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12:38 AM
@Randal'Thor first cryptic is right, rest wrong
2 hours later…
2:22 AM
Q: You think YOU have it bad?

RubioLet me tell you about MY life: They took from me something near to my heart. I crossed the Atlantic, my short became long, but I was still essentially myself. I gave up heroin. I introduced my companions to my friend Syrah. Once accustomed to a life of comfort, I left all ease be...

2 hours later…
4:30 AM
What the hell is this new user?
Q: The tilted labyrinth - Can you find the fastest path in this 3D-puzzle? (Simulator now included.)

BmyGuestThis is a puzzle was inspired by the board game labyrinth, which I very much enjoyed as a kid. It either requires very good 3D-visualization skills in your brain or some paper & scissors work. (Hence mechanical puzzle). Thanks to Kevin, there is now also a Javascript simulator for this puzzle, ...

Check the recent answer
already flagged him
his last 3 answers were all inappropriate
Puzzler of the year! /s
Got it deleted. whee.
5:19 AM
I've designed around 30 puzzles for the 'grid logic' fortnightly already... :P I'm very excited for this one. (They'll all be in the same post, don't worry about spam. But I'm projecting around 100 puzzles in total.)
5:30 AM
oh dear me.
6:16 AM
What user was it?
If you don't mind me asking
6:39 AM
Why did minesweeper suddenly become so popular?
Someone answered a lot of minesweeper questions, bumping them to the top.
same user
hey Deus
whinged. such a strange looking word to my eyes. :)
7:04 AM
What was I at the start of my saga?
What significant changes did I endure?
It was all about I
Howdy howdy
Good... whatever time of day it is for you!
yesterday, by Rubio
Good ${time_of_day_indicator} to you, ${formal_gender_specifier}s! I hope you're having a delightfully puzzling time.
7:09 AM
Too early...
@Rubio I wish that worked ;)
It works just fine. :) You have to do the variable interpolations yourself, though.
7:59 AM
@Deusovi If you are here, Can Without Exclamation mean removing i and l? i because it is a reversed exclamation mark and "l" because, well... it looks like an exclamation mark?
@Sid I don't think so, no.
Restriction pistol without exclamation (4)
This thing from Mithrandir's puzzle..
I am almost certain it should be stop.
I wouldn't do that, at least. "without exclamation" could be an indicator to remove "OH" or "OUCH" or something, but not "IL".
That'd also require an anagram indicator.
I'm not saying it's not possible, but if that is the solution it wouldn't be a good clue.
I am not too happy with that solution. But, nothing else seems to be working..
Maybe it's a synonym for pistol containing an exclamation?
8:03 AM
Hello all o/
has nobody destroyed the CCCC yet?
I'm currently earning money online
via captcha-solving service
8:04 AM
hey chatters, I thought that exclamation might be LO, but tips,spit,pits?
already earned over a cent
I feel accomplished
@NeilW All of that requires an anagram indicator. Which isn't present...
@TrojanByAccident Doing what now, and for whom?
12 mins ago, by TrojanByAccident
via captcha-solving service
also attempting to sign up for paypal so I can write reviews and get paid
(different site)
8:18 AM
Someone has created a service whereby humans answer captchas for some 3rd party user who wants to automate around captchas?
Nice puzzle @Rubio :-)
@Rubio There exist many such services
@IAmInPLS thanks
@TrojanByAccident Yeah, not only for captchas
8:19 AM
@TrojanByAccident That's ... horrible on so many levels.
@IAmInPLS mhmm
Once, I was paid to see some advertisements
24 cents by ad
@Rubio How so? You know captcha bots? That's how they work
I dunno, I'm hard pressed to imagine any legitimate user needing to bypass captchas with enough regularity and volume that outsourcing it is needed.
At a minimum it's a violation of the ToS of whatever site you're exploiting
not really
8:21 AM
and to make a business out of doing that seems insanely antisocial
well, depending on the site
8:40 AM
Rand has made good progress...
Hey, check out this article
Obvious troll is obvious
Wasn't legion some sort of a hacking group or something similar?
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us
That cryptic in Mithrandir's isn't STOP.
8:48 AM
@TheGreatEscaper So, you framed it?
That's one of my clues, yes.
Pistol does not mean pew pew pew, does it?
Nah, I made pistol to mean 'pah pah pah'
I just think interpreting pistol as 'pew' is too obvious, you know?
(Sarcasm, just in case anyone is worried)
Gah, I'm trying to construct a logic puzzle and it keeps leading to contradictions. D:
8:55 AM
@Deusovi feeling your pain!
Solving a logic puzzle is actually easier than creating one...
@TheGreatEscaper Didn't you say you'd made 30 or so already?
But there's some things that need fixing up.
And I've still got a lot to do...
Wow, how did you make so many so quickly?
By being a teenager on holidays, I suppose.
Anyway, they're not big
At least, not yet.
8:57 AM
I'm a student on holidays too. I guess I'm just lazy. :P
Anyway, it'll probably make more sense when you see my final post as to what I'm really doing here.
At least for now, designing the puzzles themselves is not the BIGGEST thing i'm working out.
What type of puzzles are they?
Or do you not want to spoil it?
No spoilers :P
But let's just say there's been some heavy testing on Jack and Nick.
There's your teaser.
9:04 AM
Interesting. I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.
@TrojanByAccident Someone was kinda close at one point. Or at least they said something useful. :)
You wouldn't happen to be able to link what they said, would you?
@Deusovi, would it be weird if I said it's not going to get explained by me, ever?
okay I'm just seeing the star board... what'd I miss?
