamedwhen a drawing pin is dropped onto the floor it lands either point up or point down the probability of any one drawing pin landing point up is 0.46 what is the probability that the first three drawing pins all land point down?

2:34 PM
Welp, added another hint
3:19 PM
I just took the bounty route on an unsolved puzzle of mine
4:15 PM
Q: How to create symbols

Jun HayakawaI'm making a code in which What software should I use to do this? Also, has this been done multiple times?

4:26 PM
@Sphinx Before I answer that question, is it on-topic here?
I'm honestly not even sure what they're asking for... I assume a software that takes text as input and generates an image of the encrypted message?
@RottersSlave well done on the MOehm question. I'll accept in a few hours
@BeastlyGerbil Thanks, that "Misformatin" mistake was pretty funny :P
@Sumurai8 I guess it's technically about the "creation of puzzles".
4:31 PM
@RottersSlave what tool did you use to XOR it?
@BeastlyGerbil Notepad :P
oh :P
Can you explain the process to me? I've never actually understood how to XOR something
(1 = dot; 0 = no dot) in this case
Q: How to create symbols

Jun HayakawaI'm making a code in which What software should I use to do this? Also, has this been done multiple times?

4:36 PM
actually, ^ that's wrong. LOL sorry
(slowly turning into AK)
Technically you could also use an OR gate in MOehms case, since there's never a case where the input is 11.
4:54 PM
@RottersSlave: Congratulations on cracking my little "secret".
hi martin! :P
Why is this question suddenly protected? The Community bot automatically protects random and spam-free questions? :D
It's... not "spam-free"
So there was a raid on that question I didn't witness?
Yes. There were three answers deleted as spam on the 17th
5:01 PM
Nice. Were they trying to sell slot machines? :P
@BeastlyGerbil Hi Beastly. Now if that secret wasn't a major revelation I don't know. :)
They were umm... disturbing images... and someone with a hankering for dots.
@MOehm Would've been a perfect opportunity to sneakily promote your website :P Although it seems like it's dead since 2011 :(
Yeah, I never know what to do with that website. Occasionally I make some half-hearted attempts to put something more interesting there, but ultimately I don't update it. Also, own websites are a bit nineties, aren't they?
5:14 PM
Oh dear. He is famous now?
What do you mean, "now"?
gUGTmorning all
@Randal'Thor hehe
an uptick in braille questions lately, hehe
5:16 PM
Which is good considering I can now read it fluently
Profile-Pic-Puzzles seem to be pretty popular, yeah (almost all of them were on HNQ list?). BTW @Will, if you change your profile pic to a puzzle and M Oehm solves it it's official that we're all the same person...
and I apparently am Deusovi
go figure
I knew that it was worth learning braille!
The bad thing about the puzzling-variety of Braille is that you get good at reading it, but only if you can see it. I've never tried to read Braille the way it's meant to be read.
@MOehm Excuse me Your Highness. I mean: "He is even more famous than His Famousness-ness was famous before." 9_9
5:20 PM
I guess using a Braille keyboard would be an excellent practice :P
Actually, only if it has a completely different layout
So it's not that great...
@RottersSlave If I ever change my avatar here it'll be taken as a puzzle now regardless of whether or not it is one lol
You should totally exploit that - mess with people's heads :)
@RottersSlave the program I use does sdf as the left column and jkl as the right
5:38 PM
Now, I don't know whom should I applaud for that puzzle. M Oehm for doing all the work or Beastly for bringing it to our notice? :P
Q: Short puzzle - String Decoding

suomynonAYour friend is on vacation. To let you know where he is, he sent you a string to decode with the short message: The key to success is thinking outside the box. The puzzle: 6X8E141M2X29X8E18DXE8XM2E49S1EX 8mWnqvoIf4vl/GvF1LvH9EtcYfrfmHsUp+HGsRG5b/Q= Hint #1: Hint #2: Hint #3...

