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9:00 PM
A Stack Overflow is a programming error trying to get too much info at once, I think...
Yeah, tSL was almost totally empty from Dec 2014 (the aftermath of the Great Puzzling War) to Aug 2016 (when I came back).
Well, it was tGL back then, but whatever.
Do I have any other volunteers besides for @TheGreatEscaper to do a Clue?
9:00 PM
Green llama
I'd be interested in trying
@Mithrandir here
I've done one. So i'll let someone else have ago
I made a mess of mine anyway
I know what the stock exchange is, I just didn't think it actually referenced it
@Mithrandir I wouldn't mind doing one.
@BeastlyGerbil How so?
9:01 PM
The room thing
So everyone who wants, ping me with the word 'banana'
As long as the time schedule isn't too strict.
@Randal'Thor Preferably withing a few days.
you gave me 18 days :P
Yeah. I changed it :P
I'm more impatient now...
9:02 PM
@Mithrandir Always take a banana to a party, Rose. Bananas are good.
@Randal'Thor Send an email to: tombquestwiki (at) gmail
Do you not want me to, then?
@Khale_Kitha You can too
There are lots of Clues
@Mithrandir Done. Want me to delete/redact that chat message?
Not my real email
Its for the tombquest wiki
I'm an admin
I set up the account
But the wiki is kind of dead.
9:08 PM
Q: Lifting is my best known work

busukxuan Virtuous, but I'm of no form My seat's right at the very top Where gangs of many is the norm My one peer is one that goes 'pop' Though my uses are many Lifting is my best known work At this my one peer beats me Yet its temper, few dare irk What am I?

@Mith So are you looking for cryptic clues at all, or just clues to the given answer?
Any type of puzzle.
Ah, okay
Sorry Mith! :P
We do squeaky pop test all the time in chemistry so I got it straight away
@BeastlyGerbil Virtuous = Noble
9:13 PM
Oh thanks
Edited and credited
Sorry @Randal'Thor too. Ninja'd y'all
Now the site looks weird. I get used to having a rep number up in the corner of the screen and then when my rep changes the site is weird to look at...
@BeastlyGerbil Good job.
@BeastlyGerbil Huh? Your rep can't have changed by that much just now.
The last line I have no idea though
Only by 20 but that changed the 10 column and now it looks different
How did it take as long as five minutes for that helium question to get solved? :-)
Question for you, in email, @Mith
@GarethMcCaughan It actually took me 10 seconds. I only clicked the link that @Sphinx gave
9:19 PM
The tags were a bit of a giveaway.
Second time I've been ninja'd to a riddle recently ... I must be getting slow in my old age.
Still don't get last line. added a weak answer for it
And apparently helium is non flammable
@BeastlyGerbil Hydrogen is flammable.
Very flammable
Fire used to be used for hot air balloons
It's temper refers to hydrogen
9:21 PM
oh 'it's' temper. No 'my' temper!
Cough Hindenberg.
And blimps =D
how come the new guy got more upvotes than me? :P
Wow, the "newbies get more upvotes" effect is strong on this one.
@BeastlyGerbil You've got enough rep already.
9:23 PM
Aiming for 20k
well, there's also the fact that Beastly Gerbil claimed Helium was flammable :)
Sez me, of course.
But that's why my answer is languishing at the bottom.
@Sconibulus shhhh....
I reviewed it, and it was a good answer, so... +1.
fair enough...
9:25 PM
@Randal'Thor on SFF I am in first place for edits this year, while you languish in last...
back to braille!
(I am so close to have completely learnt it now)
Only 4 letters I don't know...
And now someone undid their upvote on my answer :-(
Have one from me to make it up
@mithrandir Lana Lana bo bana banana fana fo fana, fe fi mo mana. Lana. (The only important word here is banana)
Oo, thanks guys :-D
9:27 PM
@TheGreatEscaper Already have you listed. :P
Going to bed. Adios. @Randal'Thor give me feedback.
The one you gave me is a pain.... haha
@TheGreatEscaper I'll email you
Tomorrow is always going to be.... The end of my sorrows.... I'll keep running after tomorrow.....
9:30 PM
(It's too early for me to be coherent)
It really isn't healthy that I fall asleep at 1, and wake up at 5:30
Ach Annie...
Your hair looks like mine.
Except red.
I don't have red hair.
♫Annie, are you okay?♪
Any folks interested in playtesting some logic puzzles, in the vein of Japanese pen and paper puzzles, but with original mechanics that must be deduced?
@TheGreatEscaper Sure!
9:42 PM
Awesome! Just before we get into it, letting you know I do plan on posting these on PSE, so it'll count you out of answering the question when it goes up eventually. Is that ok?
Hey, with a CC - can the def and the puzzle be switched?
To both questions :P
So the "def" portion could actually be a specific kind of the answer?
Cool. Do you have discord/some other instant messaging which is not on PSE?
Sry to jump in the middle
9:43 PM
@Khale_Kitha I believe so
@TheGreatEscaper I can't access discord right now, but how about IRC?
nah it's all cool, are you asking if MAMMAL in a clue can be used to define ANIMAL? Or something along those lines?
Or something like.... Definition is Cat, and the answer is mammal
You would need a question mark
I think that would be acceptable
9:45 PM
That is called a "definition by example", and needs some sort of indicator (e.g. "?", "maybe", "perhaps", "for one", "could be", etc.)
Thank you guys
@TrojanByAccident is this IRC cloud? Just downloaded and made an account.
How would I create a chat with you?
Well, connect to irc.freenode.net
And then say /query TrojanByAccident
It keeps saying connection refused.
what client are you using?
9:48 PM
Ah, wait, I mistyped.
chat.freenode.net is the same thing, btw
(irc.freenode.net is an alias of chat.freenode.net)
Ok, I'm into the server on the app, I think.
This chat transcript reads like a bad hollywood hacking scene.
@Mithrandir I'm happy to do one if you want more people
10:01 PM
Q: Yet another number sequence puzzle