9:05 AM
Nope! Sounds Witness-y. I'm excited - I love puzzles where you have to learn the rules yourself
:D Very different mechanics to the witness, but definitely it's an inspiration. In fact, I was thinking about titling the post 'WITLESS - 101 logic puzzles with no rules'
@Will You don't wanna know.
Yeah, I figured the mechanics would be different. Seriously though, 101 puzzles? How are you gonna fit all that into one post?
Hey Sp!
Well, my puzzles are SPECIFICALLY meant to be done in a certain order. Sets of 5.
9:07 AM
Hey :)
So they'll all be imgur/stackexchange links, I suppose.
And you're not allowed to click on the next link until you've solved the previous set of 5.
Came for the chat, staying for the cryptic practice
Clue 39 will require extensive knowledge of the first 38 Clues.
Cool. I'm really excited :D
@Mithrandir is the book series any good?
9:08 AM
@Sp3000 Hopefully you're at least partially staying for the chat too :P
Unless we're that annoying.
Depends what you guys are talking about :P
@TheGreatEscaper The first one is awesome. The second one is okay. The third is looking promising, only read the first. The fourth haven't read. The Superspecial haven't read.
@IAmInPLS But I wanna know how you went from butts to Java to butts again
Ah alright.
@Will It's... complicated
But I end up googling stiff butt, like everyone else
9:18 AM
Pffft you amateurs have to Google butts
@Will or "Go ogle" butts? :P
@Will And for the Java thing, it allows us to fit coffeee into 4 letters
I just want to know who said the useful thing re: the cccc :)
You would
Yes. Yes, I would. hehe
9:32 AM
Oh I see what Gareth thought your CCCC idea was :)
Huh. I never did - I was on a call so lost track of what was going on, and never figured out how he came up with whatever it was he said before it scrolled out of window and out of mind
i thought in context my intent was clear. why, what was he thinking it was?
Winnie-the-Pooh :P
lots of other possibilities though. nickel-and-dime for one
others would have been, what, piglet, eeyore, tigger
oh. christopher robin
that took a sec lol
owl, of course
the 5?
i forgot rabbit didn't I
ahhh. Kanga and Roo. derp
I was just gonna mention them
Ok it is all so clear now
But no, that wasn't the cut of my jib.
10:07 AM
@Rubio That little edit :D
I thought about making it earlier
It should make that line less confusing. (Eventually.)
Hmm.. Well, I have my image editor minimized.. tried connecting dot's but they are still meaningless :-/
+ sign is suspicious
Good. :)
It may be an intersection
Or may be it means adding what we get on the right
Or it may be a connector
I don't know if it's because you're the only one working on it, or the only one saying anything about it, or the only one who's made any dent in understanding it - you've shown that the ideas needed to solve this are graspable, but you're the only one who's appeared to grasp any of them.
10:13 AM
Basically all those ^ meant same :p Including the but .. ;)
Of course there's plenty of off-base guesses commingled with good ones
Well, I've looked at it, and my brain has said nope.
Yes, that's my thing. Haha
but at least you've hit a good number of good ones :)
There come's a point when my brain literally can't go beyond.. :p That point is soon going to be close ;)
Anyway, anyone interested to take this ahead? puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/47488/edward-and-bruce
I think I got the idea.. But not the final solution
That's my point of stoppage :p
10:21 AM
I have the idea of my next puzzle
This won't be a riddle, I posted too many of them lately
Is "straight on" good when you want to give an indication on the road?
Like, "turn left, and go straight on"
@IAmInPLS You mean give an indication that's on the road, or give an indication while your on the road?
The second, while you're on the road. Or when you need to indicate something to somebody driving
That's probably fine
10:38 AM
My GPS tells me "Then, go straight on" all the time.
Mine tells me "Puis, allez tout droit" :-P
(from a description of TomTom's Looney Tunes voice packs for its GPS units:) Yosemite Sam, the greatest, the toughest, rip-roarin’-est, hombre that ever packed a six-shooter and a map navigates with characteristic growls and threats like: “Sharp left, ya humpbacked muley. Then go straight on. This ve-hicle ain’t big enough for the two of us!” [emphasis added]
@Rubio Mine just tells me 'Then, go straight'
I don't have that voice pack, but the "Then go straight on" is a verbatim direction commonly given in that situation.
@IAmInPLS Is "A la a" french?
10:45 AM
"a la" is, the following "a" is just the indefinite article
(obv. "la" is already an article, but you know, borrowings and all that)
It is
À la is French
À la a doesn't make sense
Yeah, I remember that
A la a dramatic insult
Maybe separate the sentence like this
À la + "a dramatic insult"
"a la" is used in English to mean "in such a manner as" or similar
gn all, I'm going to solve some captchas, then hit the sack
10:50 AM
Gn @TrojanByAccident
Night Trojan
Do you have plenty of time to lose
This game is... brilliant
I just had an Epiphany
Same @Mithrandir
11:08 AM
I only realized just now that there's a Star Trek reference on A51...
@IAmInPLS Seems very "A Dark Room" esque
@Volatility Yes! I didn't play this one but I see that it's the same setting
Is there a map, secrets, etc in the dark room?
There's a map, not sure about secrets
I'm making it cry :D
I threw 100 candies on the ground.
The combat isn't automatic in "A Dark Room" though
11:14 AM
@Mithrandir You might want to ask the developer for a feature :-P
@Mithrandir I've thrown 400 :P
I bought all of them
Nice, you're ready to go then :-P
11:40 AM
Q: What creature am I? (Strange hybrid creature)

