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1:06 AM
I believe ALICORN MAGAZINE or maybe just ALICORN might be def
telling is probably a homophone indicator
at least 0 of your ideas are correct.
Thanks for the hint
That was actually a big clue :)
Q: Find the hats Puzzle - Original Self Creation

Miksi CorpI have created several riddles with my brother, one of my favourite ones is this one. It is based on the classic prisoner hat riddle, but it has an original twist. TASK: You have to guess which ones are wearing green hats and which ones are wearing black: DESCRIPTION: A, B and C can see the hats...

That means that something to do with "in the end" or something is the definition
but six words? hm
the intention was to give away no information: "at least 0" means 0, 1, or 2
1:17 AM
Hm, if the definition is ALICORN, it's (7 letter word) WINGED HORSE WITH A HORN
I don't think ALICORN is the first word
maybe something to do with combination
Interesting. Alicorn is an anagram of Locrian
is kinda sick
@bobble Why do I have a feeling something is connect to MLP
2:24 AM
Um someone wanna help me with this physics question real quick?
I just need some extra pointers
"3) A bottle is dropped from a moving airplane (ignore the effect of air resistance). If the plane from which the bottle was dropped was flying at a height of 500m, and the bottle lands 400m horizontally from the initial dropping point,

a) how fast was the plane flying when the bottle was released?"
So x(0)=0 and x=400 m and y=500 m
I'm not sure what else to do
Bc I don't have time... unless is it just 500*m/9.8(m/s^2)?
Actually I'll just ask on physics se
2:41 AM
@NorthLæraðr in case you're still looking for a pointer, try considering the motions in the x and y-directions separately.
@Ankoganit Yeah I fugured it out
ah cool
I solved for time by plugging in the equation for solving for "y"
I hope that was correct
Okay another question
Sorry hold on
2:45 AM
cryptic clue b/c why not:

evil circles constantly observing the head and foot of the Spanish kill (7)
Actually let me trying solving it first :P I skipped a letter
for those who don't remember, this is @matt
Okay so yeah
" A lacrosse player slings the ball at an angle of 30o above the horizontal with a speed of 20 m/s. What will be the impact velocity of the ball (Hint: you don’t need to do any calculations)"?
@NorthLæraðr hint: what happens to the horizontal and vertical components at the end of the flight?
2:57 AM
(assume that the ball starts from precisely ground level, and that there's no air resistance?)
@Ankoganit Zero?
@Deusovi Of course, standard lacrosse rules
@NorthLæraðr hm, why?
Wait, no the velocity would be at its maximum....
@NorthLæraðr suppose the horizontal component was 15 at the start (it wasn't), what wuold it be at the end?
Or at least the y velocity
@Ankoganit It would still be 15, no?
2:59 AM
now what about the vertical component?
The final velocity of gravity?
gravity times time?
Oh wait
let's try to avoid calculations
if you throw something straight up at 15 m/s, what's the velocity when it comes back at the same point?
The diagram that my teacher has on the bottom v(y)=-v(y0)
@NorthLæraðr yes! Does that make intuitive sense?
Hm, kind of. I'm trying this out in my head real quick
3:02 AM
(a good way to see why would be comparing the kinetic energy before and after)
Oh I see that's a good example
so what does all this mean in our example?
Oh! I got it
good work!
Hold on I'm typing out the explanation so you can confirm
3:05 AM
The ball when travelling up travels the same amount of distance falling down, except the velocity is flipped because on the way up gravity pull it down, but since it travels in the same arc (so same distance down) it should land with the same velocity
If that made sense
If you cut the parabola in half
intuitively that makes sense
they're equal, but just flipped in how the velocity moves
idk how much rigour your teacher expects
It's an AP course so I think I'm expected to understand this
3:07 AM
@Ankoganit this is something i never figured out about physics teachers
Honestly my teacher doesn't really teach much...
(on that note, I think an easier way of phrasing all this would be "reversing time"; if you play the whole flight backwards, tha's an identical process. There's something called T-symmetry that makes this precise.)
@NorthLæraðr ouch
that's unfortunate
Neither does my math teacher, and this is why I'm struggling in my STEM classes
3:11 AM
My physics prof from last year was weirdly enthusiatic about teaching
"Hurray, Gaussian distributions!" was basically his catchphrase
I've never seen a man this excited about Gaussian curves
Q: A simple cryptic clue

merrybot Evil circles constantly observing the head and foot of the Spanish kill (7) What word is indicated?

