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1:00 PM
Oh, huh, I'd never have got that.
Thanks @NeilW!
Yeah, "G" isn't really an exclamation. It sounds like an exclamation, but not really the same thing.
I didn't write these
points at @TheGreatEscaper
blame @TheGreatEscaper and @ChrisCudmore :P
And you misinterpreted my Easter comment.
You deleted your Easter comment.
1:02 PM
Yes I did.
I thought it just said that Count Dooku celebrates Easter?
It's an Easter Egg... and may be relevant in 39.
Clue 39
Clue 39?
1:04 PM
The last one in the series.
Well, that's a long way in the future.
the metapuzzle
You can't edit every single star wars tag on SFF without doing the one for Count Dooku.
PICK fits with the first three and the last one at least ...
feels the blame
1:11 PM
@Randal'Thor ^
For the PICK ones that you didn't get.
@TheGreatEscaper Don't worry about it.
@Mithrandir Danke.
What about DRY and EARS?
Just for completeness's sake.
Dry your ears? Is that a phrase?
I've heard "dry your eyes" and "wet behind the ears".
OK then.
Image: ask, answer, or vote on December 25th - hint for D.
Log? Fire? Flame?
None of them fits.
1:17 PM
Check my answer on Puzzling Meta.
The one with two buses?
It's a related word to what it's used for there.
And Weebly keeps crashing my computer >.<
Heh, random upvote on an old answer on SFF reminded me to close the question as a dupe.
hi all
1:24 PM
Hi @Matt
o/ @Matt
@Sconibulus BIG is correct
OUT is incorrect
HEAD is correct
And until all of the other clues are solved, not saying about the final answer. Either to confirm or to deny.
@Sconibulus I Rubio already solved E4 (see my answer).
I've never had to check my creation paper so often as in this puzzle o_o
There are SO many parts to it!
1:29 PM
Pun intended? ;)
What pun?
Stack Overflow
I think in context it's clear I don't mean that :-P
It is, but whenever that happens someone points it out, so...
Dammit, @Mith, you said it's important that Apple is capitalised and I spent ages thinking about things like Macs and iPhones!
1:33 PM
Think NY :P
Yeah, I already saw it in Sconibulus's answer.
OK, time for a new progress report.
Group A: done.
Group B: done.
Group C: done.
Group D: only final answer left to find.
I'm not getting THIN for the first rebus. The line is thin, and the Xd out block is fat, so I'm good there, but the ant and triangle blob?
Aunt Spiker :P
Group E: only E5 left to find.
Group F: wtf? :-P
@Mithrandir Don't get that reference at all.
1:37 PM
@ChrisCudmore I couldn't work out the ant bit either. @Mithrandir?
Google reveals a character from James and the Giant Peach
@Mithrandir Why is there a link to this image in your rebus answer on meta??
hang on
Busy, like a bus?
Like a pair of buses.
1:41 PM
@Randal'Thor I think it's supposed to be ROOF
Final answer is ice.
Dry ice, ice pick, ice stone, icehead
(And no, I didn't look it up)
@Will I thought of that because of TILE, but it doesn't seem to fit most of the others.
@Deusovi Shouldn't it be BONE?
@Randal'Thor ...Oh wait, that works too
1:45 PM
OK, now I agree with @Sconibulus.
and it's less tenuous with the last one
Bone-dry, bone (to) pick, stone bone????, bonehead
Although I'm still not sure what stone bones are.
sticks and stones?
ah, yeah
@Randal'Thor Like. There are hearts :P
1:48 PM
@Mithrandir "live same"?
I need a verb!
@IAmInPLS drink
@Mithrandir Κάτω από?
Thank you
But no
1:50 PM
@Randal'Thor nope
@IAmInPLS I'll verb you, you adjective noun!
Oh nevermind, I found it
But yes
The Greek is UNDER. Different from Live under the same roof.
Urgh. I don't like it.
But OK.
I was stuck, there aren't a ton of idioms with the word 'roof'.
1:52 PM
Yeah, sorry, I was throwing together shower and sleep thoughts while trying to get ready for work
You could have used SUN.
@Randal'Thor I created/worked on this Clue after midnight on three different nights, there wasn't any sun.
@Mithrandir Did it not occur to you to use fiddler?
Right. See above message.
Still sleep-deprived.
@Silenus Yeah, never would have guessed that. I wouldn't have even recognized that "SFUMATO" was a word...
1:55 PM
@Mithrandir Clue Twenty-Six is going to be a tough one to make ...
Why do you say that?
I'll just have... let me check my list of volunteers - do it.
@Mithrandir I have prophetic powers.
I'll just have @Sid do that one.
Urgh, I can still make no headway on Group F.
Who are the whizzes these days?
It used to be Len, back in the day, but he's not around any more.
Two of them have to do with QWERTY
(no more hints without knowing that you need them)
1:59 PM
What puzzle are we investigating?
> noo p q rssr
Looks like a substitution cipher of some kind.
Need to find words with letters matching that pattern.
A: The Word Web of horror - Clue Twenty Two