Me! Me! :P Jk, it should be MOehm
Code puzzles what(not) to do?
@MOehm That would have been a good first puzzle. Except, someone else was first to it. :P
Wow MOehm's first puzzle! And he didn't even post it himself! :P
5:45 PM
@Alconja I feel your CCCC is POLITICIAN. it's probably an &lit. The whole thing is a definition.
@Sumurai8 Well, well. I had pondered to make the logo a laurel wreath with the lines in the leaves being the Braille. But that would have made the leaves too big and I thought that an M in a wreath of laurel leaves would look a bit pompous.
Anayway, you may call me Martin.
@MOehm As you wish, Yo... Martin.
6:32 PM
I should put a puzzle in my chat profile that is harder and have son
*someone post it as a puzzle.
Please do :P
Problem is you get no rep despite making the puzzle
@Sid You mean as a door-opener to start a series of fiendishly clever (or probably rather so-so) puzzles? Hmmm ...
Hello all
6:48 PM
@Rubio Hm? Any particular reason why?
Hi deusovi
This is a surprisingly active Sunday
And I finally got some puzzling rep :)
@BeastlyGerbil Active in terms of chat or puzzles?
@MikeQ just a lot of people seem to be around
6:52 PM
Anyone working on puzzles or are you up to other activities?
I'm currently making 3 different puzzles while also doing homework
Hoping to post Monday, Tuesday and maybe next week
The one I'm hoping to post next week is a lot of fun :P
@BeastlyGerbil Do you have a process for coming up with puzzles? Or do you just get ideas and write them down?
7:33 PM
Q: The ancient Japanese runes

Jun HayakawaYou are Rick Perry, former Texas governor (who forgot the name of the Department Of Energy in 2012. Really?) turned archeologist. You've discovered a shrine in north Japan that's estimated to be almost 3.5 thousand years old. The shrine consists of a large tall slab of stone. Atop the stone is a ...

7:44 PM
I can use my braille skills again!
I'm working on a chat puzzle
Bilge, thou franchok! Thy key is DONKEY!
(Ignore that for now.)
8:05 PM
Question for the experience puzzle-crafters: If an answer contains the correct "final" answer, but not the correct clues, then should the answer be accepted?
It's really up to you.
8:17 PM
There, finished...
@Deusovi thanks for the pokemon reference
@BeastlyGerbil look at my info and tell me what you think.
what info?
Yay! Transcription time!
8:23 PM
Okay I will soon
@LukasRotter you're back!
My StackOverflow (parent user) account isn't deleted, so yeah.
@LukasRotter Why'd you delete your Puzzling account?
'mazing. i'm impressed. that was
difficult, right? hard as a regular
puzzle on the main site. ready for your
next challenge? ah, but there is none...
now is the end. done is your quest.
i have put your final answer here.
really, it's easy to find. i'm waiting.
seriously, you're still looking?
amazing. wow, you're stubborn.
erm... maybe do something else?
seriously, leave! omg, go away already...
man. everyone, give this guy rep.
(put linebreak here)
you've finished. but what's the answer?
Mm. I messed up the last line?
@Mithrandir Don't frequent Puzzling.SE anymore, so might as well delete it lol
8:29 PM
That was fast, though...
@Mithrandir Fixed
@LukasRotter So what's the final answer if you've gotten so far? :P
try taking the letters after punctuation maybe?
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a xwpYx.png on imgur...
Ah. capital P.
SO how'd you get the key?
8:35 PM
You said it. Shouldn't have needed Mary's family to find it. :P
Ah right.
Mary was little.
She had an older brother named Frank.
Their mother Nancy was a short woman.
So was their Papa.
Frank was the odd one out, being tall.
...But to solve it without cheating, you do.
wait, i messed up again
Or I made a typo
Hey Trojan
8:36 PM
you did, but not on the word "out"
Hmm. So where?
named / names
done the pokemon thing
@BeastlyGerbil help Lukas ^there
I have to go now :P
8:39 PM
Ah well.
@BeastlyGerbil Kinda. First letter of each sentence: "[M]ithrandir is awesome"
9:02 PM
@Will I totally agree. **nods**
9:55 PM
Jan 18 at 18:40, by Sid
@Rubio the way you wrote that answer was perfect. Makes me think you are a sockpuppet of Deusovi. :P
*bails out*
10:26 PM
@Sid Nope. Standard cryptic + def format, no &lit.
CCCC Hint 2: "I speak" is a homophone indicator...
Too bad "Republican" doesn't fit :P
11:40 PM
I kinda want to publish various stats about every FTP there was (more than we currently edit into the list of questions). Mods, should I A) add these stats into the"What should the subjects of our fortnightly topic challenges be?" post (since there are all FTPs listed already) or should I B) post a new question just concerning the stats? or maybe C) just add the stats for each FTP to the currently available stats in the answers (spamming the front-page one time) or D) something different?
IMO C is the best option, but spamming the meta front page also isn't optimal, so I'm not sure. (@Deusovi @Emrakul @GentlePurpleRain ^)
I hope the mods won't react the same way as you :P
I doubt it. They're usually very committed!
I guess an individual post for all the stats would also be nice, because you could compare them better.
To be honest I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't read your long message!
11:51 PM
Edit: Can't decide between option B/C
Edit: I hope the other two mods won't react the same way as you :P

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