@Ankoganit I think the easiest way prob would've been like the displacement of the ball travelled is the same but at different directions. If i used the term displacement correctly
something like that, yeah
also, I just realised we could just compare KE right away @NorthLæraðr
3:33 AM
i was gonna hint at KE but ankoganit seemed to be handling it well
If a ball is thrown straight up at 20 m/s and another ball is thrown at an angle of 30 degrees above North at 20 m/s they don't have the same peak height right?
wait that's irrelevant
"Jim and Sara stand at the edge of a 50 m high cliff on the moon. Jim extends his arm over the cliff edge and throws a ball straight up with an initial speed of 20 m/s. Sara throws an identical ball with the same initial speed, but she throws the ball at a 30 degree angle above the horizontal."
"Now consider each ball just before it hits the ground, 50 m below where the balls were initially released. At this point:
Which ball has the greater vertical velocity?"
I was going to say they were both the same velocity, but I'm not sure that's right anymore
also the Moon has 1/6 Earth's gravity, don't know if that matters or not
it might but idk
Doesn't matter. The whole point of this question is to answer without plugging it into equations
ah ok
You can reference the equation, but it's a waste of time to
Also, since both balls are at the moon, the gravitational pull down is the same
3:41 AM
I mean, the balls were both launched at 20 m/s, so I don't think the angle matters in the verticle velocity. I would've said it's the same if it hit the floor where they were thrown from, but I'm not sure when it''s below.
assuming the bottom of the cliff is completely level, I would think so
I was going to program a simulation for you but I couldn't figure out how to
but just try diagramming it with your finger, they stay at the same altitude relative to each other
thus their SPEED is the same
but VELOCITY incorporates DIRECTION
so the one thrown straight up I think
A Vector has both Direction and Magnitude :)
velocity has both a direction and a speed
@bobble Help
3:46 AM
so the one with the greater vertical velocity is the one thrown straight up
see my reasoning above
and the problem given
I think @merrybot is right
@NorthLæraðr more physics problems should be set on the moon for no discernible reason
Okay, so the velocity when they hit the ground if it landed at the same level is the same
3:47 AM
(apologies for interrupting, carry on)
thrown from 50 meters and landing after 50 m
the SPEED.

@merrybot Velocity thrown upwards still has direction mate
"vertical velocity" is specifically one of the two (three? four?) components of velocity
3:48 AM
The speed is the same because of the same KE argument
but the velocity?
It's asking for the vertical velocity, not the magnitude
I think you're right on the mignitude?
right, so
yes, exactly
3:49 AM
I'm confused
Hold on so
if you have an arrow going ↘ and one going ↓, both being the same length
which one is taller
how do you type arrows in chat?
the ↘ because of the pythogorean theorem?
if taller = height, then the one going down because the diagonal one is, well, diagonal
3:50 AM
"taller" is "height" here - their lengths are the same
draw a picture. pictures help
So their verticle velocity remains the same
No I was asking for clarification
you already agreed that the magnitude of the two was the same
that's the length of the vector, ignoring its direction
3:52 AM
and you're looking to determine which vertical velocity is bigger - that's how "tall" they are, ignoring any horizontal width
the vertical one is taller
Oh, because of the pythagorean theorem?
no, because the other is rotated
or because of the "looking at it"
(yes, the pythagorean theorem is one way to justify that formally, but i don't think it's necessary to)
3:53 AM
for determining height, ignore width
Since it's slanted
It has less verticle height
right, the vertical component is just the height, ignoring the width
so the turned arrow will be less tall
@bobble I have a custom keyboard shortcut file with shortcuts for all sorts of things - Greek, Russian, Japanese, IPA, math symbols, arrows, chess pieces...
@Deusovi wowwww
3:54 AM
Sorry it's 8:53 here and I came from a two hour marching band (social distanced, of course) so my brain is not functional
whoops wrong response
just to reiterate
special thanks to google drawings
But the magnitude (speed) is the same because they were both launched at the same velocity
Even when falling...?
3:57 AM
At different angles? Okay
yep! because of conservation of energy
@NorthLæraðr *same speed, not velocity
Different velocities
speed is how fast
velocity is how fast and in what direction