rand al'thorThe initial message Group A This is a steganography puzzle. Interpret each triple $(a,b,c)$ as This gives the following words: and the final solution Group B Diamonds formed in lattices. (3) Broken bar within intelligence (5) Restriction pistol without exclamation (4) Finish ...

Sort of.
Why link to the answer?
Q: The Word Web of horror - Clue Twenty Two

Mithrandir<<---First clue <---Previous clue As you say the word, the floor starts rising. You are now able to reach the trapdoor. You push it open and climb out. You blink in surprise. You appear to be in the same place you were for Clue Sixteen. When you take another glance, however, you notice that it...

> ai/jws
fix that /
@Mithrandir Because the answer shows all the progress made so far.
Wouldn't want KK to start from scratch.
@Mithrandir I need a picture of your keyboard first :-P
> vscgc
2:04 PM
the thing about that noo p q rssr one...
It's likely not a phrase, at least, due to the limit on 1-letter words, so chances are the spaces are herrings
@Khale_Kitha Not herrings. They're important.
@Randal'Thor ^
@Mithrandir Then it should be soKED.
"soaked" sounds more likely to me.
No, because those don't count.
Soaked is (confirmed)
Would you be willing to take another picture of that top-down, Mith?
too much trouble
2:08 PM
Why are we taking pictures of laptops?
Can't get it from my phone easily
@dcfyj Because they wanted a picture of my keyboard :P
7 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
@Mithrandir I need a picture of your keyboard first :-P
It's just a standard qwerty keyboard isn't it?
I have no idea.
It should be...
You can whack it with a stick if it isn't.
Seems to me that all the letters are in the standard places (secondary alphabet aside)
2:11 PM
@Mithrandir "they"?
Not everything in the puzzle is letters.
Where did the A come from?
@dcfyj I've got a weird \| next to the 'z'...
@Randal'Thor Rand, al, and Thor.
His \ is next to the enter key
So he wrapped it around when moving one key right
But the puzzle uses a /
So it was odd, to me
@Mithrandir That button moves around keyboard to keyboard. It's where half the backspace key is on yours on mine
2:13 PM
@ChrisCudmore From me. You'll have to call me Rnd now.
Rnd l'Thor
@dcfyj I have two. For some reason.
@Khale_Kitha I've only used one so far!
I stole the other when you weren't looking.
@Randal'Thor but you have no A's only a's
2:13 PM
I have / next to shift. The extra \ is next to z.
@Mithrandir those aren't the same
@dcfyj The puzzle was originally in lower-case. I capitalised the solution for consistency.
but you do have 2 of each |\ and /?
Wait what?
They put the wrong sticker on!
well the second /? is actually /Q
2:15 PM
Rand, the hebrew word is translating to punishment when I look it up.
@dcfyj No
Not in Hebrew.
Hang on. FHRCs coming up.
The Q key has a / on it and the key to the left of Shift has / and ? on it
Bottom left
Q: And the rest is hstr!

IAmInPLSThis is an entry in the 14th Fortnightly Topic Challenge. Ha, nice, a new fortnightly challenge. What's more, it is about history! It seems that people didn't like sports that much, huh? Fortunatly, there are (good) puzzlrs around here who seem to lke history. Like @Sleafr, who alredy postd t...