Jamal Senjaya The antlers of a deer. The head of a crocodile. The neck of a snake. A cow's ears. A hawk's claws. The palms of a tiger. A carp's scales. What creature am I?

How do I get into the cellar?
@Mithrandir You're one day early.
What do you mean?
Epiphany is January 6th.
So? The hats are now
11:45 AM
... Ah.
I thought you were using the word in its usual more general sense ("I just realised something") and was making a joke. Which is entirely not funny if you actually meant "I just got a thing named for the actual feast of Epiphany". Oh well.
12:21 PM
Q: Clemson vs Alabama Live

Clemson vs Alabama LiveRematch: CFP National Championship Game 2017 Clemson vs Alabama Live,Monday, January 09, 2017 8:00 PM ET, Streaming, Watch Free TV, all info here.

Oh yes, Candy Box is fantastic
@Sphinx spam
Hey, still two cryptics in Clue 22 going strong.
Oh, I'll look at them.
5 was already solved, I thought - STEAM*.
12:28 PM
A: The Word Web of horror - Clue Twenty Two

RubioPartial Answer B5. Noted previously in comments, E4.

@IAmInPLS I found my answer on Arquade
Ha, nice
Didn't know they talk about this on Arqade
12:52 PM
pistol without exclamation = glock without GEE!
Hey all.
Good, @Mithrandir is around - I can bug him about word webs.
OK, time for a progress report. I'm having trouble keeping track of what's left to do.
Group A: done.
12:54 PM
Group B: B3 and final answer left to find.
Group C: done.
Group D: only final answer left to find (since BREAK is wrong).
Group E: E1, E5, and final answer left to find.
Group F: pretty much unsolved, except F3.
12:56 PM
It won't let me say it again -_-
And your final answer is (rejected)
@Mithrandir It was just a guess really, and less likely to be correct now since BREAK is wrong.
> Restriction pistol without exclamation (4)
A: The Word Web of horror - Clue Twenty Two

Neil WB3 pistol without exclamation = glock without GEE! = lock = restriction


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