the difference is important
3:58 AM
if they're both at the same height, they have the same potential energy change. since they started at the same kinetic energy, they must also have the same kinetic energy at the end
At the peak, are both verticle velocies zero?
@Deusovi yep
@NorthLæraðr yep
Okay, just double checking
because it is the peak
if you make a curve of the height, and zoom in on the peak,it will eventually look like a straight horizontal line, slope = 0
Okay, so since the ball launched at an angle has a smaller vertical velocity, it'll reach its peak more quickly than the one thrown upwards, right?
4:01 AM
I think you're right, North
they launched at the same speed
@merrybot wait why not
uh hmm
what i meant by "zoom in on the peak" earlier
so uh hope that helps @north
4:07 AM
No it really doesn't. You'd need to compare when the angled throw reaches its peak compared to when the thrown up reaches its peak
... maybe this tea will help me think properly sip
when's all this due btw?
Assigned today
No I think I'm right. Look at this graph
Or I'll describe
In a velocity vs time graph, since Jim (straight up throw)'s velocity vector is higher... wait no hold on
Yeah yeah
yes, the one with a shallower angle will reach its peak first
4:11 AM
So in a velocity v.s. time graph comparing the vertical vector, Jim's velocity is placed higher
easiest way to see that is to consider the extreme case - if you throw it directly to the right
then it's at its peak instantly!
right right (no pun intended)
this problem is Puzzling™
4:31 AM
Okay last question
"A daredevil is shot out of a cannon at an angle of 45o with an initial speed of 25 m/s. A net is positioned at a horizontal distance of 50 m from the cannon. At what height above the cannon should the net be placed in order to catch the daredevil?"
I already solved that the daredevil will travel 67 meters if there is no net
Like his trajectory
But now I'm stuck
Wait the horizontal range is just total horizontal distance right?
at 50m, how high is the daredevil?
That's what I'm trying to figure out :P
displacement curve, you know a (=g), v_0 (from trig and initial speed), and t (from x distance), solve for delta-y
The total distance is 63* made an error
wait... how did you get time?
find how long it takes daredevil to travel 50m
4:38 AM
ohh x=v_0*cos(theta)*t
I was going about it wrong
11 meters!
sigh of relief
you feel smart now?
Thanks a lot, you guys are SO AWESOME :))))))
@bobble Hell yeah I do :P
Thank you to @merrybot @bobble @Deusovi and @Ankoganit for taking your time out to help me out. Greatly appreciated :)
Wait until I have my PreCalc review (shivers).
I spent an hour tutoring people from my school today - it's really nothing to send a few messages to point you in the right direction
5:43 AM
Q: Wordmorphs In Space!

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6:32 AM
Q: Three way duel, which guns to choose?

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6:57 AM
Q: Find the missing value in the given figure

Girish Kumar ChandoraFind the missing value value in the given below figure Choose the correct option : (a) 22 (b) 34 (c) 36 Could anyone give me hint to crack the logic in this figure to get the missing value? I tried a lot but didn't get luck.

3 hours later…
10:16 AM
Q: abc+def=ghi {using numbers 1-9 only once)

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1 hour later…
11:39 AM
@NorthLæraðr oh no, Physics. I loathe the subject (though I still hate Research the most). I think I have a problem with the application of the concepts, and some of them are not intuitive at all.
I backread and oh, no. Even more physics.
I should not have made that my core subject (I don't know what it's called for you guys, but it's one's "main"/"major"??? science subject (I'm also STEM-ing)). Anyway, yeah, in general it was anything but easy for me at all.
12:00 PM
@oAlt Wait is Research a subject?
or are you saying you just dislike research in general?
@Ankoganit our school does have a Research subject
what is that about?
Wait imma just pull something up verbatim
Students tackle "real life and/or academic problems they are interested in, come up with creative and innovative solutions, and implement these solutions applying the scientific process."
This sounds like one of those well-intentioned things that are incredibly easy to botch in practice
Nope definitely not
And that's why I hate it, cuz it's too difficult
12:13 PM
Wait, I didn't understand something. Whoops
@Ankoganit it IS easy to botch, and hard to even get it decent. That's what I meant.
And THAT'S why I hate it, cuz it's too difficult.
I see
2 hours later…
2:24 PM
Q: Cryptic Family Reunion: Belt it out

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@oAlt My school has a class like that, and it's pretty popular because you do a bunch of fun experiments and have no homework. Except for this semester, when you do no fun experiments.
2:42 PM
Oh hey there North :)
@oAlt Oh, AP Research and Seminar? I wish our school offered that :/
@bobble So... are you a MLP fan?
I had to look up what an alicorn wad
no, I was more into Dora as a little kid
There's a book series I really like (Keeper of the Lost Cities) which has alicorns in it
I was a power rangers kid :P
hello everyone
2:51 PM
matt, we have a very important questions: what media did you like as a little 'un?
"media" meaning what, exactly?
TV show, movies, books, etc.
alright then um... basically anything w/ stephen hawking and/or neil degrasse tyson