bottom left?
2:16 PM
@Mithrandir Fortnightly Hellish Riddle Challenges?
The Hebrew one might be THIN again - if you type it on the keyboard (accounting for the RTL direction) it's G U V A keys which is ROT13 THIN
-_- images not working
Doesn't matter
@Will (confirmed)
@Randal'Thor Mmh?
@IAmInPLS Hmm?
2:21 PM
I gtg now. Work on Group F!
Why did one of my puzzle randomly pop here :-P?
Are you complaining? :P
Because I stole Rand's other 'a'
Oh, I didn't read Khale's message!
Now I don't complain hehe. Oddly enough, I got an upvote on this puzzle like 10 hours ago
Yeah, I love the random upvotes on old puzzles.
inspires me to work on more, lol
2:24 PM
@Khale_Kitha Or to hammer stuff.
1 hour ago, by Rand al'Thor
Heh, random upvote on an old answer on SFF reminded me to close the question as a dupe.
I've no idea on F6.
It probably needs someone computery.
I'm sorta computery.
Yeah, my head-thing isn't working, yet, today.
> B38c F=4FC2aB38a 4C6G3B` B38bJG2Cc
@Deusovi ^ Any ideas?
(I thought you were mathsy!)
2:26 PM
worth noting the repetition of B38
(Yeah, mostly! I know some computery stuff though.)
I'm honestly not sure. Could be some form of substitution cipher, but I don't know where it would be derived from.
I initially thought that "B38c F=" meant Base38Coding Function=
And then there's the `
and then only things right of the equal actually were encoded, but that doesn't seem like it actually works at all
2:29 PM
Which is the key associated with ~, not "
@Khale_Kitha Not on my keyboard.
or, at least, I can't get a sensible 38 character base out of the remainder
I'm speaking generically - my point was that it's not an apostrophe
@Will I guess that q_a hasn't been back since the chat channels merged, eh? He doesn't come up in autocomplete.
Directly substitution-ciphering (assuming punctuation marks are letters too) doesn't seem to produce anything useful.
At least, Quipqiup can't find anything.
I know it's not the same, but it reminds me of the one from my puzzle (retrieving...)
2:37 PM
@Khale_Kitha It only takes a week or two out of the room for someone's name to stop coming up in autocomplete.
Ah, I actually didn't realize that.
Makes sense, though.
No idea on the 3 left in Group F, at the moment, sry.
vscgc looks familiar, by itself, though..
I just got an Epiphany hat. Any idea why?
you did a thing
Ah. thanks.
There's only flavor text - no explanation
More specifically, you did a thing while it's 6 Jan somewhere in the world.
2:47 PM
A: Winter Bash 2016 - All Hats

DavidRegular Hats I Am Your Father Ask, answer, or vote on the meta site In case of a post, the post must have 0 or positive score. Running Ragged Earn 150 reputation points on three different sites (not including Stack Overflow) within 15 days. Does not include the association bonus. The 15...

Ah, that was that '6' hat, then?
@Khale_Kitha No, I dunno what the '6' hat is for (although I got one accidentally here on PSE).
Yeah, I got it this morning. Description is simply: "This is a secret hat."
without the caps, or punctuation.
2:48 PM
yesterday, by IAmInPLS
@Rubio I think I had the 6 either by editing a question and comment
yesterday, by IAmInPLS
Or by commenting a question and having the OP also commenting
yesterday, by IAmInPLS
Or maybe you have to edit the question, commenting it, and having the OP responding
@Khale_Kitha Yeah, they're hats, not caps!
The Darth Vader helmet is a cap...of sorts =D
If there's a hat for repcapping, that should be a cap.
There is
For recapping 3 times
2:51 PM
Jolly good.
And welcome back.
I thought it was for 200 rep irrespective of cap
@Will That's often a point of confusion.
Like with the Mortarboard/Epic/Legendary badges.
@Mithrandir I wonder if the final answer for group F is WATER ...
how would that work with thin?
I just see an UD definition with a total of only 2 votes
That's what I'm not sure about.
I wish somebody would solve the 4th part of this:
Q: A puzzling newspaper headline

rand al'thorThe following clues are not quite your usual crossword fare; they do fit the standard guidelines for cryptic clues, but each of them contains an unusual twist which (hopefully) makes them harder than average. By putting together all four solutions, you will discover a meaningful sentence. The w...

I feel like I messed up.
blood would work better with what we've got so far
2:55 PM
I literally came up with it just by filling in the best word I could think of to complete "SPHINX TROTS AFTER ..." and then coming up with a clue for that word.
@Will Ooh, yes. That fits with BONE too.
@Will How does that fit with UNDER?
Perhaps I watch too much Criminal Minds, but "blood under [one's] nails" (also applies in less murdery contexts)

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