GlorfindelNumber sequence puzzles are very popular of late.</sarcasm> Therefore, I present to you another one. I promise you it has no relation to any sequence in OEIS, nor will it ever be found there, and it does not require any mathematics at all to be solved. It is also not based on a language. What a...

1 hour later…
11:09 PM
@Randal'Thor you still around?
@BeastlyGerbil Ten seconds sounds much more like it :-).
11:21 PM
Q: What is a Dotted Word™?

Mike QThis is based on the What is a Word/Phrase™ series of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles, started by JLee. If a word follows a certain rule, then I call it a Dotted Word™. Each word can be tested for whether it is a Dotted Word™ without depending on the other words. Use the example word lists below to...

11:32 PM
Q: A Circular Puzzle

Generic UserThe first step is to figure out the puzzle. To Puzzling have the I ready, for a risen year needed. Old man's home falling wealth. A rhyme To look two answers between Last. all Stack swiftly on Exchange. Gotten the puzzle. as new Tasks: Surprise! symbol of brid...

11:52 PM
@Rubio Am now. What's up?
sorry hang on on a call :)
@Sphinx I have no idea what to make of this puzzle and its answer. Going to wait to vote until the OP has commented on the answer.
Ok finally had some more time to dig in to the Headlines cryptics final clue, and I have multiple viable solutions. I'm probably just going to post them all, but I wanted to re-confirm that, other than fulfilling (4), (n), (v), and having a (v) homophone, and finally being something that can semantically fill SPHINX TROTS AFTER ..., there are no other restrictions imposed by the cc.
the ? seems to permit the "I am x, you are x" to be the def for x, and the rest the subsidiary (sounds like y) where y is a verb homophone of x.
If there's any other limitation being imposed, I don't see where or why, but wanted to make sure :)
@Randal'Thor (just to be sure) that was all ^ for you. :)

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