(yes I was a bit of a space nerd then, and now)
hey ankoganit :)
shall we ask ankoganit for their little-kid loves?
uh sure
i guess
2:55 PM
@bobble hm?
I liked Dora, North liked power rangers, and matt liked space
(as little kids)
> ankoganit, we have a very important questions: what media did you like as a little 'un?
@bobble Oh, I also liked Animal Planet
Phineas and Ferb!
@Deusovi I spent several hours last night working on that big 8-grid puzzle you linked. Barely made it anywhere. -_-
2:58 PM
I did warn you.
@Ankoganit My experience with that show was when adults turned it on and were like "this is a cartoon, so you will like it". I didn't, just to be contrary. Maybe I should give it a second chance.
@bobble I liked that show
Matter of taste I guess
@bobble revenge
but matt, we're in the NPG together!
2:59 PM
Wait is Ankoganit in the NPG?
@bobble Tbf now-me isn't entirely sure why it liked it: each episode is exactly the same
@Deusovi did you attempt it at all? I have a big clarifying question but I don't think I can really comment on a 10-year-old blog post. I can't tell if the Nurikabe is going to have all of the same shaded squares as the kuromasu PLUS some, or if they're totally different. Any ideas
(IMO phineas and ferb is a decently funny show, even if you're not a kid. there are lots of jokes aimed at adults that aren't just "haha look at this innuendo", and there's also a pretty good amount of meta-humor that legitimately lands well)
> The solution to the Heyawake puzzle and the Kurodoko puzzle are identical.
3:01 PM
@NorthLæraðr Don't have a particularly strong opinion on pickles, I'm afraid
@Ankoganit Hmmmm (squints)
@Deusovi Right, I know that, but my question still stands, since the nurikabe and kurodoko are overlayed on top of each other
I believe the two should have exactly the same shaded squares
@Ankoganit yeah it's like "let's make a random thing and then lose the platypus and get the whole city temporarily confused"
@Deusovi hmm, well, they can't, right, because in the kurodoko all the "islands" must connect and in the nurikabe they cannot by design
unless i'm fundamentally misunderstanding something
3:02 PM
@matt basically, yes
it's really confusing to have two conversations happening in the same room
right, I think it's meant to be that the "Kurodoko" is just Kurodoko-style clues inside the Nurikabe islands, and the Kurodoko connectivity/adjacency rules don't apply? that's how I read it, at least
@bobble It's like three conversationss
@bobble yes
@matt It's still pretty funny, but I don't think I got even half of those as a kid, which makes me wonder why I liked it back then
3:04 PM
oh, interesting. that's a totally different interpretation than I had. I'm gonna tackle the puzzle with that interpretation and see where I get. Thanks friend!
@Ankoganit yeah
Also I suspect P&F is the reason most people know the word 'aglet'
well, I don't know "aglet", but then I didn't pay attention to P&F
@bobble Same
polling anyone who's solved on of my around-the-bends: would it be terrible if there was a four-letter word (2 & 2) in the grid?
3:11 PM
Q: Find the hat colors - Riddle 2

Guess HatAfter the previous riddle I asked was resolved so quickly, I propose you another self-created hat-guessing riddle. This time it is slightly more difficult, good luck! TASK: You have to guess which ones are wearing green hats and which ones are wearing black: DESCRIPTION: Each one can see 2 hats,...

Q: My prefix will despite a fact, My infix will negatively react

risky mysteries My prefix will despite a fact My suffix tells what to do instead My infix will negatively react My whole is an idea in your head

3:31 PM
@bobble The CC I was working on, if you wanna try solving it :)
CC: Softly sleep around a glamour (5)
I have no idea how to even start that
(and I'm not the best at CCs anyway)
"softly" could be P.... but I can't think of a word meaning "glamor" that starts with P
PRESTIGE but that's 8
and then there's the "around a"
I'm sure Deus would solve it in 5 seconds flat
always does
can we assume the answer isn't NORTH? :p
3:40 PM
NORTH could make a nice ddef
Direction puzzler (5)
ah yes
could be better
it seems I'm good at making cryptics but not solving them (cf. my Evil circles thing)
@bobble how long did that take to think of?!
15 minutes? I decided on my def and answer, split up the answer into wordplay components, and then just strung them together.
"evil circles" took about 10 mins, did the same thing
yes @matt = @merrybot
3:50 PM
@NorthLæraðr the closest I can get is... poorly spelled PIZAZZ - softly is p, sleep is zzz, and it's around a, and means "glamour"
dunno where the i is from though :D
4:16 PM
@kristinalustig That's spelled PIZZAZZ
@kristinalustig Close. It's spelled alternatively as PZAZZ
You don't need the I :P
i... can't tell if you're being serious
I am dead serious right now
the answer is pzazz?
@kristinalustig Yup
lol i have NEVER seen it written like that. but! go me, i guess? :P
4:23 PM
well um
The more you know
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
ok, so I'm almost positive the def is "ALICORN" with like (7-letter word for mythical) winged horse with a horn
Maybe like fantasy?
Pegasus with a horn
but i don't know if that's ok lol
Doesn't fit the pattern
It's literally (mythical) WINGED HORSE WITH A HORN
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